A Quickie To Remember

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A Quickie To RememberBack in the day (i.e., the Reagan era), I used to work for a small town newspaper in rural Virginia. It was a family-owned operation whose patriarch was the publisher. He had an office just off our small newsroom.Our staff was mostly young guys, like myself, and we often gathered at the office after hours to drink, shoot the shit and engage in nonsense. Some of our shenanigans included marathon Trivial Pursuit games (told you this was awhile ago), shoot target practice using old newspaper bundles and a pellet gun, and dragging rented suitcase-sized VCR players of the day upstairs to watch porn tapes on a 12-inch black and white TV.One of the crew found out where the publisher hid the key to his office and it quickly became an annex for our hijinks. Especially since a highlight of his office was a grand leather couch, very nicely done of a quality I couldn’t bursa escort afford, then or now.It was a comfy perch and became the site of many of our alcohol- and carnal-fueled escapades. I would regale my girlfriend of the time (let’s call her Ann) with some of these stories from the guys, and she would cackle with amusement.One evening we were returning to her place from dinner and passed by the office. I noticed the lights were off and surmised that, for once, no one was in the office carousing into the night. A thought flashed through my mind and I asked Ann if she wanted to do a quickie “on the couch.”She eagerly agreed and I whipped the car around, sped into the parking lot and we jumped out. After fumbling with the keys, we raced upstairs to the office. As soon as I opened the door, clothes flew off in every direction and we jumped on the couch butt naked.Due to the bursa escort bayan event’s impromptu nature, traditional foreplay was dispensed with in favor of the main event. By now, my dick was hard enough to chop wood and I plunged into her.Ann’s pussy was wetter than a sandy beach at high tide. I had never wanted pussy so much in my life. She was past the moaning stage and went straight to screaming and gasping for breath. Between rushing adrenaline and the possibility someone might unexpectedly drop by the office, a knot had formed in my stomach that made this feel like my first time.I kissed her neck and grabbed her hair as she wrapped her legs around me and dug her nails into my back. I pounded my cock into her hard and fast, her warm, ever moist pussy soaking my eager member with every thrust.Not sure how I managed to not pass out, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. escort bursa Ann arched her back, I felt goosebumps on her thighs and I exploded as we came together. My cum shot felt like a bazooka blast. My back and hips tightened as little spasms and lurches of my crotch signaled the last drops of cum leaving my ball sack.By now, I was certain my brain was critically deprived of blood because during coitus my engorged cock had felt like a Louisville Slugger, or maybe it was oxygen I lacked from the effort. Either way, I was spent.We laid there several minutes, catching our breath. It was then I realized how profusely we had both been sweating, evidence of our mutual exertions.Our appetites satisfied, we pulled ourselves off the couch, moving markedly slower than when we landed on it, got dressed and headed back to her place.It was our only time on my boss’s couch, and being the discrete sort, I didn’t share our romp with my colleagues. However, even today, every time I pick up a copy of my old paper, my mind automatically spins back to the most awesome quickie of all time.Sent from my iPad