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“What the hell…is this?” The moment I walked in, my best friend Jackson started staring at me dismayingly. He was pointing at the LCD TV on my living room, sitting on the couch placed direct opposite to it.

“What’s wr-” The scene I saw destroyed the composure I needed to complete my sentence. There was a footage playing, footage of two naked people participating in the holy sport of animals on heat, also known as sex. The problem was that I knew both the actor and actress of this ‘even someone with a turkey’s mind could tell this is shooted secretly’ video. The woman eagerly mouthing the thick and hard material in front of her with lots of slurping noises was my bestie Jackson’s ex girlfriend. They broke up a month ago, after he found out she cheated on him and her partner being Jackson’s own brother didn’t really help. After such a heartbreak, watching the footage before him must be extremely painful for Jackson, since the man grabbing her hair tightly to force his tool in her mouth was no one else but Jackson himself.

Even in such a situation, I was without a doubt a healthy, horny young man. Seeing the boy I grew up with losing it over the entertainment he’s going through made me rock hard. And that would obviously make the situation even worse. That boy was looking at me with the non-disappearing terrified look on his face.

“What is this fucking clip doing here Parley?” Jackson yelled at me, once again making me realize how confused I am about the situation.

“I-I don’t know.” I tried to give an explanation but nothing proper came out. “I never saw this before.”

“Sure. You said you needed to use WC the moment I came over and when I turn on the TV suddenly there’s this shit. So very much convincing.” He stood up from the couch furiously and grabbed me by my collar.

“I really don’t know anything about it.” My voice was trembling slightly as I was getting more and more timid. Sure we had countless quarrels when we were little but grown up us never had physical fights. That’s why Jackson losing control made me taken aback, but even worse was that it wasn’t successful in making my hard on go away, on the contrary it was encouraging it.

Not listening to a word I say, Jackson threw me at the couch.

“Wait Jackson calm dow-” Just when I was about to get up Jackson stepped on my crotch with his right foot. He was wearing white crew socks under the workout shorts that put his lower body muscles on show. Having no time to wear a perplexed expression, the force in my arousal was making me burn with desire. So much that I nearly forgot about the reason I was in that situation, until the source of my pleasure reminded it.

“All these years checking me out in every chance you got, and on top of that you were using my breakup sex to get off?” He started moving the foot caressing my bulge lightly as he spoke.

“It’s not…like t-that” I have been trying to not moan in a loud voice but my unsuccessful response ended up not being any different.

As he heard that, Jackson started to get his face, which he had a glint of malevolence on, close to me and gripped my face with a single hand. His hand blocking me from speaking was so forceful that I could feel the pain throughout my whole head. However, the alluring 2 eyes a breath away from me were commanding me to not resist. His nose, lips, cheeks; everything about him was controlling me.

The hush of silence was soon shuttered by Jackson. “Listen, you little fucker. This sloppy mouth of yours isn’t allowed to sound a single word until I tell you to, got it? ”

My attempts to nod was in vain, in the end his strong grip of my face only left me with the choice of winking to reply his order. As soon as he made sure I was obeying him just well, he let both my face and crotch go, took a step back and suddenly, without a single warning, started taking his shirt off. His well toned upper body muscles I’ve seen myriad times still had me drooling thirstily like the first time, and I was more desperate than ever. Because I was already yearning for his sensation on my face and dick. It was only a few seconds ago but losing his touch made me feel unbearably incomplete and miserable.

He didn’t wait long enough for me to calm down even a bit. This time he started taking off his shorts slowly. As he was lowering his shorts my heart started to bump wildly, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Just a little bit more and I would be finding out how his semi-hard cock looks raw, not through the shorts. And at that moment Jackson suddenly stopped, leaving me in agony.

“One sentence.” He spoke in an inviting tone. “I let you speak one single sentence.”

It was this moment when I finally got a grasp on the situation I was in. What was happening and what was going to happen if I didn’t realize to it. That’s why, that’s exactly why I chose to not realize, to not rebel.

“Fuck me” I begged. “Please.”

“If you insist.” Jackson smirked as he grabbed my head and buried my face on his privates. The shorts was still there, casino siteleri blocking me from feeling his tool directly. However, it wasn’t going to stop me from utilizing my tongue. I was licking every bit of his manhood via the shorts in no time, making it harder and harder. Soon the shorts became visibly wet, making the shape of the cock easily recognizable. By the time it felt like it could explode any time, Jackson pushed my head away and pulled my chin up adequately.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered in a crude manner, swiftly. I got the impression it was going to start for real when he spat inside as I was all ears, ready for any upcoming orders.

And finally the most awaited moment came, the hands on my head were let go so they can release the main player of this game, Jackson’s fully hard 7 inches cock, which is my guess from comparing it to mine. Even just looking at it was enchanting, enchanting enough to make all my holes itchy . The fact that I could, I was going to feel it was driving me crazy.

Unsure of whether I should immediately suck it or wait for Jackson’s next move, I just opened my mouth as widely as I could and stuck my tongue out, asking for it. I expected Jackson to leave me hanging in this position for a while, but oddly enough he seemed -to my eyes that is- as desirous as me. He grabbed his dick just above the balls and started to swing it so it would hit my tongue repeatedly. With every touch, I was getting a better taste of it. It didn’t have a distinctive flavour, only a bit similar to sweat, yet it tasted a lot sweeter every time Jackson met my gaze with his lust filled eyes.

Soon he stopped moving his hands and let go of his cock. It meant time to do my job thoroughly finally arrived.

“Suck it.” More than half of his penis was already inside my mouth by the time Jackson finished giving his order. I was giving a blowjob to my long time friend and neighbour. A situation I could only fantasize about was occurring in real time and I was just there sucking the dick in front of me like it was the most natural thing to do. And all these thoughts weren’t slowing me down at all.

I placed my hands on Jackson’s buttocks as I tried to take his dick deeper in my mouth. This attempt caused me to gag near the end. When I watched this kind of thing in porn, it always kinda put me off, but I was also curious as to how those guys enjoyed the uncomfortable-looking experience. Now that I was becoming familiar with it myself, it easily became an addiction in a few attempts. I was persistently trying to reach near the balls, over and over again. And everytime I retried it, a tiny voice could be heard throughout the room.

“Fuck…mmm…” I don’t know if he was biting his lower lip to simply avoid producing loud sounds or just to look erotic but if it’s the latter it was definitely working.

After a while, I pulled back a bit to catch my breath. Only then it occurred to me that I was plainly tired. However Jackson barely gave me any time to rest. Once again I was grabbed by my head and this time I took a deep breath, since it was pretty obvious I wouldn’t be able to do so soon.

“Pay attention to your teeth if you don’t want your ass get beaten instead of fucked.” Jackson warned me as he pushed his way through my mouth with his huge member which had some pre-cum on its head by now. I was overwhelmed with how deep he was going in spite of the fast tempo. The uncontrollably loud sounds my mouth was making was echoing in the room, almost hypnotising me, putting me into a state where I could no longer think. On the other hand, despite the fact those sounds were overpowering Jackson’s voice, his groans of pleasure could still be heard faintly.

With everything going on, I was so hard myself that it was painful to keep my dick in my lounge pants. I went ahead and set it free by pulling my pants down slightly. Just when I was about to play with it, Jackson let go of my head and threw a light kick on my testicles.

“Damn, you are this hard from just sucking me? No wonder you begged me to fuck you so shamelessly.” At this point anything coming from Jackson’s mouth was a stimulant to me. It didn’t matter what was spoken, only the fact he was looking at me, talking to me was enough to stir the blood. And all this stimulation had my cock twitching nonstop. It needed to be touched. It needed to be caressed. It needed to be stroked. Even another kick was fine, it just needed to come into contact with something.

With that thought in mind, I couldn’t help but reach out for it again. I was almost there, if only I wasn’t suddenly lifted up forcefully. It was Jackson’s hand that all of a sudden pulled me towards him, not letting me feel any sort of relief. And not even a second to adapt to being at close range with him was given. His mouth came together with mine before I realized it. I was just there, staying still, keeping it open until he started inserting his tongue and whirling it in. Next, I got caught up in the moment and picked up a fight with his tongue, canlı casino we were licking each other without a break until the lack of oxygen caused pain in our chests.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself again.” Jackson frowned slightly after we were done catching our breaths. “You’re only allowed to cum with my cock.” I was almost consumed by desire when I felt a fierce spank on my ass. He looked down at my buttocks as he spoke. “Go get something to help you.”

I couldn’t move an inch. For a split second it was just as if I forgot how tos of walking. I was still able to feel pain on my ass and it was such an electric feeling that it didn’t let me walk away and step out of the room. And when I finally became capable of moving once again, I was slowly marching towards the hall, which leads to the bedroom, with only the thoughts of Jackson’s dick in my head. Those thoughts were shaping my walking form as I pushed my hips back and swayed them provocatively till it wasn’t visible to Jackson anymore.

After that, I made haste to bring the vaseline jar from the bedroom as if my life depended on it. Reminiscing about all the times I used to have fun with myself, I could never imagine a day like this where I’d use it with Jackson.

I found the man waiting for me to be sitting on the couch with legs open, in a state that couldn’t be more seductive. And the first thing I noticed on him doesn’t even need to be said, it was his dick-I mean where else could I focus when it’s THAT huge- wearing a condom.

“What are you waiting for?” Jackson pointed at the vaseline in my hand. “Start applying it.” I was kinda disappointed to know he wasn’t going to do it for me. Instead he carried on telling me what to do. “Bend over a bit here and do it.” He signaled me to come in front of him, which I ended up doing.

After opening the vaseline jar and putting it on my fingers I came to the realization that my hands were trembling out of nervousness. It wasn’t my first time to perform anal masturbation, although it was obviously the first with an audience in the back. But this tense feeling wasn’t all there is. The entrance of my hole was craving, so much that I was fighting the urge to proceed directly into the main attraction.

“Don’t make it go soft.” When I turned to check Jackson, a smirk was on his face while he was swinging his cock with a hand. This little push was enough for my two fingers to squeeze their way in. And with that -a little overdramatic- moans you could only hear in porn started to come out of my mouth. I had already forgotten the disappointment of not being touched and it was only joy of putting on a show that was left. Maybe I was more of a pervert than I thought I was. I mean everyone likes being touched but only real perverts like being watched. That’s just how it is.

“Aah…aaahhh…yeah…” My fingers reached their fastest movement as my insides were becoming slipperier. Whenever I fell tired I turned my neck slightly to see behind and got my energy charged by Jackson’s condescending look. Soon, in the process of giving the energy back to him, I pulled out my fingers in a fast motion and spread my ass cheeks with both hands to give him a look of the scenery he was going to own in seconds. Right after seeing that, Jackson let go of his dick which had only been grabbed without a single movement.

“Come sit on it.” He put his arms on the top of the backrest by his sides. Looking at him and comprehending the situation one more time made me realize that the time had really come. I was going to ride his cock and there was no turning back, not that I wished to do so.

Without spending more time thinking, I prepared to give myself fully to Jackson and took a step back towards him. My hole was only a few inches apart from its target as I bent my knees and my hips moved backwards slowly. The closer they were, the more worriedly excited I was. ‘Will it fit? How deep can I take it? I could do better than his exes right?’ These thoughts were occupying my mind until I felt the tip of the cock on my back door.

“Mmmmh, yeahhh” Although I didn’t have the luxury to inspect Jackson thoroughly, the little moans from him gave me the feeling he would thrust it in anytime now if I didn’t hurry and take it. And I wasn’t wrong. In a short time, maybe 2 seconds at most, the man I surrendered had a considerably big portion of his penis inside me. It wasn’t even past the half but I was already convinced the part my insides were squeezing was as big as mine in length, and special mention to the breadth for the feeling of a never-closing-again hole.

I wasn’t sure how much more of it I could take but I was most definitely becoming pumped up to keep going.

Jackson lowered his hips that were on the air back, causing my hole to taste emptiness. And I immediately proceeded to remedy after grabbing the dick to take control. Following a quick deep breath, I pushed my ass onto the intimidating target.

“Aaahh…ahhh” Once again all kinds of moans were spilling out of my mouth and they got kaçak casino louder on their own as I kept pushing until I was sure that the depth was enough. Enough to make me addicted to it. Enough to make Jackson addicted to my thirsty ass. Enough to have him turn me into his little slut.

Lowkey proud myself began the repetitions of raising and lowering ass, matching the rhythm of the swears getting out of Jackson’s mouth. “Fuckkkk” “Shiiit” “Your ass is fucking eating me out bitch.” He sent a full power slap to it along that one. Following that, as incurious as he could ever be about my reaction, he brought three fingers around my mouth and signed to me to take them in my mouth.

His fingers were long and thick, so tasty-looking I would want them inside my lower hole instead of mouth if I wasn’t already getting filled up. But since they were already up there, I was licking all over them instead. I got more passionate in doing so as I was slowly falling under the illusion that the wetter they were the wetter my insides would be.

My whole body was burning. I was so hot I thought I would pass out if I kept going like this. Then I should’ve just stopped. In the end it was me who wasn’t pausing even for a second. It was me who gave away conscience to lust. But I couldn’t. I kept making sure Jackson was all about my ass, all about me in that particular moment.

“Stand up.” Jackson said as he took his fingers out of my mouth. I wasn’t sure if it was a good sign or not but I knew that at the situation he couldn’t do anything to make me feel bad, I just didn’t feel like being upset over anything after coming this far. So I slowly let Jackson’s cock out of my hole and began waiting for his next move standing up.

“Now sit down again and lift your legs.” He spoke as soon as he stood up himself.

‘So we are changing the position?’ I thought to myself while quietly doing as I was told. ‘I mean, I could use some rest so it’s welcome anytime.’ Also looking at my partner’s face while being penetrated was kinda a dream to me. I always wondered what kind of expression my partner-whom I didn’t expect to be Jackson- would be wearing when he’s inside me. Would it be a simple smile or smirk? Would they show teeth? Or would they stay low in expressing their pleasure?

Maybe I was too much of a romantic. Because the person thrusting deep in my ass had nothing like a smile, a good word to describe his face would be “hostile”. All he was doing was cursing and thrusting. Cursing and thrusting. Cursing louder and thrusting deeper. He only cared about them.

And maybe I wanted that deep inside me. Maybe I actually preferred a partner who would actually fuck me rather than embracing me gently. These thoughts came to my mind when I looked at Jackson’s face while we were both clinging onto the pleasure of the moment. The pleasure I wished lasted longer. The end to it became visible when I almost felt my hard dick ejaculating. It was only a few seconds more I could hold it in. One part of me definitely didn’t want it to end but another part wanted to be at ease as soon as possible.

This dilemma was possibly transmitted into Jackson, through my ass. It was getting uncontrollably tighter and his dick couldn’t go as deep as it did anymore. In response he just gave a slick smile and spoke. “I told you I would make you cum with my dick.”

The next thing I knew, I was shooting towards my face, chest and stomach, with zero control over it. Throughout the years I had countless orgasms, some of them were just the result of a simple jerk off while some of them involved anal masturbation or even toys. But this one…it was just a whole different feeling. Although the sex only involved the lower part, my whole body was experiencing the orgasm, I was trembling like I was possessed.

Even after the cum stopped coming out, the feeling of something leaving my cock didn’t stop. Jackson taking out his slowly was also strengthening this feeling.

My feet touched the floor for the first time in a while and once I was over catching my breath I was in the best mood I have been since forever. It was so soothing and my body had this strange lightness as if I’ve just been through a exorcism ritual, cleansed.

The only thing distracting me from this peace was… ‘Oh. Jackson hasn’t come yet.’ I suddenly realized when I saw him grabbing his fully erect penis. Just until moments ago it was inside me, leading me into climax. Now seeing it again in front of me…Damn it was fucking huge.

I wasn’t given much time to reinspect it. “Get your face here.” Jackson had desperateness written all over his tense face and his low tone didn’t really help him masquerade. My mood quickly shifted thanks to this. Soon I was on my knees, ready to be soaked with his semen. And the very next second, Jackson was wanking off rapidly.

“Ahh…ahhh..fuckkkkkkkkk” He was shooting all over my face, some could have even gotten into my left eye had it been I wasn’t quick enough to close it. I licked around my lips and tasted his cum in the groundless belief his would taste different from mine-which I tasted occasionally-. I kept licking more and more until I got overwhelmed by the bitter taste. It was exactly similar to how mine tastes after the morning dose of caffeine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32