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Author’s Note: Thanks to my fan Penny, for another opportunity to write something for Alex and her growing lessons of life and love. Enjoy this new chapter in a young model’s life. Special thanks to hugo_sam for editing services. All comments and suggestions are welcomed. ~ Red


Alex parked her car and hurried through the throngs of people crowding around the passengers just arriving at the airport. It wasn’t long before Alex located the older version of herself, and flagged down her mother Maddie. When the two women reached each other, Alex was pulled into a warm embrace. It seemed to swallow her 6-foot-1 inch frame. She returned the hug, adding an extra squeeze before releasing her mom.

“God, I’ve missed you,” the two women said simultaneously, followed quickly by mirrored chuckles of each other.

Maddie stepped back and ran her eyes over her daughter. “Wow. You look gorgeous. This modeling thing has really taken off for you hasn’t it?” she asked.

She wrapped her arm around her daughter’s waist as the two of them headed toward baggage claims. Once finished there, Alex led her mom to her car. Then the two of them caught up on family and new activities.

“Your Dad misses you. He’s looking forward to coming up for your birthday this Christmas. I think he’s got a special gift for you, if you want it that is,” she winked and squeezed her daughter’s hand. “I’ve really missed you, Alex,” Maddie added.

“I’ve missed you, too. I’m sure whatever Daddy’s planning, I’ll love it. I am his little girl, aren’t I?” she winked back.

It wasn’t long before Alex was pulling her car into the parking spot of her apartment and helping her mom with her luggage. When they reached Alex’s apartment, she pulled out a set of keys and handed them to her mom. “I made you a set since you are going to be around all month. Rita’s driver, John, said he’d take me to and from the office while you were here. Just in case you wanted to go somewhere, you wouldn’t be stuck riding in the poor excuses they call taxis around here.”

Maddie took the keys and unlocked the apartment. Once inside, she nodded her head in approval. “Lovely, Alex. Simply beautiful. This has ‘Alex’, written all over it.”

Maddie caught sight of several glass figures scattered throughout the house. Some she recognized from Alex’s collection she’d had sent from home, but a number of them were new and obviously more expensive then the original collection.

“Thanks mom. Come this way. John helped me paint up this room for you. I hope you like it.”

“John?” Maddie repeated softly. “This is the second time in less then five minutes you’ve said the man’s name. Is there something you need to tell me?” she asked. Alex had mentioned name upon name in her letters home, but never had she mentioned anyone named John. Now all of a sudden there was one and Maddie wondered if there wasn’t something more going on.

Alex shook her head and giggled, “No.” She helped her mom unpack and while she did, she explained that he was only a friend. “Besides mom, you’ve read my letters. I’m not into men,” she winked and then laughed as she pulled a sexy nighty from her mom’s suitcase.

“Oh my! Plans mom?” she asked. Alex knew her mother wasn’t planning to cheat on her father, at least not with another man.

“Give me that,” Maddie said and reached for the red silk lingerie. She missed it when Alex pulled it back, hiding it behind her.

“Not until you admit what you’re planning on doing with it.”

“Your father bought it for me to wear when Rita and I have dinner with you tonight. Granted. . . I’ll be wearing it after you go home and I’m visiting Rita,” she winked at her daughter.

“I thought as much; it’s quite nice. I may need to borrow it.”

Maddie made another grab for the nighty and accidentally brushed her daughter’s right breast. She ignored the spark that ran through her fingers and up her arm, as she reached behind Alex to take hold of the delicate material.

Alex released the garment without question, too stunned by the heat that was rolling through her. Her senses reeled from the touch of her mom’s palm against the side of her tit. Alex felt the blush of her cheeks and quickly turned away, fluffing the pillows on the bed.

While Alex ignored sensations similar to what she was ignoring, Maddie swiftly occupied her mind and hands with the unpacking. Once it was completed, the two women relaxed. Alex offered to take Maddie over to Tucker’s Modeling so she could catch up with Rita. It was still hours before their scheduled dinner date, but she knew Rita was looking forward to seeing her old friend from days gone by.


Rita stepped out of her bathroom office after cleaning away the come that had flowed thick down her creamy white thighs. Her eyes grew wide, while her smile lit up her face when she looked up and saw Maddie Blythe standing in her office along with one of her top models.

“Oh baby,” she cried out and the two friends wrapped their arms tight around each other.

Maddie canlı bahis felt Rita’s warm embrace and let the hug linger longer then normal friends would. The two women weren’t “normal” friends. They had attended high school together, as well as college, both picked up modeling and while they did all of that they became lovers. When Maddie married and Rita went off to become a businesswoman, they had drifted apart romantically, but had always kept in touch via the phone, letters and eventually emails.

If it hadn’t been for their unique relationship, Alex probably wouldn’t have made it so quick up the ladder. All three women would admit that to anyone. All three would also admit that in the end. . . no matter whom you knew, it came down to the face the people wanted to see, right now, that face was Alex Blythe, the long-legged, raven-haired Goddess.

After the women separated, Rita pulled Alex in for a quick hug and a kiss on the lips. The affair between Rita and Alex had been Alex’s first romance. Though it was brief the two women still occasionally played together. Alex was between relationships right now. She’d had gotten herself in a bad spot a month ago and had sworn off one night stands unless Rita or another trusted friend set her up. The woman, Alex only knew as Dana, had shown up with a racy video and a smile worth $50,000. Alex was still paying Rita for her loan of the payoff money. She shuddered over the thought of Dana and tried to let the warm kiss of Rita bring her thoughts back to the present.

“So what brings you here? I thought you two were going to meet me for dinner later,” Rita asked as she walked over to her desk. She sat down and buzzed her secretary, Carl. She informed him to hold all her calls for now.

“I knew you guys would want to touch base and say hi before I took mom shopping. I figured we’d get some hugs and kisses now, before dinner. I’m sure you two will enjoy more of each other after I head home tonight,” Alex said and grabbed a seat in the lush sofa.

“You could join us afterwards,” Rita said with a smile.

Maddie bit her bottom lip and glanced at her daughter. Her eyes lingered on the firm breasts and soft skin, and then she turned back to Rita and cleared her throat. “You haven’t changed a bit. You kidder you,” she said.

Alex saw her mother’s expression before Maddie turned away. Maddie then closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath. The image of Rita and Alex were too much for her to contemplate and she felt her sex tightening. Rita just raised a brow and then shrugged her shoulders. Alex just sat there stunned at the look her mother had given her.

She’d seen that look from many women and men over the last few months since she’d been modeling. Never, in her eighteen years had she seen it on her mom. Alex recognized her level of excitement had taken on a new spark. She wondered why she was suddenly picturing her mother in the sexy red nighty that lay nestled with thongs and corsets in the top drawer of the dresser at home.

The three women visited for an hour before Rita admitted she had to return to work. She would meet mother and daughter as planned at Rita’s favorite restaurant. Alex and Maddie then left to do what ladies do best, shop. They hit several boutiques as well as having a light lunch. Maddie insisted on getting lingerie for her and her best friend, admitting she’d also use the lovely articles of satin and lace for her husband as well. Alex eagerly agreed to make this stop the last one, before returning to get ready for dinner with Rita.

The lingerie shop was quiet. The soft playing classical music, filled the boutique with low notes of love and romance. The store smelled of sugar cookies and Alex knew she’d be purchasing the scented oils and lotions that complimented the air before she left. Soon mother and daughter piled into the large dressing room, either agreeing on naughty things or agreeing to disagree on them. When Alex saw her mother’s nipples protrude from under a light-blue negligee she moaned softly and tried to cover it up with a cough. Maddie however heard the sound and she tilted her head to one side.

“You have grown up so much, Alex,” she told her daughter. Her fingers ran through the soft, black strands of hair and she absentmindedly tucked a few loose strands behind Alex’s ear.

Alex looked up, her brown eyes meeting those of her Mother. “I’d like to think so. I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot about myself and of others.” She gripped the bench she was sitting on tightly as she leaned into her mother’s hand.

“What are you feeling right now, sweetie?” Maddie asked. Her hand slowly slipped down her daughter’s neck. Her eyes took in the rise and fall of the royal blue bra Alex wore, knowing that she’d be buying the bra and matching thong for her daughter before they left.

“I’m thinking I’m feeling something that I shouldn’t be, but I. . .” Alex stopped speaking and dipped her head down. She placed a soft kiss on her mother’s palm and allowed her tongue to tease the flesh.

Maddie bahis siteleri hissed and stepped closer to her daughter. Her sex was sending little jolts of heat through her body and she felt the signs of a sweet release bordering on the edge of a great abyss. “Its confusing isn’t it?” she asked. Her hand moved further down, her palm grazed the hard nipple that lay hidden under the flimsy cloth. Her other hand slid over Alex’s lips and she memorized the softness, knowing this time when she touched those lips in a kiss; it would mean more then the motherly “hello” it had always meant.

“Yes, but. . .” Alex’s hands finally released the bench and she flexed her fingers. One hand moved to her bra and she released the clasp, the other slowly slid up her mother’s long leg. Her eyes held Maddie’s and she chewed nervously on her lower lip.

“Its okay baby,” Maddie whispered. Her hand pushed the material off Alex’s left breast and her fingers grazed the hard bud. “We can stop whenever you want to.” She let her thumb rub back and forth over the extended button and smiled when Alex sighed softly, whispering a soft “Okay.”

Maddie used her other hand to sweep away the rest of the bra and she drank in the two perfect globes that screamed for attention. She teased both pink pearls with her fingers, bringing the young woman to greater heights of desire. As Maddie played with her daughter’s tits, Alex skirted one hand up the back of her mother’s leg while the other continued its journey to the light-blue thong that covered her mother’s sex.

“Mmm. . .” Alex moaned as her mom pulled and teased her nipples. She pushed her breasts toward her mother, breathing deep the scent of their combined arousal.

“Baby, you’re perfect,” Maddie whispered. She moved closer. Her sex was just inches from her daughter’s lips, only air and satin separated them. “Alex, touch Mommy,” she muttered. “I need you baby,” she hissed.

Alex’s hand slipped over the juice-covered thong and Maddie squeezed her daughter’s tits in encouragement. Alex’s palm petted the mound several times, before dipping her finger in between the fabric and the slick, hot cunt. The warm skin burned her flesh, she welcomed the tiny curls and grinned as she recalled that her mother liked to trim her pussy. Her fingers toyed with the soft hairs and she drew lazy circles over Maddie’s sex.

“Ohh, Alex,” Maddie muttered. She increased the tension on her daughter’s breasts and licked her lips moistening them with her soft tongue. “Would you Alex?” she whispered the plea, though no words really asked Alex to do anything.

Alex grinned and pressed a kiss to her mother’s satin-covered stomach. The soft material soothed her lips as she ran closed kisses back and forth over the hidden flesh. “In time Mom,” she said. She looked up and winked at her mom.

“Fuck,” Maddie hissed. “You’re as big a tease as your father.”

Alex chuckled. “I’ll fuck you, don’t worry. I’m so wet and horny there is no way that cunt is getting away from me.”

Her fingers moved up to the small strip of string that circled her mom’s waist. Her other hand let her fingers stroke up and down the crack of Maddie’s ass. She toyed with the string buried between the firm cheeks and laughed softly when her mom groaned out in frustration.

Maddie’s hands left her daughter’s breasts and moved to her soft shoulders. She breathed the deep, heady scent of arousal that filled the dressing room. Her fingers slipped into her daughter’s raven hair and she massaged her scalp.

Alex nuzzled the lingerie with her tongue and lips until she had her nose under the soft cloth. “Nice mom,” she whispered before licking Maddie’s small belly button that poked gently out. Her teeth pulled on the little nub and she giggled when her mom shifted from the tug.

“Damn, Alex,” Maddie growled. Her fingers tightened in Alex’s hair as she dragged her daughter’s head down. “Take it,” she ordered.

Alex’s lifted the material further away and her mother grabbed it, keeping it suspended from the delicate folds of her cunt. Her daughter placed her fingers on both warm lips and spread them open. Her tongue snaked out and she ran a long, flat lick from the bottom of the hot pussy to the tip. The tip of her tongue hooked the upper front of the slick pussy and she stroked it back and forth.

“Fuck! Oh fuck baby,” Maddie gasped. She felt her legs threaten to give way and she used one hand to hold the garment up, the other she used to support herself with the aid of her daughter’s silky shoulder.

Alex’s tongue continued to work its way over the juice coated petals. She pulled at her mom’s clit with her teeth. Her fingers left the right pussy lip and circled the opening of the peach fruit. Dipping her finger into the opening of her parent, Alex lapped up the honey that flowed more freely now that something was invading it.

“Mmm. . . You taste wonderful Mom, a little like me,” she whispered. Her tongue moved inside the dark opening. As both finger and tongue fucked her warm cunt, Maddie rocked her hips in bahis şirketleri rhythm with her daughter’s movements.

Maddie’s chest rose and fell with the waves of heat that seemed to be swimming inside her. She felt the textured tongue move over her cunt. Maddie pushed her hand into Alex’s hair and then pressed the warm mouth deeper against her slick sex. “Ohh, Alexxxx! ”

Maddie came over her daughter’s face, covering the hot lips and the warm tongue. She shook as the fluids flowed thick from deep within her. Alex coaxed another steamy stream of syrup when she continued sucking on the heated flesh.

Alex drank her mother’s come, licked the precious mound, and teased the tiny hairs that tickled her face. She prodded the hole with long, deep thrusts until Maddie was quivering. When her mom was done coating her face, she moved her mouth up to the soft belly. Next, Alex stood up and kissed her mother deeply. Their tongues tangled in a new dance. The dance played out as a hungry kiss. . . a kiss that spoke of promise and desire. “Welcome back to my world mom,” she smiled.

Maddie grinned and licked away the come that dripped from her daughter’s chin. “Mmm. . . what fun we’re going to have over the next month.” Her hand moved to her daughter’s soaked panties.

“Oh fuck yeah. Now how about a shower at my place and a fuck at Rita’s?” she asked.

“You’re such a good daughter,” Maddie winked. They kissed again and after a few more caresses, they left the shop. They did exactly what Alex had suggested, enjoyed a nice, hot shower until the water ran cold.


Rita was waiting at the restaurant when mother and daughter walked in. She recognized the look of freshly fucked pussy and she felt her sex become thick with juice. Rita visually devoured the two women. It would be like fucking a pair of dark-haired twins. She had called ahead of time and begged Maddie to shave her cunt so the fantasy of rolling her tongue over twin mounds would be heightened.

Maddie was the first to reach the table. She hugged her longtime friend, cupped her ass gently, and then took her seat. Alex too embraced Rita, giving her a soft kiss on the lips before taking her place opposite of her mother. Rita returned to her seat between the two and laid a warm palm on each one’s thigh. She stroked them both and took a brief moment to inspect their panty free cunts. “Nice,” she whispered to Maddie, silently thanking her for shaving the trimmed fluff.

When their server arrived; Rita’s slick fingers slid down the two women’s inner thighs and then up to the table. She ordered her meal. The women followed suit. The meal progressed and Maddie agreed to do a few shots with her daughter while she was in town. A few admirers of the male gender came over to their table and Rita grinned as Alex blushed over their asking for a brief picture opportunity.

Maddie sat back and enjoyed her daughter’s fame. She saw how Alex basked in the ambience of the moment. She grinned at Rita and mouthed a “thank-you” to her friend. It wasn’t long after desert that the movement of a young man caught Maddie’s attention. Rita noticed Maddie’s distraction and she waved the young man over.

John didn’t often come into the restaurants to announce his presence, but Rita had told him to come in when it was time; so he had. He made his way toward her and studied the woman that was obviously Alex’s mom. She too was a beauty, and from the look of things, she too was susceptible to Rita’s charms.

“John meet Alex’s mom, Maddie,” Rita said as she stood and motioned for the server to bring John a glass of wine.

John took the seat that Rita offered and he looked at Alex. “Hey Speck, how ya doin’?” he asked adding a smirk to his statement.

“Speck?” Maddie and Rita both asked. Alex rolled her eyes and a blush ran through her cheeks as she looked back at John. She kicked him from under the table and grinned wide when he gave a mocked “ow.”

“Speck is a name Mr. Paintbrush has taken to calling me. This is the man that helped me fix up your room,” she told her mother.

John chuckled and sipped his wine, wishing it was a beer instead. “By the time we were done she was speckled with every color imaginable and damn, I’d swear she had colors on her we didn’t even buy.”

The group laughed. John shared a little about himself with the ladies. Maddie absorbed every signal that John tossed at her daughter. She noticed how all those signals were received, but also how Alex fought the desire to act on them. When their wine was finished John, got up and escorted the ladies outside. Maddie grabbed the keys Alex had given her and told her she would drive Rita back to Alex’s and John could take Alex back to the apartment.

Alex’s expression showed her confusion, so Maddie pulled her aside. “I want a few kisses from Rita before we start renewing our friendship,” she lied. She really wanted to see if perhaps Alex was ignoring a part of her sexual life, thinking that she was supposed to only play with females. She suspected her daughter was bisexual. If this John was someone that interested her, then she should consider both sides of her sexual desires. She could find someone special to share her desires with and help her enjoy herself.

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