Stein’s Girl Ch. 05

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Stein’s Girl: 5 – Samuel

Angelique placed the walkie talkie on the Hotel’s front desk, much to the surprise of the young man sitting behind it.

“Jo said to tell you that she quits. She’s going to be too busy fucking me to work here any more.” Angelique smiled wickedly at the look on the young man’s face before laughing and walking towards the hotel bar. In point of fact, Joanne had said no such thing. The woman had been incoherent at the end and now she slumbered, naked and exhausted, in the arms of Kat, who was in even worse shape. Angelique had no doubt however that Joanne would gladly quit her job in exchange for frequent sex and she realized now that she was going to need a regular harem to keep herself satisfied. Which was why she had left the hotel room almost immediately this time in search of fresh flesh. She did not want to end up babbling in a vending cove again.

There were several couples seated here and there in the dimly lit room that served the hotel as restaurant and bar. Only a few of these even glanced at her as she entered. Those that did were will rewarded for Angelique looked quite stunning. She had put on her new red dress and it clung to her shapely hips and breast. No one even noticed that she wasn’t wearing shoes. Angelique looked around but she saw no one that struck her fancy. Without an immediate target, she decided to head for the bar. She did not have a chance to reach it before events took a sudden turn.

“Heather!” The cry, anguished and loud, came from a man seated alone, in a dimly lit corner near to the bar. There was a crash, the sound of a chair hitting the floor, and then a second later, another crash, the sound of glass breaking. Angelique, along with everyone else in the room, turned to stare at the source of this noise.

The man who had yelled was staring at Angelique, tears in his eyes. A waitress was already heading to the spot.

“I’m sorry,” said the man, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright sir,” soothed the waitress. Angelique just stared. The man was about thirty, dressed smartly in a gray dress shirt and good quality slacks. His brown hair was just beginning to thin and he had the merest shadow of a beard. There was something endearing about him to Angelique, something soothing and familiar. For a moment her thoughts were on something other than sex and she took a step towards the man.

“I’m so sorry.” The man was speaking to Angelique now. “For a moment there you looked exactly like my wife and… I… maybe I’ve just had a little too much to drink.”

“Is your wife here,” asked the waitress as she swept the beer soaked pieces of glass into a dustpan.

“She died. About six months ago.” He dabbed at the tears in his eyes with a paper napkin. It was clear that he was truly distraught. “I’m sorry,” said the waitress sympathetically.

The man addressed Angelique again. “She looked just like you. Just a little difference in the cheeks and nose. You could be her sister. You aren’t related to any Masons by chance.”

Angelique did not know what to say. She shook her head slightly. “I don’t know.”

“She was a Mason before she married me and became a Carpenter. That used to be a joke of ours.” He smiled weakly. “I’m Sam. Samuel Carpenter.”

“I’m Angelique.”

“Can I buy you a drink to make up for yelling at you. Must have scared you to death. You just gave me such a turn. You look just like her, at least in the face.”

Stepping gingerly, mindful of broken glass on the floor, Angelique took a seat at his small round table. The waitress stared oddly at Angeliques legs, noticing her smooth bare feet, but she said nothing. ataşehir escort For some reason she found herself thinking of her boyfriend.

“I’m not thirsty,” said Angelique, watching the man as he too sat back down. This strange man with his tear streaked face made her feel strangely maternal, as if she wanted to take care of him, holding him to herself tightly. She had not felt that way about anyone since her awakening earlier in the day. All others she had viewed merely as objects she could use. Not so with him. She did not understand the feelings.

“Bring us two beers,” Samuel said to the waitress, “and sorry about the scene.” He seemed to have his emotions a little better under control.

“No problem. Are you staying in the hotel?” She did not want to give him any more to drink if he was driving anywhere.

“Yeah. For the night.”

“Okay then. Two beers it is.”

Samuel looked again at the woman now sharing his small table. Her likeness to Heather was uncanny, at least to the Heather he remembered from college, before the cancer took away her health, her hair and 60 pounds. If it wasn’t for the smaller nose and higher cheekbones, not to mention if one were to be perfectly honest, the bigger tits, she would have been Heather’s perfect double.

“Are you staying in the Hotel?” He smiled as he asked, trying to change the mood, trying to not be a crying stranger in a bar.

“Room 432,” said Angelique and then, remembering her problem, she looked up at the clock. She had about twenty minutes she assumed before she grew desperate. She looked back at the man, this time trying to assess his potential as a lover. Thus far, the only two men she had interacted with in any significant fashion had been the store manager who had kicked her and Kat out of his store earlier and Kat’s fiancee, who had chased them out of his house with a gun. Neither reacted to her quite like women did. She wondered if she could seduce this man or would he too end up chasing her away.

“I’m on the third floor. I come here on business about once a month. I used to bring Heather, that’s my wife and we would leave the boy with her mother. I actually live not far from here but the boss pays for the hotel room and so I take it.”

Angelique nodded in what she hoped was a sympathetic way. The waitress came back and placed the beers in front of them. Samuel sat back and was silent while she worked, saying a quiet “thank-you” when she finished.

After the waitress walked off, Samuel leaned forward and asked, “What about you, are you from around here or what?”

“Maybe,” said Angelique and she too leaned forward, placing her elbows on the table. Sam smelled her suddenly, an odor of cinnamon and spice. It made him think suddenly of the pies Heather used to make around the holidays.

Damn, he thought to himself, as tears started to form again. He took a hasty drink of beer followed by a deep breath. “Sorry,” he apologized again, “I can’t seem to get Heather out of my mind tonight. You do look just like her. Though you look sadder somehow. She was always happy, even when she was sick. Always knew what to say to make me feel better.”

Angelique’s heart moved within her, thawing and she had a sudden vision of this man, younger and happier, holding a baby to his chest, beaming with delight. Reaching out her hand, she touched his, holding it. He looked at her and suddenly smiled, feeling strangely better. The smell of cinnamon was stronger now. He didn’t feel quite so bad when he smelled it.

“Sorry about the tears. I’ve been drinking slowly for the last hour and it must have got to me more than I thought. kadıköy escort Probably should quit before I get good and drunk.”

“So quit.”

“Right after this drink.” He laughed.

“No, I mean it, quit. I have something else you can do.” She sounded suggestive and he looked up, not knowing quite how to respond. The look on her face was both tender and hungry. It was an odd combination.”

“It will be alright Sam,” said Angelique and she knew suddenly what she should say, “Come on. Let’s blow this popsicle stand.”

It was what Heather had always said. For a moment Samuel could believe he was back with his wife, that she had returned to him. He put down the drink. Should he go with her. Should he stay. He took a deep breath and her scent filled him.

“Alright,” he said, deciding then and there to go with her, wherever she led. He didn’t know if it was the beer making the decision or not but he knew that it seemed like the right thing to do.

“Good,” she said pleased and taking his hand, she walked with him out of the bar.

In the lobby of the hotel she hugged herself to his side and he could smell her so much stronger, with her hair against her shoulder. It was comforting and arousing at the same time. He put an arm around her back and held her bare shoulder. He noticed then for the first time, her black bra, so clearly visible over the top of the red dress, and the size of the breasts that it held. She was a very sensual creature. It had been a long time, well over a year, since he had last been sexual and all of the suppressed desires of that time suddenly threatened to return in force.

They stopped at the elevator and Angelique pushed the up button. Then, as they waited, she turned to Samuel and touched her forefinger to his lips. He knew then for sure what she had in mind and he felt a momentary pang of guilt. But Heather was dead. This wasn’t cheating. In a sense, it would be almost like being with her again. He kissed the finger tip and Angelique smiled.

The elevator bell rang and the door next to them opened. Angelique broke the embrace and stepped into the elevator. Then with a smile she beckoned him in.

“Step into my parlor,” said Angelique.

“Said the spider to the fly,” finished Samuel and with a curious smile he stepped in. Angelique hit a button and the door closed.

“Would you believe…” began Samuel but he did not get to finish for Angelique, with surprising strength, grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her. Their lips met and for a moment all was silence. Samuel grabbed her tightly and as he hugged her he could feel her breasts pushing against his chest. She moved her shoulders and her breasts rubbed seductively, the slick fabric of her dress rustling against his shirt. One of her hands held his shoulder, the other was gripping his rear.

She wore no make-up he realized, no lipstick, no powder. But her perfume was so strong and it seemed to grow stronger as she kissed him. He had never smelled any woman that smelled so good to him.

“I have wanted a hard dick all day,” said Angelique softly into his ear, “I have wanted you all day. I want you.”

He breathed hard as he listened to her words and his cock moved. He kissed her cheeks, her neck and her shoulder, his hands rubbing her back as he did so.

“I don’t have a condom,” he said, his brain trying its hardest to make some sense of the situation, trying to act somewhat rationally.

“So?” said Angelique, and her left hand was suddenly in his pants, pulling his growing organ straight. Her touch was electric and he groaned.

The elevator chimed and the doors bostancı escort bayan slid open. Angelique, one hand still in Samuel’s pants pushed him back and out.

“I like your hand there,” gulped Samuel, “But this is a little public.”

Angelique looked up and down the empty hotel hallway, “I don’t see anyone.” Her right hand suddenly unsnapped his pants and he grabbed hastily at them to keep them from falling to the floor. She laughed then, a beautiful, wicked laugh and, still holding his cock in her left hand she reached around and pulled his head down to kiss him again. Such a thing had never happened to Samuel before. He had begun the evening depressed, as was his custom, but suddenly it looked like life might not be so bad. Suddenly encouraged, he rubbed one of her breasts. It did not feel like Heather’s breast, it wasn’t as soft, but it still felt good to touch it and fondle it.

“This way,” said Angelique and she led him, using his dick as a leash, down the hall.

“Whoa,” said Samuel and he pulled her hand off of him. “It’s only flesh and blood you know.”

Angelique laughed again, the same wicked laugh, and continued walking, holding his hand instead. They turned the corner of the carpeted hallway and there Angelique stopped. Turning and facing Samuel, Angelique licked her lips and ran her hand down his chest.

“Is this your room?” he asked unnecessarily.

Angelique pulled her key card from where she had stashed it in one cup of her bra and handed it to him. “Hold this for me.” There was something very sexual about the way she moved and talked and Samuel’s cock, which had grown softer after being yanked so hard, started stiffening again.

Angelique, having handed the key card to Samuel knelt on the floor in front of him. His pants were still unbuttoned, he had been holding them up with one hand.

“What are you doing,” gasped Samuel, but it was clear what she was doing and she didn’t bother replying. Unzipping his fly, she pulled at his boxers and his erect penis waved in the air in front of her face. Holding the band of his boxers down, she softly grabbed his dick with her other hand and ran her tongue along its length.

Samuel felt the pleasure of the touch and shuddered even as his stomach jumped at the idea of being caught, quite literally, with his pants down. She licked the tip of his cock and he rolled his eyes.

“Is this a good idea…?” He could barely get the words out. He held his pants up with one hand but he placed the other in her hair.

Angelique stroked his cock with her tongue a third time. Lifting her head a little, she said slyly, “I know the hotel manager.” Then bending her head back to the task at hand, she licked vigorously up and down his cock, at last taking it in her mouth and rolling her tongue around it.

“Ooh, my,” groaned Samuel. She sucked and licked and then pulled her mouth off his cock and holding it softly but firmly, she stroked it with her hand, up and then down, up and then down. Clear precum leaked from the tip of his cock and she licked it off.

Samuel quivered from the pleasure, but that rational part of his brain still struggled to be heard. “We really should do this in the room.”

Angelique stood, her left hand still holding his cock. She slid her hand along it’s length and then reached lower, tenderly cupping his balls in her palm. Samuel felt his cock quiver and knew he had just leaked cum against her arm.

“Shall we go in then,” she asked, kissing his neck.

“Uh-huh,” said Samuel and he clumsily inserted the key card into the door. He pulled it out, waited for the light to beep green and then turned the handle, pushing the door open. The sound of the television drifted out of the room.

“After you lover,” said Angelique and, letting go of his cock, she pushed him gently into the room.

(The story of Stein’s Girl will conclude in part 6.)

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Sunny Morning

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The sun peers through the only opening in the shutters. She is strong today, putting enough light into the cabin, lighting up the sheets. I open my eyes but even the tiny ray of sunlight is strong. I squint. I feel you next to me and smile. I put the pillow up to block the sun and snuggle against you.

I feel him curling up against me. Last night was wonderful. We went for a night swim. The ocean was wonderfully warm and we swam close to each other, bodies and mind connecting. We made love swimming as he pushed me back to the beach and finished both of us in a glorious sigh. Such a great night that all we could do was fall asleep kissing.

I can’t believe we made love in the ocean. It was different, weightless, effortless and yet very difficult. I managed to slide inside her and slowly push her to the shore. I finally had the ground and friction to finish my mission. It was amazing that we came together…

He must be dreaming something! I can feel him getting hard behind me… I’ll pretend to be asleep and see where this leads. My nipples are just touching the sheet and the slightest movement feels tingling. He won’t notice if I slowly move the sheets.

Oh no! I shouldn’t have imagined last night. I’m getting hard just thinking about it. I need to pretend to be asleep! I hope she doesn’t notice too much. Maybe she’s asleep too… I can see the curves of her body. She looks amazing. Every soft bit in the right place and firmness to give her strength. She is lovely. I’ll rest my head against her.

His cheek feels soft against my back. I can feel him breathing against my skin. It’s sensual. I move the sheets a bit more and push my bum back. He is still hard! After we both came last night, he wanted to still lick me. It wasn’t long until I came again… his tongue is amazing. escort bostancı He licked me so deep and then sucked my clit. That combination felt so good. Oh my I need to stop these thoughts! I can feel myself get soaked.

Her bum feels warm. Maybe I’m imagining things but it feels moist… let me push a plait harder and see if it’s really her. Her pussy is amazing: so soft and inviting, get tighter as I slide in her and squeezing as we move. Her taste is even better. The sweet-salt taste of her lips and then the way her clit grows with desire. I’ll push a little more…

Oh goodness… he is really pushing himself. He must feel how wet I am. I lift one leg up slightly to give him more room. Subtle enough for him to think I’m still asleep. He is aiming too high, but feeling his head against my rosebud is erotic. I hope he doesn’t push too hard though. I’ll let him for a bit and then guide hm somewhere warmer and wetter.

She is moving! Is she awake? And… oh! I can feel her lips on my head! She is so wet, amazing. I’ll gently push forward. I want her to think that I’m asleep and see how she responds. I want to touch her, grab her boobs and play with her nipples. She loves them being fondled and slightly pinched. Shame that I can’t. I want to continue this sleep play.

He…is…almost…inside me. His head against my lips is amazing and I’m dripping on him. Oh so slowly I push back a little and feel his cock slowly push my open. My hands are inconspicuously playing with my nipples. I wish it were his hands: he is such a good fondler. But I can’t and don’t want to wake him up.

Just a little bit more and I’m inside. This is so hot that I feel little drops coming from my cock! She is so ready for me. Shall I wait a little longer? I want her to start not me. She ümraniye escort can ride me sideways. Her hips are rhythmic and I’m sure she’ll get me there in no time.

This sensations is unbearable. I’m so horny and wet that I can feel my orgasm already being close. This is wonderful. Let me push back a little more and get his head in completely. I like how it pops in to the little rim and the feels tight between my lips… here goes! Ooooh…

Ooooh… she pushed me in. I’m so hard. I can feel how tight my balls are getting. I wonder what would happen if I ever so slowly slide in to her. I’ll do just that… centimetre by centimetre I push myself in. I can hear her wetness squish. Now I need to concentrate otherwise I’ll cum all inside her!

I can’t stop. This is so teasing me… he slides so slowly but every bit of him builds my orgasm. I’m pinching my nipples and squeeze him. I hope he doesn’t thrust now. I’d cum straight away!

One last push to be balls deep inside her. Here we… oh goodness!?!?? Did she just cum? I can feel her shake and squeeze! Wetness drips all over my balls and the sheet feels wet. This is amazing. I never felt her shake like that…

Oh…oooooh… I couldn’t stop that. I think I dripped all over him! How embarrassing… but he is still hard. And I want him in my mouth. I know the taste of my sweetness and I want some of it. I roll over and surprise him, pinning him down. I grab his cock and suck it straight away. Both our tastes have combined and it tastes hot. I want all of him…

Oh no you’re not! I won’t let myself get sucked without eating you out. I grab your hips, move your leg up and stick my tongue straight inside you. You are so wet that I need to swallow you down. You taste lovely. I grab your bum and push my tongue deeper kartal escort bayan inside you, every now and then sucking your clit. With you on top I rub my tummy against your nipples. I want to stimulate all of you.

He is so mean… he knows how quickly I can cum again. But I want him to squirt all over me. I want to feel his warm juice on my skin, my breasts and my tummy. I squeeze him harder and let my tongue wiggle his head. I can feel him tense up.

She is moaning which means she’ll cum again. Too bad I can’t hold myself for much longer. She is sucking and jerking so good. Her hands are soft and her tongue is wild. I need to make her cum first! I suck her clit and slide one finger in her pussy. She tenses up. This could just work. I need to hurry though: I’m getting close. My other finger slides in as well and my pinky pushes just hard enough against her rosebud. One more push and it will in… but I’ll save that as secret weapon. For now my fingers curls inside her as my tongue flicks over her clit. Shit I can’t hold much longer…

I hear his noises: he is close. I take him out of my mouth and start jerking him strong and steady. I can feel him harder as I slide my breasts in position. He is fingering me faster and faster and his pinky is teasing me. I must concentrate before I cum again. Then I feel his warm load over my breasts and he grunts. One, two, three massive squirts. I’m covered with it! His finger slows down and his pinky pushes harder as he stretches out in pleasure. I can’t hold it…

She cums… squeezing my fingers. I can see her wetness dripping out of her as she moans and her body shocks. She shakes afterwards as she slides back on the sheets. The taste of her orgasm is sweet. We both are wet… the thought of a shower is great. However, the lingering feeling of orgasm makes us curl up together.

That was amazing. My body feels warm and my eyes heavy. I lay against him covered in his wetness. I can feel his wet lips kissing me as we both doze off again, sun still peering through a little cap in the shutters…

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Take What You Want

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Nikki couldn’t believe she was, once again, being stood up. Whoever said online dating was the way to go was a God damn idiot. How many times was she going to endure this lashing to her ego? As she sipped on glass of wine, Nikki slowly looked around the stonewall basement winery. She sat alone while watching couples look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Damn, it pissed her off.

Why did it prove to be so hard to find someone she had amazing chemistry with? Or, at the very least, to fuck her brains out? Sitting back in her chair, she crossed her legs and sucked back half of her glass of wine. She loved how it quickly warmed her throat and the rest of her body, despite it being chilled. The warmth brought to mind the beginning stages of an orgasm. What she wouldn’t give to be enjoying one right now.

Gazing around the winery once more, Nikki took in how dim the lights were and how few couples seemed to be there. In the far corner, she noticed a couple that shared a dessert, chocolate mousse she was sure. The male leaned into his date, whispered something in her ear and when the woman stared back at him she had a fire in her eyes, an undeniable passion. The man had broad shoulders, dark brown hair and hands that said they knew how to please a woman. He slid them delicately over his date’s bare arms as he fed her a spoon full of mousse. She gently grabbed the hand that was feeding her and slowly pushed the spoon into her mouth as far as it would let her, while staring at her date with a fire in her eyes, wordless understanding passing between them.

What she was promising him, he was ready to receive.

Nikki watched as the man shifted in his chair to make himself more comfortable, his every movement turned Nikki on. What she wouldn’t give to have the confidence that the woman portrayed, to have the ability to turn one simple act into one of the sexiest thing she had ever seen, it amazed her.

The thought immediately heated Nikki’s cheeks and she could feel her nipples harden against her black lace bra, which she knew could be seen through the emerald green sheer top she wore that night. Unconsciously, Nikki began to slowly slide her fingers up her bare leg. Her breath quickened and her heart raced in reaction to her sensitive skin. Closing her eyes, she let her hand travel, feeling herself grow wet with anticipation. Nikki moaned as she touched herself, although only briefly, and her eyes whipped open at the sound of a man clearing his throat.

“Um, I noticed you finished your wine, would you like another?” he questioned.

“No,” Nikki answered a little too forcefully as she grabbed her purse and pulled out a twenty. She slammed it on the table and raced up the stairs, eager to hide her blushing face from prying eyes. Outside the winery her heart was racing, she stood still for a moment to let her head to clear. She could not believe she attempted to get herself off in the middle of a bar. What the hell was wrong with her?

As she unlocked the door to her sixth floor apartment, she could hear her beagle, Toby, running down the hallway to greet her. “Well hello, I bet you need to go outside, don’t you?” Nikki teased her puppy as he ran around in circles, jumping up and down. “Let me change into some running gear and grab your leash. I think we both need some late night exercise.”

Soon, Nikki and her furry companion were heading towards the running park that was only five minutes away. She loved the feeling of the crisp night air hitting her lungs and the burn start in her legs. The tension from the night quickly began to fade. As Nikki turned down Eighth Street and eagerly crossed the road towards her apartment she didn’t see the man standing in front of her and soon found herself flat on her ass.

“What the fuck is your problem?” a deep voice snapped at her.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. It was completely my fault, are you okay?” Nikki asked. She still hadn’t looked up; she was too concentrated on the pain in her ass, literally

“I’ll live, give me your hand so I can help you up,” the voice offered, sounding annoyed now.

“Listen, I said I was sorry, I don’t need your pity help,” Nikki shot back. As she attempted to get on her feet white-hot pain seared up her back and she winced. It was nothing she couldn’t handle, though. The walk back to her apartment and a hot bath would probably get rid of it.

“You’re completely right, I was an ass. escort kartal I’m sorry, allow me to help you up.” The voice was much closer to her face now, and as Nikki began to look up she saw his strong hand first, reaching down to her. Nikki wrapped both of hers around it, while somehow managing to hold on to Toby’s leash. When the man pulled her up she stumbled back as the current of an electric pulse surged through her arm at his very touch. Nikki finally raised her eyes to the man’s face and examined him through her long lashes. He was beautiful, to say the least, probably the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on and she could feel herself drawn to him, his sexual magnetism. All she could think of was what it would feel like to his hands all over her. At that moment their eyes connected and she couldn’t tell what he was thinking; he was so self-composed it astonished her. Couldn’t he feel the electric attraction between them, or was it just her? This was obviously a man who was used to getting any woman he wanted. But the way he was looking at her, with that curious look, made it clear that she would not be one of those women.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he questioned, hands out, readying himself to catch her if she fell again. “You took a hard fall.”

“Yeah, fine, thanks for your help, sorry again.” She blushed, waved, and started walking back to her apartment.

“Wait!” he called after her. “It’s late and it would seem I’m heading in your direction. Let me walk you home, it’s the least I could do for being in your way.” He jogged to reach her, his muscles pulsing slightly as he did. They were silent on the walk back to her place, regardless of the fact that Nikki could still feel this electric pull between them, urging her to touch any part of the man. Nikki shook her head as she grabbed the keys out from her sports bra. When she turned to thank the man for walking her home he was looking at her with that raised eyebrow again. What the hell is his problem?

“You live here?” he questioned with a manly giggle.

“Yes, I’ve lived here for the past two years, is that a problem?” despite his good looks, Nikki was starting to get annoyed with his smug attitude.

“No, I just find it comical considering that I live here as well, for the last six months, and I’ve never seen you around.”

“I’m not the kind of person who attempts to get to know or socialize with her neighbors,” Nikki replied as she opened the door and started toward the elevator. That wasn’t exactly true, but this guy was starting to rub her the wrong way. Or was she annoyed because he wasn’t rubbing her the right way? God, her earlier bar escapade was rearing its embarrassing head again. She didn’t get to run off her sexual tension and now was in extremely close proximity to a very sexy male who exuded pure sexuality. Nikki flung open the lobby door and made a B-line for the elevator.

“My name is Tyler, by the way.” He leaned on the wall next to the elevator door as he told her this with an expectant grin. It was at that moment that she finally took the time to really look at him. He had shaggy brown hair, almost black, an angular face, eyes of milk chocolate and his skin was smooth and tanned. He must have stood over six feet with broad shoulders that you could see under the tight black Under Amour shirt he wore. He took care of himself. This man, this Tyler, radiated sex and she grew wet just looking at him.

“Nikki,” she blurted out, “my name is Nikki.”

Tyler took a step closer, not breaking their eye contact, and reached across her, slightly brushing Nikki’s stomach as he did; making her jump a little at that electric charge that was left there.

“You forgot to push the button,” he pointed out in a husky, sexy breath. The elevator arrived a moment later and Nikki said nothing and starred at the floor as she stepped inside, Tyler right behind her. She was prepared to press the button to her floor when he quickly leaned over and pressed it.

He must live on my floor.

Suddenly, Tyler inhaled a deep breath and walked her into the corner of the elevator, hands placed gently on both sides of her head. She was trapped. Nikki could do nothing but stand there, frozen and hot at the same time, as he leaned down and lightly touched his lips to her ear.

“This is crazy, I know. I get that we only met fifteen minutes ago, but I have never felt this primal need, I’ve never maltepe escort been so turned on by someone in my life.” Tyler’s breathing quickened and his manly musky scent drove Nikki crazy.

“Come with me to my apartment for a drink?” The heat from his eyes bore into hers and she knew then that perhaps she could be one of those women. All she could do was nod her head.

With the answer he wanted, Tyler stepped away from Nikki and stood in the furthest corner of the elevator, as if putting distance between them to build the sexual tension even further. The way he was looking at her sent shivers down her spine and a tightening in her belly.

Nikki eagerly followed Tyler into his apartment, which seemed to have the identical layout as hers. She wandered around and examined everything she could. This man was very tidy and had an amazing style. His living room had dark leather furniture, a beautiful mahogany coffee table with a back marble top and floor to ceiling book shelves filled with photos of what she could only assume were friends and family as well as a plethora of books.

Reaching to grab a novel that caught her eye, Nikki stopped suddenly as her body began to hum with the awareness that he was standing right behind her.

She couldn’t move.

All she could feel was the heat from his body as he took a step closer, so close that she could feel how hard he was through his track pants. Tyler placed a stemmed cognac glass on the bookshelf in front of her face, leaning into her cheek as he did so. His breath was warm and sensual, as were his every move. Nikki felt his strong hand grip her exposed hip and turn her toward him. Soon, his plush lips were firm against hers and she gave in to whatever self control she had left. Nikki quickly followed him to the couch, not breaking their passionate embrace as they did so.

Tyler’s hand slid down from her shoulder and grasped her hand firmly, weaving their fingers together. She watched as he leaned back and polished off his drink and set the glass down on the table next to them. The look in his eyes had changed from sexual desire to pure animal attraction and Nikki felt her panties getting wetter. How was it possible that just a few hours ago she was wishing for this?

“Tonight, I’m going to make you come for me, Nikki. I can see the way you look at me; that need in your eyes, you want this too. “

Nikki finished her drink quickly and relished the warmth it provided going down. She placed her glass aside and looked at Tyler saying nothing only nodding in agreement. She watched as he slid closer once again, trapping their bodies together.

“I want to touch you, I want to kiss you, I want to taste you,” he whispered as his hands touched her bare knees and slowly slid them up her thighs, to her hips, over her arms. He caressed every exposed part of her skin, leaving hot and cold sensations as he did. “Your skin is so soft,” Tyler purred.

Nikki’s sex throbbed at his touch, causing a moan to escape her lips. How could she be this wet, this ready, when they hadn’t even taken their clothes off? His hands began to travel back down her body, when they reached her thighs he gripped them and spread her legs and kneeled in front of her. He took hold of her shorts and yanked them off, successfully removing her panties with them.

“Look at your greedy little cunt, so wet and ready for me.” Tyler crooked his head and lightly blew on her cleft. Nikki let out another stifled moan. “I think it’s time we find out if you taste as good as you smell. Don’t you?” Before Nikki could even respond, Tyler had covered her pussy with his greedy mouth and slid an expert tongue over her swollen clit while slowly massaging his index finger inside of her sex.

“Oh God, this feels so good,” Nikki moaned and ran her fingers through Tyler’s hair, holding on as she began to gyrate her hips to the rhythm of his tongue. Nikki could feel the orgasm building, her heart began to race, her sex tightening.

“Don’t come, not yet. Hold it, do not come until I allow you,” Tyler ordered, clearly feeling her body readying it’s self for release.

“Tyler, this feels so good, I don’t think I can hold it. Please?” Nikki begged as her legs began to give.

“Trust me; the wait will be worth it.” At that, he wrapped his muscular arms around her body and carried her to his bedroom. “Take your clothes off,” Tyler ordered after he laid a naked pendik escort bayan Nikki on the bed and removed the rest of his own.

“Demanding, aren’t we?” she joked while she obeyed.

“I take what I want Nikki, and it’s obvious you’re willing to give me exactly what I want,” he told her matter-of-factly while crawling onto the bed over her waiting body.

“You got your chance to taste me, now it’s my turn.” Nikki pounced and pushed him back, taking hold of this thick hard penis, she began to slowly stroke it with her hand, feeling its girth in her fingers and wanting it inside of her. Swirling her touch around the head and only allowing the tip all the way in her mouth, Nikki could tell by the slight noises being made by Tyler he enjoying what she was doing. Looking up at him through her long lashes she winked, and then took all of him. His eyes popped open in shock at the full evasion his penis just made in her mouth. Most women had difficulty adjusting to his size during sex let alone take the full length and width of him while performing oral. Tyler was in heaven as he watched Nikki, her hands on his ass pulling him deeper as she fucked him with her mouth. The moan that Nikki made while performing this very sexual intimate act almost make Tyler come right then.

“Nikki, stop, I need you to stop,” he begged, trying to pull away.

“Oh. How the tables have turned,” Nikki said with a laugh. “You taste amazing, and that noise you make when hitting the back of my throat makes me so wet.” Watching as Tyler took a moment to compose himself, she took the opportunity to straddle him.

Tyler grabbed a hold of her slender arms. “Nikki I-“

But she stopped him in mid-sentence as she slipped his hard cock into her warm pussy, making his eyes roll back and his grip tighten on her arms. Bending over his hard body, her swollen and full breasts pressed against his perfectly sculpted chest. She looked at his handsome face and kissed him, slowly at first, relishing the feel of his soft lips and how he mimicked her gentleness. The kiss quickly escalated into something rawer as they explored each others mouths.

Finally, it was all he could stand. Tyler grabbed Nikki’s hips and flipped her onto her back with a growl. Once he had her where he wanted, he leaned to the side to grab a silver package and ripped it open fiercely. Nikki took the condom from him and slowly slid it in on his penis before moving it to cover the opening of her slick, wet and ready sex. “Give it to me and give it to me hard,” Nikki ordered, staring into his eyes with certainty.

It took only a second for Tyler to obey and he thrusted all the way into her, as deep as he could, making Nikki yelp with pleasure as the silky member explored inside of her. Tyler looked into her eyes to make sure she was okay and a wordless exchange passed between them. With that, Tyler began to slowly pull out and ease back in. The movement was intoxicating and Nikki quickly began to match the movements with her hips.

“Oh yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard.” Nikki’s fingers were digging into his firm ass cheeks, trying to take him deeper, as she felt the quivering begin and her temperature rise. The sensation and pure pleasure was almost too much to handle.

Tyler could feel her sex tighten, reading itself for the sweet release it craved. At that moment he pulled out of her, flipped her on to her stomach and brought her to the edge of the bed where he began to invade her from behind. This new position had Nikki quickly on the verge of orgasm and when Tyler reached his arm around to circle her clit with his thumb she knew it was all over. Her sex began to clench and release over and over as the orgasm rocketed through her body, her vision blurred with colors of passion and sensual pleasure. When she was finally finished, Nikki turned her head to the side to see the man who gave her such satisfaction.

Tyler was speechless. What he’d just witnessed was the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced, even though he lost complete control as a Dominant. This was the first time he’s ever given in to his partner and let her control him. He just stood next to his bed while he watched Nikki walk across the room and get dressed. When she reached the doorway to his bedroom she turned to him one last time, bliss and satisfaction eminent on her face.

“I know what you are,” she announced. “I picked up on it almost immediately. But let’s just get something straight here; I’m the one who takes what she wants, always. But I want this to continue, so I’m sure we can come to some sort of a happy medium.” With a fierce grin, she lightly blew a kiss and was gone, leaving Tyler speechless and eager for more.

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Story of C , S: Cyber Love Affair

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He arrived home from what had started out to be an eagerly anticipated brunch/lunch date a little after 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. He had been looking forward to meeting the woman with whom he had had a short, but promising email correspondence about the possibility of a relationship. She was younger, very pretty, had similar goals and purposes to his own and didn’t seem to be put off by the considerable difference in their ages. The brunch had been pleasant and the conversation stimulating…they were comfortable and easy together. But it had ended badly–with a whimper, not a bang–but badly nonetheless. The letdown had been gentle, kind and even filled with a tenderness that in the end made it all the more painful.

Now, with nothing more than an afternoon’s work facing him, his mood matched the gloomy pallor of the skies viewed from his apartment window. He had neglected an important deadline and now there was nothing for it but to tackle the project and finish it straightaway…

But in hopes of delaying the inevitable, he turned on his computer to check his email before buckling down to work. Amidst the usual pile of junk emails he was pleasantly surprised to see that C had returned his earlier email. He always enjoyed hearing from her…

C was someone he had met on the Internet… in one of “those” chat rooms where the curious, the timid, the bold, the adventurous come together in a kind of sexual primordial soup…driven by the sometimes frantic, sometimes languid pressures of desire. In the beginning he couldn’t quite put his finger on his attraction to her. But it was definitely there, and from the start. Something indefinable perhaps, a kind of spiritual connection with her, that he felt from the moment they had first started chatting. He had actually been surprised at how their “relationship” (he always felt it a bit strange to characterize these cyber-only liaisons as “relationships” of any kind…) had progressed. Starting with innocuous, easy and pleasant chitchat: their respective situations/stations in the “real world,” ages; even a smattering of flirtation concerning their respective sexual proclivities. Promising, a little titillating even, but hardly passionate. He had filed her under the “nice–possible good friend” category (where he himself had been deposited earlier in the day). They had signed off with the typical cheery promise to stay in touch and chat more later.

After their initial contact, and for the first week or two, he saw, or rather heard from her, only occasionally. For those not familiar with the process, it can be difficult to find time to find moments for conversation when lives escort ataşehir are so far separated, time zones intervene, schedules don’t align, etc.

Then, one day he received a message on his computer from her that startled him with its simplicity and directness. She had written: “I’m looking forward to cybering with you soon.” Again, for the uninitiated, the verb “to cyber,” as in “cybersex,” implies more than just innocent chatting. It moves the conversation (relationship??) into an overtly sexual realm—an eventuality that he before not seriously considered with C. Her initiative and directness shocked him a bit. But her message did have a definite, and, he thought, surprisingly powerful impact on him. The sudden change in status found him contemplating the possibility of moving the friendship to a sexual level and he was amazed at how electric that possibility felt. It was as though all the easy comfort he had felt prior was suddenly, instantaneously even, converted to pure sexual energy.

Several days passed with just an occasional hello/how are you/gotta run exchanged between them as they lived their separate lives on opposite sides of the country… Actually they lived in different countries altogether—he in the US—California and she in Canada on the east coast. He began to consider that he had probably misinterpreted her message about “cybering” and that perhaps she was just a “newbie” (a beginner not familiar with the finer points of the jargon surrounding erotic chat) and had just meant to continue along with their innocent and social chitchat.

Until, that is, he ran into her at work one day–*that* day that had changed everything. She had hailed him across the Internet during her lunch hour. She worked as a teacher…a kindergarten teacher for god sakes…! And she was saying hello to him from a computer in the faculty lunch area during her lunch hour.

He couldn’t now recall exactly how it had started, but the conversation had taken a flirtatious turn rather quickly. And then even more quickly the embers of flirtation were fanned into a small but growing flame…and the sexual tension and promise that he had felt from her earlier message about “cybering” was rekindled and began to flow across the miles that separated them… She was sitting before her computer, primly, innocently in the teacher’s lounge, as though studiously checking her email and absorbed so as to avoid any suspicion that the she might be engaged in anything other than completely innocent and routine email check, as she typed in “I’m here at lunch and thinking about how utterly delicious your cock would be in my mouth….”

And kadıköy escort bayan assorted other, um, provocative, phrases. The combination of her words and his imagination’s picture of her sitting in the kindergarten lunchroom had worked its magic and his cock was indeed, now rock hard and exposed in the privacy of his own office. He imagined her being there with him, instead of 3,000 miles away and the picture of her innocent eyes raised to his as his cock disappeared down her throat had him incredibly aroused, his erection now rock hard. (They had exchanged pictures previously, and he could imagine her—pretty, sexual and playful in such a position.) Across the continent, C sat primly still amidst the unsuspecting teachers and other staff in the lunchroom.

Had they been a bit more observant, perhaps they might have noticed that under her long sleeved white blouse her nipples were swelling to a state of complete erectness and were straining against the fabric of her bra, which she felt as a delicious sensation that just poured more fuel on the growing fire of her growing sexual desire. Or the most observant may have perceived the slight quickening and deepening of her breathing as she imagined the scene she described so vividly to S. Some may have even sensed the very faintest odor of her female juices, as her pussy lips started to swell, glistening with her arousal.

C continued writing. She loved cocks above almost anything else and the thought of his, this new and perfect conquest sliding past her lips and to the back of her throat caused an almost imperceptible moan to escape her lips… She caught herself and quickly glanced around to see whether anyone in the lounge had noticed. S, across the country could now picture her perfectly – and abandoning his own cock for a moment, typed quickly—he KNEW that she was sitting on the chair with her legs held tightly together… squirming ever so imperceptibly on the seat… enjoying the tingling sensations that were flowing directly from her nipples to what now felt like the center of her beingness…her pussy and her hardening clit. C’s clothing now both hid and stimulated her growing passion…her tight bra substituting for his imagined touch, her skirt and cotton panties, coupled with the discrete tiny gyrations of her hips, simulating the imagined light brushing of his fingers around her swelling and moistening pussy lips. The call that had actually begun as an innocent flirtation, was becoming a rapidly out-of-control inferno of tightly controlled passion.

What finally sent C over the edge was S’s typed instruction that she was to surreptitiously escort bostancı slip her hand down between the waist of her skirt and her flat belly, down past the elastic waistband of her panties and in between her now soaking lower lips. To slide her fingers deep into her cunt, silently, moisten them, and slowly raise them to her lips and suck and lick her own juices from them. C complied with the cyber instructions, and reported her sensations—an almost uncontrollable urge to cry out loud as her fingers slipped deep into her feminine recesses; the sweet and tangy taste of her cunt’s juice on her tongue; and an incredible feeling of unbearable tension throughout her entire body, all centered, with the rest of her beingness on her now fully erect and wet clit. Of course the thoughts and pictures of this taking place in the teacher’s lounge, in full view of the rest of the staff… had stiffened S’s cock to it fullest and he now stroked it firmly and moaned with his own mounting pleasure as C described her efforts to follow his instructions explicitly.

C was rapidly approaching the point where she would or could have any control over the rising tide of an impending spectacular orgasm . . . and she knew that this, when it occurred would be utterly unconcealable. She typed her urgent message to S. She had to leave for the ladies room, and quickly! Of course there were no computers in the school’s restrooms, so S, realizing that she really would have to leave, typed his final instructions. C was to imagine herself in the restroom, sitting on the commode, legs spread wantonly and panties around her ankles as she moaned loudly now. One hand’s fingers circling her clit in the rhythms she knew so well and her other hand finger-fucking her drenched pussy. S (in their minds, of course) moves quickly to straddle her legs and present his erection to her openly begging mouth and lips… C cries out, coming uncontrollably, as S ejaculates into her mouth and throat, then watches her unsuccessfully attempt to swallow it all, the excess dribbling down and out the corners of her lips.

Yes, it seems that their relationship had changed, all right… C was left to quickly close the chat window and rapidly excuse herself from the lounge. S, left floating in the haze of sexual afterglow, his cyber lover gone from the screen. S notices his own come, sticky and hardening rapidly all over his right hand. Thinking of her, he lifts his fingers to his lips to taste what she would have tasted…what he would have tasted leaning down to kiss and suck her lips and come-filled mouth had they actually been together.

Almost unwittingly, certainly surprisingly, they had begun what would be the adventure of their sexual lives. They had awakened some sleeping beast of pure, raw sexual energy deep within themselves that would lead them they knew not where.

More to come…. as S and C continue to explore…

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Sunday Mass

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Her hips swayed in perfect unison with her chest as she walked; the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was painfully obvious to anyone who cared to look. Her pink, flowing top was tight in all the right places, and her black dress pants skin tight, hugging her sizeable booty. Had she been at a club she would have stood out, her clothes edgy and sexy, although still somewhat classy. In church, they were downright scandalous. A few parishioners gasped as she bowed at the foot of the altar, her enormous breasts swinging forward and back as her body tilted. As she approached the podium to perform the day’s readings, the spotlight in the ceiling hit her sheer top just right, and many people began to wonder if that was the faint outline of two nipples that they could see. Their guesses were confirmed moments later, as her nipples seemed to harden, all on their own, with her secret excitement at being so naughty in front of so many people. Ladies in the crowd were mortified. Husbands stole secret looks, their imaginations running wild with the possibilities. Pubescent boys stared, unabashedly and in awe; many receiving a smack from their mother’s for their trouble.

She delivered the reading in a powerful, confident voice. Her lips seemed to shimmer, the gloss covering them appeared to make them so moist as to be wet. Her eyes fluttered behind impossibly long eyelashes as she looked down to read, periodically scanning the crowd. She seemed to have a knowing half smile on her lips, aware that every male eye was transfixed on her. As she finished her reading and left the altar, the priest, red-faced in embarrassment, tried to regain the attention of his flock. There was an awkward tension in the air, as he rambled, and nobody listened. All eyes were on HER as she swayed her way back to her chair beside the altar, where she remained in plain view of the congregation. Even from the side, as she sat facing the altar, her ample cleavage was visible, as half her breast seemed to be trying to escape the folds of her top.

As mass ended, she shook hands with people at the door as they left. More than a few took the opportunity to leer at her, or even cop a feel as they went by. Once the church was mostly empty, she made her way to the back, to the escort bostancı confessional. A line of anxious men waited beside the enclosed booth. She walked confidently past them, and entered, on the priest’s side, and took her seat. Finally able to let herself relax, her hand followed the familiar route down into her pants and rubbed her swollen and wet clitoris. She came almost instantly from all the built up sexual tension of being a piece of sexual meat for all the men in the church. She heard the door slide open on the other side of the confessional, and took position on her knees. The man on the other side sat down, and she crawled forward, pushing through the secret door near the floor of the booth, the one that allowed her to reach her knees in front of the newcomer. In the darkness of the confessional, she couldn’t see who it was. No words were exchanged.

The moment his cock plunged into her warm mouth, she came again. His cock was so powerful and hard. It wasn’t the biggest cock, but it was steely and veiny, with a bulbous round head. She could take him to the hilt, and then lick his balls when she got there, and his fat head still managed to choke her and cause her to gag up thick soupy saliva to further lubricate his raging hard on. She bobbed her head ferociously, seeking the gratifying feeling of his cock, from root to tip, pulsing into her mouth the warm and salty liquid that she craved. She didn’t have to wait long, as he grabbed her by the sides of the head and forced himself even deeper in her, his cock spewing directly down her throat.

And so it went, with man after man entering the confessional booth, waiting outside patiently for their turn, their chance to experience her talented mouth. After an hour she had serviced over a dozen cocks, swallowing each load. Her stomach was flipping in knots now, as it tried to reject the massive amount of semen it faced. The line was longer than usual, word was getting around about the service she provided. Her now soaking wet mouth and face sluiced up and down a giant cock now, his full thick nine inches gagging her regularly as she attempted to take him into her throat. He was too large for that, but she continued her efforts despite the discomfort. As she felt ümraniye escort his balls tighten, and his cock pulse, she pulled his cock, dripping, from her mouth, to give her stomach a break. He exploded immediately, as her hands kept up their expert manipulations. His thick streams of cum slathered her, matting her top to her chest, and hair to her face. Her eyes clogged with semen, she didn’t even see the next man enter, but certainly felt it as his cock pushed past her now raw lips, and he started to briskly face fuck her.

The man in front of her fucked her mouth viciously, forcing her to crawl backwards, trying to relieve the pressure on her throat as she retched silently. She was unable to speak and ask him to calm down, and unable to even see the man as her eyes were still caked in sticky cum. As her butt pushed back through the secret door, she felt a second presence behind her, a man grinding his rock hard cock against her meaty ass. Only one man would have the gall to enter that side of the confessional, and she moaned aloud as she ground her rear end back against the parish priest. She had been sucking him off daily for weeks, as a thank you for letting her use the confessional for her fantasy, and now it seemed he wanted to try another earthly delight forbidden him.

The priest was a tall, upright man. Although in his 60’s, he maintained the physique of a man much younger, and exuded a certain joie de vivre that made him seem full of life and energy. As she had discovered, his lust was insatiable, as he now made up for so many years of repressed desires. Most of all, it was his cock that was wasted on the clergy. It was of such power and dimensions that he could easily have had a career in pornography, even at his age. She shimmied her ass as he slid her pants half down, pinioning her knees together, and exposing her pussy, aromatically, to him. He rubbed the massive head of his cock up and down her slit, causing her to moan around the cock that was now fucking her throat more slowly, allowing her to breathe. With surprising gentleness considering his size, the priest entered her, sliding himself in, inch by inch, filling her completely. She gasped as he reached the end, pressuring what felt like her stomach, kartal escort bayan she was so full of his cock. She rocked her hips and immediately reached another climax.

At this moment, in her throes of joy, the man in front of her pulled his cock out of her mouth, and shot several jets of cum onto her face, re-coating her eyelids and lips with another sticky coat of semen. She moaned and gasped loudly now, her body shaking as the priest began to fuck her steadily. With a few slaps of his cock on her face, the man in front was gone, and there was now only her and the priest, who was fucking her deeply and gently, causing her free-swinging breasts to come so far forward they bumped her chin with regularity. For all his sexual vigour, the priest still did not possess very good stamina, since his sexual exploits had begun only recently. Knowing he would cum soon, she moved forward, reluctantly allowing that massive cock to slide out of her very sore pussy. Turning around, she rejoined him in his booth, on her knees, her mouth suckling gently on his balls.

The priest moaned with pleasure as she jerked his wet cock in her hand, and lapped at her one juices on his balls. Moving her mouth higher, she engulfed his cock head, his huge, wide, swollen cock head, in her mouth. Using her hand to stroke the base of his cock, she pushed her mouth up and down the massive tool, bringing his passion to a boiling conclusion. He began to slowly pulse in waves, and she began to swallow all the saliva in her mouth in preparation for the deluge of semen. His orgasm seemed to last forever, and his cum came spurting out at a steady rate. It did not blast like a cannon, all at once, but slowly filled her mouth with pulse after pulse of heavy white semen. She swallowed each mouthful gratefully, but began to fall behind as his very thick semen began to clog her throat. With reluctance, she allowed the corners of her mouth to relieve the pressure, and semen poured out onto the confessional floor. His cum kept spewing out for many long minutes, as his oversized balls emptied into her mouth, onto her chin, and dripped onto the floor. As the flow finally subsided, she swallowed what remained in her mouth and bent lower to lick the remains from the wooden floor. The priest sighed his thanks, and straightened his robes. He spoke the first words since she had entered the confessional: “Thank you my child, I’ll expect you tomorrow morning, bright at early?” All she could do was nod yes as she scraped the cum from her eyelids.

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Taking Dick-tation

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“Mr ‘G’ will see you now.”

Here I was, a girl from Dartford, sitting on the other side of the world waiting to be interviewed for a job I knew I had no chance of getting, PA to the Chief Financial Officer of ‘Tennessee Steel’. If I knew nothing about being a PA I knew even less about steel manufacture. The biggest export where I came from was chalk, hardly the same thing. Still, I needed a job and this seemed a far more exciting prospect than flipping burgers at the local McDonalds.

I wanted to impress and I knew my lack of knowledge about what would be required of me wasn’t going to cut it, which left me with one approach, The First Impression. I had decided on wearing my two piece, dark blue pin stripped business suit. The skirt was probably a little too short and the jacket was definitely too tight but when done up it did help push my tits together to produce a very satisfying cleavage. I had pulled my hair back in a pony tail and it swung in a long black procession that I thought looked both sophisticated and playful. I wore thigh-high stockings, my skirt only just covering the band at the top and black heels. I had downplayed the makeup, only wearing the slightest touch of mascara and lipstick. I had even gone so far as to borrow a pair of glasses from a friend. They didn’t have any lenses, just glass but I thought they added to the image of what might be expected of a PA.

“Excuse me,” came a voice again “Mr ‘G’ is ready for you now.”

The doors to an office were opened and I was ushered in, the doors promptly closed behind me. The room was large and clean with a solid mahogany desk at the far end. There was a large comfortable leather chair behind the desk and not so comfortable looking one in front of it. At the back wall there was a glass fronted dresser and I could make out a bottle of single malt scotch whiskey locked within. “Good taste.” I thought.

There were several photos on the wall as well of men fishing, the largest one of a very proud looking bloke holding up a giant fish. There were also several trophies on a shelf, awarded to John ‘G’ according to their engraved plaques. A couple were for fly fishing tournaments and there was one for golf. A set of pristine clubs rested in one corner.

As I was approaching the ‘man holding fish’ photo for a closer look I heard the doors to the office open behind me and spun around on my heel to see my first glimpse of Mr ‘G’. I was briefly lost for words. The man who was walking in was mid to late forties and well groomed. Well maintained too by the look of his lean, fit build. His suit looked expensive and his smile radiated genuine affection from a face that was ruggedly handsome. He almost looked as though he could be in a Gillette razor blade commercial, the ones with the older successful looking guys happily living their dreams.

As he approached me the room filled with his presence. He was one of those people that walked into a room and immediately commanded everyone’s attention without uttering a word, a trait that would have made him a shark in the boardroom I was sure.

“Hi Portia, it’s nice to meet you. I’m John.” He said. His voice was thick with Southern Charm, an accent I’d always found to have a soothing effect on me and also to be extremely sexy, especially compared to the London accents I was used to back home.

“Thank you for seeing me sir” I said, flashing a wide smile I hoped would make up for not knowing what the hell I was doing.

“Cute accent,” replied John “this place could use some of that British charm.” I blushed and thanked him again. Boy, was this guy a charmer or what?

“Right,” John continued “why don’t you take a seat?”

John sat down behind his escort kartal desk and I took the uncomfortable chair in front.

“So, tell me about yourself.” asked John.

“Well,” I started “I’m 21 years old, I’m from Dartford, Kent in England. I’m into art and music and I decided that when I finished school I would move to the US to got to college. That didn’t work out so well so I decided to see some more of the country. I’ve always loved the Southern States so here I am.”

“Cool,” said John “Look I can see you are a bit nervous but just so you know this job isn’t so hard. Basically I just need a girl who can type, answer the phone and do some basic office duties, nothing too complex.”

I was nervous but John voice had already calmed me. It was like his gorgeous syrupy accent was hypnotizing me.

“I can handle that.” I said keenly.

“Of course should the moment present itself I would need you to be a little more hands on in some respects. I’d be happy to guide you through it if it comes up. My job can get kinda stressful at times and occasionally I might just need you to help me unwind.”

“No problem John, you mean like a massage or something?” I asked naively.

“Something like that.” said John. “Ahhhh, so what school did you go to?”

“Dartford Girls Grammar sir” I answered.

“All girls eh? Bet you got up to some mischief there.”

I smiled back politely, not knowing how to correctly respond to the innuendo. The last thing I needed right now was my potential employer getting the wrong idea about me, especially as ‘the wrong idea’ was most probably ‘the right idea’ in this case and if he knew what I got up to in my spare time I’d probably be fired before even getting the job.

John smiled back and continued. “Do you take dictation?”

My mind scanned the question for further innuendo. Did he mean ‘take dick-tation?’

Was this a genuine question or more flirting? Quick, better answer.

“I take perfect dictation sir.” I replied.

“Really? And how do you like taking it?”

Shit how to respond? ‘Better to play it safe’ I thought.

“Ummm,” I bit my lip “with a pen?” I sheepishly replied.

John burst into laughter and felt my face flush.

“I meant what method do you use? Shorthand? Longhand..?”

“Oh, I can do shorthand sir”

“Good,” came the reply “how fast can you take it?”

Before I even had time to think about my next answer it came blurting out.

“As fast as you can give it sir.”

I quickly starred down at my feet, I had blown it. My reply seemed to hang in the air, I was scared to look up, worrying John was going to wig out at me for being so unacceptably forward.

But nothing happened.

I looked up. John was starring right at me, one eyebrow slightly raised in amusement.

“Good answer,” he said “perhaps we should see what other skills you possess young lady. Do you know how to file?”

“Yes sir” I lied.

“Ok, see that file lying over there on the floor by the door? I want you to bring that file to me please.”

I stood up quickly, eager to show John I was up to the task.

“Whoa, what’s the rush?” he said “Take your time.”

I suddenly realized how this was going to work. I stood up straight and adjusted my skirt, letting my fingers brush my leg gently, then spun around on a heel and slowly started walking towards the mislaid file. I could feel John looking at me, his eyes boring into me from behind. I knew he was starring at my ass and loving the view. I reached the file and teetering on one foot slowly bent over to retrieve the document, letting my skirt ride up to reveal the welt of my thigh-high stockings and the supporter fastening maltepe escort that held them in place. I made sure John got just a teasing glance at the edge of my white lace panties and the curve of my ass. I straightened myself, turned back around and started walking back towards John keeping my eyes on his the whole time. When I reached his desk I leaned forward and placed the file in front of him. The tightness of my jacket pushed my breasts out towards him and I saw his vision flinch as his eyes couldn’t help but take a quick glance.

“That was perfect.” said John “I just want to test you on one more thing. How ’bout a little practical demonstration of your dick taking skills?”

“What?” I gasped, shocked.

“I said your dictation skills, is that Ok?”

“I thought you said….doesn’t matter. Ok, just a sec.” I fumbled in my bag for a pen and pad. “Ok shoot.”

“Right,” started John “Take a letter Miss Willis. ‘Dear Portia…'”

I wrote what he said.

‘I am quite pleased with how this interview has gone so far. You have all the necessary skills required to perform in this position as well as possessing what I can only describe as ‘a perfect ass.’

My heart jumped and I had written what he had said before even realizing it. I looked up at him.

“Continue please.” he said. I put pen back to paper and began writing as he talked.

‘There is only one aspect that I am still unsure about and this will undoubtedly be the clinching factor in whether you get this job or not. That factor is ‘Blow-job Technique.’

Stunned, I looked at the words I had just written. I looked up again at John questioningly.

“Oh c’mon,” he said “my job requires me to be able to read people, their faces, mannerisms, the way they speak and how they present themselves. Being able to read people this way gives me the advantage in a meeting and in life. The second I saw you I knew you wanted dick even more than you wanted this job. You can’t deny it.”

And I couldn’t. For the entire duration of the interview I had been listening to John’s gorgeous accent and daydreaming about what his cock would be like. How big was it? What would it taste like? What would it feel like sliding into my pussy or plowing into my ass? It had been driving me crazy and it had obviously been written all over my face.

John stood up from behind his desk and walked around, sitting back down on the edge of the desk right in front of me. “Portia, I want you to listen to me very carefully and do exactly as I tell you Ok? I need a PA that’s going to be able to do any task I ask of her and without questioning me, is that understood?”

I felt my panties moisten at the sudden forcefulness in his voice, quietly in control but so commanding. I nodded to him in acceptance.

“Good.” He said. “Now, I want you to take your lipstick out of your bag and apply some. I reached down into my handbag and did as he commanded. My lips were now red and full and slightly parted as little short breathes escaped me.

“Stand up Portia and push your chair away.” I did as I was told.

“Now I want you to kneel down in front of me and undo my pants.”

I got down on my knees and looked up at him. My hands were shaking as I loosened his belt, then unbuckled and unzipped his pants. I could make out the bulge of his cock through his boxer shorts, it looked big and was only inches from my face. I drew his pants down to his ankles then drew my gaze back to his cock.

“Do you see my cock Portia?” John asked me “You answer to it. Anytime of the day or night that it calls you come running. If I want to put it in your mouth you open wide. If I want to stick it in your pussy you’ll pendik escort bayan be willing. If I want to fuck your ass you will bite down on something and take it, understand?”

“Yes sir” I stammered, completely under his spell.

“Today I want you to suck that cock Ok? Now take it out.”

My hands reached to the elastic of his boxer shorts and gently pulled them over the bulge underneath. His cock sprang out fully erect. It was a monster, nine inches at least and nearly as thick as my wrist. His balls hung low and large beneath it. It was so inviting I wanted to jump on it immediately but I held my composure and brought my face slowly towards his manhood. I gently flicked my tongue over the head, and teased the underside of the crown with my tongue and lower lip. I slid further down, running my tongue along the underneath of John’s dick as I made my way to his balls. I gently licked the left one, teasing his sack with my lips. I opened my mouth wide and took his whole left nut into my mouth. I swirled it around my mouth and gently sucked it as I massaged it with my tongue. Then the right one got the same treatment. With his testy in my mouth I pulled my head back, the skin of his sack stretching out until the ball was pulled from my mouth with a pop. I giggled and went back to licking the spot between his balls where they met the base of his cock.

John seemed to be enjoying the attention to his nuts but it was time for the main course. I rose slightly on my knees and let the head of John’s dick become level with my lips. I brought them up against the purple head and kissed it then slowly let it push against my lips but not past my teeth. This was obviously too much for John to bear.

“Open your mouth now. I want those ruby red lips wrapped around my cock. ” he commanded.

I parted my lips and felt the head of his cock slide into my mouth. I had to stretch my mouth wide to get around it. I bobbed up and down on the first couple of inches for several minutes before submitting and letting about half of John’s dick into my mouth. He was already hitting my tonsils and still had another three or four inches to go. I moved my head up and down, his hot tool completely filling my mouth.

“Of fuck Portia, that’s it. Oh good girl, you’ve still got a few more inches to go though. I want your lips around the base of my dick.” John moaned.

I tried to relax my jaw and flatten my tongue, sticking it out of my mouth slightly. Johns cock seized the moment and pushed down into my throat. Just one more inch to go. I tilted my head back slightly and my lips came into contact with his pubic hair as all nine inches of his cock throbbed in my mouth and throat. I began to deep throat him and it felt like his cock was still growing in my mouth.

“I want you to look up at me Portia. I want to look into those beautiful green eyes while I fuck your mouth.”

I did my best to look up at him while continuing to suck his cock. I fluttered my best bedroom eyes at him and moaned as his dick surged in my mouth. I felt his hands come up and take the sides of my head, gripping me by the hair. He held my head still and began thrusting his cock into my mouth. My hands reached up and grabbed the edge of his desk, my knuckles white as he frantically fucked my face. I gagged slightly as his dick sawed in and out of my mouth but John didn’t stop. My lips were tingling from the friction of his cock.

All of a sudden with a mighty push he thrust his entire length into my throat and blew his first wad straight into my stomach. Instantly my head shot back releasing his cock from my lips as his second shot blasted out, creaming my face. A third smaller load didn’t quite make the distance and splashed across my tits. I lay on the floor covered in his spunk not knowing what to do or say.

“So did I get the job?” I asked

“Yeah and I think it’s time I promoted you.” replied John “But I’m sure there will be plenty more time for that.”

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The “Wrong” Man

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Michelle Foster sat in the back of the limo happier then she had ever been. She had spent the whole 25 years of her life despairing about ever getting married. Yet, today was her wedding day.

Michelle never considered herself attractive. Besides being too tall, (she topped out at 6′ even on her 18th birthday), she was full figured with huge tits. Add that to her plain brown hair and blue eyes. Not every man’s dream.

She lost her virginity five years ago to an old man she paid $50.00 to fuck her. Not exactly a self esteem riser.

Michelle met Robert Foster 2 years ago at an office Christmas party. He is the CEO’s nephew who was spending the holidays with his parents.

As soon as he walked in the door, her body went into overdrive. The man was gorgeous. At least 2 inches taller then her and built like a linebacker for the 49ers. His blow away hair is a couple shades lighter then her own and his brown eyes would sparkle when he smiled.

She was standing with a coworker talking when her boss brought Robert to meet her. She flushed as his eyes moved down her body then gasped when she was suddenly locked in his arms with his mouth on hers.

He didn’t apologize for the kiss afterwards, just put his arm around her waist, holding her close.

They left the party early, spending the next 24 hours in his hotel rooms king sized bed, fucking each others brains out. 6 months later he moved in with her and a year later he proposed. Now she was Mrs. Robert Foster.

Michelle was brought out of her memories by Robert shoving his hand roughly down the front of her dress, almost ripping the material as he slobbered on her cheek.

“I wuv you baby.” He slurred as he groped at her.

Robert had been drinking steadily through the reception and it showed in his actions. He was roaring ass drunk. He squeezed her nipple a bit to enthusiastically making her cry out in pain. When he locked his mouth on hers, kissing her hard, she tried not to gag at the whiskey smell on his breath.

Finally he pulled away, shoving her head roughly down into his crotch. “Suck daddy’s cock baby.” He growled as his head lolled against the backseat, his eyes barely open slits. He held her tight against his crotch as she pushed against his legs.

“Easy tiger save it for the honeymoon.” A soft voice said as a hand pulled Robert’s from her hair and helped her to sit up.

The man was still holding onto Robert’s hand as Robert smiled drunkenly. “I got married today Brad. I’m in love with my wife.” When he made to grab Michelle again, she shrunk back while Brad pulled his arms away from her.

“Yes Robert, we know.”

Michelle licked at her bruised lip as she looked at the third occupant of the car. Brad Jones was 33 and had been Robert’s best friend since college. He was Robert’s height but his build was slimmer. Michelle thought he was attractive in his own way. His dark brown hair was almost black; his green eyes sparkled in amusement as he looked at Robert.

Michelle had known Brad for a little over a year. Even though they got along pretty well, she still considered him a mystery. She had never seen him with another woman and he had no interest in any of her friends. When Michelle mentioned to Robert one night that she thought Brad might be gay, he laughed so hard he fell of the bed.

Now Michelle watched Brad as he kept Robert’s roaming hands to himself. “Thank you.” She said softly lowering her eyes while fixing the bodice of her wedding gown.

Brad just smiled at her. “You’re welcome.”

Michelle looked at her new husband, then gasped in shock as he suddenly rested his head against the back of the seat and began to snore. “Well that’s just great.” She grumbled shaking Robert hard.

He just continued to snore. She looked at Brad who looked at Robert in disgust. “It’s my wedding night, I haven’t been pendik escort fucked in two days and my husband is passed out in the back of the limo.”

Brad was about to say something when the limo pulled up in front of the hotel. The doorman helped Michelle from the car then when Brad promised to pay him, helped him carry Robert up to the suite. The two men dropped him on the couch in the sitting room when Michelle flat out refused to have him in her bed.

Brad stood by the couch watching Robert as Michelle stomped into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. His cock was throbbing almost painfully in the pants of his tux but he just ignored it. Brad had had the hots for Michelle since he met her a year ago. But she was his best friend’s girlfriend so he left her alone. Now he stood there looking at Robert snoring with his arm hanging off the couch towards the floor.

Brad had been cleaning up Robert’s messes since their freshman year in college. As he looked at his friend passed out drunk, he knew the groom wouldn’t be doing his new bride any good tonight. He slipped out of his tux jacket, laying it over Robert, and then walked towards the bedroom door. This was one mess he was dying to clean up.

He knocked gently on the bedroom door as he slowly opened it. “Michelle?” he called softly as he stepped into the room.

Michelle was sitting on the edge of the bed in just her shift. Her dress was in a pile on the floor at her feet. She had pulled the pins from her hair so it lay in waves around her shaking shoulders as she cried into her hands.

Brad closed the door silently then walked over to her, sitting down on the bed, he gathered her into his arms. “It’s okay baby.” He murmured kissing the top of her head.

Michelle wrapped her arms around his back as she buried her face in his chest. “This is supposed to be the happiest night of my life and it has turned into my worst nightmare.” She sobbed.

“I know…I know…” He comforted as he ran his hands up and down over her back.

She pressed herself closer to him as she cried, forcing him to suppress a moan when her hand brushed over his hard cock. He knew that Robert would kill him if he ever found out what Brad planned to do. One rule they always had was you didn’t mess with each others women. But Robert was passed out cold and would probably be out until morning at least with as much as he had drunk. Michelle was alone on her wedding night and to Brad’s thinking that was just wrong.

Her sobs lessened until she finally pulled away. “I’m sorry.” She cried when he handed her his handkerchief. She blew her nose then wiped her eyes, balling the material up in her hand.

“It’s okay baby.” Brad said turning her face to his. He looked into her eyes, and then slowly lowered his lips to hers. The kiss was soft, almost tender.

Michelle’s eyes widened at the touch of his lips, and then slowly lowered as she melted against him. She let him kiss her for a minute then quickly pulled away. This man wasn’t her husband. This was the wrong man and he shouldn’t be kissing her. “No…We can’t …I mean…You’re Robert’s best friend and I’m his wife.”

Brad looked deeply into her eyes as he cupped her cheek. “Robert is passed out cold Michelle.”

She put her hand over his but didn’t pull it away. “I know but…” Her words were cut off as he kissed her again, this time harder, deeper. When his tongue probed at her lips, she slowly opened them sighing when his tongue swept into her mouth.

She didn’t resist when he pushed her back on the bed or when he covered her body with his own as he continued to kiss her.

Michelle tried to resist, telling herself that this was wrong, but when his hand cupped her breast she moaned. “No one should be alone on their wedding night love.” He said softly then lowered his head, taking her nipple into maltepe escort his mouth through the material. He sucked gently at her breast making her moan as she ran her fingers though his hair.

She closed her eyes as he continued to suck on her breast through the material of her shift. When he suddenly lowered her bodice so her breasts were open to his gaze, she gasped. “Brad…no…” She said trying to cover herself.

He looked at her with passion filled eyes then brought his lips to hers again. Kissing her hard. He pulled her arms to her side gently. He moved his hand back up over her breast, squeezing it gently while he caressed her nipple with his thumb. She moaned against his mouth pressing herself closer to him as her hands moved up around his neck.

He slowly lifted his mouth from hers, looking into her eyes as he continued to caress her. “Robert can’t do you any good tonight baby. His is out cold. I’m here though. I have wanted you for so long. Please, just let me have one taste of you. Then you can go back to your husband. Just let me have one night with the woman I have hungered for, for over a year.”

Her eyes met his in surprise even as she lifted her breast closer to his caressing hand. “You have wanted me for over a year?”

He moved his mouth to her breast, licking the nipple then looked into her eyes again. “I have dreamed of this for so many nights. Ever since the first day I met you I wanted you in my bed.” He licked her nipple again, feeling her shiver. Then he took the small bud between his lips, sucking gently.

“Oh…” She moaned quietly as she closed her eyes. She knew she should stop this before it went too far. She was a married woman. But his mouth felt so good against her skin and she was so horny. Her panties were soaked with her juices.

When he sucked harder at her nipple, running his tongue over it, she cried out then clung to his head, holding him tightly against her. “Oh yes. That feels so good, don’t stop.” She begged.

Brad groaned against her breast as he felt her give in to him. He knew from talking to some of Robert’s leftovers that he was a good lover, but Brad knew he was to and he planned to show Michelle that she could get just as much passion from him as he she could get from the man passed out in the other room.

He kept his mouth on her breast, feeling her pressing tightly against him as he ran his hand over her stomach, heading for the treasure between her legs. When he cupped her pussy, she spread her legs wide, giving him complete access to her body.

He moaned again when he felt how wet her panties were. She was hot; he knew it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. He ran his hand up over the waistband of her panties then slid his hand inside. He brushed over her curls, sliding lower until he felt her pussy throbbing under his hand. “Oh Brad, touch me.” She cried softly lifting her hips against him.

He sucked harder at her breast as he let his finger brush lightly against her clit. She whimpered in need at his touch.

He took his mouth from her breast, kissing his way down her body as he lifted her slip up until she could pull it over her head and throw it on the floor. She lay back on the pillow looking at him with desire filled eyes. He kissed her stomach then continued on his journey to the treasure he knew she had waiting for him.

He didn’t bother to pull her panties down; instead he just pushed the crotch to the side then drove his head between her legs. “Oh god, Eat me.” She whimpered grabbing his head as he drove at her pussy with his tongue. He ran it over her clit, then down to her slit, sliding it inside. He pushed it in and out a few times hearing her cry out as she lifted herself against him. “Eat my pussy baby. I need to cum so bad.”

He lifted his head, grabbing the crotch of her panties. With kartal escort a hard yank he ripped the material from her body then dove between her legs again. He was like a mad man. His tongue dove inside her repeatedly as he mauled her clit with his hand.

Michelle was purring like a cat and whimpering as his mouth drove her towards release. Robert was good at eating her pussy but he had nothing on Brad. Brad’s tongue was slicing in and out of her hole like a fish dangling on a hook. His fingers were pinching and pulling at her clit forcefully making her cry out in pleasure and pain. She mashed her pussy against his face as her hips rose hard against his sucking mouth. “Eat me. “She begged; clamping her hands hard on his head to keep him buried between her legs. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg….” She cried then bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming as her body convulsed in release.

Brad had planned to see if she would suck on his cock. Since the first time he met her, he wanted to feel her lips around him. But with her cumming so hard in his mouth, his cock was throbbing painfully in his pants. He knew if he didn’t get inside her soon, he was gonna cum in his clothes.

He tore his mouth from her body as he sat beside her on the bed. He pulled off his boots then tore at his clothes.

She watched him through passion filled eyes as he ripped his clothes from his body. Her eyes moved down over him when he was gloriously naked. He was a bit smaller then Robert but right now she didn’t care. She opened her arms to him. “Make love to me Brad.” She said huskily.

He growled like a bear as he launched himself at her. His body covered hers, pressing her deep into the mattress. His mouth locked on hers as he shoved her legs further apart until he was resting comfortably between them. His cock was poised at her entrance. When she nibbled at his lips and purred, lifting herself against him, he lost control. He wrapped his arms tightly around her as he thrust forcefully into her body. He impaled her completely with one thrust.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh…” She gasped as he slammed himself into her.

Brad’s thrusts weren’t slow and gentle, they were hard and fast. He was hammering her pussy hard with his cock as he probed deeply into her depths. Michelle wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as she met his powerful thrusts with thrusts of her own. “Fuck me.” She screamed clawing at his back as he took her violently.

“Oh baby. I have dreamed of this for so long. You feel so fucking good.” He growled against her ear as he continued to slam violently in and out of her body.

“Fuck me Brad. Ream my pussy with your hard cock. I love it.” She cried slamming her body brutally against his as he slammed her repeatedly into the mattress.

The couple fucking on the bed prayed that Robert was out cold cause if not he would be hearing their screams of pleasure.

Brad pulled his arms from around her, and pulled her legs from around his waist. He pushed them over his shoulders as he continued to hammer her pussy while he kissed her deeply. His cock slammed hard and fast deep inside her. “Cum for me baby,” He panted. “Oh cum for me…I need to feel you contract around me.” He begged.

As if his words had triggered something inside her, she suddenly let out a soft scream as her body convulsed around his hammering cock.

He locked his mouth on hers, smothering her cries as he continued to pound into her.

Michelle clung to him as he ravished her body with his own. Her cries were lost in his mouth as he sent her flying not once but twice more into ecstasy. Finally he stiffened above her, her name torn from his lips as he started shooting deep inside her.

She came again as he filled her with his seed. They rode the waves together, and then kissed softly before he pulled out of her. He looked down into her satisfaction filled eyes. He kissed her one more time before rolling over onto his side beside her, pulling her back against his chest.

As she lay there in his arms, she knew that Brad was the best man. In more ways then one.

The End

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Storm Damage Ch. 06

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The big day was growing quickly closer. I was amazed that the girls had managed to finish the repairs as good, if not better, than they had been before the storm and, in addition, add to the master bathroom. While that particular addition was supposed to be done, Tina had yet to allow me to see it, indicating that it was a surprise for tonight.

At the moment I was standing on the back deck, watching them string what seemed like miles of lights on a set of new support wires that they had put up over the deck. Now I suppose I should mention that the deck no longer looked like my old deck. I had taken great pride in building the original deck, only twenty by twenty, but more than large enough for my sunken hot tub, shower and plenty of room to grill and relax after a hard day at work. Tina had surprised me with the new boardwalk around the side of the house, which to me, made it perfect.

Somewhere along the way the girls decided that the deck was simply not large enough for the wedding, and rather than move to a different location, simply “made it a tad bigger”, as Patty put it. That tad bigger added a second lower level to the deck, wrapping around two sides of the deck thirty feet wide on both sides. This new redwood deck was more than four times what we started with, and although beautiful, seemed a bit much to me. As part of that the girls set redwood posts around the perimeter with decorative redwood beams tying the posts together along the top. These beams were then connected with a checkerboard of long support wires that Tina said would have pretty vine type flowers on it. For now they would hold up strings of tiny Christmas lights and strings of artificial flower garland.

I had to admit that they had the place looking very pretty and festive, but then with the wedding only two days away, it needed to be getting close to done. What I really didn’t know was how they were paying for all of this. I was shocked to see a landscape company come in and plant bushes and plants in along the new addition, and all the rest of the torn up back yard flattened and raked and covered with a thick blanket of sod. The yard honestly looked a lot better than I can ever remember it looking.

Tina climbed down off the ladder and walked over to me, wearing the tight little cutoffs and crop top shirt she had taken to wearing in the august heat. Slipping her arm around me and pressing her tits into my side she kissed me on the cheek. “Well what do you think?”

“I think that it looks as pretty as the workers.” I replied with a smile.

“Ohhhh you do know how to smooth talk a girl don’t you? You know what that will get you don’t you?”

“What’s that?” I asked looking down at her.

“A really good fucking.” She answered as she rubbed my quickly hardening dick through my shorts.

“Oh really? What are you going to do, just whip it out and fuck right here in front of them?”

“I could.” She said unzipping my shorts and letting them slide down my legs, leaving me in just the sexy little men’s bikini underwear she preferred me to wear. “But that wouldn’t be fair unless I invited the girls to join me.”

“So what are you going to do, just leave me standing here half naked?” I asked as she stroked my dick hard enough that it no longer could be contained by the small amount of material.

“Oh, certainly not!” she said with a devilish grin, stroking the exposed part of my dick and head. “I’ll leave you standing here completely naked!” she finished, before she pulled the front of my underwear down to expose all of my hard dick and balls.

“You know Sis… If you’re going to wave that thing around out here we can’t be expected to be responsible for what happens!” Patty called from the top of her ladder, where she was finishing tying on the last strand of flowers.

“Yeah. I mean if its hanging out its fair game to sit on, isn’t it?” Sandy called as she climbed down and folded her ladder. She set the ladder against the post and walked over toward us, her big tits wiggling around under her t-shirt unrestrained.

“You know the rules… As long as you leave some for me, I don’t mind if you warm it up.” Tina replied.

“Good. Because I could really stand a hard rod stuffed in my muff right about now. I mean I’m going to have to go without soon enough, right?” she asked as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband and wiggled her hips to help slip the shorts and panties down her legs. She bent over and pulled them off her feet over her work boots and then skimmed her shirt off so she was standing naked except for her boots.

“Damn Sandy!” Patty called. “You have turned into a real exhibitionist nympho lately. I bet you’d get naked on a busy city street if it meant you could get his dick in you.”

“Oh shush… You want it as much as I do. You’re just sore you didn’t get here first.”

“No fighting… or I keep him all to myself!” Tina said with a grin before she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m going to start dinner. Why don’t you escort ataşehir relax and enjoy yourself for a while?”

“You know I’ll do whatever you want.” I replied as I turned my face to kiss her back on the lips.

“Yeah.” She said with a giggle. “Especially if it means getting a good fucking from my sisters.”

“I guess it’s not a really hard imposition.” I replied.

“As long as it’s hard for me later!” she said, giving my bare ass a soft smack before she turned and walked toward the patio door.

“Well stud… Looks like you’re all mine for a while!” Sandy said, as she knelt down in front of me to finish pulling my underwear down. She pulled my shoes off and slipped my underwear and shorts over my feet and tossed them over her shoulder. She looked up at me with a grin and then slowly engulfed my dick with her hot mouth. In the last weeks she had gone from not wanting any guys to have sex with her, to having Patty teach her how to suck cock, which she learned she enjoyed, as well as getting my dick into her at any opportunity.

It was not unusual to see her walking around the kitchen with nothing on below the waist in the hope that, as she put it, “I would just walk up and stuff my fat dick into her pussy.” On a few occasions I had done just that, including one instance where she was bent over at the refrigerator when I came out from a shower. I really couldn’t resist the view and walked up behind her, stroking her exposed pussy. She quite simply told me to stuff it in her and not to tease her. To my surprise she was already sopping wet and came in a very few minutes. Only after that did I find out she had been watching Tina and I in the shower and frigged herself off before we got out.

I groaned quietly as she practiced her deep-throating on my dick.

“I think it’s more than ready to be in my hot pussy.” She said as she pulled her mouth from my saliva covered dick. She got up and pulled me by the dick, gently of course, toward a lounge chair. She pulled my shirt off before she laid me back on the lounge. I watched her huge tits hang and wiggle in front of my face as she straddled the chair, aiming her pussy at my dick and then bent at the waist slightly to help get things lined up. She sat down slowly, groaning in pleasure as my dick pressed up into her. “Oh yes.” She whispered as she began to ride up and down my shaft. “So good. “

Patty walked over and leaned down to kiss me where I lay, then stood back up and stripped naked, letting me watch her remove every piece of her clothing. She bent over and lowered her pussy to my face, where I helped guide her to my tongue, squeezing her firm bare ass on the way. I always enjoy pussy, but getting to eat pussy while I had another riding my dick always seemed to increase the pleasure of both parts. I went to work, working my tongue between her lips, spreading them wide and licking her moisture up along her slit to her hard nub. I allowed my tongue to slide slowly across it, before flicking it quickly several times with just the tip. I repeated this process several times, each time tasting more of Patty’s juices as she grew wetter. I had licked this particular pussy a number of times and I knew exactly what it took to hit her trigger. I zeroed in on the primary target and sucked her clit between my lips and gently squeezed it while rubbing the exposed tip with the tip of my tongue. As expected it didn’t take long before her whole body was shaking in pleasure. She pulled from my face and dropped to her knees, no longer able to hold her position crouched over me, and sat, panting and trembling near my head.

Sandy was still working my dick with her pussy, slowly sliding up and down at a pace she preferred. Over the last several weeks I had pretty much allowed her to pick her pace and opportunities as she got a lot more comfortable with getting screwed. I didn’t want to push too much for fear of turning her back off again, but that seemed to be less of a worry the last week or so as she became more demanding and much less tentative in her requests. Aside from essentially offering her pussy any time I wanted it by running around half naked, most evenings Tina and I would cuddle in front of the new 60 inch plasma, and Sandy would sit in one of the recliners mostly naked.

Tina seemed to like the way most nights I ended up with a hard-on, and seemed to enjoy having me buried inside her while we laid and watched TV. It was not at all unusual for us to do some slow fucking during commercial breaks, and by the end of the evening the up and down of my dick had me ready to blow a huge load. Tina seemed eager enough to share that with her sisters, as long as I got her off first of course. I had lost track of how many times she had jacked me off to shower her sisters with my cum, or had allowed them to take turns with either pussy or mouth until I came.

Sandy was nearly ready to go. I could see her head tilted back and her hair, tied in a pony-tail today, swishing back and forth as kadıköy escort bayan she rocked her head with each stroke. I reached up and grasped her bouncing tits, squeezing her huge puffy nipples as I squeezed her tits. She gave a slight squeak at the increase in stimulation and picked her pace up. Before long she was bouncing heavily on my lap, making the whole chair bounce on the deck as my dick plunged deep into her, frequently banging against her cervix. She cried in pleasure as I squeezed her tits in time with her strokes. Just when I was sure I couldn’t hold on any longer, she slammed down and screamed that she was cumming, her whole body quaking and shaking. The spasming of her pussy milking my hard dick was enough to push me over the top and I jerked, spewing the first squirt of cum deep into her pussy, making her cry “OH YES!”

My body bucked and jerked with each pump of cum into her, filling her pussy with my hot cream while her whole body trembled. The two of us eased from our mutual orgasm together, with Sandy slowly lowering herself down until she was laying on me with her tits squished between us.

“God my sister is so fucking lucky!” she said, as she looked into my eyes. “If she wasn’t marrying you, I think I would be!”

“Yes, but he is marrying me!” Tina said as she walked out and put a tray of burgers on the table. “And in only two more days!”

“I know. Isn’t it wonderful?” Sandy asked as she sat back up to look at her sister. “I just don’t know what I am going to do when you finally get married. I’m going to lose this wonderful dick to ride on.”

“Maybe we’ll just add on another addition and move in!” Patty said from where she had laid back on the deck.

“Sounds nice, but I can’t afford any more. Hell I haven’t even seen the bill for the deck yet.” I replied to all of them.

“Who said you were paying for it?” Tina asked.

“Well, I just figured. I mean it is my house. I can’t keep asking you to foot the bill on improvements to my house.”

“Our house!” Tina said sharply. After standing there for a second she walked over and knelt down next to the chair. She leaned down and kissed me. “Look… Money is not an issue.” She said after breaking the kiss.

“I know you have some money. I mean hell, you work hard enough at your construction work, so you must be making something, but I feel bad that all your profits are going into the house.”

“Girls, I think it’s time he knows the truth.” Tina said.

“I agree.” Patty said quietly. “Might as well be before you get married.”

“What you’re all connected to the mob or something?” I asked jokingly.

“Not exactly. We each do what we want. Construction is how we make our money, but not on this piddly little job stuff. We just do this for fun. The company makes the real money, and as major stockholders we make enough to not worry about money.” Tina said.

“Ok, I give, what company and how much money?”

“Most guys are only after our money, which is why we’re not married yet.” Sandy said from where she was still sitting astride me. “Well, them anyway. Me?…you know that story.”

“Ok. What company and how much?” I repeated really not understanding exactly what they were talking about.

“You gotta promise one thing.” Tina said, leaning down toward my face. “You gotta promise not to let it change anything. I love you just the way you are. We fell in love without the money and I don’t want money to ruin what we have.”

I reached up and pulled her face down to mine, and kissed her softly. She returned the kiss, and more, quickly turning it into a sensuous kiss that started my dick growing again by the time we were done.

“Oh keep doing that!” Sandy said wiggling around on my lap. “I haven’t ever felt that before!”

“What’s that?” Patty asked from where she was laying.

“Someone getting hard inside me. It feels so erotic!”

“I promise. I don’t care if you’re broke or a millionaire.” I whispered to Tina. “Besides, who would want to mess up something like this?”

“Good point.” Tina said with a chuckle. “Ok here goes then. You know Carthage construction?”

“The big one up in the city? Sure. They were the general contractor on the stadium. You own part of it?” I asked.

“Um. Not exactly. It’s one of twelve construction companies we own around the country.”

I lifted myself up on my elbows to look at her. “You’re not serious!”

“Actually I am, but Carthage is one of the little ones. We own the company that owns them. Each of us girls owns ten percent. I make a bit over two mill a year right now, and when daddy dies, the three of us get to split his seventy percent. Conservative estimates figure we will have an individual income of around seven mil a year after taxes, assuming that the company doesn’t grow any more between now and then.”

“HOLY SHIT!” I said quietly as I dropped back on the chair. “No wonder guys are after your money!”

“Yep. but you…you didn’t care. You were busy with escort bostancı your life and getting your house fixed. You didn’t know we had any money. You just thought we were working stiffs like you, which is really how we want it to be. Daddy is always after us to show up to stupid board meetings and such, but we like to build and we have fun doing it. When I met you and fell in love, I knew you didn’t know about the money, so what you felt was honest and true and was for me. When Patts came down she fell in love with the same things I did, and you seemed to care about her too. We talked all the time I was gone, and I knew everything that happened. I was afraid that after I got back you wouldn’t feel the same thing for me as when I left, but Patty assured me that you were screwing her and pining for me at the same time. That was when I knew that you were the one. You were the first man that seemed able to be in love with one of us and still deal with this weird sharing thing we do. So when you asked me to marry you, there was no way I was going to say no. Now you know about the money I’m afraid it will change everything.”

“You know what?” I asked her.


“You talk too much.” I answered as I pulled her face down to mine and kissed her again. We kissed softly for several minutes before I felt Sandy climb from my lap, allowing my once again hardening dick to slip from her. I felt more than saw her undressing Tina, causing us to break our embrace long enough to pull her shirt off. Tina climbed onto my lap and eased down onto my hard dick, leaning forward so we could continue the loving kiss we were sharing. She slowly eased her knees under her and used them as leverage to ride her pussy slowly up and down my shaft, never breaking the kiss that had clearly turned into making love with our mouths. Our tongues worked in and out of each other’s mouths, taking turns sucking each other’s tongues and allowing them to battle in a complex dance.

Tina slowly rode up and down my shaft, working her pussy closer and closer toward release. I slipped a hand between us and found her clit with my finger, allowing her stroking to work her clit against my finger. She ground her pussy down onto me with more force with each stroke. Her climax almost snuck up on her, causing her body to suddenly stiffen as she was coming down my shaft. I felt her pussy squeeze me as she breathed words I couldn’t hear or understand into my mouth. I stroked her clit with my finger, holding her climax as high as I could as long as I could. Slowly the tension flowed from her body and she relaxed down until she was laying flat on me, with my arms wrapped around her slim form.

“The money really doesn’t matter?” she finally asked when she could breathe again.

“I love YOU. I care for your sisters. Yes, it’s a bit strange getting shared like I do, but if it’s how you want things, who am I to complain. Now I find out you’re rich? What difference could it make? Besides make me not worry about money I mean.”

“God I love you!” she said, kissing me gently again.

“Good thing, since we’re getting married in a couple days.”

“Yeah… it is isn’t it?” she giggled.

“Now, how about some of that good food you cooked. I have a feeling your sisters aren’t going to leave us any if we don’t hurry up.”

“Ok.” She said with another giggle. “Let’s go, stud!”

She got up from my still hard dick and helped me up from the chair. I followed her over to the table and sat down across from Sandy and Patty, who were already digging into their hamburgers. Tina was as good a cook as she was good looking, and even hamburgers seemed like high class food. We fixed our burgers with all the trimmings, tomatoes, lettuce, and condiments. I was just about to take a big bite when I felt a foot in my lap. Patty grinned at me past her burger as she played with my hard dick with her foot. These girls were almost insatiable sometimes. It was always hard for me to tell if they wanted to be fucked or just play around.

Tina chuckled and shook her head as she took a big bite, a squirt of mayonnaise leaking out onto one of her tits.

“You gonna lick that off or you want me to?” Patty called.

“I think I’ll let my husband to be take care of it!” Tina answered, turning to me. I reached down and licked the glob of mayo from her tit and sucked her nipple while I was there, still a bit horny since I hadn’t cum while she was riding me.

“Ohhh looks like someone’s still horny!” Sandy said.

“Maybe.” I said as I took a bite. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Just wait till after dinner and I’ll show you.” She said with a devilish look.

“Well, you better let me get some food first. Besides, isn’t tonight the great unveiling?”

“Yep… that’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Sandy said with a grin.

The rest of the dinner went quietly, except of course the foot in my lap gently keeping me hard. After we finished, the girls all cleared the table, the view of their naked bodies wiggling around as they cleaned up kept me quite hard. If that wasn’t enough both Sandy and Patty made sure to bend over at every opportunity, real or imagined, to make sure I had a good view of their pussies in the view they knew I loved the best.

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Summertime Lust Ch. 02

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Ray Mattos

Mark found avoiding Karen was far easier than he thought it would have been. After about four days he started to wonder if Karen was, in fact, avoiding him too. The idea of that made him a little disappointed, he was not expecting to find Karen waiting round every corner trying to rip his clothes from his body but he had expected and truthfully, fantasised about standing in her kitchen or living room dirty hints being dropped, or lingering looks and smouldering smiles passing between them he knew the truth of the matter was what had happened between them was a one off and clearly something that Karen was quite keen not to be reminded of.

So it came as a surprise one afternoon when Mark came home from the library two weeks before he finally left for university to find Karen going through the fridge in his parents’ house. Mark had opened the front door, called out to his mother who gave a reply from somewhere upstairs, he was in high spirits and a little nervous still as university loomed nearer and nearer. He threw his satchel without looking close to the coat hook and walked into the kitchen looking for a cool drink.

The fridge door was open so that all Mark could see was the tacky fridge magnets and a pair of dark blue jeans that clung to an ample backside that stuck out as Karen leaned into the fridge. “Hi!” was all Mark could say the dry click in his throat sounding louder than his salutation.

Karen stood upright quickly, her cheeks blushing, a small dollop of whipped cream on the corner of her mouth. Her blush deepened when she saw Mark, “I thought you were you Joan,” Karen said her tongue poking out and retrieving the cream at the side of her mouth, “she makes a mean trifle.” They both stood looking at one another for what felt like hours a silence between them that seemed to be thicker than the summer air about them, Karen bit her full lower lip and closed the fridge door, “How have you been keeping?” She asked.

Mark nodded dumbly then realising how stupid he must look said, “Yeah not too bad, just cramming in some study so I am at least ahead when they start piling it on at University.” The words trembled as he spoke almost going high pitched at the end. He sighed and laughed and the pressure on him lifted when Karen laughed as well her own shoulders sagging as the tension lifted a little, “Sorry, I must sound like an idiot, I must come across as a bigger idiot I don’t know why I have been avoiding you.”

Karen’s eyebrows lifted, “You’ve been avoiding me and I’ve been avoiding you.” They laughed again, Karen motioned over to the kitchen table, she sat down in front of a half empty cup of coffee while Mark grabbed a glass off the draining board and filled it with water from the tap. “We should talk you know.” It was only five words but it was enough to make Mark stop smiling, he sat down solemnly next to Karen.

“Look, the other night I guess it got out of hand a little,” As he spoke Karen nodded, “I understand that it was just one of those things that got out of hand, I didn’t mean to…”

Karen cut him off with a hearty chuckle, “well you might not have meant it but I certainly did,” The look on Marks face was one of shock and incomprehension. “I’ve never done anything like that in my life you know, it was just knowing someone was there watching me,” she placed an unsteady hand onto Marks own hand, “perhaps wanting me? I don’t get the looks the young girls do it’s nice to be noticed once in a while.”

“You are worth noticing.” Mark said the words leaving his mouth before he could stop them.

Karen smiled at him, “You know when I first realised you had a crush on me I was surprised,” Now it was Marks turn to blush, “I think you were fourteen or so, I went out with your mom on a friends hen night, I think you almost broke your neck the way you were stretching it to see me.” Mark remembered that night well, they had all dressed as school girls, short plaid skirts, stockings and too tight blouses. Marks cock had ached the following morning from the amount of wanking he had done. “I thought it was sweet, if a little misguided, but you have never stopped. I notice it every now and then a little look here and there,” she leaned in all conspiratorial “A hasty photograph on the beach once in a while.” Mark gasped, and Karen smiled reassuringly “I know I was screaming Mark but I could still hear the camera going off, was it a good picture?” Mark nodded slowly waiting for the trap to be sprung.

Karen’s smile spread even wider and she sat back in her chair, her hand going from Marks to her coffee cup, picking it up and taking a sip. Mark’s mind was a whirl of confusion he had kept his secret hidden for so long unaware that Karen had known all this time, for so many years yet said nothing, “Why? Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked.

“At first I thought it was sweet, just a phase. But you never stopped and to be honest I liked the attention,” They both lifted their eyes to the ceiling escort bostancı as they heard the upstairs toilet flush. “If I had said anything when you were younger you probably would have died of embarrassment. But now being older and clearly still infatuated with me, well…” she smiled at Mark, “Peter is working nights this week, why don’t you pop over at about eight.”

Mark could feel his mouth hanging open, his heart was beating too fast to count the beats, “James will be there.”

Karen laid her hand on Marks thigh, her fingers only inches from his stiff cock, “That’s not what I have in mind. I have a present for you.”

Karen moved her hand just as Mark’s mother Jean walked into the kitchen, “So sorry, my stomach has been terrible since that takeaway the other night.”

Karen shrugged and started to stand up, “That’s okay, I should be heading back anyway, Peter and James won’t feed themselves, more the pity.” She placed a firm, warm hand onto Marks shoulder, “See you later Mark.” She said and followed Jean to the front door.

Mark sat in a state of shock, a present Karen had said but what could she possibly have for him? He tried to think but was still too out of it to fully comprehend what had happened and what possibly could happen. His legs still worked and he found himself almost floating as he headed to his room, his Mother asked him a question and whatever Mark had replied with seemed to be enough for her to let him go on his merry, floaty way.

Mark did not really need an excuse to go over to James’ house, they had been friends since they were five years old and now at eighteen they were firmer friends. Peter had left only an hour before. James answered the door and let Mark in “I got a few episodes of Star Trek on if you want to watch them?” James said walking back to the living room he flung himself over the top of the settee landing with a dull thud on the soft cushions. “Pull up a chair but the settee is mine.”

Mark sat down, he wiped at his forehead absently his fingers coming away slick with sweat his body felt clammy all over as if he needed a good shower to freshen up. He found he could not sit still for long, his eyes would focus on the television for a minute or so before they wandered to the door and to the stairs. “Where’s your mom?” Mark asked and instantly regretted such a stupid question.

James turned to look at Mark, “Why you ask?”

Mark put one hand to his stomach, “I’m feeling a little sick I need to use your toilet.” The truth was he was feeling sick and nervous and excited all at once.

“She’s in her room learning Spanish so squirt away she won’t hear you. just make sure you open the window okay? Last time you took a shit here I got blamed for it.” James watched his friend practically leap to his feet and dash to the stairs, he shook his head “never eat takeaway” he mumbled under his breath and returned to the television screen and his small fantasy of councillor Troi.

Mark stopped two steps from the hallway, doubt filling his mind and his stomach felt like it really was going to explode, he felt the least bit turned on right then but his cock told him otherwise. He walked the few steps to Karen’s room, he pushed the door open a mix of relief and disappointment left him in a long sigh, the room was empty. “You have been a bad boy,” the whisper so close to his ear made him jump he half spun before two hands planted themselves on him and pushed him into the bedroom.

Karen had popped into the small office she used for work to grab a pen, when she stepped out she noticed Mark at her bedroom door, she could see how pale he was and how jittery his body was and could not help herself. She tiptoed over to him, though she thought she could have stamped her feet and he would not have noticed. She had stood right behind him amazed at his totally lack of awareness, her whispered words made him jump a mile and had she not pushed him into the room he would have no doubt screamed the house down.

The first thing Mark noticed was that Karen was dressed, a pair of grey sweat pants and an old white t-shirt that was closer to grey than it should be. She closed the door behind her leaning against it slightly a wicked smile on her full lips, her black hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders. “Naughty boy,” she whispered to Mark. He cocked his head to one side unsure if there was a reply to the statement or an act. “I wondered where they had gotten too, then they suddenly re-appeared I should have known really, at least it wasn’t James.” Mark shook his head again the conversation had gone over his head. “Do these look familiar?” Karen took hold of her sweat pants and pulled them down her thighs letting them bunch at her feet.

Mark’s cock gave a jerk at the sight of the blue knickers, Karen’s dark bush just visible behind the see-thru pattern on the front. He had to admit they looked good on her, but then again anything would look good ümraniye escort on Karen in Mark’s humble opinion. Karen stepped out of the sweat pants and stepped over to the bed where she lifted one foot and stood facing Mark. Mark’s eyes lingered across the whole scene one pale leg stretched and open, the blue knickers taunt against pubic hair and thick labia. “What did you do to them?” Karen asked her voice shaky with excitement.

Marks reply was a simple “I used them.”

Karen ran one hand along her lifted leg stroking her pale, thick inner thigh, “How?” she asked, she moved her hand closer to knickers “Did you wank off into them?” she asked and Mark replied with a nod of the head. “Where did you cum?” Karen’s hand moved to the gusset of the knickers, her touch sending a lightning bolt of expectation through her crotch, “Here?” she asked and Marks head nodded more firmly. Karen rubbed at the spot, feeling the material dampen quickly her labia parting as one finger rubbed between them. “Did you wear them?” To this Mark shook his head. Karen stopped playing, her hand returning reluctantly to her thigh. She lowered her leg and walked over to Mark.

Mark staggered back a step wincing when he felt one corner of the dressing table dig into one buttock. Karen rested her hands on his chest feeling his heart thundering away her hands shaking with the magnitude of the beats, she lifted the hand that had only moments ago been on her crotch and placed a finger on Mark’s lips, his mouth opened willingly and she slipped her finger in. Karen wanted him so badly, she had never thought of other men since Peter but now she had an admirer one that wanted her badly she had found herself willing to the thought of having him in her, but she wanted to play too. “Take them off me.” She said sliding her finger from his mouth.

Mark was on his knees in a flash, yes he was still scared to hell and back but also he was a teenage boy with a rampant cock and a woman willing to let him use it on and in her. Karen parted her legs slightly as Mark placed his hands on both thighs he ran his hands up the smooth skin finding the elasticated waist of his old friend. He could smell Karen, a deep scent that emanated from behind the knickers he swallowed hard and pulled the knickers down. Mark’s face was mere inches from her full bush and with the way her legs were parted he could see her engorged labia hanging and slightly parted.

Karen put one hand on his head, her body shook with anticipation and nerves, her son was downstairs and his best friend was knelt before her. She parted her legs further letting Mark see how wet and excited she already was “Lick me!” she said in a husky whisper.

Mark leaned forward, tongue sticking out then stopped he looked up pitifully, “I don’t know how to.” He said, fear gripping him suddenly, would Karen laugh and toss him aside so close to his dream only to be cast aside.

Karen smiled she almost wanted to cry at such an admission, “Trust me I’ll let you know if you are going wrong.” Mark lowered his head and leaned in. Karen bit her lip as he breathed onto her labia then bit one finger as she felt his tongue push between her labia and slip into her. He had not been joking she realised as his tongue darted in and out as if she were an ice cream sandwich, “careful now,” she said softly. “Nice and slow, don’t rush” He learned quickly she was pleased to note his wild thrashing had stopped immediately, with a bit more guidance she had managed to coax his tongue to wear she wanted it onto her hard nub of a clitoris. “Use a finger, put it in me.” Mark was eager to please and Karen could not help but whimper as his tongue pushed against her clitoris as one finger slipped into her wet hole.

Mark was in the zone, or at least hoped he was, his nose, mouth and chin felt sticky with Karen’s juices, her taste was something out of this world a mix of sweet and salty and he had decided if it was possible he would stay there for the rest of the night. When his fingers came into play he felt Karen’s entire body alter above him. The hand on his head tightened her legs shook and she pushed down a little firmer onto him, looking up he could see that she had lifted her t-shirt, the soft pale curve of her belly now visible along with her large tits just above, her free hand pulling at one nipple. “There, there, there,” Karen exclaimed over and over like a mantra, Mark was tempted to speed up but he was a good student she had got him this far he was not about to change the rules for his own selfish needs.

Karen wanted to scream out as her orgasm exploded, her clitoris buzzed with electricity that spread quickly over her body, her nipples stood on end the one she pulled adding more fuel to the fire. Her body shook and she bit her lower lip but still she could not hold back the low moan as she came on Marks tongue and finger. As she came down Mark was still eagerly licking away, she pulled him away and staggered kartal escort bayan back her clitoris and in fact her entire lower half now super sensitive. “First time my arse!” Karen exclaimed and Mark beamed a sticky smile at her. “Now take those jeans and pants off.”

Mark moved quickly, he forced the jeans down without undoing the buttons he pants going down in the same motion his cock bouncing free as he straightened up. “Oh my!” Karen exclaimed seeing it in all its rigid glory. Mark moved from foot to foot the anticipation was unbearable. Karen stretched one foot out in front of her, her big toe hooking her knickers and with a fluid motion kicked them into the air hitting mark just above the stomach before falling to the ground. “Put them on.” She said through a wicked smile. Mark stared dumbly down at the knickers then up at Karen, “Put. Them. On!” each word sharp and to the point. Mark knelt down and picked the knickers up he swallowed hard then put his feet into them and lifted them up. The knickers sat snuggly on his waist, the front of them bulging outwards and his slick cockhead pressed firmly between the elasticated waist and his belly.

Karen stepped over one hand resting on his chest the other curled into a fist index finger extended as she ran it down his chest, over his stomach and sat on the tip of his cock, Karen leaned in the kiss soft then firm on Marks own lips then she stood back. “They look better on you than they do on me.” She said appraising the odd sight before her. She could see the despair in his eyes and she wanted nothing more than to go over to him and take hold of his cock and let him have his wicked way with her…but…a part of her felt more naughty doing this, toying with him the thrill was in the chance after all. “I want you to keep them on until tomorrow,” a wicked plan had formed in Karen’s head, she felt excited just thinking about it, “Don’t play with your cock either, not until you’ve seen me,” Mark’s jaw dropped to the floor but he nodded never the less, “go downstairs, spend all night here if you like or go home. But keep them on.” Karen lowered her top and grabbed the sweat pants off the floor and putting them on, “Meet me in the library at one o’clock,” she pulled her bedroom door open and ushered him out, his jeans and pants bundled in his arms. “You might want to put those on before going downstairs.” She said then closed the door in his gobsmacked face.

James was not happy when Mark had refused to spend the afternoon with him he had told James that he needed to get some stuff for University which was only a half lie. He did need bits and pieces he was only not going to get them today. James had turned up at his house early that morning a four pack of beer in one hand and a rolled up brown paper bag under the arm, his mom was out shopping he had said and his dad was sleeping off a wicked night shift, so he had come over so that Mark could help him drink and wank off to an all new set of magazines. Marks refusal did not go down well and James had stormed off muttering under his breath.

Mark took the bus to the library he had gotten all worked up over James’ visit he was annoyed that his friend was acting like some young teenager instead of someone who was about to embark to university, he felt that perhaps this was the end of the line for their friendship but deep down he had known that the moment they had been accepted at different universities their friendship was going to fizzle out, it was only happening sooner instead of later. Getting off the bus Mark fidgeted with the knickers, they had a tendency to slip into his arse crack which was usually made worse when he got an erection and he had had a lot of erections over the last few hours.

He got to the library a little before one o’clock and found an empty table, close to the counter but then moved further away when he realised it was near the children’s section. Further on in he passed the old settee and tables that seemed to be the gathering point for the elderly people that visited the library. Mark sat down near the rows of text books it was the height of summer so apart from him this section was empty, he sat down and grabbed a book on applied physics and pretended to read.

The grandfather clock that sat near the librarians counter rang out at one o’clock the dull drone echoing in the cool confines. By half one Mark was seriously considering leaving, close to two o’clock he closed the book a little harder than he should have the noise booming. A figure loomed over him and Mark had an apology on his lips when Karen pulled out a chair and sat next to him. “Been waiting long?” She asked.

“Not really,” Mark replied nonchalantly.

“Liar, I have been sat over there watching you for the last hour, I was wondering if you were going to last this long or chicken out.” Karen looked about, but apart from one old man that had gravitated to an empty table a few feet away they were alone. “Do you still have them on?” she asked, Mark nodded, “Show me,” Karen said with glee. Mark pushed his chair back and leaned pulling his shirt up slightly and his jeans down just enough so that Karen could see the blue waist of the knickers. “And have you taken them off?”

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