A Brother’s Love Ch. 01

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Being nineteen and horny, and I was sat at the pc searching for some good porn to watch. I had never been with a guy before but I knew it was something I wanted.

I eventually found an amazing video, a cute slim guy being fucked by a hunk of a man. The smaller guy was a lot like me, a snake like figure and beautiful face with plump lips. The other guy was so hot, muscle bound with tattoos down his back and arms. He was the type of guy that got me going.

Watching the hunk pound that guys ass had me so horny, I started to stroke my throbbing cock through my sweatpants. It wasn’t before my sweats were soaking up a lot of my pre-cum, creating a big wet patch. Reaching into my pants, I took a grip of my six inches and started to stroke it.

Getting lost in the feeling and my imagination, I started to speed up my strokes and tightened my grip.

“Can’t read my, can’t read my poker face!”

I jumped out of my trance and almost out of my skin. Still coming back to the real world, it took a second to realize that it was my phone that was ringing. Seeing that it was my brother calling, I released my cock and answered.


“Hi Mark, did I wake you?”

John sounded upset over the phone, something was definitely wrong.

“No mate I was just chilling, what’s up?”

“Me and the Mrs have had another argument, can I come round to yours for a beer?”

John has been married to the same women for almost four years now, they argue almost every weekend.

“There’s no need to ask mate, just come round.”

“Thanks Mark, I’ll be there in a few minutes then.”

While hanging up the phone, I noticed that it had gone two o’clock in the morning.

My cock had fully deflated now but I still had that huge wet patch on my pants. I ran up stairs, removed my pants and put on a fresh pair of sweats. It was so warm that I decided to stay topless.

I hadn’t even got halfway back downstairs before there was a knock at the door. I went down and opened the front door. John stood there looking relieved to be away from home.

“Come in then, mate.”

He came through the door and went over to the three seater, sitting at one end of it.

“You bostancı escort want a beer then?”

He just nodded at me and gave a little smirk.

Heading toward the kitchen, I went into the dining room. As I entered the room, I saw that I had left the monitor on. The porn movie had finished but the image of of it was still on the screen. I quickly turned on the monitor and went into the kitchen.

After grabbing two cans from the fridge I went back to the living room where I saw that John was looking a little down.

“What’s happening with you and the Mrs then?”

I handed him one of the beers and sat at the other end of the same sofa. We almost opened our cans in sync and took a big swig.

“It all boiled down to me being at the gym too much and her not putting out.”

“So you have been working out longer to relieve yourself a little?”

“That’s exactly it mate, not that she understands.”

“You look a lot bigger, so you’re doing something right”

He was always well built but had got a lot bigger in the last few month. His arms were huge, they looked even bigger covered in tattoos and that tight t-shirt. He liked his tight fitting clothes, his jeans were so tight that you could almost see that he was cut.

“You should get yourself to the gym, you skinny fuck”

“Nothing wrong with my size, it’s better then bring the size of a rank like you.”

Finally John had a smile on his face. I could tell that he was started to chill out a little more.

“So she ain’t putting out?”

“No, not in about two months.”

“Have you made best friends with your own hand then”

“I don’t even get to play with myself mate, with her in my face all the time or the kids wanting me”

“You got another beer mate?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I picked up the empty cans and went back to the kitchen. I placed the empties on the counter top, got two more beers from the fridge and went back toward the living room.

I got a big shock when I walked back into the dining room and saw that John was now sat at the PC in the corner of the room. The back of the monitor was facing me so I couldn’t see what he was fatih escort watching. Stepping toward him, I noticed that John had is hand down his slightly open jeans and was playing with his bits.

“Dude, what you doing?”

I asked in panic as I saw what was still on the screen. He had started that video again. He was watching gay porn and playing with himself, I was in shock.

“So this is what you are into Mark?”

Stuttering a little I tried think of what to say. Then it suddenly dawned on me, why should I be nervous or ashamed when he is watching it and clearly liking it.

“Well you seem to be enjoying too.”

“I am, I’ve watched gay porn for ages, when I get chance to.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, my brother also enjoyed guys fucking guys.

“Sit and watch it with me, if you want.”

I gave him one of the beers, pulled over a chair from the dining table and sat beside John and started to watch the hot video again. My cock started to stiffen again, partially because of the porn but mostly because of the hunk playing with his cock beside me.

“I’m going to have to let my cock out, my jeans are too tight for this monster.”

I watched as John stood and pulled his jeans down. As his jeans slipped down his legs, his cock sprung free and started the wave around as he pulled his jeans right down to his ankles.

John was right, it truly was a monster. I think that it was about ten inches long, I couldn’t guess the width of it, but it was huge.

“Look at that thing”

He just smiled at me and looked toward my crotch.

“Your turn”

“Fuck off, I thought my size was ok til I saw that.”

“Shut up and get it out, it’s only fair.”

I stood and pulled my sweats all the way down, freeing my throbbing cock. As I sat back down, I saw John looking me up and down.

“You might not be as big as me but you do have a good looking cock.”

The situation was certainly different now. Neither of us were watching the porn anymore, we were watching each other play with out cocks.

Without thinking about it too much, I reached out with my free hand and took a grip of that big fat piece of meat. bağcılar escort I was in shock at how much I loved holding my brothers throbbing cock. He let go of his cock and put both hands behind his head.

“Stroke me”

He let out soft moans as I slid my hand up and down his massive shaft, barley managing to get my fingers right round it. Pre-cum started to slide from the big meaty head and down his shaft.

“Can I try tasting it?”

“Do what you want”

I hopped from my chair, took my pants from round my ankles and threw them onto the table. John kicked his jeans to the floor, making room for me between his legs. I knelt between his legs and took his cock back into my hand.

“Go on, suck it”

I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and used my tongue to lap up the juices that leaked from his cock.

“Oh fuck Mark, that feels good”

I started to slide my mouth down his thick shaft, stretching my lips to the max. I managed to get half way down his cock before I gagged.

“Yeah, choke on it”

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by my brothers fat cock choking me. I moved my mouth up and down the thick piece of meat, filling my mouth with his sweet and sticky pre-cum. I had to take his cock from my mouth so I could swallow the juices. As I swapped I looked up to see the amazing smile on John’s face. As I looked at him, he leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I’m gonna cum down your throat if you carry on”

I know that it was meant to stop me or slow me down but the comment just got me going, I placed my mouth back round his cock and started to suck his cock even harder and faster. I took a hold of his shaft and started to wank him off as I sucked on his massive head.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

With that he shot stream after stream of his hot load to the back it my throat, which felt as amazing as it tasted. I continued to suck him, making sure to get every drop. Once I was happy that I’d got it all, I released his cock and swallowed hard.

“That was amazing mark”

“Tasted amazing too”

We smiled at each other and moved in to kiss. While we kissed, I slightly leaned back and started to stroke my own cock, moaning through the kisses. I was so horny that it wasn’t long before I shot my load, over my abs and right up my chest. Spent I collapsed my weight onto John’s leg and looked up at his relieved face. Smiling, he looked down at me.

“Can’t wait to do that again.”…