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Hi, my name is Frank Knight; I am 40, divorced and very happy in my life, I got divorced 19 years ago or so, I thought I had met my dream woman, but after we had wed, I realised I had met and married a fucking dragon!

So one night I packed my bags and just left. I went home to my parent’s house clear across the country. I had been married less than 6 months and it was a nightmare, I couldn’t do enough for her, buy enough for her, or earn enough for her.

God help whoever she ended up with, I never saw her again, I’d left a note to tell her to divorce me, no contest, and send any paperwork, and costs to my parent’s house.

Since then I have made something of my life, I don’t know why, but I was always interested in stocks and shares.

So when I got myself sorted out, into work and earning again, I started buying small amounts of shares etc whenever I could afford it.

I built up a nice little portfolio over the years, and because of cute selling and buying I began to see real returns.

I was earning bigger and bigger pay offs, selling high, buying low, that sort of thing. I got lucky, I know that, but there ya go hey?

I took some hits too, but all in all, I did well. So well in fact, that I went into house buying to rent, and expanded my incomes in that direction.

And now 20 years on I am more than very well off, my money is secure, I still dabble in the shares etc, but I don’t use my own money now, I don’t risk a penny.

And I still make a bob or two as well.

I am a member of every exclusive club there is around me. And casino’s etc, where I am prepared to lose, but only what I take into it, and never go over the limit, and it’s also a great place to meet women, single or otherwise.

Like I said, I am 40 now, never remarried and don’t intend to either, once was enough for me.

I have had plenty of girlfriends, long time ones, and short term ones. But as soon as they get serious, I tell them, sorry, but I won’t be ever getting attached. So if they want to carry on, okay, but there won’t be wedding belles, or sharing of lives, that sort of thing.

And one thing I never wanted, nor intended having, was children. It just wasn’t me; I have no interest in that.

I aren’t nasty with it, I just tell them gently, that there is no future with me, certainly not in that direction.

I don’t mind who I go out with, or where I get my sex from, married, divorced, widows, single women. If they have children or not in there lives, it doesn’t matter to me.

I love sex and I love women, but I don’t, and won’t ask a woman out who doesn’t meet my criteria. All that is, is she has to be attractive to me. I don’t just go looking for sex, I like a relationship of sorts, and if she is beautiful all the better.

I’ve met some married beauty’s, some of whom have wanted to leave their husbands for me. But that is a complete no no.

That’s just what I don’t want at all.

I don’t care what age they are either, 18 year olds, or 50 year olds, if they fit the bill, they are in! Lol.

I love the younger ones for their enthusiasm, they want it all over the place, and I do my best to accommodate them.

My last 18 year old was the daughter of a friend of mine; she was a long haired blonde beauty. What a wild time I had with her, she couldn’t get enough of me, she loves older men.

I taught her to take it every where; she had had sex before, she wasn’t a virgin. But never given a blow job, or even had it up her arse, not until she met me anyway.

I taught her all she knows now, ha ha ha ha ha.

Now she loves it always, but I don’t see her much now because she has gone to uni!

I go abroad a lot on holidays when ever I feel like it, I can go anywhere I want 1st class. Sometimes I take someone with me, but I also like to find my own lovers wherever I happen to be.

Especially in the Caribbean, those dusky beauties are something else for sure. Their soft dark skin is something to behold, I love them.

Fucking hell! I’m getting all maudlin here, reminiscing. Might have to have a trip back soon?

I am 6ft 3″ tall, don’t smoke, don’t drink a lot, but I have been known to on the right occasions.

Keep myself fairly fit, got all my hair and teeth still, my hair is a little grey at the sides now, but I’m told it makes me look distinguished.

And more to the point for me, just about all the women I have loved, have told me my prick is special, big, but not too big, thick where it matters, good foreskin, and I know how to use it too.

I have always always, tried to make sure my woman has got what she wants before I have, although sometimes excitement has got the better of me, I must admit.

So now on to the meat of my story.

I was sat at home one night, when the phone rang.

On answering it, I was asked by a male voice, if I was Frank Knight, formerly of the city where I had lived.

‘I am,’ I said. (A song there?)

‘Were you married to a lady called Sarah back then?’

‘Yes I was, but we divorced along time ago, is there something wrong, who are you?’ I asked.

‘Well casino oyna sir,’ I may have a surprise for you?’

Now I was concerned, who was this? I wondered.

‘My name is Jonathon Frank Knight, I believe I am your son, but I don’t think you knew about me. I was born apparently, about 6 months after you left my mother, without ever knowing she was pregnant with me.’

It’s a good job I was sat down, or I would have fallen over, such was the shock of his revelation!

Stunned? I was almost struck dumb!

Eventually, I managed to croak.

‘Are you sure about this?’

‘What do you want?’

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, ‘this must be a great shock to you?’

‘You can say that again,’ I said.

The very thing I had always avoided had visited itself on me. I had a son, a fucking son, and I never knew about it.

‘Well Jon, is it Jon?’ I asked.

‘Yes it is,’ he replied.

‘Jon, what can I do for you?’ I asked, thinking that I could give him a wedge, settle things down etc.

‘Well, nothing really, but I would like to meet you if I could?’ he said hopefully.

‘I don’t know if that will be a good idea?’

‘Do you think that it will be a good idea Jon?’ I said.

‘After all, you must be what, 20 years old, or there about?’

‘Yes I am 20 now, and I have just got married, a month ago, and my new wife wants me to get in touch with you?’

‘Does she now?’ I said.

‘Look Jon, let me think about things, get my head around this, it’s a bit of a surprise you know?’

‘Yes okay, no problem, I will call you tomorrow if that’s okay?’

‘Yes do that, tomorrow night?’

‘Okay bye then.’

And I put the phone down.

I was struggling to get my thoughts straight.

I was glad for me, and a little sorry for him that he had missed out on me being there, but I still knew I would not have made a good father.

But what I could have done was provide for him financially at a distance.

But his mother had seen fit not to let me know, so I wasn’t guilty of anything, and I certainly didn’t feel guilty either.

The following night the phone rang at the same time, as the previous night. I had thought a lot about things, and decided that I didn’t think meeting would be beneficial to him, or me.

But it wasn’t him, it was a woman, with a voice like music, it sang to me, it was enchanting.

She introduced herself as Jon’s wife, Alli, short for Allison.

Straight off she started calling me dad!

And before I could draw breath, she was inviting me over to meet them.

I stuttered and stammered, and tried to tell her I didn’t think it would be a good idea.

But her beautiful voice killed that, I ended up agreeing to go, she understood my reticence and everything else.

When I got off the phone, I said to myself.

‘What the fucking hell are you doing Frank, it won’t go anywhere.’

So the following Friday morning I set off in my jag, and arrived at 3 in the afternoon.

I was met at the door by a vision, I was knocked out by her beauty, absolutely stunning can only describe her.

My mouth must have been wide open; I must have looked like fish out of water!

She laughed, and said to close it!

‘I, I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, but I didn’t expect you to be so, er so er beautiful.’

I was babbling like a fucking 16 year old, confronted by a beautiful older woman.

She laughed so wonderfully again, and said, ‘yes, I do seem to get lots of stares.’

I apologised again, and went into her home.

If you know what Jessica Simpson looks like, the blonde American pop singer? Well Alli is better looking than her, a lot better.

The only thing different really was her hair, it was a gold honey blonde, but cut short to her neck, it missed her shoulders by about an inch.

She was about 5ft 6″ and built like a goddess, everything was in line with her body, no bumps, lumps, knobbly knees, lumpy ankles.

She was smooth skinned, rounded, and fucking stunning, I don’t think I have seen a more beautiful girl in my life, her face was so angelic. And I’ve seen a few beauties I can tell you, and I’ve had more than a few in my bed too!

I asked where Jon was.

She looked darkly at me, and said.

‘Well, we didn’t expect you until later, so he’s gone to the pub for a drink!’

‘He’s gone to the pub? Oh okay, no problem,’ I said.

But I was a little surprised, I have to confess.

‘Would you like to go and meet him there?’ Alli asked me.

‘Er, no I don’t think so Alli, that wouldn’t be a good place to meet for the first time?’ I said.

‘No it wouldn’t!’ she said in an exasperated tone.

‘So Alli,’ I said, trying to change the subject, ‘please, tell me all about you?’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘I met Jon at uni, and he seemed so nice, we had a whirlwind affair, and 5 months later, here I am, married?’

Her soft lovely voice had a disconsolate tone to it.

She had said, ‘seemed to be nice?’

‘Can I say something?’

And before she could say yes, or no, I continued.

‘You canlı casino don’t seem too enamoured about being here and married?’

‘Well Mr Knight, Dad, you will see when he gets home?’

‘Please Alli, call me Frank, please?’ I said.

‘I think I prefer dad for now, maybe Frank later.’

We chatted for a while, and it came across to me that she wasn’t really happy in her new marriage.

She also impressed me as a very intelligent girl, she had her masters etc.

So what the fuck was she doing married to my son, who, I hadn’t yet met?

I was becoming more and more enamoured with her, she poured us a glass of wine each, her movements were fluid, wave like. How could such a girl end up in this pokey little flat? I had to think she had made a huge mistake. I already wasn’t too impressed that my son hadn’t been here to meet me either.

He came home around 8:00, and he was half cut, or just cut, I wasn’t sure yet.

We got introduced, and straight away I could see he was my son, he had some of my looks.

But he was his mother’s son totally; all the bad memories of her came back in his actions, his words, his ways.

After a while he said he was going to bed, because he and his dad had a lot to talk about tomorrow, and get to know each other.

I resolved to leave as soon as possible, and not comeback. I really felt so sorry for Alli, she was such a nice girl, and I knew already, she didn’t deserve my son.

I had had 3 large glasses of wine, so Alli insisted I could not possibly drive all the way home.

They had a second bedroom, and made me literally stay over.

I reluctantly agreed, she apologised for Jon, and I told her I would be away early in the morning.

But I would call her next week to chat, why I don’t know.

As far as I was concerned, this was a first and last visit.

I went to bed, with a handshake from Alli, she looked so sad. I wanted to hug her, but my dick was talking to me, so I held off, she was my son’s wife after all!

During the night about 2:00 I woke with a raging thirst, so I got up, and went into the hallway, the noise from their bedroom was deafening. He was snoring like a drain.

‘How can you sleep with that going on Alli?’ I asked myself.

I went into the lounge, to make my way to the kitchen, and the reason she could put up with it was because, she was on the sofa, under a duvet.

I looked at her, and thought you poor girl; it won’t belong before you leave. That’s a bet I would have a go on, and win for certain!

I got a glass of milk, and made my way back; as I passed her she turned over, and said.

‘Hi, can’t you sleep?’

‘I just wanted drink, sorry if I have wakened you Alli?’

‘You didn’t, I heard you come in, have you heard him? ‘Snoring?’

‘Yes, is he always like that?’ I asked.

‘He is these days.’ She said somewhat sadly.

Even lying there mussed up, she looked fabulous, I do know that beautiful women look beautiful, even in total darkness, they can’t help it.

If she hadn’t been my son’s wife, I would have made a move on her right there, no sweat!

‘What’s his problem Alli?’ I said.

‘He can’t handle life, the minute he left home and we moved in together, he changed over night, why, I don’t know?’

‘I think it’s his mothers influence.’

She moved to one side and patted the sofa.

‘Come on dad, sit down; I need to talk to some one, please?’

Her musical voice hit me right in the chest!

I did, my hand brushed her soft gold hair, and my prick lurched like a cobra striking at a target!

She shuffled upwards, I sat to one side, almost facing her, she propped herself on her pillow..

‘I don’t know what I’m going to do; I hate myself for saying this, especially to you, because you’re his dad. But I think I have made a terrible mistake with him?’

‘Well Alli, I don’t know him, but I think you maybe right, he reminds me so much of how his mother was with me, that’s why I left her, I knew it was all wrong.’

Suddenly tears jumped from her huge blue eyes and spilled down her cheeks, I immediately put my arms around her, and shushed to her, saying.

‘It’s okay Alli, don’t cry please?’

I petted her for a while, and then she leaned away from me slightly, looked at me through her sad wondrous eyes, and kissed me on the lips.

It wasn’t a full on kiss, just a peck. But it was so soft, yet demanding, I hadn’t fastened my bath robe, and all I was wearing were pyjama bottoms.

I didn’t dare look down at my lap, I knew though I was getting a hard on.

What I didn’t know was, it had poked its head out and was staring at Alli.

Alli dropped her head onto my shoulder and apologised for the kiss.

I said its okay, and that I understood.

But my prick didn’t, I could feel it getting harder and harder, and I still didn’t know it was looking up, right at Alli. And that with her head on my shoulder, her gaze was turned downwards.

I heard her say something like ‘Ooooh!’ but wasn’t too sure, and wondered what she was saying.

Then I felt it, a hand enclosing kaçak casino around my prick, she squeezed, and I was utterly trapped, this beautiful sexy girl had my prick in her hand, and there was nothing I could do about it.

She began moving her hand up and down, and no resistance from me, I just sighed.

She sped up her ministrations, and soon I knew I was going to cum, what man wouldn’t?

I was going to cum in record time, no question!

As I ejected my load, I managed to grab my robe to catch it all.

Alli lifted her lovely head and we kissed for the first time properly.

It without doubt the best kiss I had ever had in my life.

I could feel the giving of it, it was her loving, thankful, sensuous, kind, wanting, and so passionate, it filled me with desire for her.

That’s when I heard a noise from the hallway.

I jumped up, and seconds later Jon staggered into the room.

‘Hi,’ he mumbled, ‘what’s going on?’

‘Nothing,’ I lied, ‘I wanted a drink, and Alli was here on the sofa, apparently because you are snoring.’

‘Right,’ I said, ‘I’m away back to bed,’ and off I went.

I listened for a while and heard slightly raised but hushed voices, they were having words.

‘I hope he doesn’t hit her?’ I thought.

The next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes at the sun streaming through the window.

It was 9:00 I got up and went into the bathroom and took a shower, among other things.

Then I made my way to the kitchen, I put the kettle on for a drink, and thought about what to do.

I had already decided that Jon and I had nothing in common.

I wouldn’t be pursuing a relationship with him, which was for sure.

But Alli was a different thing, she didn’t deserve this, I thought, but it’s her life, she will have to sort it. Though if there was anything I could do for her, I would do it.

I also thought long about that kiss, and the jack off too, but more about her kiss, it was just so special, I could still feel her soft cool lips on mine.

But she was still my son’s wife, and I shouldn’t have let it happen.

I was sat in silence thinking of her, her kiss, her fingers and hand, her body, she was so sexy, and didn’t even try to be that way, she just was.

I knew I had to leave, and that’s when I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was her, I looked up, she leaned down, and again her lips were on mine, but it was only a peck.

‘Morning dad,’ she said brightly, that put me at ease.

‘Hi Alli, good morning, are you okay? I said a bit sheepishly.

‘I’m fine dad, you?’

‘Yep, I’m good too.’

‘That’s good then, I’m sorry about last night, I shouldn’t have done that, please forgive me?’ she said.

‘Alli, there is no apology needed, in fact, to be honest, I loved it, especially when we kissed.’

‘Did you?’ she asked surprised.

‘Yes I certainly did.’

‘Where’s Jon? Is he still in bed?’ I asked.’

‘Yes, but he won’t be up for a while, and today is Saturday, so at lunch time he will be going to watch City, they are at home today!’

‘What?’ I asked astounded.

‘Dad, he never misses a game, and he won’t be home until midnight, at the earliest!’

‘Why the hell did he say he wanted to meet me then?’ I was getting annoyed over this now.

‘I don’t know why, I asked him to originally, but Jon only does what Jon wants to do!’

‘Okay Alli, go and get ready, we are going out for the day!’ I said.

‘Where to?’ she asked.

‘Into town, we’ll shop, and have lunch; I also want to see if some of my old friends are around too.’

‘Ooooh, sounds like a plan to me?’ she giggled.

We had a quick breakfast, I opened the car door for her, she got in demurely, and off we went.

We had a great day, she hung onto my arm wherever we went, and we laughed and joked, then arrived home late in the afternoon.

She had loads of bags, I had bought whatever she wanted, and a few things she denied she wanted, but I knew she did. I spent a load of cash, but I didn’t care, I was happy to be with her.

And seeing her radiant smile for the first time was worth any expense too.

She vital exuberant, happy, girly, and woman, all woman, I knew that. She might have been about half my age, but she had a real woman’s head on her young beautiful shoulder’s.

When we got home, there was a note from Jon, saying he would see me later.

I threw it in the bin, grabbed Alli and kissed her as hard as I could, she responded the way I hoped she would.

I wanted to fuck her so badly, but as we kissed, my metabolism or something altered, I wanted to make love to her, not just fuck her, she deserved love, and nothing but love.

I stooped, picked her up in my arms and walked into my bedroom.

We undressed each other in a hurried but loving way, fingers and hands finding things to touch, stroke, lips to kiss and suck, necks to bite. Soon I was over her, my rock hard prick in her hand, and she was pointing it at her pussy, one I wanted to taste too.

I pushed forward, and in it went, Alli let go, and grabbed at my shoulders as it went in.

I bottomed out, and then the strangest feeling swept over me, I knew somehow, that this was a woman that I could love, it felt so odd, I stopped still for a moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32