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Camilla Ch. 007

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Back in the apartment that evening, Candice sat on the sofa and thought about Camilla, whom she expected to see come home anytime, but was also wondering–and worrying about–why she hadn’t come home yet. She knew Camilla wasn’t stripping at Luvlee’s that night, so unless she was out with that man she’d been with the night before, she should have already come home by now.

Candice was debating in her mind whether or not to make her sexual feelings known to her roommate: through Camilla’s constant nudity in their apartment (getting dressed only immediately before going out, and stripping naked immediately after coming in), as well as her often allowing Candice to touch her, it seemed obvious that Camilla was encouraging Candice to initiate a sexual encounter. Candice certainly felt an inexplicable pushing of her will, making her feel almost compelled to tell Camilla how she felt. Still, Candice, always afraid of rejection, even if the chances of rejection were small, was resistant to that pushing, nervous about taking the risk.

She thought about gym class with Camilla that afternoon, when they were in the shower area. It was so tantalizing having Camilla’s delectable nakedness standing right beside her and not being able to feast her eyes on it, for fear of the other girls knowing she had lesbian feelings for her best friend. What made the torture worse was how Camilla delayed putting any clothing on for as long as possible, always smiling sweetly as she chatted with Candice. If only Candice had known that Camilla–not having a homophobic bone in her body–would have been perfectly willing to let her friend’s eyes pour all over her naked body, freely looking up and down and appraising Camila’s delicious breasts, her freshly-shaved pubic region, and her bubbly buttocks. Camilla even gave Candice a chance to get another good look at her vulva when, facing Candice, she sat down and spread her legs to remove the ring from her pierced clitoris before they went for their shower. While many of the girls were annoyed with Camilla’s immodesty, two or three of her classmates–other than Candice–also had homosexual feelings for her, and enjoyed the show by getting as many quick sneak peeks as they thought they could get away with. Seemingly psychic Camilla secretly knew of their desire, too, and enjoyed pleasing them.

Finally, at around 9 PM, Camilla unlocked the front door and walked in the apartment. bahis firmaları Not two seconds passed after closing and locking the door, and Camilla predictably started undressing in front of Candice.

“Hi,” Camilla said as she started unbuttoning the blouse of her school uniform.

“Hi,” Candice said. “Why are you only now coming home? It’s so late. I was getting worried. Where’d you go after school?”

“I got another job.” Camilla pulled her blouse off and unbuckled the belt to her plaid miniskirt.

“Did you quit Luvlee’s? I thought you liked it there.”

“I do,” Camilla said as her miniskirt dropped to her feet. “I’m not quitting Luvlee’s. They’re closed today because of repairs. The electrical wiring is all screwed, apparently.” Camilla turned around, bent over so Candice could see the pretty light-green panties that clung to her bottom, and unlaced her shoes.

“What do you need another job for? You already make loads of cash at Luvlee’s.”

“I don’t need the job, I want it.” Camilla took her shoes and socks off. “I’m moonlighting as a masseuse. If the men pay extra, I’ll give them hand-jobs.” She turned around and unclipped her bra.

“Don’t you think your nymphomania is getting a little out of control? Honey, don’t get into prostitution. You’ll get diseases.”

Revealing her breasts with a wiggle, Camilla dropped the bra on the floor. “I’ll only jerk the guys off. Don’t worry.” She pulled off her panties. Completely nude now, she continued. “I’m feelin’ blue.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” Candice got off the couch and walked up to Camilla, who started crying.

“That guy I was with last night, remember? He dumped me. Please hold me, Candice.” Though happy to embrace that beautiful nude body, Candice hated to see Camilla sobbing.

“Men are such pigs,” Candice said as her trembling hands roved around the soft skin of Camilla’s back. “They fuck you, and leave you when they’ve had their fun.”

“Actually, he had a good reason to end it with me.”

“What good reason could he possibly have to leave a beautiful girl like you?”

“He’s a teacher at our school, and if people knew we were…”

“He’s one of our teachers?” Candice let go of Camilla and looked in her eyes with astonishment. “Who?”

“Mr. Grisham.”


“Don’t say that. I like him. I think he’s hot.”

“Really?” Candice sneered in disbelief. “Well, hot kaçak iddaa is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.”

“Don’t tell anyone, OK?”

“I won’t. Look, just forget about him. I’m sweating. I wanna take another shower.”

“So do I. Let’s save water again and shower together, OK?”

“Sure.” Candice found it increasingly difficult to hide her enthusiasm.

They went into the bathroom, and Candice got naked while Camilla got in the stall and turned on the water. When Candice got in, Camilla was completely wet with her back to Candice.

“Could you rub some soap on my back?” Camilla asked.

“Sure,” Candice panted while lathering the soap. Her foamy hands roamed all over Camilla’s permissive back, soaping her shoulders, the back of her neck, the small of her back, her spine, and her sides, down to her hips. She didn’t dare go any lower, but oh, how she wanted to! To Camilla, her back was being sensually massaged; she moaned with pleasure. To Candice, her hands were making love with Camilla’s back; Candice kept her moans as inaudible as she could.

Camilla turned around and said, “OK, your turn.” Candice turned around and let her back receive Camilla’s soapy hands. Camilla’s hands soaped a larger area of Candice’s skin than vice versa, hoping to encourage Candice to do the same the next time they showered together. Camilla’s hands even touched the top of Candice’s anal cleft: Candice let out a light squeal of delight.

They finished their shower, got out of the stall, dried themselves, and went to the bedroom. They were both tired and ready for bed. Though Camilla got under the covers completely nude as always, Candice shyly put on her nightgown before turning off the light and getting in bed (their shared bed was a queen size bed).

Though Camilla knew she’d get over Grisham soon, she was sad because she lacked a lover, so she continued her subtle seduction of her best friend. “Candice? Sweetie? I’m still sad: can I have a hug?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Candice wrapped her arms around Camilla.

With only Candice’s sheerest of nightgowns separating their naked bodies, both girls sighed in amazement at the softness of their flesh. No wonder men like us so much! Camilla thought. Their breasts, pushing against each other, would make the eiderdown of the best pillows seem like tree bark in comparison.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Camilla said, kissing Candice’s kaçak bahis cheek.

“My pleasure.” Candice kissed Camilla’s cheek, but closer to her mouth. That pushing of Candice’s will was now overwhelming; she couldn’t hold back anymore. She pressed her lips against Camilla’s and plunged her tongue inside. Camilla completely allowed her friend to continue what became an almost twenty second kiss: she wanted to open her mind to the enjoyment of lesbian love. She got some pleasure from it, but the absence of a penis was something she needed getting used to. Both girls moaned in alternating waves of ascending and descending pitches.

Finally Candice let go, ready to face Camilla’s reaction.

“Wow, I was wondering when you’d do that,” Camilla said with a smile.

“So it’s OK with you?”

“Of course. You’re my best friend. Why do you think I’m always naked around you? I like pleasing you.”

“Is it OK if I eat your pussy? I really wanna do that.”

“You’re gonna give me head? Alright!” Camilla grinned from ear to ear.

Candice moaned as she went down Camilla’s body: first sucking on each breast for a while, she felt like a child in a candy store, and the treats were all free! Camilla enjoyed the sensitivity of her friend’s lips and tongue, a sensitivity no man had ever given her. Then Candice came to Camilla’s vulva: her lips and tongue embraced that large clitoris, and sucked on, licked, and tickled it in a salacious frenzy. Camilla squealed, sighed, and screamed with ecstasy; no man had ever given her pleasure like that! It was obvious to Camilla why: only a woman could intuitively understand female anatomy well enough to stimulate it in the best way. Candice’s lips, tongue and fingers explored the whole area: the labia, vagina, perineum, and even her anus. This last area surprised Camilla–she thought only men liked that. Still, it was thrilling, and her clitoris was the hardest it had been in a long time. Candice put her index finger about three or four inches in Camilla’s vagina, touching the wall that her vagina and urethra shared, to stimulate her G-spot; she put her pinkie in Camilla’s anus to stimulate the wall both her anus and vagina shared; all the while, her lips and tongue practically devoured the clitoris. Sometimes Candice blew on it and hummed to give Camilla a buzzing sensation. Just when Candice had moved her face down so she could lick Camilla’s anus, Camilla, squealing in the whistle register, finally flooded Candice’s face with her come.

They sat in silence for a few minutes afterwards.

“Candice,” Camilla panted. “You can…eat me out…anytime you want.”

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eski kaynana’mi sahilde azdirdim, arabada dok

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eski kaynana’mi sahilde azdirdim, arabada dok

Merhaba arkadaslar, benim adim kadir ve 27 yasindayim, size anltacagim hikaye daha simdilik fantazimde, cesaret edemedim yapmaya ama en kisa sürede yapmak istiyorum.

Anlattacagim hikaye benim esimin annesiyle yani kaynanamla ilgilidir.

Kaynanam 52 yasinda ve yasina göre iyi tutmus kendini, en cok begendigim yeri ise gögüsleri ( denizde birkeresinde bikinisin kenarindan acilmisti gögsü, uclari esiminkenden bile güzeldi)

Birkeresinde esimle ve ailesiyle denize gitmistik dolasmaya, o zaman demistim ki keske mayo getirseydim denize girerdim, bunun üzerine kaynanam, kilotla gir bise olmaz demisti, dedimki yok cok belli olur oram, kaynanamda bise olmaz dedi, neyse tabii esim ve kayinbabam vardi diye o halde girmedim, ama icimden, acaba benim aleti mi görmek istiyor gecmedi degil…simdiye kadar hersey gercek gelelim bnm planima

Bir gece herkese hadi gezmeye gidelim diye teklif ettim, kayinbabam erken yattigi icin gelmek istemedi, esimde isten yorgun oldugu icin, bende evde kalayim dedi, bende kaynanama hadi ikimiz cikalim o zmn dedim ve kabul etti. Arabada nereye gidecez sordugumda, deniz kenarinda kumsalda bira icmeye ne dersin dedim kabul etti. Biramizi aldik kumsalda oturup iciyorduk, saat gec oldugundan kimseler yoktu. Bir biradan sonra baktim biraz mayismisti, benimde aklima gecen dedigi geldi ve dedimki, denizde ne guzelmis keske mayom olsaydi, kaynanam hemen atladi yine kilotla gir nolcak diye, ayip olmasin emin misin sordugumda tekrar evet dedi. Bende soyundum uzerimdekileri, soyunurken gözü kilotumdaydi, hemen denize attim kendimi, maksadim kilot islanip iyice sikime yapissin. Denizde sikimle oynadim sertlesmesi icin, ve kalkar kalkmaz denizden oyle ciktim, artik kilot hem yapismis vede sikim kalkmisti, denizden oyle cikinca kaynanimin gozu bnm sikimdeydi artik, oyle bakinca dedim kusura bakmayin, kizinizla birhaftadir yapmadik, herseyde hemen uyaniyor ufaklik, oda gülümsedi, sahilde bir müddet ole oturduk, kaynanamin konusurken bile kacamak bakislarini yakaliordum kiloduma. Sonra gec oldu dedik kalktik arabaya gitmeden, dedim son kez denize dalip geleyim, maksat yine islatip herseyi belli etmek, olede yaptim ciktim, arabaya giderken yine kaynamin gozu uzerimdeydi… Arabaya geldigimizde kendi ön koltuga oturdu bile, bende anne islak islak kilodun üstüne kotu giyinmeyim dedim, oda cikar oyle giyin dedi, olur dedim. Kendisi arabanin icinde ben ise arabanin önünde soyunup kotumu giyinmeye calistim, acaba gözünu cevirir mi diye baktigimda, tam tersi apacik izliordu beni, icimden tamamdir bu is dedim. Erkekler bilir, sertlesmis sikle kotu giyinmek imkansizdir, bende kotumu tam yukari cekmeden direksyon basina oturdum, kaynanam niye giyinmedin dediginde, kusura bakmayin ya bu ufaklik inmiyor dedim. Oda tmm o zmn boyle gidelim yolda kesin iner öyle cekersin dedi. Bende olmaz anne dedim, gece polis cevirmesi olursa ikimizde rezil oluruz, haklisin oglum dedi. Dedim benim cep telefonunda porno var, izleyip hemen bosalsam hemen iner diye, oda cagresizce olur, ben arabadan ineyim sen rahatina bak dedi. Bende olurmu zaten herseyi gordunuz bile, kalabilirsiniz hemen hallederim dedim ve tamam dedi. Pornoyu telden acip basladim 31 cekmeye kaynanamin yaninda, ara sira kaynanama bakiordum ne yapiyor diye, oda bi pornoyu bir beni izliyordu. 5dk sonra dedim bu boyle cok uzun sürüyor ben yapinca, siz ellerseniz daha acele biteriz dedim, önce sacmalama dedi, sonra ben ise ellini tuttup, sadece eve hemen gitmek icin, ha gordunuz ha ellediniz dedim, sustu bise demedi, ellini geri cekiyordu ama sonra tekrar ellini tuttup sikime dogru yaklastirdim, ellini sikimde biraz gezdirdikten sonra artik tamaen kendisine biraktim. Yavas yavas heryerimi gezdirdi elleriyle sonra siki tuttup masturbasyon yapmaya basladi, artik cekingenligini birakmis hizli hizli 31 cekiyordu. Geliyorum dedigimde ise birakmadi ve feci sekilde bosaldim, arabanin icinde oturdugumuz icin, bütün spermlerim kaynanamin ellerindeydi. Once kendi ellerini temizledi sonra benim sikimi temizledi ve bise konusmadan evin yolunu tuttuk…

Okudugunuz icin tesekkurler, yorumlara, yada baska nasil azdirilir diye fikirlere acigim

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kocam işe gidince oğlumu yatağa alıyorum

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kocam işe gidince oğlumu yatağa alıyorum
kocam işe gidince oğlumu yatağa alıyorum

ben Aydan sizlere başımdan geçen tamamen gerçek bir olayı aktarıcam.adım ayfer 35yaşındayım evli iki çocuk annesiyim çocukarımın ikiside erkek.Kocamla düzenli bi sex hayatımız vardı 2günde en fazla 3günde bir sex yapardık yine bir gece ben yatmak bahanesiyle yatak odasına girdim kocam ve oğlum can tv izliyorlardı maç mı ne vardı…

aradan 5dakika sonra kocam geldi bana uyudunmu diye sordu bende uyurmuyum hiç seni bekledim dedim.kocam neden diye sordu bende bu gece seni zevkin doruklarına çıkarmak istiyorum dedim.onu çok arzuluyordum hep yattığım biriydi ama hiç bıkmamıştım.

kocam memur 46yasında neyse kocam yatağa girdi bana hadi karıcım syun dedi bende başladım soyunmaya ve 10dakika sonra çırılçıplak kalmıstım kocam da soyundu o da çırılçıplaktı bana hadi aşkım al ağzına dedi peki dedim 69 pozisyonuna geçtik kocam amımı öyle b yalıyodu ki anlatamam bende onun yarrağını boğazıma kadar alıyodum öyle azmıstık ki o benim amımı bende onun taşaklarını ısırıyordum.

neyse kocam beni kucağına aldı üzerine oturdum başladım zıplamaya sonra bu birden içime bosaldı bende bosalmıstım.neyse o gece süperdi.aradan 2 gün sonra eşimin 6aylık bir geçici görevle burdura atandığının haberi geldi çok üzülmüştüm o yokken ben kiminle sex yapıcaktım.neyse kocamın burdurda işe başlama tarihi geldi ve kocam gitti.

aradan 2 hafta sonra yatarken büyük oğlumun yanıma gelip yattğını farketim küçük oğlum okuldaydı onun ise okulu yoktu o gü kocamla gittiğidnen beri her gece telefonda sex yapar birbirimizi boşaltırdık hatta ben ona telefonumdan çıplak fotoğraflarıımı gönderirdim. ensest seks hikayelerineyse oğlum yanıma yattı.

bende hafif bi uyku var neyin uykusuysa öğlenin 2sinde.ondan sonra oğlumun telefonumu oynadığını gördüm.dua ediyordum fotoları görmemesi için ve anne bu fotoğraflar ne böyle dedi bende hangileri dedim bu senin fotoların dedi bende ne diyceğimi şaşırdım bak oğlum biz babanla geceleri böyle telefonda istekelerimizi gideriyoruz dedim o da babamın aletinin fotorafı varmı sende dedi bende yok dedim

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oğlum diyene kadar o çoktan bacaklarımı oksamaya başlamıstı bile hastayım sana anne dedi çırılçılplak soydu beni göğüslerime bir kapandı ısırmaya başladı bende ısırma oğlum diyebildim sadece ve artık sıra sende karıcım dedi ağzıma verdi aldım bi güzel emdim iyice azmıstım amıma sürtmeye başladı sikini ve ben sadece yırtınıyordum altında hadi oğlum sok annene boşal annenin içine dedim içine boşalmam dedi bende o azgınlığın erdiği hazla korunuyorum merak etme bişey olamz dedim der demez zaten içimde sıcacık sıvısını hissetmiştim oğlumun benim oğlum mütişti ve artık kocam gelmesede olur benim burda mütiş bi kocam oldu demeye başlamıstım artık hergece ve küçük oğlum okuldayken sevişiyoruz cayır cayır sikiyo beni aslan oğlum… sex hikayeleri

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Big City Bathhouse

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The music was unbelievably erotic, the pumping disco originally encountered in my youth, which gay sex venues have provided over decades, the lyrics and beat emphasizing the pure pleasure of my hard cock being jacked off by another man. I’d eaten a cannabis bon-bon a couple of hours ago, then enjoyed a couple of cold beers upstairs. Now, a stranger and I were exchanging intimate invitations and caresses, making things begin to blur in the finest bathhouse fashion, so easy to start surrendering to our shared instincts and desires.

This was actually the second bathhouse of my trip to what is often considered the gay capital of the country, though the capital city would dispute that claim. A bathhouse closer to my general tastes than the first, which had been huge and spread out, more in the fashion of a Roman villa, including a pool in a courtyard, along with a tunnel underneath it connecting the buildings. However, the actual sexual action was very disappointing, and the steamroom was truly too hot to stand for more than a couple of minutes.

Part of the unattraction included what might be considered, possibly, as a certain gay vibe. The city I was visiting is one of the primary gay centers of the nation, which had made buying fresh poppers simple. Unused that first night, after spending several essentially fruitless hours exploring. Generally encountering a certain aloofness, along with a lack of people seeming to enjoy themselves. Possibly, due to some sort of hard to define standards of competition or demands, but instead of a simple meeting place for sex between strangers, it was a place to pose.

Only being in the city for a couple nights, I decided to eat a cannabis bon-bon, provided by my wife after a recent trip, before visiting a new bathhouse. Walking there, the effects barely noticeable after arriving, a good 30 minutes after leaving the Tibetan restaurant that provided most of the meals I enjoyed during that trip. Eating grass is different than smoking it, taking considerably longer for the effects to be felt, growing slowly as they do – and wonderfully inexorable, in a far more intense fashion.

This bathhouse was less pretentious, with plenty of proper space available of the sort that men have sex in. Walking around, I noticed there was more than one bar area, and that the bathhouse was actually quite large, involving a complicated maze of passages, that were opened or closed at different times during the night. To some confusion on my part, though without any ill effects, since I spent most the visit getting off with another man.

We encountered each other near the sling, with me in a slightly discreet alcove across from it, a place for spectators to be inspired by what happening in the sling. I had already lounged there, finding it comfortable enough, playing with myself, though no one came by. Returning from the excursion, finding another couple of new areas compared to my first pass, I began to feel the weed washing away my inhibitions. So I returned to the alcove, growing hard soon after spreading out, putting rush and condoms at the front of the black bag which holds such things out of public view.

A man possibly 10 years younger than I walked by, pausing as I eyed him while starting to show off my cock. I’ve been told enough times over the years by other men how attractive my hard cock is that there is no need to hide what someone might enjoy seeing. He took a couple of steps, stopping at the further edge of the space, then unwrapped his towel, cock half hard, watching him sit next to me. It took little time for both of us to begin making the other hornier, hand gliding along a stranger’s thighs, jacking off as fingers began exploring between them, feeling the touch of a man underneath my balls, a man whose hard cock I was stroking lightly.

By this point, the sensations were growing decadent, sinking into the bliss of getting ever more stoned as the pumping music grew increasingly erotic with a horny stranger jacking my cock. This continued for quite a while, though no one joined us. Well, directly, because we kept jacking off, playing with each other’s balls and nipples, as a threesome formed around the swing. Clearly, everyone there was enjoying the ass fucking and sucking and stroking, but the distance and different inclinations were sufficient to keep us from mingling.

Finally, after already almost cumming several times, we slowly separated. I walked unsteadily to the entrance bar, drinking another beer in a bit of a blur, noting that an hour had already passed according to the bar’s clock. It had seemed considerably less, but I just assumed that by this point, the cannabis was making me too stoned to keep track of anything. Or at least it seemed that way, quickly ordering and drinking a second beer, after growing suddenly aware of the fact that I had no vehicle.

Walking around again, just carrying my towel, the variety of ideas involved in creating space for men to have sex in was quite interesting – far beyond private cabins, open spaces, or canlı bahis even slings, both public and potentially private. There were porn areas with a platform for dedicated voyeurs – or exhibitionists. There were also raised glory holes, and a large flat lounging area in front of e porn screen. However, nothing really clicked, even as I uncovered more possibilities to watch or show off – basically, the area was not that full.

However, my wanderings led me back to the booth area, near the sling/platform space. The same area that I had taken pictures in, as the bottom level was empty at the start of my visit. Where it now seemed best to take a few minutes stock. Including stroking myself quite hard, leaving the door to the booth open. Almost unsurprisingly, my earlier partner walked by, stopped, then took off his towel.

And just stood there, in plain view, stroking himself hard, focusing my attention nicely as that fantastic music played in the background. Both of us enjoying a simple male pleasure, watching another man play with his hard cock as you do the same. Many of my first orgasms with another person were this way, an erect cock being so much sexier than the pictures of naked women, even those with spread cunts. My friend and I often just used the shared magazines to get mutually aroused, laying them in the center as we lay stretched out in the same direction. Providing a sort of cover, as we turned and opened our jeans after getting hard, freeing us to indulge in what we actually wanted, which was to see each other orgasming, pumping hot cum from tight balls.

The stroking now got so good I almost came, prompting him to enter the booth. Surprisingly, no one had passed by the entire time we were jacking, so leaving the door open was not precisely a daring invitation. I rose from the platform, repeating the same luxurious light and slow touching over his thighs, teasingly touching his balls, rising slowly, finally making him quiver as my fingers returned to the velvet softness covering a gloriously rigid shaft.

We seduced each other onto the platform. taking what we’d already learned about each other’s delightful responses and building on it, starting to move beyond the boundaries of that initial shared jack off session. Undoubtedly, most men have at least jacked off with another man, but the baths offer plentiful opportunities to go far beyond that. Which we preceded to do, kissing and caressing and rubbing our hard cocks together, hand running over ass flesh before slowly starting to touch an inviting hole, something we both enjoyed while kissing liquidly.

The music remained perfect in some indefinable manner that reached straight to my willing cock, knowing that is his how it must have felt in the late 70s, having hot sex with a stranger. I reached for the poppers, which he seemed uninterested in, and took a deep hit, the first of the night. I closed the bottle firmly, already moaning as he sucked my nipple perfectly, my cock starting to swell ever larger against him, my finger circling his inviting ass. His mouth left my nipple, his face nearing mine as I breathed out, unsure whether he breathed any of the hit in. Poppers can definitely be shared that way, as several of my ex-girlfriends know. When he began to match my cock’s slutty animalistic motions, it felt as if he too was getting off from the rush.

Part of that being how purely primitive poppers make sex, beyond inhibition as the pleasure mounts your mind with a gigantic sexual flood. Talking really dirty as we began finger fucking each other in perfect rhythm. I moaned fragments of words and thoughts, unable to stop until we began kissing again, delicacy replacing the receding wave of rush, extending the kissing to include necks and ears, tongues touching as we enjoyed ourselves. Sinking into the undeniable pleasure of how good another man can kiss, particularly when cock to cock.

Drifting in a haze of pure sex, his mouth slowly receding from my head, beginning a temptingly slow journey down to my waiting cock. It took little prompting to have me lay on my back, cock jutting. He bent his mouth closer, my finger probing his yielding ass, going down and taking me into an utterly male paradise, starting to be sucked off so good by a stranger. This quite possibly was the most stoned I’d ever been having sex with a man, and his cock sucking was fantastic.

The only other time I’d felt like this was in another city, having just smoked a joint (mixed with hash) before walking maybe a hundred meters back to the bathhouse. That time, I’d gone into the darkroom, laying to the side, watching the sex occurring in front of me when another man appeared, whom I first truly noticed only as his mouth went around my cockhead. This was back in the time when I still attempted to consistently use condoms, but then, it felt far too good to interrupt. Once he had started, there seemed little reason to stop the sensations of a stranger’s mouth on my exposed naked cock.

When a second man joined in, his appearance only being first realized bahis siteleri as I breathed out a hit of poppers from a new bottle, feeling a change of sensation at the top of my cock, loving the fact that another cock sucker had started going down on me. The gay orgy going on in front of me in the dimness added to the delight, though the entire time, we never joined in, as both men provided a truly fantastic introduction to naked stoned oral pleasuring, seemingly interested in nothing but going down on me, as both remained out of the reach of searching hands.

This time, as his mouth went up and down deliciously slowly, soft and wet, it was delightful to become lost in the wet and warm sensations, a stoned slut. So lost that the first slap against my balls just made me grunt. Then spread my legs wider as he continued to do something I’d never really experienced, but which had me entranced from first exposure. He was slapping my balls, taking his mouth off my shaft as he asked me if I liked it. As if the moaning wasn’t obvious, or how quickly I started playing with my slippery length, trying to match the strokes to his rhythm, starting in some fashion to feel like a willing slave.

Only occasionally did I need to tell him when it was too much, as he generally strayed in the direction of making me beg for him to do me harder. Making the entire experience more depraved from my unbelievably turned-on perspective, having a man servicing my willing balls by smacking them around. Lost in the undeniable sensations of submitting, yet aware that my submission is what he wanted, even as my own satisfaction grew, simply surrendering to what I wanted.

Disjointed words occasionally arose, but conversation was beyond me. He had asked, several times till now, if I liked what was going on, though it was unnecessary. Nonetheless, trying to provide an explanation, because by this point, I was feeling incredibly slutty, starting to understand the appeal of S&M, of which a bi-friend is a devotee. Yet till now, I had never really understood the appeal. Now though, I had begged to be slapped harder while jacking off, trying to tell him this was my first time, and how wonderful it felt to have a man handle me this way.

As time stretched on, he shifted, moving my hand off my cock to place it on his. Then he started again, causing me to delight in kinky masochism, stroking the hard length of a turned on sadist, spreading my legs wider to feel his lovely power. He reached down to my feet, indicating that I should raise myself, legs up. It took a bit, but soon my ass was completely exposed. At which point, one hand supporting my legs, the other began to explore my ass delightfully, a light touch brushing over sensitive hair, around my ass and under my balls. I spread and lowered my legs, leaving his hand free to start stroking my hard cock, making me moan loudly.

This was paradise, just on the edge of cumming through another person’s touching, and I knew that it could become even more intense. Thoughts of spanking had already filled my mind, adding to my horniness. The problem was being able to beg while lost in such bliss. “Please … yeah … god … hot” and such provided no context to my desire.

Hearing him ask if I wanted to be spanked caused an unbelievable thrill, especially as answering “fuck .. oh fuck .. fuck yes .. oh fuck” was within my abilities. He was still holding my cock as the first strikes came, each one making my cock twitch. I’d found his hard length again, stroking him as he started to slap my ass. I realized that anyone around could hear me being spanked, with my moaning adding proof of how much I was loving being another sort of bottom. Even when it is two men having sex, the distinction between a S&M bottom and a gay bottom exists, though with a lot of overlap in practice.

Luxuriating in being utterly submissive, fully understanding what my bi-friend had explained about a good top. After all, it is the submissive that gets the most pleasure for surrendering, and a good submissive slut always knows how to tempt a horny top to give their best effort. As the session continued, it was easy to understand what she meant. He let me play with my cock at some point, the spanking remaining an unbelievable enhancement to my ongoing ecstasy, so different than cumming but just as intense. Of course, orgasm beckoned continually, but years of enjoying the baths have led to a certain self-restraint.

With its own limits, too. After a point, a certain soreness combined with a fading ability to cum, occurs, after at least a half hour of almost cumming. Further, though he had never been excessively physical, doing any motion consistently for an extended period of time has its limits. He gathered up his towel, leaving me in an unbelievably intoxicated state, completely stoned, and totally wasted from sex. Unable to really do anything at all but just lay naked and sweaty in the booth, satisfied but still thoroughly open for more fun.

Offering insight into one of the more enjoyable unscheduled visits bahis şirketleri I’d ever had with my bi-friend. I’d walked up to her apartment to see the front door already open, bending down, uncovered ass towards me, wearing a clinging white cotton top that barely reached the bottom of her ass. After she put the laundry in the machine, I rapped, and she turned around. Very unsteadily, with a grin, she stepped over to hug me, even though I still held my helmet and was wearing a riding jacket. It didn’t stop her from rubbing her uncovered crotch over my jeans as she lay her face on my shoulder, saying I should come in and get undressed.

We had only been swimming naked together for a couple of months, but seeing her like this was sexy. And unusual – she seemed really stoned in some way. As we went out to the balcony to smoke a joint, she explained that she’d just spent the afternoon getting fucked. As we talked, my curiousity growing along with my cock, her thighs spreading wider, more details became clear. Such as how they’d fucked using a condom – or a couple she added. We started to have an explicit conversation about sex, and more specifically S&M.

She explained she was a complete submissive bottom when it came to S&M (interestingly, as she discovered 5 years ago, when it comes to women, she is a completely dominant top). To the extent of what her fantasies included, definitely involving surrendering to someone. And what she meant by surrender definitely included physical force.

Now, laying in a male only sauna, I understood her better, particularly why had acted that way years ago. Experiencing it once, like this, was an unexpected treat. Wandering around unsteadily, it was apparent that kink was part of this bathhouse. One man in a sling wearing a full face leather hood, the sounds of slapping coming from another booth, more tattoos and piercing, a bit of leather on different men.

Finally, I felt collected enough to order another beer, though at this point, the layout had changed, making it even more difficult to find the ‘real’ bar near the entrance. I even spent time checking that it was truly the layout that had changed, with at least two different gates being closed, and one opened.

While drinking, having ordered a pint, I finally looked at a previously noticed clock to the left of my counter seat. It was a delightful shock to see that more than 3 hours had passed since the last time I’d had a beer here. I had no need to worry about a vehicle, and as expected, the effects from the bon-bon continued to flow through me.

Returning to wandering, I (re)discovered the porn theater that only had a platform in it, with a fairly large screen. The porn was hot, a threesome fully aware of how to pleasure each other, making my cock grow quite hard as I touched it. At this point, in a way that felt fully fated, the only partner of my visit appeared in the entrance area, involving several steep steps to reach the raised platform level. He approached, and it took little time for both of us to start playing with each other. Kissing, caressing, fully aware of what the other enjoyed, we grew more aroused, though this time, from the first, I made the successful effort to be the one in charge, as my skill took control of his body.

Helped along by the porn, a gay threesome sucking and fucking in glorious variety, adding its own attraction to what we were doing. As most men undoubtedly know, mutually jacking off with porn is generally hotter than without. Finding hot porn is pretty much like finding a hot partner – not all people are all things to others, but good porn is easy to recognize, especially when already horny.

In the past, porn had not been part of a game I’d pretty much only seriously played with women. There is an undeniable attraction to keeping your partner so turned-on they cannot resist surrendering while time flows in sexual bliss. S&M seems to involve a physical element, but this game is different. It concentrates on having the other unable to resist what happens. There are certainly variations possible – for example, my wife often needs a bit of convincing to continue to get off multiple times with her magic wand after that the first couple of orgasms.

A distinctly mild game compared to how my first girlfriend and I decided who tied the other up – by having the first one to willingly surrender to the other be the loser. The goal being to turn on the other, providing a natural compensation to how men are stronger, since it is also true they are much more easily tempted by exposed cock contact. A good, if perhaps simplistic, explanation concerning the number of times I lost. Though it also true getting tied up is as much fun as being the one doing the restraining. However, as it turned out, my preference is for less material restraints, depending on skill alone.

Making someone abandon themselves repeatedly, even to the point of missing classes or appointments, is one of my real turn-ons. Yes, this could be considered a dominant trait. Or slut domination, since most sluts cannot resist someone taking advantage of their sluttiness. As discovered over the years, I’m versatile – not excessively attached to any particular style or direction, receiving or giving.

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Bring Me to Life Ch. 02

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When publishing, please update previous posting as Ch 01. Thank you.



First, I want to thank you all for your patience. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, and the last couple months left me little time to work on this. To top it off, I accidentally deleted my mostly edited copy instead of my rough so had to redo all the edits from the original markups (thankfully still had the markups in my email!)

Chapter 2 picks up right at the end of chapter 1, if you haven’t already read the first chapter you will be missing a lot of the character background.

Much like my first chapter, this will be a longer, character focused piece. The writers I admire most on this site are the ones who can tell a well developed story, so that is what I seek to do as well.

Note for clarity: Though not overly specific on location, the story is written as occurring in Canada with respect to observed holidays. Boxing Day, the day after Christmas in Canada, would be comparable to Black Friday in the U.S, and is also typically a business holiday. (While many Canadian stores do offer Black Friday sales now, this is relatively new for us in the last few years with Boxing Day being the more traditional day. Many stores additionally extend their Boxing Day sales through to New Year’s Eve).

As always, special thanks to careythomas for being such a fantastic editor.


Alexis – Friday, December 26th, 2014

I woke up to Max’s nose pressing against my hand, Mikey still had her arm around me resting on my stomach just below my breasts, and I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my lips as I remembered what she had done to me the night before. Seeing my eyes open, Max whined more insistently making sure I understood that he needed to go out.

Gently removing Mikey’s arm from around me so as not to wake her, I slipped quietly out of bed and, with a brief stop in the bathroom to grab the robe I’d seen there, went downstairs with Max to let him out the back door. I watched him tearing across the familiar ground before running to the edge of the yard, near some trees, to relieve himself. The simple morning routine was one of many that had once reminded me of the void Sam had left… but this morning it seemed to emphasize the new beginning I had started with Mikey instead of what I had lost.

Making a mental note to pick up after him later, I let him back in and, after preparing the coffee pot and setting a timer to brew a pot of fresh coffee in thirty minutes, I climbed the stairs back up to the bedroom, slipping Mikey’s bathrobe off my shoulders as I rejoined her on the bed. Max, content with having emptied his bladder and seeing that I wasn’t staying up, had curled up on the floor downstairs to wait for us.

I had been a bit preoccupied the night before and so between the fireworks Mikey had made go off in me and the darkness of the room I had not yet had the opportunity to see Mikey properly, something I had every intention of remedying (and more) before we got out of bed this morning. I found myself holding my breath as I pulled the covers back, careful not to wake her just yet, and released it in an appreciative sigh as her bare chest came into view.

Her breasts were gentle swells, their naturally tan color only fractionally lighter than the skin around them, topped with small brown nipples which, for now, were barely protruding from the slightly lighter areola. I remembered the feel of them rubbing on my bare chest the night before, and knew that when aroused they would harden and stand out proudly. I let my eyes drift down over her smooth stomach, then pulled the sheet further down revealing first her hips and then her gloriously bare sex.

When Mikey had rolled to her back after I slipped out of bed, she had pulled one leg up slightly providing a gap in her thighs that allowed me a tantalizing view of her lips. Trailing my fingers past her stomach and over the smooth skin of her mound, stopping just above her pelvis, I wondered at how smooth her skin felt, observing that she must wax since I couldn’t feel any trace of stubble. As my fingers brushed her stomach her legs spread a bit further in response and a silvery gleam caught my eye from between her lips as I realized she had pierced her clitoral hood. I had never understood how someone could bear to have that done before, but seeing it on Mikey unexpectedly sent a searing heat deep into my loins and I felt myself getting wet with arousal.

Lifting my eyes back up her body, I was startled to find her looking back at me, her eyes smoldering with that same emerald fire that had so captivated me, and seeing that I had noticed her watching me the side of her lip twitched up in her trademark impish smile, “Like what you see, Lexie?”

Not having the words to express everything I was feeling, I just nodded as I lowered my mouth to hers. As our lips touched, I felt her bahis firmaları hand slide up my back to cradle my neck, her fingers lightly stroking my skin, and her tongue slipped across mine, inviting me to join her in a passionate dance. As much as I wanted to give in to her fire, I was on a mission. Last night had been about me, this morning would be about her.

Nipping gently at Mikey’s lip, and earning a low growl from her in response, I kissed each of her eyes, then her forehead, before sliding to flick my tongue across her earlobe and whisper softly in her ear, “It’s my turn today.” The low moan that elicited from Mikey made me shiver in response as I trailed my lips over her jaw and down her neck, nipping lightly at her skin as I did. As my lips crested her breast I could see the bud of her nipple already waking to my touch. I slowly circled her breast, kissing my way around and up first one, then the other, while carefully avoiding her nipples.

As I finished with her second breast and started to move away, I felt Mikey’s fingers tighten in my hair as she growled down at me, “Damnit Lexie, if you keep teasi… Ah!” This last as I finally closed my lips around her right nipple, suckling lovingly as I flicked the tip of my tongue over the sensitive bud, my right hand sliding up from her left thigh to caress her other breast and finished by gently pinching and tugging on the stiffening nub. “Oh yes, oh Lexie, that feels so good!”

When it felt like her right nipple was fully aroused, I moved my mouth to her left and repeated my ministrations there as my left hand replaced my lips on the other. I slid my right hand, now displaced from her breast, up to caress her cheek as I looked up at her. I was still amazed that the intensity of fire in her eyes didn’t scorch me, they looked fit to burn through steel, but when she looked at me all I felt was warmth, love, and need.

Pressing my lips tightly around her now firm nipple, I slowly pulled my head back, her breast being pulled up slightly before her bud slowly began to slip from between my lips, finally releasing with an audible pop before I lowered my head again to kiss her sternum and resumed my southward voyage across her stomach. As I reached her navel, I paused again to dip the tip of my tongue inside and flicked it up against her, drawing a light gasp followed by a heavier, frustrated groan as she realized I had stopped again.

I didn’t linger too long, though I did enjoy the opportunity to kiss and lick all around her taut stomach, before cresting her mound and down along her inner thigh. With a satisfied moan she spread her legs wider, giving me full access to the valley between her thighs, and I inhaled the scent of her arousal deeply. On the surface were notes of lavender from her preferred soap, but beneath that was her… just her, and that was what I focused on. I briefly considered teasing her further as she had done to me the night before, but realized I was far too eager to taste her to tease her any longer.

I slid my hands up the inside of Mikey’s thighs, gently caressing her skin, until the tips of my fingers just barely touched her labia, then leaning forward I exhaled softly against her lips making her hips jump in response. Finally, the moment I had been looking forward to since she took me the night before arrived; I extended my tongue and touched the tip just below her opening and slowly dragged it up, parting her lips and catching her arousal, slightly sweet with just a hint of musk, between her folds before circling her clit, careful not to stimulate that bundle of nerves too much just yet.

I was rewarded with a moan as Mikey’s fingers again tightened in my hair, and dropped my head to repeat the movement. As I took my second swipe with my tongue, I let my finger tips lightly brush the outside of Mikey’s lips and pulled them open, exposing her pink core to my hungry eyes as I again brushed just past her clit without touching it. “Mmm more, please… need more,” she moaned above me, making my lips twitch in a smile.

Pulling back ever so slightly, I looked up at her and ran my tongue over my lips pointedly before commenting, “Why Mikey, are you actually begging?”

Groaning at the loss of sensation as I pulled away from her, Mikey growled back, “I’ll do whatever you want if you just keep doing what you were,” she promised, but added with a flash in her eyes, “but if you stop, I will find some way to make you regret it.”

Chuckling at her obvious need, I winked back at her, “Promises promises…,” I replied, before giving in to my own need to devour her and lowered my lips to hers. I had always had a long tongue, and now I was going to show Mikey just how well I knew how to use it as I thrust the tip against her opening, slowly pressing a full inch and half of it into her before pulling it back and thrusting again. She gasped as she realized just what I was doing, followed by a sexy chant of moans accompanying each thrust of my kaçak iddaa tongue, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh my! How are, oh! You, oh! Doing that, ahh!”

I felt her clamping down on my tongue as I kept thrusting into her, and knowing she must be getting close, slid my hands up to rest on her mound so that I could let my thumbs drop to either side of her clitoris and gently massage the sides of the hood, pinching it between them. Her groans turned into squeals of pleasure at this added stimulus, and with a final cry her hips thrust up towards me as a gush of her delicious cream filled my mouth.

Mikaela – Friday, December 26th, 2014

My chest was heaving as I slowly began to float down from my orgasm and looked down to meet Lexie’s eyes staring back at me. Storm clouds filled them, flickers of lightning dancing through them, as she offered a self-satisfied smile, “May I assume you enjoyed that?”

Despite how sexy she looked lying between my thighs, her face covered with my juices, I suddenly found myself chuckling at the question, but managed to recover enough of my wit to quip, “Hmm, I’m not sure I can accurately judge that just yet, you may need to do that a few hundred more times for me to be certain.” Looking past her beaming smile, I noticed for the first time the large wet spot on the sheet below her, “Oh wow… was that… I mean, obviously it was, but I’ve never…”

It was Lexie’s turn to laugh as I rambled, raising herself up my body to cut me off with a deep kiss before pulling back to answer she replied, “I’ll just have to take that as a compliment, then.”

I was about to quip back when my stomach gurgled loudly, throwing Lexie into a fit of giggles and burning my cheeks, “As much as I’d love to spend all day in bed with you, I think we should get something to eat,” Lexie raised an eyebrow at me and smirked at my turn of phrase, “… some FOOD, for breakfast. I find myself suddenly famished.”

Lexie laughed again and, able to think relatively clearly for the first time this morning I reflected at how rare that sound had been to date. As the joyous sound filled my ears I silently promised myself to give her as many opportunities as possible to laugh in the future. Looking at herself in the mirror, Lexie noticed the gleam on her face from where I had squirted her “I’ll get cleaned up and join you downstairs,” with a glance at the clock, she added, “the coffee should be just about ready, I set it to brew when I let Max out.”

Pulling on a long t-shirt, I looked back at her smiling, “Mmm, great sex and coffee? Better be careful, Lexie, or I might never let you leave,” I winked at her as her chuckle followed me out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

As I entered the kitchen I saw that the coffee was just about done, so I set about making breakfast for us. On a whim I decided to show off a bit and make up a couple omelettes, so I rifled through the fridge and pulled out brie cheese, prosciutto, mushrooms, and eggs. For good measure I took out some bacon, I didn’t know about Lexie’s breakfast preferences yet but if she didn’t want any then it would be more for me. I finished by taking out the hazelnut creamer I had bought for her before closing the fridge and getting started on breakfast.

I had just finished chopping up the mushrooms, prosciutto, and brie for the omelette and was getting ready to cook when I heard the telltale scrape of a chair moving behind me letting me know Lexie had joined me, “Bacon, sweetie?”

From behind me, she replied “That would be great. What else are you making, it smells wonderful?”

“I’m heating up some prosciutto with mushrooms and brie for an omelette, a side of bacon obviously, and your coffee should be…” a quick glance to confirm, “yep, ready to go if you wouldn’t mind pouring us a couple mugs?”

“Mmm, sounds delicious, do you take any sugar in yours?” I heard the chair scrape again as she stood and felt her standing behind me. Even though I couldn’t see her, and she wasn’t touching me, my body just knew she was there and was responding to her proximity.

“One cube, raw sugar please. It’s in the pantry behind you. I forgot to take it ouuuut,” the last was half moan half yelp as her fingers slid under the hem of my shirt to squeeze my bare ass and dip between my thighs, “Oh! Lexie, as much as I love your touch, over a hot stove while I’m making omelettes really is not the best time.”

Her throaty chuckle so near my ear sent a thrill down my spine, “I know, just think of it as a promise for later today.” With that I felt her move back and busy herself with making up our coffees, placing mine next to me before resuming her seat.

Satisfied with how the prosciutto, mushrooms, and brie had warmed I mixed in the egg, taking care to cook it evenly, and lowered the heat on the bacon which was just about ready. Taking a sip of my coffee, I spared a quick glance towards Lexie who appeared to be lost in thought. The storm in her eyes had kaçak bahis receded for now, and as I found myself looking into the warm pools of sapphire that I could so easily drown in. Although she had come a long way in the last couple months, still there was a hint of the shadows that had clung to her for so long around the outer edge of her eyes. Turning back to the stove, I knew in my heart that I would happily be by her side every step of the way as she worked to banish them forever… no matter how long that journey might be.

Dishing up the omelette and bacon onto two plates, I turned to place them on the stretch of counter that separated Lexie and me and, grabbing my coffee, moved around to sit down next to her. This seemed to startle Lexie out of whatever thoughts had been on her mind and she looked at me with a warm, if slightly uncertain, smile, “Sorry Mikey, I guess I got lost in thought.”

“You never need to apologize for that sweety… well, as long as you don’t do that in bed anyways, I’m not sure my ego could handle it,” I flashed her a grin to let her know I was teasing and felt a thrill pulse through me as I heard her chuckle in response. Just knowing that I could lighten her mood meant more to me than I could express, “Do you want to talk about it?”

She was quiet for a moment, pushing the omelette around her plate as she bit her lip worriedly. I lightly brushed her knee and, when she looked back up at me, continued, “Is it about us?”

Her expression shifted instantly, though not how I would of expected. Instead of looking worried or upset she tilted her head and I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she gave my question, which I had thought to be fairly straightforward, serious thought. Finally she gave a little nod as though satisfied with her conclusion and nodded to me, “In a way, yes…” I felt my heart clench at those words, suddenly concerned that she might be having regrets about what had happened. I must not have disguised it very well because she quickly turned and grabbed my hands in hers, holding them tightly, “Oh sweety, no, I didn’t mean that. It’s just…” she took a deep breath and looked down at my hands clasped in hers, “I just mean that, well, it is about us now, right?” As if to make sure I fully understood, though I had to strain to hear as her voice dropped to a soft whisper, “It’s not just me anymore…”

Instantly my heart melted as I realized that she wasn’t worried about what was developing between us, but rather about how to adjust to this. “For as long as you’ll have me, yes I will be there for you.”

“I forgot how comforting that was, having someone there… I shut everyone out over the last year, except Marc, and I didn’t have much choice with him since he is my boss.”

Placing a soft kiss on her forehead, I stood from my seat to wrap my arms around her and hold her close, “Well, you have me now. That’s a start,” then sliding back onto my stool and pulling my plate in front of me I continued with, “Now… I didn’t just slave over a hot stove for you for nothing, so eat up.”

Lexie allowed herself a soft chuckle as she mimicked me in taking her plate and began to eat. Smiling to myself at the low moan of pleasure as she savored her omelette. I reminded myself that as far as Lexie had come over the last few weeks, she still had a lot of healing to do, and I silently promised to be there with her through it all.

Alexis – Friday, December 26th, 2014

While my first bite had been a bit distracted, the smooth creaminess of the brie with a hint of the salt in the prosciutto coupled with the egg and fresh mushrooms quickly focused my attention on the food in front of me. Mikey definitely knew her way around the kitchen, and before I realized it I was scraping the last bits of the omelette from my plate. Feeling my cheeks flush a bit in embarrassment at how quickly I devoured my food, I took a sip of my coffee and turned back to Mikey who, only halfway through her own plate, smiled back at me as I asked, “So, did you have any plans for us for the next few days, or was your original intent to seduce me and have your way with me all weekend?”

I was rewarded by Mikey’s eyes going wide as she sputtered and started coughing, I had finally managed to surprise her, but she regained her composure quickly enough and replied, “Believe me sweety, not for lack of wanting to, I had no intention of seducing you this week, I didn’t think you would be ready for that. I picked up some movies,” I thought I managed to keep a straight face, but Mikey had learned to read me pretty well by now and I must have given something away as she giggled and continued, “Don’t worry, not Christmas movies, just movies I enjoy and wanted to share with you. I know it was a big step doing Christmas at all this year.”

Smiling at her amusement i shook my head as I replied, “It’s not just that, I’ve never been a big fan of the whole ‘season’ of Christmas. I’m not saying I was a Grinch, at least I don’t believe I was, I enjoyed the day and spending time with loved ones… but there’s only so many Christmas songs and movies and they get played to death every year.”

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Bi-Curious Erotic Massage Ch. 02

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It had been close to six months since my friend Casey set me up with his friend Jack for an erotic massage. I had confessed to Casey quite some time ago that I had curiosities from way back about touching a man and seeing how that felt, but that I would never be able to act upon those desires with another man. I was straight and didn’t feel for men like I did women. I adore women, but I also had curiosities I couldn’t explain.

Casey was a good friend who came out to me several years before, and he was the only person on earth with whom I had confessed these thoughts. Casey’s solution was for me to meet his friend Jack who gave erotic massages and see where things went. He said Jack could help me explore my thoughts, so I took him up on it and Casey scheduled the appointment.

I learned a lot about myself from that massage. Jack was gentle and non-threatening and let me decide if and what I wanted to do. The massage could be just a massage. If I wanted I could let him touch me erotically. And I could touch Jack if I wanted. I ended up doing both and had an incredible experience. But it had been months since I was able to act out my desires and it consumed my thoughts ever since.

I met Casey for lunch at our usual restaurant. It was an Italian place that had outside seating and the day was glorious. The sun was shining, but not too warm. We tend to get together for lunch about once a month, but this time it had been three months since we had seen each other. “Jack’s been asking about you, John. He wants to know if you will ever come back. He said he really enjoyed the massage he gave you and he is worried he traumatized you.”

“I know I know Casey. I said I would come back and I’ve made excuses not to call him. I really want to. I’ve been thinking about that experience for months, and maybe I’m just afraid of what I would do the next time if I saw him. I’m not sure so I have just avoided it. But I know I’ve been shitty not to even call or email him.”

“So he didn’t traumatize you then?” Casey replied. I know Casey was egging me on trying to get me to call Jack. He wanted me to try it again and not go through life wondering what could have been.

“No, of course not. You know that,” I said. “Then call,” he replied. “You know you want to touch Jack’s cock one more time.”

“Shush!” I said looking around to see if he was heard. Casey had a big grin on his face and made me smile, and then we started laughing. I looked around again and thank God nobody was seated near us! To shut Casey up I agreed I would call and I did so just after we left the restaurant.

Jack was very happy to hear from me and we agreed to schedule a massage on Saturday. “So plan on stopping by around 3PM? I don’t have anyone after you so there will be no rush,” Jack said.

“Sure, that sounds great,” I replied. I was a bit nervous and was about to say goodbye when interrupted.

“Oh!, I forgot, I have another therapist here who is helping me. I’m expanding so I hired another guy and he is training with me now, and then he will have his own place not far from here in a couple weeks. Do you mind if he is present? It’s ok if you would…”

“No, it’s fine,” I blurted out cutting him off. “Sorry, yes, it’s no problem at all Jack.”

We said goodbye and my heart started racing immediately. “Another guy,” I thought. “What does that mean?” The last time I was with Jack it got very personal. “Well maybe this time it will just be the massage then,” I thought. Saturday was tomorrow, so I tried to get it out of my mind as I went back to work. But I couldn’t of course. All I could think about was that moment when Jack let me take his cock in my mouth. It was the first time I had touched another man, let alone another man’s cock, and the experience was incredible. Jack’s skin was silky smooth and soft, and he liked the way I touched him as he massaged me. I let my hands stray to his chest as he leaned over me, working on my chest and abdomen. As Jack rubbed me my fingers went to his chest almost as if they commanded themselves to go there. He moaned his approval as his hands moved down and touched my aching cock. He then offered to allow me to extend the session and touch him more if I liked and this voice within me, subconsciously I suppose, agreed.

“John!” came a voice out of nowhere.

“What?” I replied. A bit dazed, I then realized I was in a conference room at work.

“Did you hear the question? You seem to be out of it today.

“No, sorry,” I replied. “I was just thinking about something…” After I made an excuse I got my focus back and finished the meeting and then rushed out as it was the end of the day. All night all I could think about was Jack’s body, his hands stroking me, his cock in my hands, and then…this other guy in the room watching us. Ughhh! No, I definitely could not do the same thing again with a trainee in the room. This was just going to be a massage.

Saturday morning I started with my usual routine. I went to the bahis firmaları gym and worked out for about 90 minutes, then went for a run at a track nearby. I try to keep fit and I worked out extra hard since I was getting a massage in the afternoon anyway. As my thoughts continued on what might happen in the afternoon I convinced myself again that this would just be a massage. Maybe there would be something erotic, but it would be one way. With another therapist in the room learning the ropes, this wouldn’t end up like the last time. How could it? Maybe the other guy will just watch. Maybe he will give the massage while Jack watches and instructs.

I went home, showered, and had a bite to eat and then it was nearly time to head over to Jack’s place. It was about an hour drive and I didn’t want to be late. I was still nervous, but not as nervous as last time. It may be that I was disappointed a little. Part of me wanted to continue what I did the last time when I let Jack put his cock in my mouth. I mean, this is what I had been fantasizing about for months. And now that seemed like it was no longer a possibility. I would have to go again if I wanted Jack alone.

I knocked on Jack’s door and the other therapist opened it and said hello with a nice welcoming smile on his face. I was a bit stunned because the guy in front of me was incredibly good looking and he had a strong grip as he shook my hand when I entered. “My name is Sean,” he said. “You must be John. It’s great to meet you! Jack told me a little bit about you and he will be out in a couple minutes. Have a seat.”

We chatted for a couple minutes and Sean told me a little about his background. He seemed like he was in his late 20s or early 30s and had lots of experience working in sports therapy and dealing with injuries. He also had extensive training in massage therapies and had worked at a large resort hotel in the Caribbean giving massages. Like Jack, he also had that quality about him that put me at ease. He got to know a little about me as well, asking what I did for work and what I liked to do outside of work.

“How do you stay in such good shape,” Sean asked. “I can tell you must work out frequently.”

I replied, blushing, “I try to go at least four times per week.” Jack walked in.

“John, it’s great to see you!” I stood up and Jack gave me quick hug and pat on the back. We chatted for a few more minutes and caught up, and then Jack mentioned that he would explain how things worked.

“Ok this is your second time but it’s been quite a while. I’ll just explain again quickly as a refresher. Just like the massage you might get at a day spa, you take all your clothes off and lay face down on the massage table. There are towels if you want them, and as before it is completely optional. We will do whatever you are comfortable with. Sean will be helping me today, if you don’t mind. I’ll be undressed like before unless that makes you uncomfortable. The same for Sean. We have robes as you can see, so if you would prefer that …”

“No, that’s fine,” I replied.

“Ok, great,” Jack continued. “We will start at your feet and work our way up and then we will rotate you and do the other side. Do you have any injuries or places we should avoid?”

“No, I’m feeling well.”

“Ok,” Jack responded. “That’s great. So you know this can be an erotic and sensual massage. We will go only as far as you want this to go. I really enjoyed your last visit and I hope you feel as comfortable as you did then. You know it is ok if you get aroused. For an erotic massage that is natural and the way you are supposed to feel. Sean or I may also get aroused and if that makes you uncomfortable please let us know. It’s not a big deal for us to put on our robes or take a short break if needed. Ok?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Jack continued. “Like last time, if you feel like touching me it’s ok. And be sure to tell us if there is anything you don’t like.” “It’s fine if you would like to touch me as well,” Sean added.

“That’s pretty much as I remember it last time. I’m really looking forward to it,” I said.

“Great. We will leave you for a few minutes to get undressed. Just lie face down and we will be back shortly. The room is in there.”

In the room there was a table. It seemed very sturdy and I could see a stool on the floor underneath the head of the table. There was a long credenza with various oils and lit candles. Across the room was a door that was open allowing a view into another room lit by candles. That room had a mattress on the floor with a white bottom sheet stretched tightly around it. I got undressed and lay face down on the table. Soft music was playing and I relaxed as much as I could but I was trembling too which I couldn’t figure out if it was nervousness or excitement. I still didn’t know how Sean would participate in his training and if he would just watch.

A few minutes later Jack and Sean walked in. “Relaxed,” asked Jack? I turned my head to the side kaçak iddaa and saw that both Jack and Sean were taking off their robes.

“As relaxed as I can be,” I replied. Jack looked as good as I remembered, maybe even better. He skin was smooth and he had very light hair on his arms and legs, and a hairless upper body. His arm muscles were quite impressive, but not like a bodybuilder. His hands seemed big and strong, and his chest looked as though it had been chiseled out of smooth stone. It was shiny like he had a very thin sheen of oil on his body. His nipples were dark and on the largish side, similar to mine.

Sean also had a nice body. His thighs were very thick like he was a sprinter, and his ass muscles seemed to flex and twitch as he moved. He turned around facing me and I couldn’t believe the size of his balls and cock hanging from his groin. His six-pack abs were definitely noticeable, and although his chest wasn’t quite as pronounced as Jack’s, it was also quite nice. I could tell both of these guys took very good care of their bodies. I try to do the same and I have received several compliments at the gym, but I was not in their league.

“Well I hope that means you are ready for a nice massage,” replied Jack. “We are both going to be working on you, but only one at a time. I’ll take one side and Sean the other. I’ll start one area and then Sean will continue, and then I’ll start the next. Just relax and enjoy, and feel free to let us know if you would like us to spend more time on any area of your body. We don’t have anyone else after you today so there is no rush.”

“What we did last time was great,” I said. Jack chuckled. “I mean the massage you gave me…”

“I know what you meant, Jack said chuckling again”. I was embarrassed and felt the rush of blood to my face. I put my face down so they couldn’t tell.

I felt Jack’s strong hands lift my left leg bending me at the knee, and his hands starting to work on the heel of my foot. At first he rubbed deeply to work the muscles in my foot, working his way up to my toes. And then as he went on the massage got more sensual. He applied warm oil as he rubbed my foot on both the top and bottom. After probably five minutes he let my leg down and then I felt Sean lift my right leg and start the same way as Jack.

Sean’s massage felt equally as nice but was different somehow. His fingers were magical as he stroked the top of my foot from my toes to the top of my ankle. At one point my foot brushed against his chest and I could feel the hardness of his body.

Jack started working on my left leg after Sean finished. As far as I could tell he was at the end of the table and he leaned forward massaging deeply into my calf. As he reached forward to the back of my knee and ran his fingers up and down my calf I thought I felt his thighs pushing into my toes hanging off the edge of the table. He applied more oil and lightened up his massage to eventually lightly stroke my legs. He continued and reached further up my leg to my mid-thigh and this time I felt his soft cock brush up against me. He continued for a few more minutes, focusing on the inner and outer sides of my leg and down to my foot. Sean then repeated mostly what Jack did which felt wonderful.

Jack then stayed at the end of the table and parted my legs more by spreading apart my feet. He then reached further up my body to my thigh and with both hands massaged my hamstring. I felt his dangling cock brush up against my toes again as he reached forward and I could tell it wasn’t intentional. Massaging was an art to him and I could tell he was just in the moment of what he was doing. He came around the table and continued on my thigh and worked his fingers up to my buttocks. He worked on my left cheek for a couple minutes and then finished by lightly stroking my buttock and thigh. His fingers found their way up my inner and outer thigh and I felt his fingers brush up against the underside of my testicles a few times. I felt myself twitch as it tickled.

Sean then repeated on my right leg. He also stayed at the end of the table initially and reached forward to my upper thigh. Sean was shorter than Jack by a couple inches so he stretched further to reach me and I felt cock brush the inside of my foot on the table. Before he moved up to my side he also reached the inside and outside of my thighs with each hand and rubbed oil on me. I could feel my cock start to harden slightly with each tough of my inner thighs. Sean then came around and massaged my buttock similar to Jack except that he put one hand on each side after working the right side for a few minutes. Sean had handfuls of my ass as he massaged me, and then his touch became lighter and lighter and he stroked his fingers over me going from my lower back to my thighs. I shivered from his touch on my lower back and then again when his fingers brushed up against my testicles.

My arms were bent up around my head and Jack moved them both down to my side, palms up. His fingers then kaçak bahis dug into my shoulders as he stood at my side. He worked on both sides at the same time and massaged me down my back. He spent close to 5 minutes massaging my back and then stroked me lightly with oil from my shoulders down to my waist. He spent more time on my ass as he rubbed me down lightly and inserted his finger a little inside my crack as he worked the oil in. I could feel his finger brush across my anus and down to my testicles briefly before he finished on my back again.

Sean then started on my back and repeated basically what Jack had done. He rubbed my entire back, except as he leaned across the table reaching toward my left side I felt the top side of his cock brush up against my fingers. I started to move my hand inward toward my thigh and I heard him say “I’m sorry John”.

“It’s ok,” I replied and I left my hand where it was. I didn’t want him to be embarrassed and I realized I didn’t really mind. “Wasn’t that the reason I was here,” I asked myself? “To see again what it was like to touch another guy?”

Sean finished up stroking my back like Jack did and also applied more oil to my ass, rubbing it in between my cheeks as well. I felt his finger cross over my anus and down to my testicles, except he spent more time doing it. It tickled but felt amazing at the same time. He rubbed up and down a few more times with the oil and then he was done.

Jack then began to massage my upper arm and shoulder. He pulled my arm away from my body a little to reach the inside of my arm and my hand hung off the edge. As Jack continued to massage my arm I felt his cock brush up against my fingers several times. I could feel the warmth and stiffness as it hit my fingers and my concentration switched from the wonderful massage he was giving me to wondering if and when his cock would brush up against me again. It did and he seemed to pause where he was standing so that the shaft of his cock was pushing against my fingertips. He finished my upper arm and then stepped back as he worked on my lower arm.

Sean repeated on my right arm, and like Jack, I felt his cock brush up against my fingers. The first time Sean paused briefly, maybe to see if I would react, but this time I didn’t and he kept going as though nothing had happened. He hit my hand several more times and with each time it felt as though something larger was bumping against my fingers.

After Sean finished I opened my eyes and saw that Jack had moved to the stool in front and below my face. His hands began massaging my head and neck. “How are you feeling?” Jack’s question was suspended momentarily as I stared down at his lap on the stool. The stool was backless and Jack had his legs apart and his feet bent toward the back. His cock was almost right beneath me, resting on the edge of the stool. I didn’t think he was hard, but his cock seemed like a good 5 inches long and pretty thick. He was shaved completely smooth.

“I feel great,” I replied. “Amazing really. It feels really good.”

“I’m glad to hear that John. Sean and I are both enjoying it as well. You have a really nice body,” he said softly.

Jack massaged my head for a few minutes and then stood and pushed the stool away. He continued on my neck and then lightly stroked my back from my ass to my shoulders. I turned my head to my left keeping it flat on the table above the hole and could see Jack’s cock come close to my forehead as he leaned in to the table. At this point I realized he was nicely tanned and had no tan lines near his waste. His cock was dark bronze and my eyes became stuck on the well-pronounced vein that was visible running the top of his shaft. He certainly wouldn’t have any problems with blood flow!

I continued to watch Jack’s groin and witness his cock getting thicker and thicker as he pressed into the table. I could only see the top half of his shaft initially but then Jack shifted back and then forward for one last far-reaching stroke of my buttocks and his cock sprang up onto the table coming to a rest just inches from my nose. Jack’s balls also were just in front of my eyes and they seemed quite large and very taut. I wanted to reach my hand forward and pull him toward me but I stayed motionless staring at him trying to remember what it was like to have him in my mouth.

Jack stepped back and Sean grabbed the stool and slid under me. I returned my head to the hole looking down and saw Sean’s huge cock hanging off the edge of the stool. He was uncut and also shaved, but had a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair at the base of his cock. Sean repeated the massage to my head, neck, and back similarly as Jack did. I left my head facing down as Sean stood and reached as far as he could on the final rubdown and felt the weight of his cock push up against my shoulder as he reached forward.

“Ok, time to turn over,” Sean said. I flipped over and saw both men go toward the end of the table. Jack started on my right foot and lower leg. I closed my eyes thinking about what happened the last time I was here and how sorry I was that I could not try that again with Sean in the room. Jack finished after several minutes and Sean repeated on my left leg.

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A Tale of Two Loving Sisters Ch. 02

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“Ann! Hurry up and get down here! Breakfast is almost ready and we aren’t waiting!” Her mother’s muffled voice crept annoyingly up the stairway and through the bathroom door.

“One minute!”

Pulling back her silky chocolate hair with both hands, she formed her customary ponytail, and secured it using an elastic tie that sported a light-blue glass flower. The four-petaled jewelry itself had been given to her by her sister Tiffany, who had picked it out one day as they perused the storefronts of the nearby outlet mall long ago. It went well with her eyes, Tiff said to her. Now that Tiff had returned home, she found herself wearing it more often… not just to show her appreciation for the gift, but to attract her sister’s attention. As if she need to try very hard to do that…

Another warning came from the kitchen downstairs, and Ann rushed to apply her subtle pink lipstick. Just some extra color to match her already bright outfit. With one last check of the mirror, she whirled away and threw open the bathroom door, hurrying down the hall before her mother could pester her further. As she descended the stairs, feet thumping the plush carpet of the steps, the smell of waffles, butter, eggs, and sausage greeted her. Her stomach growled. Ann realized that she had quite the appetite this morning, and licked her lips hungrily as she reached the foot of the stairway. Only a few steps remained to the informal dining room where she’d eaten breakfast for most of her life.

It had been just over three weeks since the night that Tiff had arrived home from school and walked in on Ann. She’d been desperate and depressed before that moment, lost in the process of finding her path after graduating from high school. Confused and alone, Ann had turned to masturbation to calm herself, kicking off a series of events that led to her eventual discovery of the mutual love, and lust, that existed between her and Tiff. In the ensuing weeks, Tiff had begun to mentor Ann, walking her through college application essays, financial aid, and SAT review. Infatuated with her sister, Ann had worked diligently and shown improvement in multiple subjects. According to Tiff, she already had a good shot at improving her written testing scores.

Walnut-colored ponytail swirling behind her, Ann skidded into the eating area, ready for breakfast. Her older sister, already seated with her plate, looked up from her phone and squinted, giving Ann a sly smile.

“What took you so long?” teased Tiff, “Couldn’t find any clean clothes?”

Ann glared. “Maybe it’s because you took so long in the bathroom before me.”

She sat down across from Tiff, where a clean plate, a glass, and silverware had been set for her. There was a large loaf of cinnamon-swirl bread, along with several muffins and various fruits, placed on a tray at the center of the table. Ann could hear her mother moving about in the kitchen, still putting the finishing touches on the morning fare. Since she’d been a girl, breakfast had always been the most important meal of the day in the Webber household.

“Where’s dad?” asked Ann, pulling out her own smartphone to check her notifications.

“Oh, he left for work already, something about an early board meeting…” explained Tiff nonchalantly.

“That’s right, your father is very busy at work these days.” Elizabeth Webber entered the room, carrying a pitcher in either hand. “Would my girls like some orange juice or milk?”

“I’ll have some milk!” said Tiff.

“And I’ll have orange juice, please,” replied Ann, sliding her glass on the table.

Tiff leaned back in her chair. “I guess little sister has had enough milk the past couple weeks…”

Ann coughed loudly at the veiled pun, and shot a dirty look at Tiff. It was true, after all. The past weeks, she’d ingested more of her sister’s cum than she cared to admit. Though she’d become more comfortable sharing a bed… or a closet, shower, even car… with her sister, she still was nervous when it came to letting Tiff ejaculate inside. Condoms had been offered, but Tiff wasn’t interested. So, as of yet, her only options were a series of swallows, or a tremendous mess. More often than not, Ann chose to drink as much of her sister’s “spilled milk” as possible… though sometimes there was far too much to contain.

Her mother laughed sweetly and began carefully pouring the drinks. “Whatever makes my babies happy!”

Just as Tiff’s glass was full, a timer cried out in the kitchen, and Beth rushed off to sooth it, her shoulder length hair and golden hoop earrings whirling about her head. Ann had inherited her mother’s darker hair color… but not her deep green eyes. Tiff had those. As soon as the two were alone, Ann turned to her sister and whispered angrily.

“Don’t say stuff like that Tiff. Our parents can’t find out about… us!”

“You mean… that we’re fucking?” said Tiff, not trying to modulate her voice.

“Tiff! Shhh!”

“Oh, c’mon coffee bean, mom won’t find out. It’s been almost a month and she doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“I swear…” Just bahis firmaları then, their mother returned to the room to pour Ann’s drink, and both sisters stopped their hushed bickering, looked up, and smiled innocently. Beth eyed her daughters inquisitively.

“What are you two up to?” the older woman asked.

“Nothing mom!” replied Ann, a bit too quickly.

“Nothing is it? I don’t think so. Your mother always knows when her babies are trying to keep something quiet…” Ann fidgeted a little in her chair, causing the seat to creak. Reluctantly, Tiff jumped in for the save.

“We were just talking about a study plan for later today! Ann really needs to improve her trigonometry before she retakes her SAT.”

“That’s… that’s right! I need to bring up my math scores if I want to apply where Tiff goes!”

Beth straightened her back, and smiled. “I’m so proud of my youngest for wanting to follow in her big sister’s steps! I know you can do it Ann, I’ve seen a real drive in you lately.”

“Oh, she’s very eager…” chimed Tiff.

Under the table, a soft foot brushed against the inside of Ann’s calf, slowly rubbing her bare skin. It caused her to snort abruptly, eyeing her sister as she began to sip her milk slowly.

“And Tiff, I’m glad you decided to stay here for the summer, we thought you’d want to return to college for your studies last week.”

“Well, that was originally my plan, but I realized that Ann really needs my help in the bedroom.”

“PfftTT!” Ann spat some of her milk back into her cup in shock. There were more gentle touches on her leg.

Tiff looked at her sister calmly, then turned to Beth. “We’ve been doing a ton of studying in her room after all!”

“Yes, I have noticed you two have been spending most of your time in there with the door shut,” agreed Beth, not registering Ann’s display.

“Sure, it helps Ann focus. She’s been learning a lot.” Tiff winked subtly at Ann, a smug look on her face.

Beth laughed sweetly, backing away. “I’m glad to have both of you back in the house.” She turned, making her way back to the kitchen from which the delicious smells of sweet sausage and fried egg were emanating.

Alone with her sister, Ann scowled furiously, her cheeks turning a bright pink. Tiff seemed unaffected, even pleased with herself.

“Tiff! You’re going to get us both in big trouble! And stop rubbing my leg, you creep!”

The older sister drew her legs back under her chair. “We’ll only get in trouble if you keep acting suspicious! I’m just trying to have fun!”

“Well stop!” pleaded Ann, crossing her arms and looking to the side.

“Oh fine,” said Tiff, “I’m going to… have some cinnamon bread. Can you pass the butter?”

Ann slid the lidded tub of margarine across the table in her sister’s direction, a little too forcefully. Instead of stopping near Tiff’s hands, it cleared the edge of the table, bounced off Tiff’s torso, and tumbled to the floor underneath the table.

“Smooth! Would you mind picking that up for me?”

“Why don’t you pick it up?”

“Because you knocked it over, and it rolled over by your feet anyway!”

“Ugh… fine.”

Ann reached down between her legs and felt around but couldn’t find the butter. Reluctantly, she slid from her seat, lifting the tablecloth that obscured her view, and ducked under the table. She spotted the red lid of the margarine nearby, and reached out to grab it. Careful not to hit her head, she looked up briefly. As she did so, something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. There, on the other side of table, was Tiff’s fully exposed foot-long erection, foreskin clinging tightly to her glans. Momentarily entranced, Ann froze, her eyes not moving from where her sister’s dress had been hiked up. A hand appeared, resting a lone finger just at the tip of the engorged organ. It tapped twice on the head, instructing Ann to give it her full attention. Staring between the parted legs of her older sister, Ann felt herself giving into her base desires. Tiff tapped once more.

Sheltered by the long tablecloth, Ann moved closer, crawling on her hands and knees to avoid the wooden beams above. The diffuse light of the confined space somehow made her sister’s dick look even thicker and fuller than normal. She had been quite upset at Tiff just a moment before, but seeing her sister’s cock throbbing with such need was easily capable of changing her mood for the better. Tiff, realizing that Ann had not return to her chair, pushed her hips forward in her seat to improve the display. With her mouth no only inches from Tiff’s reddened tip, Ann’s heavy breaths registered against her sister’s skin. She heard a whisper come from above.

“You want it. I know you want it. Go ahead.”

Quickly confirming that her legs weren’t protruding from underneath the table, Ann flicked her tongue over the taught tip of the excited penis that filled her field of view. Just as she was ready to engulf it, an idea entered her mind.

Ann sat back on her legs and removed the lid from the container kaçak iddaa that she held. The heat from her grasp had melted the butter inside, making it soft and malleable. With her free hand she scooped up a dollop of it and held it in her palm, then slowly brought it up towards her sister’s swollen shaft. Her hands closed around it, pressing the spread against Tiff’s skin. She heard her sister stifle a moan as the warm butter coated her dick and made it twitch with anticipation. The oily substance made Tiff’s skin slippery and gave it a brilliant golden sheen. Without thinking, Ann started to stroke the cock, spreading the butter over the underside and into every subtle wrinkle of the phallus. She peeled back the foreskin that clung tightly to Tiff’s glans, smiling as it gave way and revealed the bell-shaped flesh that lay beneath. She quickly rubbed her hands over this part as well, until it glistened sublimely. The sweet smell of it had her stomach growling… after all, she hadn’t yet had her breakfast. It was time for a taste. Pumping at the base of Tiff’s penis with her hand, she pressed her lips together and kissed the tip.

“Mmm, that’s it. Just make me cum before mom returns,” came a whisper from above.

Ann gave another soft kiss, this time applying a bit of suction. From the tone of Tiff’s voice, Ann could tell her big sister was desperate, and that had probably woken up with the erection that she now presented to Ann. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to satisfy Tiff, Ann thought. She was, at this point, quite good at judging her sister’s level of arousal. Opening her mouth, she moved in, careful to let her hot breath wash over the cock so Tiff wouldn’t cry out in surprise.

Sluurp! Keeping the dirty noises to a volume only Tiff could hear, Ann guided a few inches of delicious buttery breakfast into her maw. She felt the ridges of Tiff’s loose foreskin brush between her lips and paused, using her tongue to tease around the girthy tool as she felt out its now familiar bulbous shape. Gripping harder with her hand, she began to gently rock her head back and forth, working with her cheeks to pull the juicy meat slightly deeper. It wasn’t the sloppy deepthroat she’d been practicing, but she knew her sister loved these casual motions too. More than once, Tiff specifically requested Ann focus on just the final few inches of her full twelve, where the sensitivity was highest. Toying with the flared rim of the tip, she heard Tiff let out a cute squeal of excitement, watched as her sister’s graceful legs flexed their approval.

“Ohhh Ann… keep going. Right there…”

The encouragement wasn’t really needed. Ann could tell this technique was really working well this morning. She let her lips linger around Tiff’s glans, applying friction by drawing in air. There were more tells that her sister was rapidly nearing climax. Hot butter was replaced by the smooth, mild taste of Tiff’s precum on Ann’s tongue. The little vein that ran along the top of Tiff’s shaft shifted and bloomed forth, it’s surface becoming more apparent as her cock responded to the expert fellatio. Removing her grip, Ann carefully traced the vein with her index finger, memorizing every curve. Tiff’s penis twitched hard, bouncing against the roof of her mouth to show it’s love for her technique.

“Ann… hurry…” pleaded Tiff, her voice laced with the concentration of someone desperate to blow their load.

In her peripheral vision, Ann saw a shadow cross the long white tablecloth. Before she realized what that meant, her mother’s voice shattered her worship of Tiff’s member.

“Girls, food’s ready… oh! Tiffany, where has your sister gone?”

Tiff’s body went ridged. Ann froze, her mouth still locked on her sister’s cock.

“M-Mom! Uhhhh… she…”

Ann held her breath, hoping that her sister could make an excuse. She wasn’t sure whether she should let go of Tiff’s raging shaft, or if that would be even more of a distraction.

“S-She… spilled her drink on herself, and went upstairs to wash up.”

“Oh I see… such a clumsy girl sometimes. Well, when she comes back, let me know… I’ll keep the food warm while we wait.”

“Y-Yes… mom.”

Ann heard her mother take a few steps, moving back towards the kitchen.

“Tiffany?” came Beth’s voice once again. With no reply to the question, Ann assumed her sister had simply looked up from the table.

“Are you feeling ok Tiff? You look hot…”

“Mom, I’m fine!”

“You’re sure? Why don’t you come into the kitchen… I’ll take your temperature.”

“Mom, I said I feel fine!”

“It’ll only take a minute… come here please.”

“But… mom…”

“A said come here, young lady!” Beth’s tone shifted to a more insistent scolding tone that Tiff knew not to argue with. But how could she stand up without her huge wet erection going unnoticed?

“I’ll, um… be there in a few minutes… I want to finish eating my bread.”

“Oh… alright. I’ll give you one minute.”

“T-Thanks mom…”

For a moment, both girls remained kaçak bahis still. At once, both of them exhaled, Ann’s warm breath washing from her nose and across her big sister’s cock. Both of them knew that their mother’s ultimatum couldn’t be ignored. They were trapped in Tiff’s lies now, and there was only one way out. Resting a hand on top of Ann’s head and combing her fingers through the soft mane, Tiff spoke in low tones.

“You think you can finish me in less than a minute?”

Her younger sister pulled her mouth away from Tiff’s dick reluctantly, letting off with a pop.

“Yes,” replied Ann.

“… and without making a mess?”

“No promises there…”

There was a pause from above, then some shuffling on the table. Tiff’s butt shifted in her seat for a moment as she reached for something.

“Here… take this.” From behind the tablecloth appeared a large loaf of cinnamon bread on Tiff’s lap. Ann picked it up.

“Bread?” she asked.

“Yes Ann. Bread. Just before I cum, shove that down on my cock so I cum inside it. It’ll prevent any accidents.”

“That seems…” started Ann, but she was interrupted.

“Shut up. You have about 45 seconds.”

Tiff was right, there wasn’t time for logic. Her hand squeezed Tiff’s shaft even tighter, near the base, and her jaw dropped open, ready to work. She let it entrance her for a moment, the size of her sister’s erection. The thickness. The wonderful perfumed smell. Drool leaked from the corner of her mouth. This would be easy.

Her hand first moved, then became a blur, gliding over Tiff’s shaft with the remains of the butter speeding it along. Ann’s biceps ached, but she wouldn’t allow herself to slow up until Tiff was finished. Staring at the tip, she watched as it leaked a string of precum that fell between her knees. Letting her hands do most of the work, she remembered something her sister had loved one morning in the shower last week. But she’d have to watch her volume.

“Tiff… your cum. Don’t make me wait.” Her voice was breathy and sensual, an act that had quite the effect on her sister. Above, she heard another high whine from Tiff’s lips.

Quick with her tongue, Ann lapped at the very tip of Ann’s cockhead, still tugging at the meat pillar furiously. Just a quick little tease to get Tiff really riled up.

“Shhh, big sister… just empty those fat balls for me.

She adjusted her grip and jerked harder, slamming her hand down to Tiff’s torso where she could feel the steamy air wafting off of her sibling’s testicles.

“Ann… s-slow down… I’m…”

Another drop of precum appeared, rising up from Tiff’s shaft. Ann flicked her tongue again, this time lapping it up before it could fall to the floor.

“Now, now… just let it happen. Embrace it.”

Ann kept her encouraging tone as she beat her sister’s dick, now gripping so tightly that she imagined it might hurt. Tiff’s hips were squirming like crazy, and her thighs were beginning to shake… something that only happened if she was really about to orgasm. Realizing that there were only seconds remaining, Ann gave her sisters tip a few more licks. She kissed the glans right on the tip, then lifted it a bit and smacked her lips against the underside. She rubbed the leaky thing against the flawless skin of her cheek, smearing the ooze over her face. Then more quick licks. Tiff groaned above her in between audible panting.

“Show me. Show me your cum Tiff.”

Ann popped her lips over the glans and pulled back with a hard suck. Her fist made loud slurping sounds as she tried to wring out Tiff’s spunk.

“Hurry Tiff. Now!”

From the kitchen, Beth called out, her voice filled with motherly impatience. “Tiffany Kristine Webber, don’t make me come get you!”

Ann saw Tiff’s balls contract, and felt a massive bulge at the base of her urethra. As fast as she could, she moved her head aside and slammed the loaf of bread down over Tiff’s cock, just in time. The rough feel of the pastry as it surrounded her dong was all Tiff needed.

“I’MM CUMMMINGGG!” cried out Tiff, her orgasm shattering her common sense.

Holding the bread still, Ann felt it swell as it was injected with a truly incredible load of her sister’s seed. She could hear each spurt as Tiff created a very impolite éclair. Afraid that semen would escape from the base, Ann pushed it down further, causing Tiff’s cock to experience and renewed round of spasms. Despite the intense orgasm, no more moans or cries escaped Tiff’s lips, surprisingly. Ann was almost proud of her, watching her sister’s hips thrust cutely, knowing how good she was feeling. It took a few more long seconds for the climax to fade.

“Ann… I’m done… fahh…”

“Good, now go see mom.”

Tugging hard, Ann pulled the loaf off of Tiff’s slackened cock, careful to wipe of the final drops from her tip. As she finished, Tiff repositioned her skirt and pushed back her chair to stand. Ann crossed back under the table to her own seat, pushed aside the cloth, and resurfaced, clutching the bread-condom in her hand. As Tiff walked towards the kitchen, Ann saw her sweaty, relieved face, and smiled happily. Tiff gave her a sly look, and mimed a quick blowjob motion with her hand and tongue. All Ann could do was roll her eyes.

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A Tangled Web Ch. 07

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All Sexual Activity In This Story Is Between Characters Who Are 18+ Years Old


“Get me Uptown two zero eight one, please.” Sgt. Flynn’s gravel voice and gruff demeanor concealed the marshmallow heart he hid behind his police star and brass buttons. While the phone rang at the other end, he covered the mouthpiece and looked down at Henry Campbell. Trying to allay the citizen’s clearly displayed concern, he smiled and said, “It’s probably just a mix-up of some sort, sir. Let’s see if the gentleman comes to the phone, eh?

Henry was agitated. “Eli Farragut may be seven-two years old, Sergeant,” he replied testily, “but he’s no dunderhead. Something’s WRONG, I tell you. I feel it in my bones!” Silently hoping Eli had gone out of town, as he sometimes did, and that he, himself, was the fool who had forgotten, Henry worried that his friend had fallen and could not get up.

After twelve unanswered rings, Sgt. Flynn cradled the receiver and picked it up again. He dialed an internal number, then held up his right palm to Henry, signaling patience, and spoke quietly into the instrument. Hanging up again, Flynn looked at Henry. “Well, he didn’t answer. An officer will be here in a minute, or two. He can take you for a pop-in on your friend.” The sergeant did not advise Campbell that the dispatcher was also ordering up an ambulance. “There’s no telling what shenanigans are going on,” he thought to himself, while hoping there was none.

Twenty minutes later, Officers O’Rourke and Janssen arrived at 46 Garvey Street in their black-and-white 1939 Chevrolet Master four-door police sedan. As they stepped from the car, followed closely by Henry Campbell, Janssen said, “I’ll scout around the back, Sean, while you and Mr. Campbell ring the doorbell.”

“Right you are, Steve,” O’Rourke replied. “Give a whistle if there’s a problem.” He started up the path from the sidewalk while his partner walked along the right side of the huge Victorian house toward the rear garden. On the porch, he stood back and suggested, “Go ahead and ring, Mr. Campbell.”

Henry pulled a small metal dog-knob beside the frosted-glass and oak front door. A set of brief high, low and middle-note tones chimed in the hall as the slide activated the doorbell. The men stood for several moments and, when no one answered, O’Rourke tested the door. “Unless you have a key, we can’t get in this way,” he observed.

Just then Janssen appeared behind the glass and opened the door from inside the house. “Nothing particularly strange, Sean,” he announced. “The backdoor was unlocked, but closed, and there’s signs of cooking, with most of a chocolate cake left on the kitchen table.” He grinned and said, “Maybe Mr. Farragut went to town for some ice cream.”

Henry blurted out, “Did you see his green Cadillac in the garage, Officer?” While Janssen admitted the garage door was closed and he did not specially check for a vehicle, two ambulance attendants walked quickly into the hall and joined the party.

“What’s up, fellas?” Asked the first medic.

“Don’t know yet,” O’Rourke replied. “Probably nothing, but stand by while we check the house. I’ll go up. You look around down here, Steve. Mr. Campbell, could you wait here with these men, please sir?”

The police divided according to the plan. Less than a minute later, over the baritone bongs of Farragut’s Sandiford clock striking the three o’clock hour, O’Rourke sang out, “JANSSEN! Get UP HERE!” Henry aimed for the staircase, but the second medic grabbed his arm and held him back while Officer Janssen rushed from the library and bounded to the second floor.

He found his partner standing in Eli’s bedroom beside the huge canopied bedstead. Farragut, with his eyes closed and his mouth open, as if in mid-snore, appeared to be asleep. He was, however, obviously quite dead. Double-checking anyway, Sean laid his right index finger beneath the old man’s nostrils, then shook his head. “You better get the white-suits up here, Steve… and keep Mr. Campbell company. This fellow’s gone.”

Janssen, noting the silk stockings strewn on the big pillow beside Eli’s head, and remembering the cake in the kitchen, said, “Looks like the old geezer went out having had a good time… I’ll call the sarge and report in while I’m downstairs.”

O’Rourke nodded acknowledgement and noted Farragut’s black-and-silver satin pajamas. The shirt lay tossed against the legs of the near end-table whereas the pantaloons had apparently been kicked off the end of the bed. Except possibly for the slightly askew lamp shade on the end-table, nothing indicated foul play or supported a conclusion other than the crass assessment by his partner.

Sean saw a glimpse of bright white in the pocket of a shiny gold paisley silk dressing gown which was piled on the Oriental carpet, between the pajama top and the mattress. Thinking it might be important, he reached down and retrieved a balled up pair of women’s drawers. The ‘Made in Paris’ label in the narrow waist band explained, to his mind, the extremely naughty nature of their skimpy design. bahis firmaları The slightly soiled, but otherwise snow-white, pearly sateen fabric gave further evidence of Mr. Farragut’s final hours.

Looking again at the corpse, O’Rourke did not need to lift the covers to feel sure it was naked. He dropped the underwear onto the robe and said, under his breath as the medics entered the chamber, “Let the coroner do his job, and I’ll do mine, but sure and begorrah, you left us soft in your sleep as a happy man!”

When Henry Campbell was walking from Riverside Park to the police station, Edward Trotter was sitting, naked and bow-legged, backed up against the sloping wall of Arlene Hart’s oversized porcelain bathtub. Between his knees, reclined on his chest, lay Arlene’s eighteen-year-old daughter, Cynthia. her legs were akimbo with her bare soles wedged on top of the tub’s front wall against the taps.

Cynthia’s eyes were closed and her jaw was slack, much the same as were Eli Farragut’s, except that she was breathing. In fact, her breaths, though short and irregular, were very strong. Trotter, playing upon her body as if he were recording for RCA Victor, drew sweet melodic notes from her delicate throat. The crescendos were wonderfully damped by the thick steamy fog left from Arlene’s shower and added to by the currently drawn bath.

While his left hand’s fingers performed pizzicato in her pussy’s antechamber, and his thumb strummed complementary chords on her clitoris, the warm sloshing water rushed in and out of her brunette fringed bay, providing a percussive bassline. Meanwhile, his well-soaped right hand slid sudsily back and forth between Cynthia’s breasts, palping the firm slick mounds and tweaking their puffy taut tips to keep them in tune.

Ted’s cock, trapped between Cynthia’s back and his gut, throbbed and grew harder, despite the lack of space or the brevity of the interlude since he so gloriously fucked both the girl and her mother. Cynthia felt his powerful pulse, through his prick’s great undervein, as it lay pounding, flush to her spine. Gasping, she whimpered and came in his recumbent active embrace. Ted grinned and whispered in her left ear, “Squeaky clean… inside and out, eh, Cindy?”

Cynthia lolled her head and whispered back, “Mmm-hmmm, but what about YOU, Mr. Trotter? Is there SOMETHING MORE you can give me?”

“I can but TRY, Cindy,” Ted answered, remembering however, that she was too near ovulation to risk another unprotected fuck. “Let’s do our ‘something’ differently.” He kissed the corner of her mouth and pushed her forward. “Scoot onto our hands and knees for me, please,” he directed softly.

Water spilled over the tub’s edge to the tiled floor as the teenager twisted and re-oriented herself while Ted slid his ass up and perched, flag flying, on the tub’s back rim. “Now, what, Mr. Trotter?” Cynthia asked, looking over her right shoulder and grinning at his seven-inch pole. Sticking out her tongue and wiggling her glistening dripping haunches, she exulted, “Yay! I THOUGHT I felt ‘something’ besides your FINGERS!”

Ted quickly crouched on his knees over her backside and pushed the soap bar between her legs. When Cynthia’s taint was slathered with suds, he dropped the bar and massaged her bottom with his right hand while he squeezed her tits together with his left. “Oooo! That’s nice… and ‘different’,” Cynthia agreed, as she felt his fingertips enter and spread her virgin asshole.

There’s going to be PRESSURE, Cindy… but no pain. I PROMISE,” Ted assured her huskily as he pulled his fingers away from her butt and substituted the soft fat velvet nose of his rock-hard rod. She grunted. Twice. He pushed his helmet’s rim below her sphincter’s surface and held.

After some seconds, Cynthia’s buttocks twitched. She pushed back against her new visitor. Ted grinned and met pressure with pressure, all the while distracting and teasing the girl with calculated sharp pinches to her aching nipples. She yipped and mewled until he was fully lodged in her rectum with his hanging nuts slapping her hams as she rocked back against him.

Ted brought his hands to Cynthia’s hips and held her steady while he began his slow short strokes, widening his way with every push. She snorted and cried. Her tension rebuilt but, tenaciously, refused to release. Desperately, Cynthia begged, “UHNN! Mr. TROTTER! Please, I want to COME… HELP me!”

Ted kept pumping surely and regularly. “Help yourself, Cindy,” he advised kindly. “Brace one hand on the tub by the faucet and use the OTHER one to tickle yourself.”

No sooner did Cynthia follow Trotter’s guidance, than her pent up orgasm wracked her. Her shoulders shook and her torso twisted while she twerked her hips in Ted’s vice grip and crunched her anus around his concrete pillar. Only a little behind her, Ted slapped her little behind and shot his streaming seedless semen in staccato bursts to her bottom’s bottom. Cynthia screeched, “OH! MY! GOD! NYAAAAHHHH!”

In the kitchen, Arlene laughed at the cacophony and scooped helpings of potato salad kaçak iddaa onto three lunch plates, beside the peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches she had already made and served. By the time the lemonade was poured and snickerdoodles were set out on a platter, Ted and Cynthia, scrubbed and glowing, had joined her. All three sat at the kitchen table at 639 Locust Avenue, wearing nothing but thick wet bath towels, while they ate their post-orgy repast in happy loving silence, interrupted only by the maple Regulator striking the three o’clock hour.

At that same moment, in another kitchen, seven blocks away on Oak Avenue, Isabel was bent at the waist and sliding her roast into her oven. Jock stepped through the back door and stared at his wife’s broad bumper, exactly as he had done six hours earlier before he left for the docks. His thoughts were the same, too. Moving swiftly, using the noise of the closing oven door for cover, he crossed the room and hugged her from the rear, pressing his groin hard into her ass as he growled in her ear, “Miss me as much as I missed you?”

Isabel smiled inwardly. Her husband’s strong hands slid over her cotton housedress behind her apron’s bib and covered her heavy breasts. Her heart raced, as it always did, when he hefted them, juggled them and squeezed them until her nipples popped. She sucked in air when he plucked her nubbins. “Jock! You’re INSATIABLE!” She knew he knew her protest was fake. “And you’re SMELLY! Go take a shower, for goodness sake!”

“Yes, Papa,” Mary said into her father’s neck as she laid her body, covered only by her thin blue flower-print summer frock, against his broad back, sandwiching him against her mother. “You ARE smelly.” She inhaled his warm pungent sweaty odor and crushed her breasts to his scapulae. Too soft for her mother to hear, she breathed, “Shall I COME and wash your back?” Then quickly she stepped away and released her surprised parents.

“MARY!” Jock and Isabel exclaimed in near unison.

“What on earth?” Jock continued, while his wife interrupted.

“When did YOU get home? Where did you COME from?” Isabel’s questions overrode Jock.

“Just now,” Mary answered, as if nothing could be more normal or expected. “The door was open, so here I AM.”

Just then Cecilia and Arthur entered the kitchen. After quick ‘hellos’ all around, Cecie pulled her companion’s sleeve and said, “C’mon, Artie! They’re gonna yak for a while, I can tell… I want to show you something up in my room!” Faster than they appeared, the children disappeared, leaving the adults alone once more.

“So, anyway, we just got back from our outing at Lakeside Park,” Mary explained. Shrugging her shoulders and making her mouth a moue, she added, “I’m sorry to have interrupted…” Her voice trailed off.

Isabel blushed at so nearly being caught. To her knowledge, Mary had no idea that she and Jock had an active sex life. Jock was a little embarrassed too, and hoped Isabel would chalk up his incipient hard-on to his feeling her up, rather than to his daughter crawling up his back and blowing in his ear.

Isabel smiled in her recovery and said, “Actually, honey, your timing could hardly be better. I have a quilt I need to take to the parish to add to their rummage sale stock. I didn’t want the house to be empty when Cecie or Jock got home, so I put it off.” She tipped her head to the side and made a pleading face. “Since Jock is going to TAKE A SHOWER,” she said, shooting a hard glance his way, “could you stick around and supervise the children until he is cleaned up and presentable again?”

Mary shrugged again. “Why sure, Mama,” she answered amiably. “Anything I can do, you know I will. Do I need to do anything with the meat?” She nodded her head to the oven, but she eyed her father’s crotch.

“Oh, no, gracious! I won’t be gone THAT long,” Isabel assured her. “Probably no more than a half-hour… an hour tops.” She turned to Jock and said, “Maybe I’ll go to confession while I’m there and get THAT out of the way!” Hurrying by her daughter, Isabel went to the front room of the bungalow, picked up her quilt and walked through the kitchen again to the back door. “Thanks again, honey… Be back soon, Jock, and we can… FINISH our conversation.”

When the screen door slammed and her footsteps receded from the porch, Mary rushed her father and gave him a proper deep lover’s kiss while she shimmied against his burly chest. “I meant what I said, Papa,” she said as she let him up for air. “Get in the shower. I’ll scrub you good just as soon as I check on the kids.”

At the foot of the half-stair in the hall, Mary watched Jock go into the bathroom and then skipped up to her old bedroom. Arthur and Cecie were sitting cross-legged on the iron single bed looking at her copy of ‘Pinocchio’. When Mary entered the room, Cecie was pointing and saying, “SEE? I TOLD you Jiminy Cricket was squashed and a ghost.”

Mary smiled, knowing their discussion would carry on for quite some time. “Mama had to go to the church for a bit, Cecie,” she said to her sister. “Are you two going kaçak bahis to be OK up here for a while?”

Arthur answered immediately, “Sure, Mother, we’re fine. We’re comparing the Disney movie to the TRUE story of Pinocchio. It was a fun movie, but it didn’t follow the book in some ways.” Mary patted his brush-cut and backed out of the room, closing the door behind her. Downstairs, she slipped into the bathroom and slipped off her dress. Fred Dawes never did manage to remember to give her back her panties and bra. “If this weekend is any indicator,” she thought, while hanging up her frock, “I’m going to have to buy my lingerie by the GROSS!”

Separating the shower curtain Mary stepped nude into the tub behind Jock. Rubbing her hands on his belly and her tits on his back, she squirmed her pussy against his taut buttocks. He covered her hands with his and pushed them down to his waiting semi-fat cock. She stroked upward and cradled his eggs. “Turn around Papa,” Mary cooed. “You KNOW I like to SEE what I’m doing.”

Jock spun slowly in her arms, careful of his footing on the slick tub floor. Mary kissed him long and hard while he wrapped her in his arms and groaned into her throat. Breaking, Mary said, “Turn off the spigots, Papa… I don’t want to have to explain wet hair.” Then she slid down his trunk and knelt while he reached behind and closed the taps.

Taking his stiff dick deep to the back of her mouth, Mary mewled as she worked her tongue and cheeks. Jock was always hard pressed to maintain control when she sucked his cock. Her mobile mouth was delicate, but firm at the same time, and she knew exactly where his trigger points were. Today was no exception.

In no time, Jock was gyrating and jigging his hips. Mary gathered his legs and butt, holding him in the crook of her left arm while her right hand tugged and twisted his tightening ballsack. He felt his seed rising and pulled his daughter’s face tight to him. When she was ready for him, Mary jammed her left middle finger in Jock’s ass and tickled his root with her thumb. He growled and shot, filling her mouth and throat with his hot load.

When his legs stopped shaking and his prick quit spurting, Mary pulled back and stood. She kissed Jock and stuck her tongue, with a deliberately saved gob of his cream, between his lip and gum like a pinch of tobacco. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she chased it around and then sucked it, coated with his saliva, back into her mouth and swallowed. “Thank you, Papa,” she said softly, backing out of the tub. “THAT makes my DAY!”

Jock chuckled and said, “Mine, too, Mare. I only hope you left me enough to share with your Mama. Wouldn’t do for her to think I was all talk and no action.”

While Mary toweled off, she watched Jock watch her. His erection was already returning for a second round. Pointing at his renewed stiff staff, she said, “I wouldn’t worry about that, Papa… but you’re right about ‘sharing’… of course, I don’t think of myself as a glutton.” She laughed, buttoned her dress, and left him to finish his washing up.

The grounds of St. Luke’s enclave covered the entire city block between North Ninth and Tenth Avenues and East Beaman and Corinth Streets. Isabel parked the McGuinness’ REO in the lot off Ninth, between the parish administrative building and its school, then took her gift to the rummage sale coordinator’s office. No other donors were there and the entire drop-off procedure took less than five minutes.

Deciding not to move the car, Isabel walked through the connecting garden to the church, which faced Tenth avenue, but had an informal building access door in the back. The late afternoon air was warm and carried myriad invigorating floral scents to her nose. She inhaled deeply and happily as she marched.

Bryce Logan sat in his personal library, with its doors open to both the ambulatory, leading to the church areas, and to his private office. He appreciated the cross-draft as he stewed over minor edits he was making to his upcoming sermon. He looked up when he heard Isabel McGuinness knock on the hallway door jamb and ask, “Father Logan? Are you very busy?”

“I’m always busy, doing the Lord’s work… ‘idle hands’ don’t you know,” the priest answered, jocularly. Then, smiling beneficently, he added, “But, never to busy for a lamb. What do you need, my child?” Bryce was painfully aware of the difference between his callow twenty-nine years and Isabel’s middle age. A year into his first full-charge assignment since seminary, he remained uncomfortable addressing older parishioners in the formal paternal manner he had been taught. He sighed silently.

“Thank you, Father,” Isabel began. “I know I missed the scheduled Reconciliation hours for today, but I wondered if you could find time to hear my confession?”

Logan looked pleasantly over Isabel’s open face and took in her full matronly figure, which modestly revealed itself through the light fabric of her summer-weight cotton dress. Among his female congregants, she was a favorite of his, because her confessions were always heartfelt and detailed. He felt a thrill between his legs and his pulse quickened. “Well, Mrs. McGuinness, I AM trying to hammer out the wrinkles for tomorrow’s pastoral message, however, that’s not as important as your reconciliation.”

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Bigrig Ch. 11

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It was several weeks later and it seemed that all of their dangers had passed. But Tony was growing more and more restless as time went by. Bruce would pop in from time to time, just to check on everyone. Each time that he did, he and Tony just could not see eye to eye. And of all the time that Tony and Greg had spent with each other, it appeared that Jonathan was the only one that could calm him down.

“Tony…” Jonathan pressed his body against him that morning just before Greg was to go to work. He slipped his arm around the man distracting him for a moment. “Why don’t you and I go upstairs for awhile?” His gentle soft plea washed over the man, who curled an arm around him.

“Go on, Tony…” Bruce tried to calm his own wrath of the moment, as he stood at the table. “…I’ll be leaving soon anyway. I’ve gotta go pick up this load.” He grumbled impatiently.

“Bruce, I…” the man attempted to apologize for the umpteenth time.

Bruce held up a hand silencing him right away. “I understand, Tony. You’re wound up like a rubber band, friend. I’ll be so glad when this is all over, so we can get back to life as usual.” He then hugged Greg to him consoling his aching heart of the moment.

“I’m sorry, Greg.” Tony muttered, and then allowed Jonathan to lead him away.

In the bedroom, Jonathan led him to the bed. Urging him to sit, he knelt down removing the man’s shoes.

“I won’t sleep, Jonathan.” He argued gently. “I can’t.”

“You have to, Tony. Sometime, you have to go to sleep.” He continued with his labor of love until the second shoe was removed.

“What if something happens?”

“We’re fine, Tony. Nothing has happened in weeks.” Jonathan insisted.

“That’s the point, Jonathan. He’s out there, I just know it.”

“But we haven’t even seen a sign of any of them.” The youth stood looking down into his face.

“He’s there, Jonathan. Mark my word. He’s watching us. He knows where we are.”

Jonathan sighed heavily. This was affecting Tony in a very profound way. He wasn’t sleeping. He had hardly eaten anything. His temper had escalated to a point of uncontrolled fury. The dark circles under his eyes told the entire story, really.

“Lay back, Tony. Please…” Jonathan placed his hands on his shoulders urging him to lie down. “What if you take some Tylenol PM. Would that help?”

“No drugs, Jonathan. I can’t take anything.” The man bolted back up again.

“Fine, just lie down, damn it…” Jonathan groaned sternly. “I’ll go down and get you some coffee. You just rest for a minute.” He moved slowly to the door as he spoke.

“Black, Jonathan. No milk or sugar.” The man turned propping on his elbow toward him to say.

“Okay…” he studied the man long, before he moved out into the hallway. Rushing down the stairs, he went past Greg and Bruce to the kitchen.

“What now…” Greg barked at him sensing something was amiss.

“We got any Tylenol PM?” Jonathan asked opening the medicine cabinet.

“Yeah, why?” Greg pried himself from Bruce slowly, stepping into the kitchen with him.

“Help me fix Tony a cup of coffee and dissolve one in it.” He proposed.

“You shouldn’t do that, Jonathan. What if he’s allergic?” Greg fussed.

“He needs to sleep, Greg. That’s why he’s so pent up.” The youth turned to him barking.

“Everyone needs to just settle down. This is ridiculous.” Bruce chided.

“This is exactly what Uncle James wants. For all of us to be at each other’s throats.” The youth suggested. “He’s probably hopin’ we’ll all kill each other, so he won’t have to.”

Bruce chuckled. “Well, he’s doing an excellent job of it.”

“I agree…” Greg voiced seriously. “Here, Jonathan…” he gave the youth the bottle of pills. “…But don’t give him more than one. These are in capsule form, so you can just break it apart and dissolve it in the coffee.”

“Good…” Jonathan snatched it from his hand excitedly, going to the counter near the coffeepot. And quickly he had it ready, the entire contents of the capsule liquefied.

“He’ll know, Jonathan…” Greg piped, as the youth started up the stairs.

“Now, why would you say that?” the kid turned to look at him.

“You should take a cup for yourself. And don’t get ’em mixed up.” Bruce suggested.

“Yeah…” he went back to the kitchen to pour himself a cup. He mixed the half-n-half and sugar in his, considering that was how he liked it. And he would know which was whose. Quickly he went up the stairs feeling he had been gone much too long.

“Here you go…” he grinned sweetly at the man, as he made his way to the bed.

“Oh, you got you some too.” Tony smiled.

“Of course…” Jonathan sat on the edge near him.

“Thanks, babe. I appreciate it.” Tony sat up taking the cup. He sipped it grimacing a bit. “It’s bitter as hell…” he fussed.

“Sorry, I guess I shoulda made a fresh pot.” The youth mumbled.

“It’s okay. It’s the thought that counts.” The man smiled taking another sip. “Oooh…” he shuddered visibly. “It bites…”

Jonathan casino şirketleri giggled. “You want me to make you a new pot?”

“No, kid. This is fine. It should kick my ass and wake me up some, the way it tastes.”

“I hope so…” the youth began to drink his leisurely.

“I’ll just drink it down and maybe I’ll feel better.”

“You do that, and I’ll get you a fresh cup after.” Jonathan proposed.

The man nodded putting the cup to his lips. He swallowed time and time again until it was gone. “Woooow…” he quivered shaking his head as he did.

Jonathan laughed setting his cup on the nightstand. “I’ll go get you another. And I’ll even make a fresh pot for ya.” He said, as he stood.

“I don’t deserve you, Jonathan.” The man’s eyes filled instantly. “You’re such a sweet, sweet boy.”

“I try. And yes, you do deserve me.” The youth leaned to him planting his lips to the man’s. Tony moaned softly opening to him instinctively. Embracing him, he pulled him down with him, engaging him in a full kiss.

“You come right back, Jonathan. I really want to hold you.” The man whispered.

“Okay…” the youth returned in like manner just before he pried himself from the man and rushed again, out of the room.

“Did he drink it?” Greg asked softly, as he came quickly down the stairs.

Jonathan nodded not answering for fear Tony might hear.

“Well, I’ll be…” Greg half laughed as he spoke. “I can hardly believe that.”

Jonathan poured the remainder of the old coffee into the thermal carafe and started a new pot. He washed the cup Tony had drank from and waited for the pot to make.

“I hope he sleeps.” Greg commented gently, sitting at the table with Bruce.

“Me too…” Jonathan almost whispered. “I’m really worried about him. The pressure is really gettin’ to him.”

“This is why we all have to be patient with him.” Bruce added.

“And look whose talkin’.” Greg teased.

“I know…” Bruce hung his head, knowing his explosive anger earlier didn’t help matters much. “…I just can’t stand it when someone talks to you like that, Greg. It pisses me off.” He explained.

“I’m fine, Bruce. And he really didn’t mean it. I know that. So, you didn’t have to get so chaffed.”

“He’s tired, he’s not eating…” Jonathan fussed a little now.

“What can we do, Jonathan? We can’t make him eat, or sleep.” Greg commented.

“I know… and I’m gonna take a sandwich up to him. See if I can get him to eat something.” He went to the fridge looking for something to make him for breakfast.

“He loves egg sandwiches, Jonathan.” Bruce chimed now.

“Really?” the youth stood straight, half turning to say.

“Yes… and make sure the yoke is broken and completely done, or he won’t eat it.” The man said gently but firmly.

“Okay… Mayo? Mustard?” he asked, as he began to pull the carton of eggs out of the door.

“Light Mayo, more mustard…” the man informed him.

“Okay…” Jonathan began to make the sandwich while the coffee brewed. He soon had it all prepared and was on his way back up to the room.

When he got to the room, Tony was just about to doze off and he wished he had not bothered. The man turned his head looking at him groggily.

“Baby, I feel so tired all of a sudden. Did you put somethin’ in my coffee?” he asked almost weakly.

“Tony…” Jonathan chided stopping short. A wave of tingling washed over him instantly. It settled in the pit of his stomach, as he moved cautiously to the nightstand again. “I can’t believe you would think I’d do such a thing.” He fussed gently.

And he kept from looking over at the man knowing he didn’t lie all that well. “I made you a sandwich. I want you to try to eat it.” He sat on the edge, lifting the small plate with the sandwich he had made.

Tony sat up taking it from him. He smiled gently when he saw what it was. “How did ya know?” he asked as he picked it up, then crammed a corner into his mouth.

“A little birdie told me…” Jonathan beamed, watching the man eat hungrily. “…And if I had known, I would’ve made you one earlier.” He added.

“You’re so good to me, Jonathan.” He mumbled while he chewed the portion in his mouth.

“I love you, Tony. That’s all there is to it.” The youth informed him now.

Tony stopped dead staring at him for a long moment. His mind was boggled from the drug and his statement.

“Eat, Tony…please…” the youth pleaded. “I made you some fresh coffee. It should taste much better than the last.”

“Good, cuz that was awful…” the man informed him.


Eight hours later, Jonathan moaned softly in his sleep. He felt the gentle touches down his naked chest and over his abdomen as he wakened. A finger traced the bright pink scar from his surgery. He shuddered from the feel of it giving away the fact that he was awake now.

And as he opened his eyes starting to turn toward the man, his arms were suddenly pinned over his head and a hard body came down atop him. Gasping, casino firmalari he looked up into his face. A slow grin playing on his lips. In all the time they had been home he had not so much as touched him at all, except for a kiss here or there.

“I think it’s time I make myself acquainted with you, Jonathan.” the man grinned back at him.

“I had thought you had taken a vow until this was over.” He teased.

“You thought wrong, kid.” The man then attacked his mouth, ravishing it roughly.

Instinctively, Jonathan wrapped his legs around him arching his body against him. He could feel every part of him…hard… muscular…riveted with desire.

“You drugged me, you little brat…” Tony groaned, as he finally disconnected from his mouth.

Cocking his head more, he moved down to his throat. Taking in a mouthful of flesh, he bit down, knowing what Jonathan liked. He had the advantage having quizzed him about it in the hospital.

“I had to do somethin’, Tony. You needed to sleep.” The youth stated then gasped, as the bite grew hotter.

“And what if Jim had come in here, or Maurice? What then?” he moved out over the shoulder doing the same again.

Jonathan breathed wildly becoming instantly aroused by his harsh treatment. He gasped again, as was assailed with pleasure painful.

“Don’t break the skin, Tony. Bruce will have a cow.” Jonathan groaned.

“Are you worried about that, or you just can’t stand the pressure?” Tony jested.

“Fuck you, Tony…” Jonathan growled, and then laughed.

“Ooh…” the man raised up looking into his face. “For someone in your position, you should be careful what you say.”

“I can take it, Tony. I just don’t know if you can handle Bruce if you piss him off.” The youth teased.

“I can handle Bruce. You just enjoy this, or else.” He warned.

“Or else, what?” Jonathan grinned up at him, as if to dare him in the least.

Tony chuckled. “I guess yer about to find out, ain’tchya, kid?” with that, he dove for his mouth, raping it once more.

Jonathan lifted his hips toward him, as they kissed. He felt the strong length of him fall into place. Then he slowly began to ease him into his body, not willing to wait any longer.

“You want it that bad?” Tony pulled back just enough to say.

“Yes, Tony…” Jonathan huffed into his face.

He pushed gently into the youth helping him, as he leaned down, taking his mouth once more. And quickly they were riding out a storm of unbridled passion and desire.

The sounds of their heavy breathing mingled with the slapping of their bodies as they met. Filling the room with an abstract chorus. Sweat began to drip off their bodies. Their kiss was purely untamed. In abandon they rode out their aspirations together.

Tony released his wrists, allowing the youth to surround him in his arms. He lifted him, as he came up on his knees, disconnecting their mouths. Jonathan’s hands moved to his shoulders using them as leverage. He pulled himself up allowing his body to almost drop onto him then.

“Easy, baby…” the man panted. “Don’t hurtchyerself.” He reached around him then, grasping his shoulders from behind. In this way he could control the kid a little and keep him from doing any damage to himself.

Jonathan leaned down planting his lips to Tony’s, engaging him in another long, fervent, kiss. He worked pushing himself up with his legs and arms, gliding back down easier now.

“Yeah, baby…that’s it…” Tony crooned. “Get it…get it all you want.” He spoke between breaths.

Their mouths came together again…Explosive…almost violent. A dueling of their tongues took place in a most audacious way. Their heads turned one way. Then the other. It seemed they snatched at air to fill their lungs.

Jonathan trembled as he drew near that point he knew he would not return from. And he welcomed it fully, only hoping Tony would go with him. He could feel the man inside him so very hard. But with all the worries he had on his shoulders, it just might not happen for him.

Tony could sense Jonathan’s legs were tiring. He was beginning to struggle to maintain. Tossing his arms around him, he drew him close again, dropping slowly onto his back with him. With his knees propped up in the air, he pushed up into his body. The pace escalated. Their heat built. After riding the man, as he rested against him for a time, Jonathan pushed up with his hands on his shoulders. Planting them in his chest, he impaled himself on his hardened shaft.

“C’mon on, Tony…” he panted. “Don’t make me come by myself.”

“I won’t, kid…” the man returned in a like manner. “You just keep doin’ whatchyer doin’.”

He arched high, meeting the youth’s body. His body taut with the pleasure he felt. The pressure was building at an accelerated pace, almost forcing him to explode. Surging higher, he stared up into the youth’s face watching his expressions, knowing he was so close.

“Let it go, babe…Don’t wait for me…” he forced out with much effort.

The güvenilir casino youth rode him harder than ever before. He groped at air to fill his lungs. His head dropped back, as he felt the man’s hand grasp his length confounding his demise.

Tony stroked him watching the expressions on his face. He reveled in the feel of him surrounding him so completely…so tight. Watching the youth, seeming to be utterly enveloped in the sensations that he felt, his body quickly surged higher. As he did, he began to feel the youth tighten around him. He was there, and he just knew it.

With sudden surprise, he felt his body being pulled down and they rolled again. Tony came up over him pounding hard into him keeping his lower body pressed against him.

“Yes, Tony! Fuck me!” the youth shouted. The first wave washed over him. He almost screamed his release to him, in rhythm with the floods that came. His body arched hard toward the man, who was holding him down once more. In oblivion he seemed to convulse time and time again.

The man couldn’t stand it anymore, as he watched Jonathan completely inundated. He leaned closer releasing his arms, enveloping him, pulling him closer. Jonathan’s arms went around him again. His fingers and nails dug into his flesh. Tony winced, and then sighed long, as it overcame him.

A strong pulsing deep inside him let him know that Tony had achieved his goal. With it came the repetitious groans that fill the room along with Jonathan’s cries. He felt the man quiver uncontrollably. His body jerked from time to time. And quickly his groans gave way to quick snatches through clinched teeth.

Tony plopped down atop the youth, completely sated. It had been a long time, since he had experienced such an explosive round with anyone. And now, as they lie catching their breath, he knew it had been worth the wait. With all the expression he knew how to give, he planted his lips to the youth’s in an urgently thankful kiss.

After the kiss broke off, Jonathan dozed. He relished the feel of the man atop him and felt protected in his embrace. But soon, Tony moved, waking him. He watched him get up and start toward the bathroom.

“Where ya going?” Jonathan mumbled, turning onto his side.

“I’m gonna hit the shower, kid. Wanna join me?” he turned to him grinning wryly.

“Sure…” the youth rolled slowly, getting up.

They were dressed and making dinner, when Greg came home from work. He brought in the mail closing to door, while he was going through it curiously.

“Jonathan, you gotta letter.” Greg piped, bringing it to him.

The youth looked at Tony with a bit of confusion, as Greg placed it in his hand. Looking at it there was no return address on the envelope that he could see. And it was post marked in Macon. It confounded his bewilderment more.

As he turned the letter over and was about to push his finger beneath the flap, Tony barked startling him so, that he almost dropped it on the floor.

“Don’t open it!”

The youth jumped suddenly. He turned to the man seeing a wild expression on his face.

“Give it to me…” Tony reached for it then. “Nice ‘n easy…” he calmed considerably. Slowly Jonathan placed it in his hand.

“Move over there…” he waved with the free hand. Jonathan moved next to Greg watching Tony hold the letter in the flat of his hand. The fingers of the other slowly moved over it seeming to search it for something. They stopped and the man looked up at them. His face beading instantly, with sweat.

“Get out…” he almost whispered, his hands beginning to tremble. “Go…” he barked trying to control his emotions, as the two yet stood glued in their spot.

“Greg, take Jonathan, and get out of here as fast as you can go. Don’t stop… don’t turn around… just run…” he spoke slowly and gently.

Jonathan watched perspiration begin to roll off the man’s face. He had not seen him react this way, at anytime since they had met.

“Greg, please…” the man pleaded now. As he moved toward the table. “Take Jonathan and run, man…NOW!!!” he groaned the last.

“Greg…” Jonathan grasped the man’s arm next to him. “Let’s go…” he began to pull him to the door.

“But what about Tony?” the man argued then.

“I’ll be right behind you…” he slowly began to ease the letter onto the table.

“What is it, Tony?” Greg finally asked.

“Greg, just go… It’s a bomb…” he answered softly now.

With post haste, Greg grabbed Jonathan up by the waist. He rushed to the door as fast as he could go. Jerking it open he heard the glass break but didn’t stop to inspect it. He set the youth down on his feet urging him along with a hand at the back of his neck. They didn’t look back, as they ran hard, sprinting toward the park across the street.

“Run!” they began to shout to everyone they saw. “Bomb!” was added to their cries.

Screams of terror went up. People scattered here and there. Sheer panic flooded the air. As everyone rushed toward safety, Tony came bounding out the front door.

He eyed a two-year old child, squalling and stomping her feet. Rushing towards her, he grabbed her up in his arms planting her, straddled to his hip. But before he could even get to the road, the percussion of the blast was felt beneath his feet.

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