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Well, young lady, I won’t deny my shock at seeing you like this, but if it excites you so be it.’ Linda told her daughter. She was sitting on the bed idly running her finger-nails up and down Shona’s thigh. I looked on in fascination and with a semi-erect cock, a fact that hadn’t escaped Shona’s notice. ‘I must say, my darling daughter, you have excellent taste in cocks! Robbie’s beasty looks quite magnificent, but you know that already.’ Linda looked me straight in the eyes and said. ‘Perhaps one day soon …’ her words faded away but carried an implicit promise.

Shona, embarrassed by her mother’s words and actions turned her head away, struggling against her restraints.

‘Mummy, I can’t believe you just said that to Robbie.’

‘No, don’t turn away dear, look at how your boyfriend’s cock is swelling, getting harder and look, see how his erection is beginning to throb and twitch as it grows. It looks in urgent need of attention, am I right, Robbie?’

I couldn’t fathom whether Linda was simply teasing or setting the scene for something more positive. She moved her fingers from Shona’s thighs to the short strands of her pubic fuzz, pulling at the individual strands

to make her daughter flinch.

‘Mmm, you’re going to have to shave all this off. I’m sure Robbie would like a smooth pussy.’ She said looking at me. ‘It’s much nicer when you’re tonguing, isn’t it?’ I nodded in agreement.

Shona turned her face to Linda shouting. ‘Untie me!’

Linda ignored her daughter and instead trailed her fingernails across Shona’s stomach to rest on her breasts, where she began to lift the nipples one at a time, twirling them between finger and thumb. I watched rapt as Shona’s full breasts were lifted by Linda stretching them to their limit before releasing the swollen, elongated nipple causing the heavy breast to fall and undulate enticingly. Linda repeated the action mercilessly expecting her daughter to protest, but none came.

‘Well, well, look at this Robbie; I do believe Shona is enjoying this.’ Linda said in disbelief. ‘You must remember this and enjoy yourself with them.’ She left Shona’s nipples alone. ‘Now, I’ve just told Robbie that Freya is coming to stay for a few days. She will be here this afternoon. So, I want you two to calm down and get tidied up.’

‘That’s easier said than done.’ I answered gripping my aching shaft and waving it at Linda. She thought about our needs and eventually gave in.

‘Alright, make it a quick one.’ Linda said untying Shona’s restraints. ‘I wouldn’t mind seeing you both fucking again. In fact, I might assist Robbie when he cums. Would you mind if I wanked you to a climax all over Shona.’

‘Linda, you bitch, you can wank me any time you feel like it.’ I replied.

‘Don’t I get a say.’ Shona said scrambling from the bed to get to the toilet. No sooner had Shona disappeared then Linda pulled me closer to her position on the edge of the bed. She spat on my cock and with two hands began stroking and twisting them up and down my shaft; I felt epic. Then I heard the disembodied voice of Shona calling out from the toilet begging Linda and me not to start anything until she got back.

Linda continued to stroke my cock, which made me feel weak at the knees. She wore cream dress with a fitted bodice that accentuated her figure and white high-heels to complete her image of sexual sophistication. I told her how classy she looked.

‘That’s kind of you to say so, Robbie.’ Linda replied dribbling more saliva over my knob. ‘I actually feel stunning too, well pleased with myself.’

Feeling further emboldened, even though I was stark naked, I asked her.

‘As a matter of interest and to satisfy my naughty mind, are you wearing frivolous lingerie beneath that dress? Perhaps one of the sets I saw in the laundry basket?’ This made Linda smile.

‘As a matter of fact I am the cream silk with stockings. Would you like to see my stocking tops?’

‘Oh, yes please, Linda.’ I answered breathlessly. ‘Oh yes please.’ She was making me tremble with excitement and anticipation and I feared for my self-control; I was so near to cumming. Linda released her hold on my cock raise her dress. Then, shuffling her rear in order that she didn’t sit on the skirt and crumple it, she showed off her stockings. ‘Linda, your legs look fabulous .’ I couldn’t believe I was saying these things to my girl-friend’s mother and temporary landlady.

‘They are words I love to hear, Robbie, but if I parted my legs you would be able to see my panties too.’ Linda laid back her weight on her elbows. Opening her legs she raised her feet onto the bed placing the soles of her shoes together. I gazed down at the triangle of cream silk wanting to run my fingers over the material that covered her pussy, but Linda halted my craving hands. ‘No, Robbie, not yet, if you want to cum over my panties I’ll allow you. But my pussy is out of bounds, at least for a little while.’

I swore.

‘Oh fuck, Linda.’ I implored taking hold of my shaft and stroking it. ‘Oh fuck you look casino siteleri gorgeous.’ My desire settled itself into a regular rhythm, as I worked my fist faster, Linda’s lacy stocking tops and silk panties holding my attention; I had a notion that underneath the cream silk she was as smooth as the proverbial and I wanted the taste of her silk panties in my mouth.

Suddenly, the tantalising tickle in my cock brought me to reality. I was about to climax and pumped faster. The satisfaction I felt as I climaxed and squirted cum was fantastic. I splashed spunk over her stocking tops and panties, my hot cum making her squeal in surprise as globules of it landed on the naked flesh above her stocking tops. I felt a beautiful relief flow through my mind and body at that moment of ejaculation and when the final spasm faded and I watched my sperm trickling down her thighs and staining the cream silk of her panties, I felt invincible. Even Shona’s blustering reappearance didn’t dampen my feelings.

‘I knew I couldn’t trust you two,’ she exclaimed. ‘I turn my back and you’re up my mother’s skirt! Fuck, I bet your tongue’s been in her pussy, too, I can see her panties are wet!’

Linda pushed me away and smiling at her daughter said. ‘It’s time you and your boyfriend got dressed.’


Linda’s friend Freya arrived later that afternoon to a warm reception. It was obvious there was an age gap between her and Linda, but it didn’t detract from the fact that Freya was a very attractive lady, whose mature voluptuousness rendered her luscious in my eyes. Slimmer than Linda and slightly taller with bobbed blonde hair, Freya was dressed in slacks and a flouncy green chiffon top that was so transparent it took me by surprise, because it showed her white lacy bra filled so beautifully! After being introduced, Freya insisted I sit next to her on the sofa and I soon discovered she was a touchy feely kind of woman, which I didn’t mind one bit.

Being the only male in a room with three lovely ladies, all of whom possessed different traits, it was impossible not to fantasise on a scenario whereby we were involved in an orgy of sex, which made concentrating on any conversation very difficult. I had to admit that Linda, who was still wearing the cream dress from earlier, and Freya in her chiffon top, made a great pairing of sophisticated elegance.

It was agreed that we ate out that evening and I naturally insisted it would be my treat. But Freya would have none of it. She said, that either she treated us all or we didn’t go. In the end I backed down and Linda booked a table at an Italian restaurant, where, she said, they served the best tiramisu outside that country.

At the restaurant I found myself sitting between Linda and Freya, much to Shona’s annoyance, in a circular booth in a corner of the room. I quickly discovered that the tablecloth provided the bonus of privacy, which Linda’s hands were swift to casually explore. Initially it was just thigh-stroking and playing footsie, but as her fingers became more animated disturbing the table cloth, Freya caught sight of what we were doing and she too wanted a piece of me. Linda didn’t object and I soon found myself with an uncontrollable erection of epic proportions, a ramrod cock that Freya was unashamedly stroking through my trousers. I looked around the restaurant at other diners to see if they were aware of our activity, but no one was interested in us and I couldn’t deny the risk element was hiking up the excitement alarmingly.

For the evening Freya had chosen to wear a wrap-over dress, which plunged daringly to expose a very nice cleavage. Linda wore a figure hugging dress in satin with a very short hemline, which meant it was a struggle to get my hand between her thighs, until she hitched the skirt higher leaving her stocking tops in clear view. Freya on the other hand – no pun intended – was able to part her legs with ease, when my fingers began exploring between knees and stocking tops, the two halves of the wrap-over dress accommodating my hand nicely.

It didn’t take long for Shona to catch on to what her mother and Freya were doing to me and she took on an aggrieved look. She was just about to object when Freya quickly took command of the situation. Calming Shona, Freya took her hand and placed it under her skirt next to mine. It was a defining moment of salacious behaviour, Shona’s hand sandwiched with mine between the thighs of another woman, in this instance, Freya’s. Excitement swiftly overtook rational thought, as our fingers jointly sought Freya’s stocking tops and beyond.

However we managed to eat the meal was beyond me.

After the pasta dish and while awaiting the meat course, we returned to our salacious activities, this time with Freya’s hand up Shona’s skirt, and by the look on Shona’s face I’d say she was inside her panties too. Knowing what Freya was doing to Shona, I went in search of Freya’s pussy and was excited to discover she was moist and juicy. But we suddenly had to desist when the waiter took our dessert order, our flushed canlı casino faces and heavy breathing surely alerting him to something going on beneath the table. When the waiter had departed our fingers went back to exploring Freya’s welcoming pussy while Linda was trying to undo my fly zipper … it was all getting out of hand. Thankfully, one of the women – I can’t recall who – suggested we finish up as quickly as possible and get the fuck home to do things properly.

Unfortunately, Shona had a low tolerance to alcohol. Because of that and our steamy below table level activity, what she’d had to drink left her feeling ill and nauseous, so that by the time we arrived home she had to be put to bed. However, the remainder of us had been fueled by our intake of wine and champagne to such an extent that we possessed no inhibitions whatsoever, which was obvious as soon as we had dispatched Shona and retired to Linda’s bedroom.

‘Well, Robbie, this is certainly your lucky day.’ Linda said ‘Screwing my daughter this morning and two more women tonight.’

‘Yes, I heard all about this morning’s session between the two of you.’ Freya added as she took hold of Linda and turned her to face the mirror, her gaze drinking in Linda’s appeal. She unzipped the green dress at the back. ‘Who would have thought young Shona liked rough sex, and you obliging her?’ Linda’s dress fell to the carpet leaving her in bra and panties and stockings. ‘How did you like treating her rough, did it turn you on?’ Freya wanted to know.

‘I only liked it because Shona did.’ I answered staring at Linda’s luscious reflection. The green bra that radically enhanced her breasts created a cleavage any woman would have loved and the matching panties were cut high in the leg, forming a seductive mound over her labia.

‘Just look at his cock sticking out!’ Freya announced.

‘Yes, Robbie has something of a penchant for my lingerie, haven’t you?’

‘Something we have in common, then, Robbie.’ Freya ran her hands around the fancy tops of Linda’s black stockings adjusting them before cupping her friend’s breasts. ‘Have you ever seen these naked?’ She asked me. I shook my head knowing full well what was about to happen. ‘In that case I’ll put you out of your misery.’

So saying Freya flipped the hook and eye clasp of Linda’s bra. It fell apart. Then, seductively, she pushed the straps down her arms while Linda retained a hold of the cups to cover her nakedness. But with a gentle tug Linda pulled the bra away leaving her glorious tits for me to ogle. Freya allowed me a few seconds of Linda’s nudity before she reached around and reasserted her possession of Linda’s superb tits by jiggling them up and down and squeezing their ample flesh before tweaking the nipples, which were hard and prominent, just like her daughter’s had been earlier.

I watched in awe wanting to take Freya’s place and hold Linda’s tits. Freya must have been reading my mind.

‘Robbie, you wouldn’t believe how firm and beautiful they feel.’ Freya taunted. ‘And her nipples harden so quickly. Have a good look; later you can enjoy them for yourself.’

Freya gave Linda’s orbs a final jiggle and nipple tweak before sliding her fingers down to the waistline of Linda’s panties, hooking her thumbs into the elastic. ‘So, if you’ve never seen her tits you’ve never seen her pussy either?’ The question was rhetorical but Freya didn’t hesitate in slipping the green silk panties down over Linda’s thighs, legs and off her feet. ‘There, what do you think of this very special cunt?’ Freya wanted to know.

Christ, I thought, these two women were something else, coming hot the trail of this morning’s sexy spectacle between Shona and Linda. Watching mother and daughter had been thrilling enough, but to see that voluptuous mother now being disrobed by an equally attractive older woman was a very different thrill altogether; one hell of a thrill that had me transfixed.

Freya reached for my hand drawing me closer. Vacating her position behind Linda she had me stand there instead. My hands didn’t require an invite, they immediately grabbed hold of Linda’s tits. I watched myself in the mirror and returned Linda’s gaze as I kneaded and tweaked her flesh, my hard cock pushing against her arse. If I thought that was heaven what Linda said and did next, made me assess differently.

‘Robbie, take your clothes off and push your cock between my thighs. I want to see it poking through.’

So I poked it through her thighs and watched it emerge under her pussy. Linda squeezed herself on my manhood proclaiming it to be worthy of fucking both her and Freya. Now, my cock has always been sensitive to the touch, especially a female’s touch, so when it made contact with Linda’s fleshy pussy and her fingers began stroking, it was recipe for a disaster. But, somehow my self-control prevailed and I was able to relax and enjoy Linda’s attention. Being able to watch all this in the mirror was exciting enough, but when Freya thought she’d like a piece of the action too, the erotic imagery became incredible.

After kaçak casino playing with my knob and Linda’s clit, Freya decided that Linda’s narrow band of pubic hair needed a tidy-up. So with the aid of Linda’s hairbrush she teased the strands of fine fuzz into a neat strip, it was an act of such sexual zaniness it appealed on a grand scale.

However, the grooming didn’t last long and I was grateful to Freya for suggesting that Linda might prefer to be fucked instead. So she broke up our ménage a trois and led her friend across the room, where she made Linda lie prostrate on the bed, arranging her legs for me to view the splendour of her pussy, which, I noted, had traces of my pre-cum on her neat, plump, pink ridges of flesh.

‘For Christ’s sake you two, are you trying to make me cum prematurely.’ I said, to which Linda replied jokingly.

‘He did this morning, Freya, all over my cream panties. But I don’t blame him. His cock was suffering extreme stress and I was teasing him mercilessly.’ Linda continued to smile at me. ‘Lots of hot, sticky white cum, you should have seen it my dear, and, after fucking Shona.’

‘Mm, I like the sound of that, a man who can keep it up. Tell me, Robbie, have you ever fucked two women together? Slipped your cock in and out of both pussies and felt the difference?’ Again I shook my head. In disbelief I watched Freya rub Linda’s clit with the handle of the hairbrush, something that Linda clearly liked because she hugged Freya’s hand tighter to her pussy making Freya declare her friend’s cunt was moist enough for a big hard cock.

‘Now, here’s the question, Robbie. Would you like to watch me fuck Linda’s cunt with this hairbrush or fuck her yourself?’

‘I’m certain he would like to fuck me, wouldn’t you, Robbie?’ ‘ Linda answered.

‘Yes please, Linda.’ I hissed. ‘I’ve dreamed all week of fucking you. Each breakfast time I’ve wanted to pull you onto my lap and lift your nightdress and every time you watched me fucking Shona, I wanted you there beside her.’ My stiff cock waved and pulsed with the excitement and anticipation of what was to come and I heard some complimentary talk regarding my manhood. But I didn’t want compliments; I wanted action and moved to the bedside.

Ignoring Freya for the moment, I asserted myself by pulling Linda’s legs to the edge and over my shoulders. I gazed down at Linda’s lush pussy suddenly wanting to kiss and taste her.

Once more as if reading my mind Freya said.

‘Stick your tongue in there first. Get on your knees.’ Freya coaxed me down and pushed on the back of my head. Linda’s moist pink labia came closer and my lips made contact with her pussy. ‘Taste the sweetness of a mature woman’s cunt.’ Freya urged as my tongue began exploring between Linda’s moist plumpness, her nectar acting like an aphrodisiac incensing me to become more forthright; I searched for her clit. ‘Doesn’t she taste nice, Robbie? I know that from experience, don’t I darling?’ Freya stated.

Somewhere in a distant haze I listened to what Freya was saying about having tongued Linda, but somehow the women’s past behaviour didn’t surprise me. After what I’d witnessed between the two of them during the last few minutes, I was immune to surprises.

‘Freya, darling, this boy is good with his tongue.’ Linda murmured turning her head to her friend. ‘But I think he’s even better with his cock. Robbie, I want you. Fuck me now! Make me happy.’

For a split second I hesitated before plunging my cock into Linda, recalling how many times during the past few days I’d wanted to do precisely this, although my conceptualisation at the time involved Shona; but this was now and Freya would make a perfect substitute. I was brought back to the here and now, as I sensed my cock being handled by feminine fingers and introduced to Linda’s pussy by the lady in question, dear Freya.

‘Just relax, Robbie,’ she said pushing my knob towards Linda’s entrance. ‘Let me insert this thing for you while you play with Linda’s tits.’ I felt Linda adjust herself and my cock disappeared into her vaginal heaven.

‘Christ,’ I uttered as I perceived the moist warmth of her love tunnel impact on my senses.

‘Indeed, Robbie, how do I feel?’

‘You are fucking amazing, my sweet.’

‘Do I feel different to Shona?’

‘Of course you do, you silly bitch,’ this from Freya. ‘Just make love to your future mother-in-law, Robbie, and shut her up.’

We made love, Linda and I. Slow, sweet love. I felt masterful even when Freya took off her dress to reveal herself wearing a black basque and stockings, I remained calm enough to please Linda. But Freya’s striptease wasn’t just for my benefit, she wanted in on the action too, and after she’d slipped off her panties and knelt on the bed beside Linda it dawned on me what was expected.

I continued to fuck Linda with Freya murmuring sweet nothings to her as they kissed and fondled. The spectacle revived my appetite for watching women pleasuring each other but heightened my lust and need to ejaculate, particularly when I began to play with Freya’s pussy, pushing my fingers in and out. Freya asked Linda if she could have my cock and when Linda agreed and told me to fuck Freya for a while I knew I had to summon all my self control and not cum prematurely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32