But I’am Not Gay! PT2 Fucked Gay

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But I’am Not Gay! PT2 Fucked GayI looked at the leader of the group and he was smiling a knowing smile. They had me and I was powerless to fight. I thought I had done enough to get out of this situation, but it did not seem so. As I glanced down, I noticed the leader had a sizable hard-on trapped inside his tight black jeans.He walked over to number 2, took the camera and ordered me, “stand up.”Then he told number 2, “Take of you pants and assume the bottom position, knees up and ass out on the edge of the bed.”The leader gently grabbed my cock and turned me toward the ass. He was on the bed, his feet hanging over the edge, spread apart as much as he could, with his knees pulled up to his chest. His arms were over his head, spread out palms down, with his head down looking at the bedspread.I was looking at a naked spread ass in front of me. I could not stop staring at the exposed asshole glaring at me from on the bed. I was mesmerized, picturing my cock sliding into that hairy asshole. I needed to cum so badly. The leader slid around behind me, wrapped his arms around mine, and began to caress my chest with his left hand, and the belt in his right.He pulled me close to him, and whispered in my ear, “You ever fuck your wife in the Ass Dave?” He knew my name! He continued his caress, moving lower on my belly.I answered “no.” I could feel his hard cock through his jeans rubbing my naked ass.”Ever fuck a man in the ass Dave?” he asked laughing.”Hell no,” I answered disgustedly. I was still staring at the asshole offered before me.”This time when I say “Action” I want you to touch yourself Dave while you tell me what you think about number 2’s ass,” he commanded. “Remember if at any point we don’t think you are enjoying this, the party is over. I think we will leave you hanging naked in the closet with your movie playing in front of you, so your family thinks you died from auto-erotic asphyxiation watching it,” he threatened.He was holding the belt in a loop and started to place it over my head like a noose. I jerked away. He shifted as his left arm tightened in around my neck, the right hand brought the belt down stinging my naked ass again. I screamed and he choked me tightly. After a few seconds, I went limp and dropped my head in submission.”That’s better!” He said smugly, “Nod if you understand.” I nodded looking down at the ass in front of me…”Action!” he yelled as number 3 started filming.Staring at the tiny asshole in front of me, I began stroking my cock in front of them. The leader pressed against me and inched us closer to the tight pink asshole. I could feel his boner, through his jeans, pressing against me.”I want to slide my cock in that sweet little ass…I want to cum in his ass…please let me cum in his ass,” I begged.I had so badly needed release, before I knew it I had lost control. “Oh fuck I am cumming!” I shouted.The leader hugged my chest put his lips to my ear and said, “Hit the target. Cum right on his asshole.”I yelled, ” I am cumming on his asshole…I’m cumming on his asshole…”The first wad was a direct hit. I convulsed wildly and shot a squirt right on it. As my legs buckled, the leader held me up.I shouted, “I am fucking coming on his asshole!”A second stream of jizz shot up his crack and onto his back., The next two streams were back on target. I pressed the head of my cock against his ass as my cum ejected.The leader whispered, “You don’t get to enter.” as he grabbed my cock, stroking it and milking the rest of my cum onto 2’s asshole.I moaned, “Oh yes please stroke me.” He gave two more slow milking strokes and let go.He stepped back and said, “Ok clean him up cocksucker.”Not sure what to do, I turned toward the bathroom to get a towel to clean him with. The leader shouted, “Where are you going cocksucker!””To get a towel,” I whimpered.”With your tongue cocksucker. Hurry before it drips off and kadıköy escort you have to lick it off the floor,” he commanded.I heard number 2 moan, “Oh fuck yeah,” as the leader pushed me down to my knees, just in time to see a drop of my cum starting to drip from his harry balls.I lunged forward with my tongue / I caught the oozing glob of my own jizz before it dropped. My own cum tasted as good as number 3’s. I lapped my cum off his balls and jumped up to lick the cum off his back and ass cheeks. I did it nice and slow, savoring every drop. Ignoring the large amount in his ass crack, clinging to his ass hairs, I turned to the leader for approval.He grabbed the top of my head with his left hand and shoved his right pointer finger in my mouth, and said, ” Suck it like you suck dick.”As I sucked his finger, he laughed. He pulled it out of my mouth, worked it into the cum in 2’s ass crack. He slowly shoved it in and out of his asshole, working more come in as he finger fucked him.Then he said, “You should have gotten it all. Now you are going to have to really work for it.”He grabbed my head and told me to stick out my tongue. Kneeling before the naked ass lathered in my own spunk, I stuck out my tongue as commanded. He shoved my face into 2’s naked ass.I tried to wiggle free but he pushed harder, forcing my tongue and face into his ass crack. I began to lick and wiggle my head trying to grasp a breath. He continued to grind my head into his crack, his ass cheeks hot on my face. He pulsed my head forward and back , my tongue pressing against his pink hole. It was beginning to get more penetration with each thrust.He let go and my head snapped back. Staring at his asshole, I took a deep breath and lost myself. I grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and kneaded his hot buns. I spread his cheeks apart and opened up his asshole further. More cum had oozed down to his balls, so I started there and licked from his balls slowly up his ass crack. I licked his asshole and on up to the top of his crack.He was moaning and gyrating as I pointed my tongue and swirled it around his pucker hole. I reached under and rubbed his balls and worked my palm on his cock. I pushed and wiggled my tongue slowly working it into the tight little hole. As I rubbed my palm on his cockhead the pre-cum lubed him up and he began to hump my palm. I pushed my tongue a little deeper each time he pumped my palm with his oozing cock. My cock was rock hard again!The leader pulled me by the hair tilting my head painfully back until I could look up and see him. The camera was getting the close up as usual.”Your not only a cocksucker you are an ass muncher, look how fucking hard you are already”. The camera panned down to my shameful erection. He growled, “Tell him you are a faggot ass muncher and beg him to eat his ass”.He released my hair and my head snapped back to 2’s ass. I looked at his tight hole and said,” I am a faggot ass muncher. Please let me kiss your sweet asshole. I want to French kiss your asshole and taste my own cum.”What was I saying? I was working into a frenzy and plunged my face in his ass, I worked my tongue in and out and licking his crack. He was pumping my palm harder and faster, his cockhead getting wetter and wetter from pre-cum.He yelled, “I’m cumming!” as I forced my tongue in as far as I could and he was thrusting his hips, fucking my tongue.He pulled away, turned over, and thrust is cock in my face. The first jet hit me in the eye before I could take him in my mouth. I shoved him in as the second shot erupted in my mouth. I stayed on his cock until he was done convulsing and milked him dry. When he pulled his soften meat from my hungry mouth I collapsed against the bed on my knees.My head was down in shame, the leader lifted my head to the camera and asked,” üsküdar escort What do you say to number 2 for letting you eat his asshole and swallow his load?”I gripped my cock in my hand and said, “I am a faggot, cock sucking, ass muncher. Thank you for letting me eat my own cum from you beautiful asshole. Thank you for your delicious load. I love your cum!”The leader ordered me onto the bed and said, “Thanks for the movie cocksucker. We will enjoy watching it with our friends. We are going to leave you now with your hard on and the knowledge you are for ever an ass munching cum eating faggot. After we drive off with your movie and your stuff, you may jack yourself off and eat your own load again. What do you have to say to us before we go?” he asked.I looked at them as they backed up to the door and said, “Thanks for letting me masturbate thinking about cumming on your asshole and licking it clean. I know now, I am an ass munching faggot.”As they walked out the bedroom door and started down the hall, I yelled, ” Wait please!” What was I doing! They were leaving! I would be free of this!The leader looked into the room and shrugged. I pleaded, ” I am a cocksucker. I was born a cocksucker. Please let me service you too!””What do you have in mind cocksucker?” he asked smirking.”I really want your hot load in my mouth. Please…I can see your beautiful cock through your jeans. I need it in my mouth,” I begged.”What else do you want ass muncher?” he askedI could not believe what was happening to me. I needed to stop and get control of myself! Then I heard myself plead, “I want to taste your asshole and probe it with my tongue…Please…I need that cock in my mouth…I am begging you, please cum in my mouth.””Crawl over here and tell me you love eating my ass more than you wife’s pussy,” he commanded.I did as I was told and stood before him, on my knees, looking up at his eyes. When I finished begging, he thrust his pelvis toward my face and nodded his head. I reached up and rubbed his bulging dick through his tight jeans. His eyes closed as I stoked his meat. I slowly grabbed the zipper and worked it down as far as it would go. I spread his fly apart and pealed his jeans downward. I had to wiggle and pull to get them down past his swollen cock. As I work his pants down to his ankles, I knew I needed them completely of to get full access to his ass.As I was sliding them off, I looked up to see his perfect round dickhead winking at me over the waist band of his white boxers. I pressed my tongue firmly against his oozing cock head. The pre-cum was sweet as I remembered. Feeling him sigh as I licked his sweet spot, I felt proud knowing I am the reason for his throbbing hard on. I popped the head into my mouth, and took about 5 of his 8 inches into my mouth. I worked my tongue on his most sensitive spot, firmly and quickly, while working his boxers all the way off. He moaned repeatedly, as his whole body tensed up.I did not bob my head at all, I just kept working my tongue as fast as I could. He was oozing cum and I wanted it all. Just when I was sure my reward was about to be served. He pulled himself quicky out of me and walked to the edge of the bed. He leaned forward on the bed with his hands pressed on the bed he spread, his legs wide apart.”Get to work ass muncher,” he commanded. I did not hesitate. I crawled over and grabbed his ass cheeks.I admired the firmness as I kneaded them and spread them apart. I could see his tight sphincter, pink and surrounded by a small ring of hairs. I cupped his ass cheeks, and began to kiss them repeatedly, slowly savoring the warm smoothness of his skin. I pushed my face gently into his ass crack, breathing slowly and deeply, smelling his manliness. As my cheeks touched his, I felt so at home. I swirled my tongue around his pink tightness.He began to move tuzla escort his hips and moan his approval. His legs spread wider and further away from the bed, until he slid so low his cock was resting on the bed. He began to pump his ass against my waiting tongue. I pushed forward and rolled my tongue making it as small and stiff as I could. Thrusting it deeper into his tight hole.I kept It up for what seemed like several minute, his cock rubbing on the bed. He pumped harder and faster, until his balls began to retract so they could relieve some pressure. I was sure he would blow any second. He pushed me away and turned over, grabbed his cock and pointed it at me.”Take it all Cocksucker,” he said, as he grabbed the back of my head and fed me his rod. A few quick pumps of my head and I felt the first load of hot cum shoot into my mouth. I kept working as shot after shot hit my mouth. I tried not to let any out, but as he pumped himself into me, I could not contain it all. I continued to suck and work my tongue on his hot meat stick. I swallowed every drop, squeezing his cock at the base and milking every precious bit that I could. When I had it all, I slid off his cock and licked the overflow off his balls and pubic hair until he was completely clean. My hard-on was intense and I began to stoke myself to get some relief.He pushed me aside and jumped up. commanding me, “You pleasure us! You can pleasure yourself after we leave. I think you’ll be jacking off for days now that you are a hopeless cocksucker. Lay back on the bed and do not touch yourself.”I laid on the bed, totally naked before them. I was looking my cock in the eye, as it was so hard it was not even touching my belly. He quickly pulled his pants back on and they began to retreat from the room, leaving me hard and horny as they were making their escape.He stopped at the door and said, “You can go ahead and jack yourself off, thinking about how much you love sucking cock. Remember we have the movie of you. If you call the police we will put it out for the world to see.”With that, he flipped off the light and ran from the room. I could hear them go down the hall and out the door. A car started and sped off. I was laying there naked and dazed with a throbbing cock begging for release.I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it slowly, thinking about their cocks filling my mouth. As my thoughts turned to tonguing their tight assholes, I went over the edge and began to shoot hot cum all over my chest and stomach. I watched as my jizz blasted from my pulsing hard-on. After I milked my cock fully, I began to scoop up my own cum and take it into my mouth. I thought to myself, “I am a cock sucker…”my mind was spinning, trying to grasp my new reality.After a few moments I got up, cleaned myself off and got dressed. I looked through the house expecting to see the house ransacked, but the only thing I could find missing was my wallet and the video camera. Nothing else was gone.I had no hope of sleeping before my big day at work tomorrow, to try to save our business with our largest customer. I lay in bed reliving my shame. Unable to sleep, I jacked off 2 more times during the night as I relived the night’s activities.The next morning, I made the calls to report lost credit cards and replace my wallet contents. I went to work, tired, dazed and ravaged. I was able to dive into the process of saving our customer, which allowed me forget, at least for a while, what I had become. I was able to work with our team and save the customer that week.Somehow I knew I needed more time to try to figure things out. I had contacted my wife and told her I had cancel the rest of my planned vacation to deal with the problems at work, but did not cancel my vacation at work. I would spend the weekend resting from the crazy week and try to gain some perspective. I told my self it was the mix of booze and Ambien that made me crazy. Some quiet time would be just what was needed.Saturday morning I decided to check my personal e-mail. My heart dropped to my stomach when the new e-mail subject read, “How’s my cocksucker?”. When I opened it there was a still photo of me with a cock in my mouth, eyes closed, and a wad of cum on my left eye…