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It was one of those beautiful, crisp fall weeks we get in the Rockies. A freeze the week before had sent all of the tourists and campers scurrying home. Now Indian Summer had set in and it was warm and mild.

I packed my truck and drove up into the mountains west of Ft. Collins. I took an old logging road and found myself in a small little valley with a meadow, a quiet flowing stream and aspens turning gold. I set up my solitary camp about midday and settled down. I got out the book I had brought along and sat back, relaxing in the forest quiet.

Late in the afternoon, the quiet was broken by the sound of engines coming up the road. Presently, three motorcycles came around the curve. They pulled up next to my truck and the bikers dismounted. They were in many ways, your typical stereotypical biker – leather pants and boots, vests and T-shirts. The three were all tough looking with long hair and beards.

They checked out the meadow a bit and then wandered over to where I was sitting under a tree.

“Hey, excuse me,” one said. He was the taller of the group, muscular with tattoos on both arms. “Excuse me, but would you mind if my buddies and I camped here? We’ll take the opposite side of the meadow.”

While I was disappointed my solitude was broken, they didn’t seem to be too bad despite their appearance. At least they had asked.

“No problem,” I said. “Help yourself.”

“Thanks,” he said. They started to set up camp and I went back to my book.

As darkness fell, I started my stove and ate my small dinner. The boys across the way started a pretty good sized campfire. I smelled food cooking and boisterous laughing. After a bit the familiar scent of pot drifted my way. I smiled and prepared to retire to my tent.

I was surprised when the leader showed up out of the twilight.

“We’re having some brews and some weed,” he said without preamble. “You’re welcome to join us.”

I considered for a moment, then agreed. “Sure,” I said, “thanks”. We walked back to the campfire. The leader introduced himself as Ben and his friends as Sal and Trev. Sal was the thin, lanky one, with long blonde hair. Trev was medium height but strongly built, bordering on fat. I introduced myself “I’m Mike”. They seemed happy enough to have me join them.

The four of us sat around one side of the fire, sitting on a log and drinking beer. Trev rolled a joint, lit it and passed it around. We drank and joked and smoked for a good hour. We talked about the outdoors and bikes and women – all typical guy stuff.

I was feeling pleasantly stoned when Ben said, “Man, when I get stoned I get horny as hell. I could fuck just about everything.” Trev and Sal agreed and I chuckled. Then I noticed three pairs of eyes looking at me. I felt my stomach tighten.

“Uh, guys…” I stammered.

Ben stood up. He looked huge in the firelight. He started to loosen his belt. “Hey Mike,” he said softly, “wanna fuck?”

I was torn. Part of me wanted to get up and run. The other part of me, the part that had had a few encounters with men in the past, was intrigued. The moment of hesitation made my decision for me. Sal and Trev were suddenly beside me, holding my arms. Ben walked over in front of me casino oyna and dropped his pants. I was staring at his hard cock. It was a good nine or ten inches of hardness.

“Why don’t you suck on this for me,” Ben said. He took his cock and waved it in front of my face. Half hypnotized, I licked my lips. He pushed his cock forward and I took the head of his cock in my mouth. Feeling no resistance from me, Trev and Sal let go of my arms. I grasped the base of Ben’s dick with one hand and licked all around the head. I heard Ben chuckle. “I thought you’d make a good little cocksucker,” he said.

I slowly licked the head of his cock and sucked on it. I opened my mouth wider and took more of him in. There was no way I was going to get the entire length down my throat, but I wanted to try. Lust flashed through me. I came forward on my knees, kneeling in front of him. With my free hand I reached around and grabbed his ass. That helped my pull more of him into me.

Ben was groaning now as I bobbed up and down on his dick. It seemed to get bigger every moment. Sal and Trev were cheering us on. I continued to lick and suck and work as much of him as possible down my throat. Ben grabbed my head in his hands and held me still as he started to fuck my mouth. He began to thrust deeper and deeper and I nearly gagged. I could hear zippers being lowered on either side of me as Trev and Sal climbed out of their boots and jeans. My own cock was hard and staining my pants with pre-cum.

Ben’s strokes were long and slow now and I could here him groaning in pleasure. This must have gone on for five or ten minutes. Then his pace picked up and I knew he was going to cum soon. I redoubled my sucking action and jacked his cock with one hand. Suddenly he howled, a primal scream in the night, and let loose down my throat. He shot jet after jet of hot cum down my throat. I nearly gagged on it, but managed to swallow most of it.

As he started to soften I kept sucking his cock. He finally peeled me off him. “Yah,” he grunted. “Oh yeah.” He pulled me to my feet and suddenly hands were all over me, stripping off my clothes. I didn’t resist. Even if I had wanted to they could overpower me without any trouble. I knew that and submitted.

No sooner was I naked than I was forced to my knees again. Trev, now naked, held his cock to my face. It was not as long as Ben’s but fat. Below his cock hung two huge balls. I dove down and licked the head of his cock and then the length, going over the entire surface of it with my tongue. “Ooohhh,” he said in approval. I licked down the underside of his shaft to his fat, hairy balls. I took them in my mouth one at a time and played with them, sucking them first softly and then harder. He seemed to enjoy that. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned, “yeah, play with those balls. I love having my balls sucked.” So I played with them for a while longer, licking and sucking. Then I worked my way up his cock again. I took his fat cock in my mouth. I worked my way down it, my mouth stretched so wide I could barely get it to fit. It must have been as big around as my wrist. After five or ten minutes of intensive work I was finally rewarded with half the length in my throat. I moaned as Trev began to work in and out canlı casino of my mouth. I just let him use me; his cock was so jammed in my mouth I could hardly do anything. I played with his balls with one hand; massaging, twisting and pulling gently.

Trev began to growl and thrust in an out cruelly. He, too, held my head and banged in and out. He gave one last deep thrust and I gagged on his cock just as he shot a load of hot cum. I choked and gagged but swallowed as much as I could. He uncorked from my mouth with a load groan.

Trev had hardly backed off before Sal moved in. Sal’s cock was nothing special, maybe six inches or so; it slid easily into my cum filled mouth. After Ben and Trev, I took him in one swallow. Sal let me do all the work. I bobbed up and down on his cock, pausing occasionally to lick the length. I moved down and took his hairy balls in my mouth. I played with them for a while before running my tongue up the length again. I took the head in my mouth and sucked – gently and then hard. I licked the sensitive underside and he gasped in appreciation.

I was so wrapped up in Sal’s cock that I barely heard Ben say to Trev, “Hand me that dish soap.” Then Ben kicked my legs apart and I felt him kneeling behind me. I gave a start as his soap covered fingers played with my asshole. He slipped in two, then three fingers, prying me open. At first I tried to resist but he just slapped the back of my head. A moment later I felt the head of his huge cock on my asshole. He pushed hard and his soap covered cock was so slippery it slid in with one push. I felt the rush as he penetrated me. He began to thrust in an out. I admitted to myself that this was almost heaven – a cock in my mouth and one in my ass.

I redoubled my efforts on Sal and in a few moments was rewarded with a hot rush of cum. I milked all I could out of him and swallowed my third load. Once Sal’s soft cock slipped from my lips, I fell to my hands and let Ben continue fucking me. But Ben had other ideas.

“This damn ground is hurtin’ my knees,” he growled. He suddenly pulled out and my ass was suddenly open and alone. “Come here buddy,” he said almost gently. He helped me up and led me over to his Harley. He pushed me down across the leather seat, spread my legs, and in one quick motion was in me again. This time he was rougher. He thrust in and out in quick, stabbing motions. Since he had come just a little while before, he spun out his pleasure for about another twenty minutes. I lay helplessly across the seat as he used me. He finally grabbed me by the hips and gave a couple of deep thrusts before he yelled and dumped his load in my ass.

He pulled out to be replaced by the now revived Trev. Trev had soaped up too, thank God, but his cock was still too fat. I felt him pounding at my ass, trying to get into me. Finally, he thrust hard and I cried out in pain as he split me open. I tried to push him away but Ben and Sal were there to hold me down. “Just hold on,” hissed Ben, “and relax. You can take it.”

I tried to relax and Trev pushed again. I couldn’t believe the combination of pleasure and pain and he screwed his way into me. Both the soap and Ben’s load helped him. After a minute or two, I felt his pubic hair kaçak casino brushing my ass and knew he was in. Trev paused a moment before he began to fuck me. He was, gratefully, gentle at first, giving my rear passage time to get used to the monster. After a few minutes the going got better and he picked up the pace. Again, having just cum, he had plenty of time before he was ready to dump his load. But after ten or fifteen minutes he too growled and thrust hard. I could feel his got cum in my bowels. He gradually softened and then with a ‘plop’ he was out of me.

Of course it was Sal’s turn next. With two loads already in me and my ass stretched by Trev, he slipped in without trouble. Sal liked it rough, too. He pounded my ass hard. He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled my head back. With the other he slapped my ass, hard. Despite his rough way, I found myself enjoying it. I started to thrust back at him as he fucked me. “Come on, tough guy, fuck my ass. Slap my ass! Yeah, that’s it! Fuck me man!” I was really getting into it.

Sal got into it, too. “Here you go, bitch,” he hissed. “Take my cock up your tight little ass. Yeah, you’re a great ass fuck. You’re hot and slippery and you want my cock don’t ya?” Sal let go of my hair and grabbed my hips. He thrust hard and then abruptly pulled out. I felt his cock laying on my back and the cum shooting out and covering my back.

Exhausted, weak kneed, they let me up then. I staggered back to the fireside with them and we cleaned up. Ben gently took a wet cloth and wiped my ass and back.

“Thanks, man.” He said when he finished. I merely nodded. “You didn’t get your turn,” he said.

He laid me down on the tarp. He found the liquid dish soap again and stood over me. He took some in his hand and lubed up his ass. Then he bent down and soaped up my now hardening cock. Then, while looking me in the eyes, he lowered himself on my cock. I couldn’t believe the feeling of entering his tight, hot hole. He settled down and impaled himself on my cock. Squatting, he lifted himself up and down, doing all the work. He impaled himself all the way, then leaned forward and kissed me. I had never been so turned on in my life. Here was this tough biker guy letting me fuck him and he was kissing me!

Our tongues played together for awhile. After a bit he broke the kiss, rocked back and in a moment we had switched positions – me on top and he underneath me. Now it was my turn to be in control. I thrust in and out as hard as I could. Ben grinned. “Yeah, that’s it, man!” I could feel the orgasm coming and his ass seemed to get hotter and hotter. Suddenly, I felt myself coming and arched my back as I cried out. As I dumped my load in his ass, he reached up and tweaked my nipples. It was an added bonus and I just about collapsed from ecstasy. I softened rapidly and slipped out. I stumbled back to the log and sat against it. Before I knew it, I was sound asleep.

When I awoke in the morning, I found I was back in my tent, in my sleeping bag. Ben and the boys must have brought me back. I suddenly heard the sound of motorcycles starting. I crawled out of the bag in time to see them disappear down the road. I was a bit disappointed to see them go.

I slid back into the tent and found a sheet of paper on my boots. “Thanks for the great time,” it read, “come see us when you can.” At the bottom was an address and a phone number. I grinned to myself and then started to pack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32