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There was very little time for us when Isolde broke the news of Hitler’s death to us. My grandmother turned to my Tante Margarite and told her we needed to depart with the rest of the witches. This was of the utmost importance!

Oma and my tante rushed inside the hut and fetched their brooms. They were gone only a few seconds before appearing back outside; ready to travel. Both women mounted their brooms after reciting their arcane spells in the strange ancient tongue. The nodule-like female hands on the broom handles coned and squirmed their way up into the cunnies of both women and then Tante Margarite who was standing next to me,

“Alright Stephen, hop on!” I mounted behind her and pushed the head of my cock up inside my aunt’s ass. I had a considerable erection still from the mushroom beer so penetration was not at all a problem. I slewed myself up inside her rectum with a huffing grunt and presently felt the strange female hand inside her cunny close itself around my cock and hold me fast. We were now magically “buckled-in” and ready to travel!

A few seconds later and the entire group of us left the ground and rose into the air. Isolde looked around the group as we ascended and circled the meadow higher and higher in ever widening arcs. She nodded her head approvingly and shouted to my grandmother,

“It is good that your young acolyte grandson is with us tonight Hilde. He brings our number to thirteen… we are now a PROPER COVEN!”

“He’ll do more than add to our number count tonight Isolde, you should see him fuck! In fact, at the gathering of power you should make a point of fucking him! Trust me!”

“That I will!” she replied, her voice betraying thinly veiled excitement and interest.


We flew through the night sky; leaving our alpine meadow behind, over the snow-capped peaks and moving along the spine of the Alps. I hugged my tante close and thrust my cock back and forth up her ass chute in a lewd bit of buggery; the female hand inside her holding me fast through the walls of her cunt. I chewed at Tante Margarite’s shoulders and neck; pawing my hands upon her breasts from behind and rubbing the hooded nub of her clitty with my fingertips. My aunt’s response was to cackle loudly and urge me on with lewd encouragements over her shoulder as we dashed across the dark void of empty air; the wind whipping in our ears as we followed the black shapes of naked women on broomsticks ahead of us.

In the distance away from the mountains we flew over I saw more signs the end was near for the war. I saw great glows on the horizon, red and orange illuminations glowing against the clouds, (it could only mean one thing, burning towns and cities beneath them). Above the population centers, great columns of smoke and ash rose into the darkness.

Looking down on the roads and passes I saw something else; in the moonlight I could see the roads were choked with vehicles… too numerous for our Army which had long since run out of fuel and supplies. It could only mean the Americans were on the road and everywhere! I also saw no trace of the German army; no vehicles, no flashes of gunfire, and no tracer bullets. It was as if our Army had completely melted away like the snows of winter on warm ground.

It was all very odd and surreal to look down upon as we whipped through the night to our destination. It was unsettling too in a way. I occupied my mind with other things and pulled myself up into my Tante Margarite; giving her a nice cuddling fuck in her ass as we sailed along through the sky. The effects of the mushroom brew had given me a cock of iron and it needed satisfying again. My aunt was only too happy to oblige, cackling wildly as I plowed her rear in the chill night air.

Eventually we saw our destination, the Lattengebirge mountains, in the distance. We started to descend and then began circling to land, I had already spent a steaming hot load twice inside my Tante’s entrails, (each time the magical hand in the broom handle holding me fast and safe). Now our attentions however were to the mountains ahead and slightly below. We continued to circle and descend. As we did, I could now make out why the mountain was called the Sleeping Witch; for that is exactly what it looked like!

Actually it was not one mountain but several; a range of steep peaks above pine covered slopes. The stone peaks themselves rose up from the valley floor in odd twisted shapes like jagged teeth. At a very low angle you could clearly see the outline of an old woman lying on her back; her mouth agape with her two tits pointed skyward. The Sleeping Witch was aptly named.

We touched down on a gently sloping meadow lined with trees about halfway up the mountain. Both myself and my aunt pulled ourselves from the broom’s grasp and we joined the others. Isolde told us to hurry and then motioned for us to move quickly to an opening in the trees where a dark path ran up through the forest. For the next hour we climbed the path through the woods, traveling casino oyna up up up.

The path finally widened and then leveled out into a wide clearing. We were surrounded by fir trees on three sides but directly before us was a solid cliff face; a shear rock wall rising straight up for several hundred meters before it sloped again and tapered to towering peaks above us. Isolde cast a spell over a small stone in the clearing’s center, bathing everything around us in pale green light. We could now see each other and everything around us. The clearing itself was rather odd in that there were several fallen logs of great size and unusual proportions strewn about as well as several oddly shaped boulders.

“Well,” Isolde announced to us all, “we are at the gate to the mountain.”

“I don’t see a gate,” I commented incredulously.

Isolde chuckled and looked at my Tante and grandmother, both of whom shrugged. Oma commented that I still had a lot to learn. Isolde then explained,

“We need to unlock the gates to these cliffs by lying with the guardians of the mountain.”

I still did not fully comprehend. Isolde chuckled again at my expense. She motioned me to follow her, deciding it was better to show me.

She strode up to one of the elongated boulders that was not unlike an enormous cigar in appearance, tossing her broom down on the ground beside her. She commenced to rub the bare stone with her hands as she chanted with shut eyes in the old tongue. Slowly the stone began to move and morph as it became softer, until presently it appeared as a mass of grey flesh, still flecked with little bits of granite mica but very much moving breathing flesh. After a few moments the cigar formation became a body with arms, legs, and a face; the face of a slumbering man… quite strong and powerful in appearance. Isolde knelt forward and kissed his lips of stone.

The eyes of the stone man opened. He looked up into Isolde’s face, (confused at first). A moment later, he realized who it was and he smiled. He embraced the towering blonde witch with his stony arms gently as he spoke.

“Isolde, it is so good to see you! You are here to enter the mountain?”

“Yes my friend,” Isolde replied, “I am here and I brought others. We all need to enter.”

The stone man looked up from his bed of solid rock and surveyed the group. He turned and surveyed us all and nodded his head. With a gesture of his hand he pointed to the other boulders and logs strewn about the clearing saying,

“Of course, there have been others tonight who have arrived before you. Have your friends lie with us and enter the mountain in good time.”

With that, the stone man pushed aside a blanket of rock that covered his body, revealing a great stone phallus of flecked granite and quartz. Isolde complied and swung her leg over his body. With some force she brought the stony cock to the entrance of her womb and biting her lip, she sank down upon it. She grimaced and let out a gasp before she began to fuck. The stone man began to drive his loins up into her. She motioned to the rest of us to follow suit.

“Lie with us friends and gain entry,” the stone man called to us happily before returning his attentions to Isolde; who now dangled her breasts for the man of stone to crane his neck and gobble as his hips thrust again and again up into her.

“Come Stephan,” Oma said to me with a hand on my shoulder, “I will give you a guardian to lie with.”

Oma led me to a log at one end of the clearing. Again I noticed it was oddly shaped. My grandmother and aunt began to lay hands upon it and chant in the ancient tongue. All around us witches were doing the same with rocks and boulders strewn about the clearing. Presently I looked down at the fallen timber before me; seeing movement and metamorphosis. It was alive!

I glanced about the clearing. The same was going on all around us, the witches in our impromptu coven were chanting over logs and stones while laying-on hands; causing the boulders and fallen trees to take shape, to breath; to become flesh. I turned back to the log before me and saw the face of a young woman, (nude, beautiful, and smiling at me).

“Lie with me and gain entry,” she said sweetly as she raised a hand to stroke my hair.

She pulled me down to her on her softening bed of wood. Shifting her legs apart, she took me between her thighs and raised her knees; wrapping lanky feminine legs around my form. My cock sprang to life; for although I could see grains of wood in her skin, I could also feel the unmistakable texture of soft warm welcoming female flesh.

“You two get acquainted,” Oma said with a happy wink, “myself and your Tante Margarite need to busy ourselves elsewhere.”

With that, my grandmother and aunt turned and stepped across the clearing to a place where a fallen tree and another toppled boulder lay unoccupied. They began reviving the guardians inside, preparing to lie with them and gain entry to the mountain. I turned back to the canlı casino girl in my arms.

“Kiss me,” she whispered in my ear, her voice like sweet honey.

I did. My lips touched delicate female lips; soft as silk. Her hands found my cock and guided it to her lovely sex, resting at the entrance. With a grunting shove from me and a happy sigh from her, I plunged inside; sliding all the way in up to my balls.

She let out a gasp and kissed my ear; swirling her tongue around inside. We began to rut and fuck. The other pairs around the clearing did the same as well. The air was heavy with the scent of sex and the electrical flow of magic.

A chorus of moans and gasps rose from the clearing as more bodies thrashed together. Everywhere was the rich sound of flesh striking flesh. The trees around us began to sway as a breeze began to push them too and fro as the wind whistled and whirred above us in the tree-tops. Our combined fornications were beginning to do their work upon the elements.

Beneath me, the tree maiden her hips against me and I followed suit with deep thrusts, aiming for her very core. I was hot as a fire poker; my cock throbbing and raging inside her as I thrust over and over against her womb. She responded by playfully nipping my lips before offering up her breasts for me to suckle (which I did with hungry zeal), first one; then the other, until her nipples rose like cherries atop her bountiful bosoms.

Now we rolled over on her bed of soft wood, my cock and balls continuing to fuck and slam deep inside her as she gasped in my ear and ran fingers threw my hair. My hands traveled down her back spread her perfect rump cheeks. Pulling her ass far apart while slamming my loins deep into her quim, my fingers found the naughty round crater of her dung-hole and began to tease and circle it. She let out a squeal of delight and then sighed,

“Push them into me!”

I did as she requested, shoving my fingers first one, then another, then another; deep into her rude opening as my loins fucked and plowed her roughly at the other end. She kissed my neck and bit my chin in little puppy nips; blubbering and whining with joy from my thrusts and grinding her own hips hard against me in reply. All around us, the moans and calls grew in volume and intensity until the clearing was full of passionate wailing. The wind itself began to blow harder through the trees, creating a haunting choral effect of its own. I felt a raindrop hit me in the face, then another, then another, as the sky above me began to boil.

As we fucked one-another with reckless abandon, again a rain drop struck my forehead, then another… and then still another. The sky grew darker and the clouds appeared to dip lower. Over the next several minutes I could feel a rising in my balls and here and there in our group of fornicators I heard the unmistakable sounds of people also close to their “spending.” The rain now began to fall in a cool irregular splatter which we all simply ignored. We fucked on; letting the sky do its thing.

She and I thrashed and chewed hungrily at each-others lips; oblivious to the gathering storm. The sprinkle became a downpour. All around us bodies bucked, humped, and flailed against one another in the now pouring torrent. I was nearing my crescendo; as was the maiden atop me.

Her rump smashed up and down upon me; making meaty wet smacks as the water poured from the sky and our fingers ran through each other’s drenched locks of hair. It was at just the correct pounding wet pace I required. I was now “there,” and I was well aware of it.

I let out a choked snarl through my nose as the girl tossed her head up and back as if attempting to view the bolts of lightning, (now arcing across the night sky). She let loose her scream of joy. My balls exploded and my cry rose with hers; merging into a shared call of release and grateful sobs, (all while salty globs of my seed spewed and sprayed her insides). She imitated the manner of the rainstorm that lashed us; shuddering and drenching me with a torrent of her own making. We fucked and fucked as more shouts and calls rang out around us while the heavens crashed, stormed, and drenched.

A bolt of lightning flew from the sky; seeming to crack the entire mountain from top to bottom and bring it all down upon us. The soaked earth beneath us rattled and shook as more and more in our party screamed and cried with joy; sending more electric bolts flying and arcing through the heavens. Electric missiles now rained down from the heavens to strike the rocky face of the mountain beside us; resulting in thunderous crash that dropped rocks and stones from the great heights above, (only to narrowly miss us all below).

I then heard an immense roaring sound, as if the very mass of the mountain next to us was shifting; a half roar half crunch of millions of tons of rock upon rock moving against itself. I glanced to the wall of rock and I saw. Like a great gaping wound… the sheer cliff face had split and now kaçak casino a cleft was slowly grinding open between two halves; like an eager cunt that had opened wide from too much lust and wine. The gate to the mountain was open.

I looked around, seeing bodies clutched together, (each form panting breathlessly). Nearby, Isolde surveyed the open gate and nodded. The way was clear… we could enter the mountain.

I saw Isolde and the man of stone exchange pleasant hushed words and the two shared one final smiling kiss before she climbed down from atop him. The stone man morphed back into a shapeless solidifying rocky blob; until finally only the same large boulder we had originally seen remained. Around me others were saying sweet-nothings to their guardians before climbing down. I took this as my “cue.”

“Remember me,” said the tree maiden as she rolled off from me and pulled her bedclothes of wood and bark around her. We shared one more kiss.

“Come back to see me again?” she asked.

“I will,” I answered.

A few seconds later and she was transformed to solid wood and bark; a lifeless log resting on the floor of the clearing. I looked and saw my grandmother and aunt hurry past me. They turned and beckoned for me to follow quickly. We all made an effort to catch up to Isolde who had was already well in the passageway. We entered the Mountain of the Sleeping Witch.

We padded for several minutes through a long tunnel, lit by an odd incandescent glow that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. Shortly we reached the end of the passage and exited; emerging into a wide bowl-like valley that was open to the sky (and several hundred meters up the mountain from where we’d started). Dozens of large bonfires illuminated the bowl, casting odd shadows against the high walls of the mountain to every side.

Shouts of welcome rang out to us from every corner of the rocky valley. Isolde raised both her arms and shouted back salutations to the witches and warlocks who greeted us. The air was alive with music and laughter. Everywhere I looked, it seemed I saw writhing naked bodies on animal skins, back-lit by bonfires. It became plain to me; we’d arrived at an orgy of witches.

Bodies humped and thrashed everywhere against one another in a festival of frantic fucking. Here and there someone would rise from the writhing snakelike pile of limbs and humping backsides. The person would stagger to an enormous cauldron to scoop out a cupful containing some sort of steaming brew, before gulping it down and returning to the fuckery, (apparently with a libido restored). I was stunned and amazed at what I saw.

My trance was broken however by the drone of several aircraft, flying high above us, (way above the boiling black soup of clouds). I realized that if there was a break in the clouds, anyone flying above might certainly be able to look down and most definitely see the bonfires. My grandmother saw my concern and she patted my shoulder saying,

“It’s alright Stephan. No one will see from above. This valley has a permanent spell above it… no airplane, mountain-climber, or hiker can look down into it and see anything but rocks and lichen… night or day. It’s been this way since the times of the Inquisition. Nothing is going to be seen and nothing will come out but a few unseen wisps of smoke from our fires and a bit of magic.”

“Magic? So the gathering in this place is…”

“The gathering,” she interrupted, “is to focus and concentrate all our power and energy and this bowl is like an enormous loudspeaker, casting that energy out far across the land.”

She turned her head upwards. A smile stretched across her face. Pointing at the sky for emphasis she explained with a hushed tone,

“Look it is already beginning to occur, the first ripples on a pond that will grow into a great wave of power!”

I turned my gaze up to observe the boiling clouds above me; just as I’d seen down below with the guardians earlier, only now the sky was different; not quite clouds but more like water. It was as if the very weather and nature was transforming itself. Matter and energy were being agitated from their normal states into something completely different. Flashes of lightning here and there jumped from tarry black cloud to tarry black cloud, (only the electrical patterns looked less like lightning bolts and more like sparks of static moving across a bed-sheet on a cold dark night).

“We,” she continued, “will all need to fuck this THING into existence, this recovery, this healing, this reconciliation of the land. Mother earth is sick and we will be the physicians.”

I didn’t quite understand but knew it all had something obviously to do with the healing magic of sex. Oma grabbed my hand as if to say, “You’ll see,” and led me off with Tante Margarite. We found Isolde near one of the large bonfires. Next to her stood two young blonde women; one tall and buxom, the other short and petite like a pixie. Isolde made introductions.

“Ahh Hilde, Margarite, and Stephan,” she said with a sweep of her arm to us, “this tall enchantress with the round ripe bosoms is Katinka and the diminutive little flower blossom next to her is Brittany.”

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