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Debra had been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for five years when she decided to go to school to become a Physical Therapist (PT). She had special training in pain therapeutics that permitted her to expand her massage business into something with increased medical importance. She understood the benefits of massage and its augmentation to medical and therapeutic treatments, but she wanted to do more. This experience was one of her most significant influences. It also influenced her in a new direction in her life. It led her to explore AFEXO. It fit her.

The morning of the first appointment:

Mike arrived at the therapist office a little early. On his second meeting with Debra, she asked him to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment. He was just following instructions.

He was going in for his first appointment. The therapist met with him late last week for almost two hours to discuss the intimate details his problem. They discussed his symptoms and possible causes in great detail. She took a lot of notes. It was their second meeting. The first face to face meeting was short. They met for less than thirty minutes. They also had a long phone call two days later in which they again discussed the symptoms and ended up talking about biking and kayaking and a few other off the subject topics. During the first meeting, the therapist seemed to be very unsure of how to treat his severe spasms. During their second conversation, on the phone, she had more information, but still seemed unsure. During both of these conversations, he described the spasm as a knife being driven upwards between his legs.

Sometimes he broke into a cold sweat from the pain and sometimes they occurred when other people were around or he was in a group. They seemed to occur out of nowhere most of the time but, they were often triggered by specific actions. There seemed to a fifty percent chance they would occur while he was peeing, or more accurately, just as he his pee stream started to subside when he finished. They occurred almost every time he ejaculated. They often occurred walking up long flights of steps. When he left Debra’s office after the second face to face meeting, she handed him a booklet that contained instructions for administering the treatment. She asked him to study it closely and be prepared when he returned for his first appointment. She said his familiarity with the process would help the routine move along smoothly.

He had picked a parking place far away from the entrance to the building. Once parked, he sat in the car with a deeply distracted thousand-yard stare. He was at least twenty-five minutes early, so he had to time to kill and the last thing he wanted to do was sit in a waiting room. He Leaned the seat back almost as far it would go and turned on the radio. His mind was fogged with anticipation. He sat there like a zombie, waiting for the alarm on his watch to remind him it was time to go inside.

A week before the first appointment:

It had been two weeks since Mike stopped by her office for that first introductory visit. After that first short meeting, Debra hit the books. She had no idea what she could do for Mike. In her initial internet searches, she found a symptomatic syndrome called Pelvic Floor Stress Disorder, commonly referred to as P F S. She discussed it with a couple of other LMT’s and a physician assistant friend. They all drew a blank. She decided to call Nancy, though she hated to do it. Nancy is a Physical Therapist with her own successful practice. Debra had worked at her clinic for almost a year. They didn’t get along, so Debra decided to start her own business of Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Pain Relief. She dreaded dealing with Nancy’s narcissistic personality, but she respected her vast knowledge of physical therapy. Nancy was the most likely person to know something about P F S and her hunch paid off. Nancy knew something about it. She had no experience treating it but, she was able to provide reference material, a handful of notes that from a ring binder and an old booklet that contained a treatment called, “Pelvic Floor Stress Disorder, Manual Pelvic Muscular Reeducation.” Nancy told her the muscular reeducation treatment was probably her best bet. She wanted to flip through it and ask a few questions, but Nancy was rushing her out the door. She could be a little bossy. In fact, she could be a very bossy.

Debra left Nancy’s office with the hope she could find something in the reference material. She needed to come up with a therapeutic treatment so she could hook this new client. She needed the business. Her massage business had suffered over the past year. For some reason her clients weren’t making as many appointments and new clients just weren’t coming in. Her therapeutic business had dried up completely since she left working for Nancy. Besides, she wanted to work with this guy. He was really nice, intelligent and good looking. It is always better working with good looking people in her business. It seems too many are old, fat, hairy, middle aged men or old whiny lonely women that spend too much time talking during their appointment. This opportunity could result in a new long-term client that mobilbahis güvenilir mi she would enjoy treating.

When she arrived home, she immediately sat down to read the booklet entitled “Pelvic Floor Stress Disorder, Manual Pelvic Muscular Reeducation.” She flopped down in the large velveteen wingback chair where she liked to read. A lamp was positioned to perfectly shed light on the pages of her favorite books. She could read half of a Dean Koontz novel without moving. She placed the water bottle she carried almost everywhere on the table next to the chair. She assumed her slightly hunched posture, lifted her feet onto the small ottoman and opened the cover of the booklet.

She read the entire booklet in 45 minutes, then began flipping back through the pages studying the illustrations and rereading some of the more complex instructions. She was very surprised by what she found in the treatment. It was nothing like she expected. She expected pressure points and concentrated massage or maybe some stretching and muscular development. What she found was a lot different. This procedure would require an element of intimacy with her client that was far beyond the normal practice of a “straight up” professional massage therapist. It was certainly much more intimate than anything she had ever done. It required the patient to be fully nude from the waist down at a minimum, with very intimate physical contact by the therapist, including contact with the genitals. The procedure was invasive. It called for digital penetration into the rectum of the patient. There was even mention of sexual arousal during the exercises “Wow! Can I do this?” she actually spoke out loud to herself. “Should I do this?” she repeated with emphasis.

She pondered the details of the treatment while staring at the illustrations. They showed several different positions of the patient during exercises. The patient was to contract their rectal sphincter and the muscles of the pelvic floor for specified periods of time in each of these positions. While bent over, with their knees to their chest, kneeling or whatever position the patient posed, the therapist, “that would be me,” she muttered to herself, would monitor the contractions and coach the patient while holding a finger in the patient’s butt. She tried to imagine herself doing this treatment on this particular guy, Mike. She tried to imagine it on one of her female clients. She tried to imagine it on any of her previous clients that she had seen nude. She tried to imagine their naked body posed like the pictures in the booklet. She tried to imagine how it might feel if she was the patient. There is no way she is going to do this treatment, she decided then and there. “There must be something else I can do for him,” she thought out loud, “maybe pressure points or something.” There had been information about pressure points and supplements to the procedure about pressure points. That is what she will do, she decided. She will develop something from that material.

She found herself sitting in the big wingback running scenarios through her mind for over an hour before she snapped out of it and decided to go to bed. She had an early appointment the next morning and needed her rest. She sluggishly moved from the chair, disappointed that she might lose this much needed business. She got a drink of water, peed and stripped down to her panties before crawling under the covers.

She laid in bed wide awake. She still couldn’t shut off the scenarios running through her mind. Just for the sake of argument, she began to design a means of performing this treatment on her potential new client, Mike. She imagined it and created mental pictures. She could see him naked and posing in the positions she had seen in the booklet. She imagined touching his penis and inserting her finger in his rectum. Actually, she liked thinking about it. She liked the visual images. She liked the idea of this procedure with this particular client. But she had some doubt whether she was qualified. Is she over stepping her bounds? It isn’t difficult. It doesn’t require special equipment. Except for the part of the body and the digital penetration, it is similar to many other therapeutic procedures for which she had been trained. After thinking it through, she started to change her mind. She convinced herself she could do it. Did she want to do it for the right reason? Was it just for the business? Did she want to do it to satisfy a desire of her own? She finally drifted off to sleep a little conflicted.

Early the next morning, while working on “Big Bruce,” as she mentally referred to him, the scenarios of the P F S treatment continued to run through her mind. The explicit visual images were impossible to stop. She imagined treating “Big Bruce” and shuddered at the thought. There were definitely many guys that would be good prospects for it, but she couldn’t imagine it with a big hairy guy like Bruce. The truth is, she never really liked massaging overweight people or really unattractive people or really hairy men, but, as a professional, she did it because it was her job. Admittedly, she wouldn’t mind massaging Mike, he is definitely mobilbahis an attractive well-built man. She wondered if he was a hairy man. His hair is blonde so probably not, she thought. As she proceeded with her massage work on Big Bruce’s massive calves, she pictured how Mike would look fully nude.

Once Bruce was done, she couldn’t wait for him to leave. She had no other appointments so she could only hope for a walk-in. There is a reasonable possibility for one in this location on any given day. That is why she set her office up in this small strip mall across from a major downtown office building. The rent was a little expensive, but she usually had four or five “walk-ins” a week. They would come during lunch or immediately after work. She made sure she was available at those times. She would usually do cleaning and write promotional cards to her clients during these slow times, but that day her mind was focused on the P F S treatment for Mike. She decided to think it through in detail. She jotted down notes and drew a few diagrams. She went into the treatment room and rearranged it slightly to test her ideas. She made a list of the things she would need. She had most of it on hand, but she did not have sterile lubricants for digital penetration or prepackaged enemas. She decided to buy some on her way home. Suddenly the doorbell rang, a walk-in she hoped. It was a delivery of supplies from UPS. She sat at her desk for a two more hours hoping for business that never came. She reread the booklet Nancy had given her for what must be the tenth time.

That evening, while lounging on the couch staring at a TV show in which she had no interest, Debra decided to give Mike a call and discuss her new ideas. Also, she needed to get more information from him and evaluate his personality before committing to anything. She would call him tomorrow morning around 10:00 am. Having formed a plan to move forward, her mind was at ease. She went to bed early and sleep through the night.

A few days before the first appointment:

At 9: 47 am Mike’s cell phone sounded with the old-fashioned bell tone that he had programmed it to play for unknown numbers. He answered and heard Debra on the other end.

“Hey Mike,” she said, “Do you have a few minutes to talk.”

“Yeah, sure,” he answered, “just a second, let me get out of here. I just want to go somewhere private.”

“I understand,” she answered, “Do you want to call me back in a few minutes?”

“No, just a minute,” he answered. She could tell he was walking briskly by the slight increase in his breathing. “I’m just going to get in my car. I need to run an errand anyway, so we’ll chat and then I’ll run my errand.”

“Ok,” she answered, “So, I just want to talk to you a little bit about treating your problem. I have conferred with some experts on similar problems and arrived at a possible plan, but we should talk a little more first. It’s not complicated and requires no special equipment, but of course it is very personal, I mean because of the area of the pain.”

“Oh yeah, what did you find out?” Mike asked as he unlocked the door of his blue Mustang. She could hear the door latch over the phone and realized he was nearly ready to settle down for their conversation. She paused for just a second before jumping into her planned discussion.

They talked for nearly an hour. She probed his personality to be sure he was a good candidate for such an intimate relationship. She did not reveal the nature of the treatment, but alluded to the development of conscious control of the musculature of the pelvic floor. She also led the discussion to personal matters outside of the treatment in order to learn more about his personality. She was impressed. He is an athletic type who takes his health seriously. He plays tennis, bikes, kayaks and enjoys a good long hike in the mountains, all great things that keep him in shape. In fact, he seemed so health conscious she wondered how he ended up with this problem in the first place. He told her of an accident where he fell from a height of more than eight feet. Apparently, he injured a knee and elbow and within a few days developed the pelvic floor spasms. She though it odd that he would suffer an internal injury that would cause P F S, but the crushing impact of internal organs on the pelvic floor is often blamed for the condition. He told her about the drugs that were prescribed by his doctor to stop the spasm, but they made him drowsy and had no long-term affect. His pursuit of another form of relief led him to Debra. They ended the conversation by setting up another appointment at her office a few days later, to finalize their discussion before proceeding. She promised to give him the details of the treatment at that time. She liked what she heard from Mike and decided absolutely to proceed with the treatment.

Two days before the first appointment:

She had a long list of subjects to discuss during their final meeting before beginning the treatment. She took them from the material that Nancy had given her. She craved to call Nancy with a few questions but decided against it. She would wing it on her own. She didn’t feel like putting mobilbahis giriş up with Nancy’s ego trip. She prepared to take notes and even decided to record the interview to ensure she captured every detail. She did not want risk the patient’s health. She decided if there was even one small doubt about the procedure or her observations, she would terminate the treatment. Indeed, even during the treatment, if anything arose that gave her doubt, she would stop right there and refer him back to the doctor.

Their second meeting lasted more than two hours, but it seemed like thirty minutes. Mike was very pragmatic and got straight to the point in clear “matter-of-fact” terms. Debra liked that. It enabled her to share her thoughts and ask frank questions without embarrassment to either of them. They discussed the pain in his rectum and pelvic floor that he couldn’t exactly locate. He described pains that were behind his testicles and how sometimes it made him breakout into a cold sweat. He told her they usually lasted about two minutes but occasionally lasted for as long as ten minutes. He told her about something he termed, “hangover” pains, that lasted for hours. He told her about the significant pain that occurred with almost every ejaculation. He shared how he avoided sex because the cramps were so severe. It was embarrassing, since his girlfriend had to suddenly change form lover to nurse. As far as he was concerned it totally ruined their sexual relationship.

She let him know he would have to be undressed for the treatment. She said the heat in the room would be raised slightly to help make sure he was comfortable and the lights would be dim to create a veil of privacy. There would be a blanket available for more privacy and warmth.

Her next discussion point revealed the process of the exercises. She explained the physiology and how the mental link to musculature would be strengthened which would enhance conscious control and help prevent spasm from occurring or decrease their severity. Then she told him the exercises would be performed while she had her finger inside his rectum. He would then contract his pelvic floor muscles and squeeze her finger as hard as he could. This revelation, did cause a little stir in him, but he was not overly put off by it. After more detailed discussion of it, he said “it’s no big deal. I can do it.” Upon hearing that, she wanted to ask if he ever had anything inserted in his butt, but he beat her to it and volunteered that he had not.

The final thing they discussed during the second meeting was one she considered the most sensitive, because it dealt directly with sexual sensations and arousal. She was obviously nervous and her voice squeaked slightly when she first mentioned it. She told him the effectiveness of the treatment would be markedly better if he could maintain and erection throughout the treatment. He didn’t seem to be particularly phased by it. He was certainly not as affected as she was. Mike commented that he might have trouble keeping an erection for a prolonged period of time, especially in this situation. As he spoke, the thought occurred to her, she might get sexually aroused at the sight of his naked body with an erect penis. This was not the first time she thought of it, but it was the first time while he was in sight of her. She wondered if she was blushing or giving it away somehow. If this occurred during the treatment, she hoped he would not be able to detect it. She has light skin and her blush is obvious. She was probably blushing right then.

They discussed the cost of the treatment. Mike was happy it considered it not terribly expensive. They ended the long conversation with some chit chat about cars, because he had just recently bought his first brand new car, a Mustang. After Mike left the office, Debra sat for a while, pondering the conversation and her plan for the treatment. She believed it would go well. She only had the weekend to get everything ready. He would be coming in Monday morning at 9:30 am. She decided to get moving. She would stop off for a bite to eat and then hit the drug store to pick up a couple of enemas because she had forgotten them on her last visit to the drug store. She had never administered an enema, but there can’t be much to it. She would also pick up any tube of sterile personal lubricant. She was unsure of how much she needed and wanted to avoided running out.

The first appointment:

At exactly 9:15 am Mike’s watch sounded off. The piercing piezo was not loud but the frequencies it emitted were annoying and demanded immediate attention. He pushed the small button on the bezel and it stopped immediately. He unlatched the door, swung it open then twisted his body while throwing his feet out onto the ground. He stood and shut the door and locked it. As he walked toward the entry to the building, he noticed another client leaving. She had just walked out because the door had not yet completely shut. He glanced down the row of offices in the complex. There was a dentist, and tax return center and a beauty salon supply. He thought it funny that among all of this he would be prancing around naked with a hard on while some woman stuck her finger in his butt. He considered whether it was sexual or weird. But then he chuckled at the thought of the words that again ran through his head as he spoke them out loud very quietly, “I’ll be prancing around naked with a hard on while some woman sticks her finger in my butt.”

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