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Big Tits

Two weeks had gone by and as I woke up Saturday morning and I could hear Bob fucking Brenda in the other room. She was moaning and yelling for Bob to fuck her harder as I could hear the bed rocking and thumping against the wall.

“Oh shit, I’m late!” she yelled. I could hear loud thumbs and dresser drawers slamming shut with muffled voices that were inaudible to me.

Their door flung open and I could very clearly hear Brenda say while grabbing her keys, “You’re gonna have to have Mark finish you off.”

The door shut and just like that, Brenda was gone. In less than a minute, Bob came into my room, stark naked with his huge nine inch rock hard dick sticking straight out and it was glossy from Brenda’s pussy juice.

“I need you to finish me off,” Bob said to me. “It took me too long to cum and she had to get to work.”

His hard cock looked very good to me when I asked, “How do you want me to do it?”

“Keel down on the floor and let me fuck your mouth,” ordered Bob.

I got down on my knees in front of Bob while he spread his legs. He handed me a pillow off the bed so that I would be more comfortable. He lightly took me by the ears to steady himself and I opened my lips to accept him. He placed his large head into my mouth and slid about half of himself in me. I could taste Brenda’s vaginal secretions. He continued to hold my head while he started fucking my mouth slowly. I took a hold of his ass cheeks to make sure he didn’t go too deep at least in the beginning. I knew eventually he would be fucking my throat as well as my mouth but I needed to get acclimated.

“I was fucking the shit out of Brenda for about 45 minutes and never got to cum and I am so fuckin horny. I’m going to cum a monster load and I want you to swallow every drop for me,” Bob said very seriously.

I know he wanted me to deep throat him like I have done in the past. I pulled my mouth off of him and instructed, “Let me slowly work it down my throat and be sure I’m comfortable past the point of gagging and then you can pick up that pace.”

Bob reluctantly agreed, let go of my head and said and lifted his shaft, “Hold on just a second, I want you to do something for me before we get going. I want you to suck on my balls a little bit”

I didn’t mind because I knew the visual would make Bob cum harder so I began to lick and suck on his balls. They were smooth and tasty. I kissed them equally and even sucked each one totally in my mouth. Bob watch me intently while moaning. He then got himself back into position in front of me, spread his legs, leaned back slightly, and offered his long powerful dick to me. I pulled it down with my hand so that it was straight out instead of upward, placed my mouth around it and slowly slid it to the back of my throat. Once there, I relaxed and popped his head past my gag reflex, breathed slowly through my nose, grabbed his ass, and pulled him until his nine inch dick slid all the way down my throat until my nose was pressed up against his pubic hair and my chin rested against his balls. I still would occasionally gag and when I could smell his musky male scent in his pubes from the sweat he built up fucking Brenda, it helped me concentrate. I held Bob still just so I could get used to him buried down my esophagus.

As before, he began slowly thrusting in and out of my mouth, grasping the back of my head to steady himself. I used my hands on his ass to control the speed in which he thrusted. I knew Bob was so horny and anxious to fuck my mouth very quickly but I knew he would choke me if I allowed him. I would let him pull out about half way before my guidance on his ass would make him plunge back in slowly.

Once Bob got a steady rhythm he knew I could handle, I eased up on holding his ass. I even took one hand and I reached up and hefted, cupped and rubbed his balls. They were just as saggy as when I sucked them and surprisingly heavy while swaying back and forth as he fucked my mouth. Bob loved having his balls played with because he said it made his orgasms more powerful. I knew from all the time he put in fucking Brenda without cumming, this was going to make him cum that much harder even though my eyes were watering from the trauma.

“Oh fuck! Your mouth is so warm and tight. I’m gonna casino oyna fuckin cum any second,” Bob grunted while his hips kept moving.

He kept a tight grip on the back of my head. He was out of mind in lust and I was going to allow him to pretty much have his way to get him off. I was now used to having his cock slide up and down my throat so I gave him total control. He knew not to go too fast, but he also was getting close to cumming.

Bob was pumping a little faster now but not pulling out very far as his thrusts became shorter and quicker. His legs were shaking and his grip on my head was tighter. I knew he was close. I let go of his ass with both hands, continued to cup and even tug on his heavy balls. I felt his cock stiffen and throb even more and he pulled my head all the way down so that my nose was literally mashed in his pubic hair as he started cumming.

I was able to look up and see that his eyes were closed, his mouth hanging open, and he grunted while holding his breath very loudly as if trying to scream. Because of the snugness in which his cock stuck in my throat, I could feel every pulse of each spurt of warm sperm jetting out along with feeling his balls twitch in my hands. Bob always cums an unusually large amount in his loads, and even though I couldn’t actually tell at the time, I sensed he was blowing a record load and that was later confirmed when I actually felt full as though I had consumed a large meal. His dick just kept ejaculating over and over while his entire body quivered. It might have been the longest orgasm I have ever taken. There had to be at least 10 squirts and Bob held my head on his dick for well over a minute even after he had finished.

Bob backed off and slowly withdrew his dong from my mouth. As his mushroom started pulling out, there was a trail of sticky cum coagulated on his hole which stuck to my bottom lip as he withdrew. There was a long cum strand about a foot long connecting Bob’s cock head and my lip. He leaned in and put that cock head right on my lip so that I could clean him off. I slurped that glop of slime and used my fingers to gather the trail and stuff it in my mouth. Bob tasted great as usual. What I found intriguing was Bob’s cock had not softened even a little bit. It was sticking straight up as hard as a rock even immediately after he blasted that huge wad down my throat.

“These testosterone pills are making me cum like a fuckin donkey and I just can’t get enough. You care if I fuck your ass cause I am still so horny I could cum again.” asked Bob.

Bob was getting into fitness and just started taking some “testosterone” pills he had ordered from China. I think it was Viagra and that was before Viagra hit the market.

“Damn. You just came a river and you want to go again? You must really need it,” was my reply as I started taking off my clothes.

“Yea I do. I need to cum twice now just to get any relief,” answered Bob.

“How do you want me?” I asked.

“I want to do missionary. Lay on your back up on the bed with a couple of pillows propped under your ass so that I will have good access,” instructed Bob. He then asked, “Oh I forgot, where is your lube?”

I pointed to my top dresser drawer and he got out the Astro-glide. I was already up on the bed with the pillows stacked under me and my legs and ass were sticking straight up in the air. Bob slathered the lube on his cock and stroked it up and down a few times, which made a slurping sound, in order to spread it evenly.

Bob was on his knees and positioned himself right up against my anus. He used his hand to place the spongy head against my opening and gradually pushed himself inside. His head finally penetrated me and his shaft followed until he was buried. Bob’s balls rested on my ass as he leaned forward and grabbed my ankles for balance. He started to slowly fuck me. His cock always feels great in my ass because his large head massages my prostate with every thrust. It caused me to be rock hard and leak all over my stomach.

Bob said, “Your ass feels great on my cock. So warm and tight. Even tighter than Brenda’s puss. I appreciate you letting me fuck your ass after that great blowjob you gave me.”

I replied, “No problem. Your cock feels great in me. Go ahead and start canlı casino pumping a little faster if you need to.”

Bob complied and started fucking my asshole faster as he continued to hold onto my ankles for leverage. His cock slid in and out with ease. He was bottoming out as his balls slapped my ass. I knew he was still very horny and needed to release.

He kept humping for quite a while and sweat was starting to gather on his belly and forehead. Bob was also breathing hard. I knew he needed something to help him get over the edge so I decided I was going to talk dirty to him.

I looked him straight in the eyes and spoke to him,, “That’s it Bob. Keep going. Keep pounding that ass. I can tell you need to cum real hard again. Do you want to blow your spunk in my asshole or do you want me to take it in my mouth again?”

“Oh shit. I think I want you to eat it again,” was his out of breath, excited reply.

“Well then you better tell me when you’re ready to cum so I can hurry up and put my mouth on your big dick to catch all of it. Please give it to me. It tastes so good. I really need it!” I begged.

This sent Bob over the edge once again. With lightning quick speed; he pulled his cock out of my ass and crawled around me to get to my face. He gripped his cock very tightly as he did this.

“Open up! Fuck! Open your mouth!” he yelled.

I turned my head sideways on the bed and opened my mouth. Bob put his large cock head on my lips aimed for the roof of my mouth. He let out a primal scream and I could see his penis hole open as he released his second load within the hour. The first shot of semen landed half on my cheek and on my tongue simultaneously. Bob was jerking off feverously and leaned in even more as his next couple of spurts hit their target. He kept cumming and my mouth was starting to fill up which I found unbelievable since he had already shot a tremendous load not an hour ago.

Bob was slowing down and leaned across me and put his free hand down to the bed on the other side of my head to steady himself while he finished. He went ahead and put his cock head in my mouth so the last oozing slime wouldn’t make a mess on the sheet. I took every drop and even sucked out the remaining sperm from his hole. He dripped a little sweat on my cheek as he raised up off of me.

“It’s all yours. Go ahead and swallow that shit. You definitely earned it today,” Bob sighed.

I sat up with my mouth full of Bob’s cum and swallowed it down. It was a little thinner than usual but tasty and I even swiped the trail that was left on my cheek with my finger and licked it off as well. I rarely waste a man’s sperm when he gives it to me.

When a man is generous enough to mark his territory by allowing me to eat his cum, I consider it a privilege and I never want to disappoint him by allowing it to go to waste. It is an honor to carry around that man’s millions of sperm in my stomach the rest of the day. Bob’s two loads were the equivalent to about double the loads from average men. I was so full, I skipped lunch but the one drawback was that I had cum breath the rest of the day.

When I returned from my two classes later that afternoon, I couldn’t believe Bob wanted sex again. He was sitting on the couch with nothing on but his socks and shirt. His dong was once again rock hard and sticking straight up in the air. I was simply amazed that he had already came twice that morning and still needed it. Brenda still hadn’t returned from work and he said he couldn’t wait. I love Bob’s long cock so I agreed to get him off again.

“Bob, it looks like your hard-on wants me again. How do you want to do want me to pleasure it this time?” I asked.

“I know it’s crazy. I can’t get enough. Brenda is gonna shit when she finds out that you made me cum three times today,” replied Bob.

He added, “Why don’t you go ahead and get down here and suck my dick while I sit on the couch and decide where I want to cum, ok?”

I put down my book pack and got down on my knees in front of the couch where Bob sat. I took hold of his 9 inch cock that was sticking straight up and started licking around his spongy mushroom. I would make sure I kissed the top and then I would lick all the way down the shaft to his nuts and all kaçak casino the way back up the other side.

Bob closed his eyes and slid down in the couch so he was practically sitting on the edge to give me better access. He would moan every time I hit a sensitive spot. He rested his hand on top of my head but did not put any pressure on it to guide me. I licked and kissed every inch of that hard penis that I had gotten to know quite well that day until it was completely shiny with my spit.

I raised my head up and asked Bob, “I know how you like me to deepthroat your dick so did you want me to go ahead and give you a blow job or do you want to do something else?”

“Your mouth feels so fuckin good. Why don’t you go give me head a little while longer and then I will decide where to dump my load,” panted Bob.

I gripped Bob’s wet cock and started jerking it up and down while using my saliva as lubrication. His mouth opened as if to tell me it felt fuckin wonderful while I looked Bob in the eye and said seductively, “That’s fine. Take your time Bob. I will do you for as long as you need in order to cum real hard like you did this morning. Does this feel good?”

I also whispered, “You want me to eat your balls again? You like seeing my lips wrapped around that huge dong, don’t you? I could just keep beating you off and you could give me a facial. Do you want to do that instead?”

Bob was too stunned by my seductive dirty talk to answer. He sat there and took it all in as I went down and worked his magnificence tool with my mouth once again. He was just as hard as he was when he blew his first monster load down my throat that morning. I thought to myself, this guy should be a porn star. I gobbled and slurped his prick very noisily to give Bob some audio stimulation as well. I was smacking my lips as well as moaning in-between sucks.

“Uummm,” I would moan and I would pop up, jerk his cock and say things like, “Your cock is so good. I could suck you all night. Please give me your delicious cum again.”

I continued to suck Bob’s dick for quite a while. I knew he was getting close to giving me his thick slime.

I popped up again, started jerking him off and coyly asked, “Baby, you want me to ride your dick for you while you sit here on the couch? How about you blow your wad all over your belly and let me eat it off of you. Would you like to that?”

He gently pushed me off of him and ordered me up on the bed. I quickly stripped down and got on my hands and knees. The lube was still sitting on my night stand and he quickly squeezed out a huge glob and smeared in all up and down his huge prick like he did earlier.

Bob climbed into the bed and got behind me while on his knees. He put his hard cock up to my anus and it slid in with no problem because of the earlier fucking. He grabbed my hips and started pounding me very quickly. He was consumed with lust because of my dirty talk. He was pounding away at my ass so hard his balls were slapping my balls with every thrust.

“You want to pull out and cum in my mouth again?” I asked.

Bob didn’t answer, he just kept pounding my ass with reckless abandon. He was getting that shallow breathing he gets right before he cums. I knew he was close.

“AAUUGGGGHHHHH FUCK!” Bob screamed as he started shooting.

I reached down between my legs and massaged Bob’s balls to enhance his orgasm. He was shooting just as hard as he did earlier in the day. Spurt after spurt of his spunk was shooting way up my rectum. Bob was overtaken by his powerful orgasm so much that he clung to my hips so not to accidently slip out while he shook and trembled. It was like a male dog knotting up in a mounted female so not to slip out until the sperm has been completely released inside.

I could feel the warmth of his sperm pooling inside by butt as Bob started slowing down. His orgasm had subsided but I knew he was oozing his last bit of splooge. He let out a huge satisfied groan and rested his chest against my back while keeping his dick inside me. Once again, Bob was covered in sweat from his hard work and I could feel his heat resting on me.

Brenda walked in the door just as this was happening.

“Looks like I missed all the action. You boys might have to have a second act so I can get in on it,”

she said smugly.

Little did she know that I made her man cum three times today and each time was just as intense as the previous time. That’s not easy to do for anyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32