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Debbie put on a pair of light blue slacks and a shirt while Malcolm got dressed ready to go into town after he had eaten breakfast. Debbie’s parents were already in the kitchen. Sandra was wearing a printed floral dress and a thin summer shirt while Barry sat at the table wearing a shirt and shorts.

“Morning! Did you sleep well?” Debbie kissed her mother on the cheek.

“That bed in your spare bedroom is very comfortable, I slept very well.” Sandra replied.

Barry kissed his daughter. “I went to sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.” He looked out of the window. “It’s a beautiful day out there. Not a cloud in the sky.”

Malcolm opened the door to the garden before sitting next to his father in law. “I’ll show you my new game after breakfast.”

“I thought you were in hurry to go into town.” Debbie asked Malcolm.

“There’s no rush. I’ll go in later.”

As soon as Malcolm and Barry had finished eating breakfast they went into the living room.

“Are you looking forward to visiting the Bio Dome?” Debbie asked her mother when they were alone.

“Yes I am. Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“I’m not interested enough to want to travel to the other end of the country just to see a garden. I’m only pleased you’re happy to go with Malcolm, he’s been wanting to go for ages. I’m sure you’ll have a great time together and, you’ll enjoy it a lot more without me and dad being there.”

Sandra knew that Debbie was right. From experience she knew that they would ruin the visit for her. Picking up the dirty breakfast dishes she carried them to the sink.

“Leave the dishes, your on holiday. I’ll wash up and clear the table. Go and sit in the garden. I’ll join you when I’ve finished.”

Sandra did not need persuading. Picking up her book she went into the garden and sat at the table under the sun umbrella. Debbie followed her when she had finished washing the dishes and, feeling the hot morning sun she asked. “Do you mind if I sunbathe?”

Sandra was puzzled by her daughter’s question. “Why should I mind?”

“Because I don’t wear anything when I sunbathe and I thought you might not like it.”

“You as well! Amy told me the other day that she sunbathes nude when she’s at home on her own. Now I discover you’re a nudists too. When did you start doing it?”

“Years ago, the first time we went to Cancun.”

“Does Malcolm sunbathe naked as well?” Sandra was hoping that the answer would be yes, and it was. “It’s your house and garden, you do what you want.”

After undressing in her bedroom Debbie walked through the living room. Both her father and husband were engrossed in their game and neither of them looked up to see that she was naked.

Hearing Debbie come out of the house Sandra looked up from her book and watched her walk across the patio and step onto the grass. She had always wished that she was tall with long slender legs like her daughter. “Why did you keep your nude sunbathing a secret?”

Standing with her back to her mother Debbie bent forward and, unfurled her towel on a sun lounger. “It wasn’t meant to be a secret. I just never got round to telling you. Amy’s known for years and, knowing what she’s like I’m surprised she didn’t tell you.”

“She never said a word about it. But she did tell me that you both sunbathed topless when you used to go away together, before you got married. Was that meant to be a secret?” Sandra looked at her daughter’s backside wishing that her’s was still as firm.

While straightening out her towel Debbie moved her legs apart giving her mother a view of her pussy lips. “Yes, we deliberately didn’t tell you that we sunbathed topless. We thought you wouldn’t approve and you’d tell us off.” Straightening up Debbie faced her mother and, rubbed sun cream over her body.

“Do you need help putting that on?”

“No, I can reach everywhere, thanks for the offer.”

“I wouldn’t have told you off for sunbathing topless. Amy was eighteen and you were twenty. You were adults. And anyway I used to sunbathe topless when I was that age.”

Debbie stopped massaging sun cream over her breasts when she heard her mother admit that she had sunbathed topless. She had never imagined her doing anything like it. “Does dad know that you used to expose your breasts to strange men in public places before you met him?”

“Of course he knows. Anyway, the men weren’t strange. … Well some of them were a bit odd, and they were probably doing things that I would arrest them for today. You know … they were … playing with themselves in the sand dunes.” Laughing she added. “I was young and innocent back then and, didn’t know anything about what they did in sand dunes until I met your father.”

“What have you and dad been up to in sand dunes?”

“Your father and I may have had fun in sand dunes, I’m not saying any more I’ve said too much already.” Without realising what she was doing she turned over a page of her book. “Amy told me that she sunbathed nude the last time she was here.”

“Yes, casino oyna we all did.”

“Malcolm as well?” Sandra was more interested in learning that her son in law had been naked than either of her daughters. “I hope you used plenty of sun cream. You should always protect yourselves.”

“We were all very careful. Especially Malcolm and Amy.” Debbie smiled to herself remembering the other sort of protection her husband and sister had used together.

“What’s funny?”

“You’re worried that we protected ourselves.”

Seeing the smile on Debbie’s face and hearing something in her voice caused Sandra to have sexy thoughts about Malcolm. A picture flashed through her mind of him sunbathing with an erection. She shivered with sexual excitement.

“I don’t want any of you taking unnecessary chances. And that includes Malcolm. He’s my favourite son in law.”

“He’s your only son in law.” Debbie saw her mother’s face go red and, noticed that she clasped her thighs together. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Why don’t you sunbathe with me?”

“Not now later. I want to finish reading this first.”

Debbie closed her eyes and went to sleep. She woke late morning and, with her eyelids open a fraction she saw the empty chair where her mother had been sitting. On another sun lounger she saw her father and, through almost closed eyelids she watched him stare at her.

Barry had always thought that Debbie looked a lot like his sister, and now that he was studying her naked body he was certain of it. Looking at Debbie’s beautiful body brought back many happy memories of the wonderful times that he and Catherine had spent together.

Shielding her eyes from the sun’s glare Debbie sat up and, placing her feet on either side of the sun lounger she exposed her bare pubic mound in all its glory to her father.

“Where’s mum?”

“She went shopping with Malcolm.”

Debbie saw that her father was staring at her pussy. Many people had stared at it over the years and she did not mind that her father was staring at it now. “Why are you wearing shorts?” She asked.

“I always wear shorts when I’m sitting in the garden at home.”

“You’re not at home now. You don’t need to wear them here. Take them off.” There was excitement in her voice because she wanted to see what was causing the bulge in them.

Pulling down his shorts Barry enjoyed letting Debbie see his engorged penis. Years before he had got the same pleasure from undressing in front of his sister and letting her see it.

“You need to put sun cream on otherwise you’ll burn.” Debbie pointed to the paler skin he had just uncovered.

“I don’t have any sun cream, your mum and I finished ours yesterday. That’s why she’s gone shopping.”

“She should have told me. She needn’t have gone shopping, I’ve got plenty here.” Debbie stood up, and Barry looked admiringly at the sway of her firm backside as she walked towards the house. She returned with two bottles and, handed one to her father. “You use one and, I’ll use the other. We’ll do it together and, you’ll be covered in no time.”

Without waiting for an answer Debbie crouched down in front of her father and rubbed sun cream onto his ankles and feet. She moved her hands quickly up his legs and onto his thighs. Barry was enjoying her gentle touch and, noticed that the higher she got the slower and, more deliberate her hand movements became.

With her head directly in front of his penis she watched it grow. “Dad it’s alive!” She exclaimed and brushed her hand against it making it grow even more.

Barry knew that he should tell her to stop, but he was excited at what she was doing.

She smiled up at him. “I’m almost done.” With deliberately slow hand movements she rubbed sun cream onto the inside of his thighs. Then without warning she put a cream covered hand around his penis and cupped his balls with her other hand. She felt his penis become firmer as she massaged sun cream onto it. “You certainly don’t want to get this burnt, do you?”

Barry knew that he should tell her to stop, but he was enjoying it and, it took all of his concentration to make sure that he did not cum. Finally he asked. “What are you doing?”

“What does it feel like?”

“I’m your father. You shouldn’t be touching me there.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

Barry did not answer, but stood very still enjoying the feel of her hand massaging his penis.

“Now it’s your turn to put sun cream on me.” Debbie let go of his penis and stood in front of him waiting for him to start.

Barry’s mind was in turmoil, but the thought of putting his hands onto his daughter’s beautiful body excited him. He breathed slowly and deeply until common sense kicked in and, told him not to touch her. But he could not resist her beautiful body and, pouring sun cream onto his hands he bent down in front of her and, rubbed sun cream onto her ankles.

Directly in front of his face was her shaved pussy. It’s puffy mound already glistening with its own juices. canlı casino It smelt intoxicating. He moved his hands up the inside of her legs and, she moved them apart giving him the opportunity to continue all the way up to her pussy. But he stopped before reaching it.

“You missed a bit.” Debbie spread her legs and, knowing that her father’s face was directly in front of her pussy she made a show of rubbing sun cream onto it. “That’s better. Now you can do my back.”

Barry’s penis was rock hard and he was concentrating on making sure he did not cum. Standing behind her he placed his cream covered hand onto her hip and brought it up over her waist stopping when he came level with her breast. He decided to touch it. After all, she had held his penis. With his heart thumping he eased his fingers forward until he touched the side of her breast. He rubbed his fingers over it then moved his hand forward and cupped her breast. Her nipple was already hard and, he pinched with it before quickly moving his hand up into her armpit.

“Don’t do that!” Debbie said sharply.

Barry was confused, she had held his penis, she had put on a show of rubbing cream onto her pussy. Now, she was complaining about him touching her breast and nipple. Pretending not to understand he asked. “Stop what?”

“Don’t touch my armpit. It tickles.” She smiled at him.

Barry was relieved. “I thought you were objecting to me touching your breast.”

“Hell no, I liked that. You can do that again.”

She lifted her other arm out of his way and, he put his hand onto that hip and gently massaged cream onto it. Bringing his hand up over her waist he continued up the side of her perfect body, stopping when his hand came level with her breast. Sliding his hand forward he cupped her breast and fingered her already erect nipple. He did it for longer than before and, with more pressure.

Debbie turned to face him. Their eyes met. “Thank you! I enjoyed that,” Leaning forward she kissed him on the lips, a wet kiss that ended before he realised it had begun. She stepped back and, he stared at her with puppy dog eyes as she poured sun cream over her breasts and massaged it into them.

She turned away from him. “Now you can finish rubbing sun cream onto my back!”

With his erect penis almost touching her backside he poured cream onto her shoulders and, rubbed it all the way down to her buttocks.

Debbie closed her eyes. She was enjoying the moment. “Is my bum as nice as Amy’s?” Her voice told him that she was aroused.

“What do you mean?”

“You walked into the bathroom while she was naked. She said that you saw her pussy though her legs as she was bending over.”

“Why the hell did she tell you that?”

“We’re sisters, we tell each other these things.” Looking over her shoulder she saw her father smile.

“You’re very different. Her backside and pussy are like your mum’s and, your’s remind me of your aunt Catherine.”

“When did you see aunt Catherine’s backside and pussy?”

“We used to go skinny dipping together.” Barry answered without thinking and, realising what he had said he stopped rubbing cream onto his daughter’s backside and took his hands away.

“Don’t stop. I was enjoying that.” Debbie pushed her backside firmly against her father’s hands.

Recovering his composure Barry fondled his daughter’s buttocks making no attempt to rub sun cream onto them. Then he brought his hands up her body and cupped her breasts. They were soft to his touch and, he pinched her already hard nipples. She turned to face him and, placing her hands on his hips slowly moved them onto his stiff penis.

“This is wrong.” Barry said.

“You’d better tell your penis because it doesn’t seem to think so.” Debbie moved one hand along the length of her father’s hard rod while cupping his ball sack in her other hand.

Taking his cue from his daughter Barry eased his hands between the top of her thighs. She moved her feet apart giving him easier access to her pussy. She was very moist there and, his fingers slid easily between her lips into her vagina. He slid his thumb up, and finding her clitoris he rubbed it.

“Did you do this with aunt Catherine?”

“Yes!” He felt his daughter’s vagina muscles squeeze tight on his fingers and her body shudder as a moment of ecstasy ripped through it.

Barry had brought his sister to orgasm many times in exactly the same way and, as his daughter orgasmed she squirted onto his hand, just like Catherine had done all those years before. With Debbie massaging his penis Barry could not hold himself back any longer and his cum shot out landing in great big globs on her stomach before sliding down towards her pubic mound.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

Hundreds of miles away Debbie’s brother and sister were waking up in bed together after an exhausting night of sex.

Amy woke first, and sliding across the bed towards her brother she lifted the top sheet and watched his bare chest rise and fall with every slow breath kaçak casino he took. Easing her hand down his body she touched his chest, then slid her hand down to his clean shaven pubic mound. She lifted his penis and held it gently in her hand.

Tom woke. “What are you doing?”

“Good morning lover!” Amy slid her hand up and down the length of his penis until it became hard. “I thought you might like to be woken up this way.”

Tom cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently and, leaning over he kissed her moist lips. Amy opened her mouth and ran her tongue around her brother’s lips. He parted his lips and, their tongues met and eased their way into each other’s mouths.

Tom pushed his sister onto her back. She moved her thighs apart and, feeling the tip of his penis press against her labia she hooked her legs around his body and levered her legs against his back pulling him toward her. His penis slid easily into her. She felt her lower lips get pushed apart as his cock entered her and, he felt her hot vagina tighten around it.

“My cunt’s sore from all the fucking we did last night, what’s your cock like?”

Hearing his sister use the words cunt and cock excited Tom. They fucked through the pain. Their naked bodies pressing against each other until Tom’s penis slipped out of her. Tom collapsed on his sister with his still erect penis pressing against her pussy.

“Let’s have breakfast. We can fuck later.” Amy said.

They went into the kitchen and, while Tom made scrambled eggs Amy went into the garden. She heard Ian and Catherine in their garden next door and, she walked over to the fence and shouted good morning to them. Ian and Catherine called back and, climbed onto their garden table. Looking over the fence they saw Amy looking up at them.

“What a beautiful, sexy sight you are. Would you like to join us for a barbecue?” Ian said.

“I’ve only just got out of bed and, Tom’s making scrambled eggs for our breakfast.”

“Tom’s welcome too. It’ll take a while for us to set everything up. Come over when you’ve finished your breakfast. As you’re naked I guess Tom’s not bothered about nudity, so that means Catherine and I won’t have to get dressed.”

Tom walked into the garden while Amy was talking to Ian and Catherine, but he didn’t hear what she was saying to them. As Tom got closer Catherine looked admiringly at him and said in a sexy voice. “Good morning Tom!”

Tom handed Amy her scrambled eggs and, they both ate while talking with Ian and Catherine over the fence. Tom was happy that Catherine could see him naked and, Catherine was happy to see him.

“Tom, you’re both invited over for a barbecue. Come over at any time. No need to put clothes on, we’re not going to.” Ian said.

Tom and Amy finished their breakfast and showered before going next door. Ian greeted Amy with a kiss on the cheek, then moved out of the way to let Catherine kiss her. Tom was surprised. It wasn’t the usual family kiss, it was a lover’s kiss with their lips wide apart and, their tongues in each others mouths.

Tom did not know what to expect from his aunt when it was his turn ti kiss her. They stepped towards each other and Tom’s penis got trapped against her stomach. They kept their eyes open as they brought their faces together. Catherine pressed her breasts firmly against Tom’s chest and, moving from side to side she scrapped her nipples across his chest and, made Tom’s penis roll back and forward against her stomach.

Sticking out her tongue Catherine ran the tip of it around Tom’s lips. He opened his mouth and let her slide her tongue inside. He gently closed his teeth on it trapping it before he sucked the breath out of her mouth.

“Let’s leave these two alone, they could be a while.” Ian put his arm around Amy and lead her into the garden.

Catherine and Tom kissed for a long time before moving apart and, looking into each others eyes Catherine said. “That was nice. I enjoyed it, did you?”

“Fuck yes.”

They went out to the garden. Tom helped Ian set up the barbecue while Amy helped Catherine prepare the food.

“So what happened yesterday, tell me everything.” Catherine asked Amy when they were alone in the kitchen.

“We visited a nudist club and met someone who works at the hospital. We spent the day with them and, at the club dance last night I went outside and had sex with her husband and, Tom went outside and had sex with her. We ended up in the same place. It was dark and, in the confusion we swapped partners and, Tom and I fucked.”

“Nothing wrong in that.” Catherine said it casually like it was no big deal.

“It’s incest! It’s illegal.” Amy replied.

“In Holland it’s legal. In Russia it’s legal. And in New Jersey they won’t charge you. You’re two consenting adults. Just don’t tell your mum, if she finds out she’ll probably arrest you. The important question is did you enjoy it?”

“Yes I did.”

“How does Tom feel about it?”

“Last night we went to bed together and, had a lot more sex.”

“Well that’s alright, it’s obviously not a problem for him.”

“You’re not shocked?”

“Of course I’m not shocked. You and I had sex on the garden table. That was incest too. Are you going to do it with him again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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