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Alice Surprises Me (MF, cons, oral) By Frenchy Frog

My name is Ron Ballard. I’m a thirty-nine year old guy who’s still in pretty good shape physically. I played defensive cornerback on my college football team and have tried to keep toned up with regular workouts. I’ve been dating a beautiful divorced redhead named Grace Andrews for a few months now, and we have a great time together – and by that I mean I really like her a lot, and she seems to really like me, and the sex is great!

I came over to Grace’s house and had just sat down when she got a phone call. She talked for a bit, and when she hung up she apologized and told me she had to leave to get some groceries and take them over to her mother’s house that lived a few blocks away. I asked if she wanted me to go with her and she kissed me and said it would only be a short time and to just stay and be comfortable, and she would be back shortly. She then called to her daughter Alice.

When Alice came in from her room, like a typical teenager, she sullenly asked what her mother wanted.

Alice was a very pretty girl with long red hair just like her mother’s, and I saw she was wearing a cute frilly top over a short skirt. She also had on white socks and her white tennis shoes. I’d always thought Alice had been quite fortunate to inherit her mother’s lush body and she was definitely becoming a beautiful young woman.

Grace explained that she had to leave to go to Grandma’s for a bit and then told Alice, “I want you to entertain Ron until I get back, okay?”


So there Alice and I were, in her mom’s living room, with her sitting on the couch next to me. We talked about this and that for a while as she carelessly paged through a magazine. Time passed and when the phone rang, Alice got up to answer it. She listened, said “okay” and “uh-huh” a few times and then hung up. She returned to the couch and again began paging through the magazine. She finally said, “Ron, I have a question.”

“Okay,” I answered.

“So… you’re dating my mom, okay… can you still have sex with women?”

Well, that one really threw me for a loop. I quickly tried to recover and said, “What? Uh… can I still… Uh, well, yeah, of course I can still have sex with women – I mean… I love sex.”

“Oh really?” she said, smiling. “It just seems so weird to think of OLDER guys like you having sex.”

Now that really stunned me. I finally said, “Older guys? What do you mean, older guys? I’m not that old!”

“Well, you sure seem a LOT older to me.”

“What are you talking about Alice, I’m only thirty-nine,” I defensively told her.

She said, “Well… I’m eighteen, and that makes you a LOT older! Gee, I mean, you’re almost TWICE my age!”

“ALMOST twice your age, huh? And you’ve graduated from high school? I take it math wasn’t your best subject.”

She looked at me quizzically and said, “What?”

Dismissing this, I told her, “Well yes, I am older than you, but I’m certainly not so old that I can’t still have sex.”

She kind of looked at me sideways and asked, “Soo… are you having sex with my mom?”

“Uh, that’s kind of a personal question, don’t you think?” I told her.

“Well? ARE YOU?” she persisted.


To old to have sex? What does she think – I’m some old fossil? Thinking to possibly put her in her place, I answered, “Yes! Yes, I’m having sex with your mom! Okay?”

She grinned and in a sing-song way asked, “Oooo… a lot? My mom is pretty old too. Are you having a lot of sex with my mom?”

“Not wait a minute here, Alice, your mom is not old, she’s only thirty-six!” I stated in a somewhat protective manner.

“Okay, okay, so she’s not old,” Alice conceded, waving her hands. “But are you – having a lot of sex – with my mom – or not?”

Now I looked at her, trying to gauge where this whole thing was going. I cautiously answered, “Well… like I said… we are having sex, but what’s a lot? What do you think is a lot of sex?”

She grinned. “Um, okay, let’s see… I guess a lot of sex would be, maybe… four times a week?”

“Well, yeah I guess to you four times a week could be considered a lot, but your mom and I don’t even have that many dates each week, so it would be pretty hard to do it that often, wouldn’t it?”

“Okay, okay, but if you WOULD date that often, could you still do it? Could YOU do it four times in a week?”

Man! I thought. This is sure one strange conversation! So I finally came right out and asked her, “Um, where are you going with this, Alice?”

“Look, I just wanna know if an old guy like you can still get it up that often,” she said pointedly, looking casino şirketleri right into my eyes.

Now her tone was outright challenging, and it was really getting to me. “There you go again. I’m not so old that I can’t get it up, okay?” I stated.

“Okay, mister smart guy,” she said, and lifting up her skirt, she spread her legs to show me she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Can you get it up right now?”


Well, needless to say, I was totally blown away with this.

As Alice widely spread her legs before me I could see her tender young pussy was shaved clean except for one little strip that pointed to her slit like an arrow. It almost felt like the arrow was saying, “Enter here!”

Alice seemed to be inviting me – and was even daring me – to partake of the wonders exposed to me. Grinning lasciviously at me, she reached down and spread her labia with her fingers, displaying the wet pinkness within. “Whata ya think?” she asked. “Want some?”

My cock was immediately at full erection. Trying to escape the tangled prison of my underwear, it was causing me undo pain.

Now I’d read stories about daughters being jealous of their mother’s lovers and trying to seduce them away. Some of these themes go way back into historic literature, but I never in a thousand years would have thought this could actually happen to me.

My mind was churning a mile a minute. There I was, with a stone hard cock, looking at this delectable young pussy, all spread out for me and thinking about how great it looked. Damn! She really wants to have sex with me. Would Grace be gone long enough for me to get away with it? Was this really happening? Oh shit! If Grace caught us she’d become such a screaming mess. Is there some actual possibility of doing this without getting caught?

On the one hand I was thinking about doing it, and on the other I knew it was so wrong. I was torn between loyalty to the memory of Grace’s lovely body and how good the sex was with her, and the thoughts of how temptingly delicious her lovely daughter’s young body could possibly be.


Alice looked into my eyes and demanded, “Well?”

I just sat there like a statue, looking back at her.

Grinning at me, Alice’s hand moved to my crotch and began to rub it. “Even though you’re an old guy, I can see why my mom likes you,” she said. “You’re a real attractive guy! Well, what do you say Ron? Are we gonna do it?” she asked as her hand continued to rub me.

I was totally flummoxed and didn’t know what to say.

“What is it, Ron. Don’t you like young girls?” she asked in an exasperated voice.

I finally found my tongue and answered, “Y-yes! Yes… I like young girls, but…”

“Well, don’t you think I’m pretty?” she asked, pouting slightly.

“Yes! Yes! I think you’re beautiful Alice, I’ve always thought so,” I told her, trying desperately to put this whole thing into some form of logic my mind could process.

“Well…?” she again asked, grinning coyly as she rubbed me.

I stupidly asked, “Well… what?”

She said, “C’mon Ron, are you gonna do something about this or not?”

“Look, uh look Alice, I think you’re a beautiful, desirable woman,” I told her. “But… well, see, I’m going with your mom… and uh, what would she do to me? And to you? You know, if she found out about this?”

She grinned and began to undo my belt. “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll never say anything to her about it, and if you still want to have sex with her, I sure don’t think you will either. Sooo… what’s to keep us from having a little fun?”


Alice’s nimble fingers had undone my belt, unzipped my pants, and gotten my cock out before I even had a chance to say another word. As she started to stroke me, she moved to kiss me, and I began to kiss her back. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as her hand was deliciously stroking my throbbing cock.

I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, but as the old saying goes, “A stiff dick has no conscience!”

We kissed passionately, and when she broke the kiss, Alice quickly moved down and took my cock head into her mouth.

As I looked down at her bobbing head I was absolutely stunned. Here I was, sitting in my girlfriend’s living room with my pants around my ankles and her beautiful, teenage daughter was sucking away on my cock. And MAN could she suck cock! Her mother was good at it, but Alice was a PRO! I wondered if it was something in the genes or if she just had a lot of experience in her eighteen years.

Her fingers gently caressed my balls as she eagerly moved her wet lips all over my cock head. She then went further down on the shaft until I felt the head momentarily hit the top of her throat. Then as I moaned, her wet lips began to move up and down the full length of my shaft, again and again.

Alice’s tongue was continually working all over my cock. Her casino firmalari attention constantly changed from working on the head, to laving the shaft, to even covering my balls with her saliva. When she just sucked up and down on me her fingers were playing with my balls. It was simply amazing.


She eventually stopped her sucking to just hold the shaft and my balls in her little hands and tongue the very tip as she looked up into my eyes. It was a mind-altering experience, but I was somehow able to resist cumming. I guess it was a little because I was thinking that this was wrong, but mostly due to the worry of getting caught.

She was grinning as she stroked her fingers up and down the wet shaft, and as she looked up into my eyes, in a tiny voice she said, “You didn’t cum right away like a lot of guys do. Didn’t you like that, Ron? Don’t I do it good?”

I grinned back at her and said, “Holy shit Alice, you give fantastic head. Where did you ever learn to do it so good?”

She giggled as she continued to play with my cock and said, “I’ve done a lot of guys in school, and I think I’ve learned a lot!”

I agreed with her, and she then asked, “Do I do it as good as my mom?”

Oh man, I figured I’d better be awfully careful how I answered this. So I decided the most diplomatic thing to say was, “Alice, you give some of the very best head I’ve gotten in a long, long time.”

She giggled and seemed to be quite happy with that answer. Her head started to drop back down, but I stopped her and said, “Alice, wait… we uh, we better not be doing this. What if your mom comes back and catches us?”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” she said. “That was just her on the phone before, and she said she had to take my grandma to the doctor’s office. My grandma’s real forgetful and when my mom got over there she saw on the calendar that grandma had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. She told me that they would be gone for several hours and that you could stay here and wait for her, or just go home and she would call you later.”

She went back down on me and the sucking action quickly accelerated to a dizzying pace. It got so fantastic, I no longer cared about anything. When I could resist no longer I grunted out, “Oh shit! I’m… I’m gonna cum! You gotta stop!” But Alice sped up even more and a few seconds later my balls exploded in a glorious crescendo.

This beautiful young girl proceeded to suck me until there was nothing left, and then just kept up gently working on my cock head. As she continued to suck me my body jerked involuntarily because my cock was so super-sensitive. Alice giggled and truly seemed to enjoy making me jerk like a puppet on a string.


When she finally came up off me, through half-open eyes I saw she’d swallowed and then sat smiling at me. Fully opening me eyes, I looked at her lovely smiling face and told her, “That – that was wonderful, Alice! Okay… now it’s your turn.”

She looked at me strangely as I pulled her up onto the couch, and as I got my face down between her legs she said, “W-what are you doing?”

I began to lick the inside of her thighs, and as her legs parted more, I licked all around her pussy lips. She laid back and was crooning and wiggling and shuddering as I did. Between catches of her breath she was telling me how good it felt, and cooing and moaning.

Her pussy opened like a morning flower to the rising sun and I started to work my tongue on her whole wet slit in earnest. She was moaning a continuous stream of sighs and groans, but when I began to concentrate on just her clit, which was now as hard as a little pebble, her body started to jerk and her fingers clutched my head. She was forcing my face into her bucking pussy and I didn’t let up, and my tongue worried her clit until her entire body tensed like a statue. As my busy tongue worked her clit into a massive orgasm, Alice screamed.

I continued to lick her whole pussy slit and her body shuddered and jerked for a moment or so and then she collapsed.


When her eyes opened I was looking back at her with a smile. She blinked and said, “Wow! That was freakin’ awesome Ron. Nobody has ever done that to me before!”

I laughed and said, “That’s the first time anybody ever ate your pussy? With all the head jobs you’ve given guys, none of them have ever returned the favor?”

She grinned shyly and shook her head, saying “Uh-uh!”

I laughed again and said, “Well I’m glad I could be the first.”

She touched my face tenderly and said, “Ron, I’m sorry I said you were old. You’re really hot! All my boyfriends cum right away and I hardly ever get to have a big O. And they’ve never given me one like you just did. You are a fantastic lover Ron! I really like your cock, and I really want you to put it inside me now. I want you to fill up my pussy with your nice big güvenilir casino hard cock. Okay? Will you fuck me now? Please?”

When I expressed concern about her getting pregnant, she laughed and said, “You don’t need to worry about that, Baby. I’m on the pill and have been for some time now. C’mon, do me now! Please? Please?”

Well, I threw caution to the winds. As she smiled up at me and opened her arms and legs for me, I quickly kicked off my pants, got between her lovely open legs, and slipped the head of my overeager hard cock into her.

Alice moaned and giggled as I gradually buried myself into her warm wetness. Her arms held me to herself as her legs came up around my hips, and she kissed my ear, cooing into it.

I began to stroke into her tightness, and it was fantastic. She met each plunge with an upward move of her pussy, causing me to fully penetrate her depths.

She was moaning and huffing under me as I grunted and banged her.


We fucked like that for several glorious minutes and then she lifted my head and looked into my eyes. She said, “I want you to fuck me in every position that you fuck my mom. Do you do it any other way with her?”

I told her to turn around, that I wanted to fuck her doggy style. She giggled and quickly got into position. I put one hand on her hip and with the other I guided myself back into her wet pussy. I then held both her hips and began banging her from behind until she squealed and jerked in another orgasm.

I stopped to let her catch her breath. I hadn’t cum yet, and I really wanted to finish, but she said, “Wait, wait! Is there any other position you and my mom do?”

Desperately wanting to keep going, I reluctantly told her, “No, that’s it, just those two ways.” But she wiggled and worked herself out from under me and said, “Well, I wanna fuck you in a way that you’ve never done with my mom. It’ll be our special way to fuck, okay?”

I shrugged my shoulders. I wanted to get off bad, and right now I would have done damn near anything she wanted.

Alice had me get on the couch, and as she hitched up her little short skirt, she straddled my legs, facing me. Grinning, she reached down, and guided me up into her wetness. She then said, “Okay Ron, now we’re gonna do it ‘Cowgirl style’ and that will be OUR special way to do it from now on!”

Hmmm, “Our special way” really stuck in my mind. I assumed she figured this was just the first time of many that we would be doing this, and I had no problems with that at this point.


Alice put her hands on my shoulders and proceeded to fuck me while I squeezed her soft, full titties.

Her perfect young body moved at a frantic pace. She banged me hard and was so energetic in her bucking up and down on me that my cock slipped out on one of her upward movements. She giggled, quickly put me back inside her and leaned down to kiss me. She then continued to again ride me in just as frenzied a pace as before. I looked up into her lovely straining face as she fiercely fucked me and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

After a few more moments of this delightful banging I felt my balls convulse once.

As she kept bucking down into me I told her, “Alice, Alice, I’m-I’m gonna cum Baby! Uh! UHH! UHHHH! HERE – IT – CUMMMS!”

I groaned out and just as my orgasm started, her sweet pussy slammed down tightly against me. I felt her internal muscles rhythmically squeeze me as I was buried way up inside her and my balls erupted like a volcano.

Alice cooed out, “Yes! OH, YESSS! Cum in me Ron! Shoot your stuff way up into me! Gimme all of ITTTTT!”

That talented little pussy of hers worked me over as I came and it drained my balls dry just as her delicious young body began to shudder and jerk in another orgasm of her own.


Now when I say I came in her, I mean I really CAME in her! I can’t ever remember cumming so long and so hard, and this was after that fantastic blowjob she’d given me.

Alice ultimately got up off me and quickly laid back on the couch. Grinning, she said, “Look at this!” and grabbed her legs and spread them wide.

I watched her pussy with interest as she strained slightly and then I could see my cum gradually belch and ooze back out from her opening. She giggled and wiggled as the cum continued to trickle out of her and drip onto her skirt.

When all the cum had seeped out of her, she moved toward me and taking my face in both hands, gave me a long hard kiss. When she finally broke the kiss, her head bobbed down and she kissed my fading cock. Then giggling, she ran off toward her room.

Just before disappearing around the corner she turned back, and looking over her shoulder, coyly said, “Oh, I almost forgot. My mom should be back in about forty-five minutes. So consider yourself…” and here she paused to hold up two fingers on each hand, and with air-quotes said, “ENTERTAINED!” She grinned, tossed her pretty red hair and said, “I’ll see you later! Bye!”

With my limp cock now terrifically satisfied, I sat there stunned and wondering where this whole mother/daughter thing might possibly take me.


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