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Big Tits

In part 2, we return to the siblings who like to clown around as their adopted characters, Bozo and Harley Quinn. These events take place fairly soon after their first taboo encounter in part 1. All comments are welcome. Thank you, and enjoy.

Characters: Sara (Harley) is Alan’s (Bozo) sister. Dave is Sara’s husband. Jason is Dave and Sara’s son. Sandra is Sara’s friend. Emma is Alan’s on/off girlfriend.


Rapping the brass door knocker again, Alan felt like a bit of an idiot as he waited on the doorstep. Seeing the yellow-red patterned shirt, and some uncomfortable boots with purple laces in a charity shop window, he knew they would be perfect for Bozo, and today’s party. The green jeans were a nice replacement for his old clown pants, but it was only after, that Alan realized, they wouldn’t be as easy to tear. He hadn’t spoken to her since Jason’s party over two weeks ago, and was starting to assume it was off. With three days to go until the party, he finally received her confirmation text and details of their second clown double act. He removed thoughts of Sara from his mind, on hearing a voice the other side of the door.

“Your brother is at the door!” barked Dave.

Alan heard a bit of back and forth between the husband and wife, before the door finally swung open. Harley stood before him, looking pretty much exactly like she did the last time; black leather boots, green baggy pants held with red suspenders, and faded dyed green hair, which was slowly returning to its natural blonde color. Still wet from the shower, it flowed down the back of her neck. Alan hoped she’d wear the pigtails again. The obvious difference, however, was the yellow tank top she now donned which revealed a large amount of flesh.

“Hey, Alan,” she uttered through a mouthful of grapes. “Come in, come in. Let’s get you painted up. Nice jeans by the way.”

Alan headed straight for the kitchen, but Sara steered him right and up the stairs where she would work on him.

“No time! I’ve got to get you finished, Sara said.

“Well here, take my grapes at least,” Alan said, handing her the red wine.

“Ah, you trying to get me drunk or something?” she joked.

An air of awkwardness descended as Dave poked his head around the banister, a justifiably suspicious expression on his face.

“Here, take this, Dave, and go pour us a couple of glasses,” Sara said as she ushered her brother up the stairs.

She sat him down in front of the lighted make-up mirror and took up the little brush.

“What do you think of my effort?” she said, bending down in front of him.

She had painted the exact same style as last time; a pale foundation, red and blue diamonds over each eye, with an exaggerated red smile. Alan couldn’t put his finger on it, but it looked slightly different than before. Although, it could well have been that her delicious hanging cleavage was distracting him.

“It’s not as good, is it? My paint job?”

“It looks fine to me, Harley,” he joked.

Sara let a reluctant smile stretch her lips.

Alan had lied to himself during the week. He told himself that last time was a mistake, that it was wrong, and that it wouldn’t happen again. His new promise began to die as soon as he received his sister’s confirmation text. Since then, he couldn’t get Sara…Harley out of his head. Seeing her up close, in that tight, yellow tank top shattered any remaining semblance of restraint that he had. As she turned her brother into Bozo, he decided not to be so hard on himself. Even after having a kid, Sara was still a very attractive woman. Any red-blooded male would have no hesitation in banging her. And she was much too good for Dave, whose gut seemed to have gotten even bigger since last month, Alan reckoned. He hadn’t followed through with those boxing sessions, clearly.

As the brush dragged across his face, Alan was more engaged than the last time. He enjoyed a fantastic view of her breasts as she moved around him to cover every angle. The white, laced bra did a miserable job of concealing her voluptuous tits; he could practically see right down her top to her bellybutton. He knew that unless he took his mind off her, the growing crease in his pants would soon become obvious. Surely, she must know the effect she’s having on me, he mused.

“I’m using a cheaper brand this time,” she said. “It’s not very good. I only applied mine an hour ago, and my face is already starting to itch!”

“Well, as long as it lasts for our little show, then we can wash it off,” Alan replied.

“Yeah, I guess, but it’d be nice if…”

“We’ll figure something out,” he said, squeezing her hand.

Sara turned around to mix some paint. Alan just about stopped himself from reaching out and placing a hand on her ass. He probably would have gotten away with it too. Maybe just a verbal warning.

“How long does it take to pour wine” Sara thought aloud.

“How are things with you guys, anyway?” Alan asked.

“Okay. Same as always.”

“Except now he wears a Batman mask in the sack?”

“You etlik escort dare say that sober?” she said, lightly punching his arm. “Ah, I think I’m beginning to see Bozo now.”

“Good! Not sure how long more I can stay in this chair,” Alan said, his precum coating his thigh.

“Just one more thing.”

Sara excitedly pulled up a green, curly wig. Laughing, she leaned forward and fixed it on his head. Her breasts were so close, Alan could have stuck out his tongue and tasted them. In fact, he’d noticed that as he slowly became Bozo, Sara would rub up against him more and more. He didn’t stir as she stood between his open legs.

“I’m surprised you didn’t bring Emma. It was plus one, you know?” she said as she straightened his wig.

“I didn’t know that,” Alan replied.

“Oh, I thought I told you. I hope I didn’t deprive you of female company tonight.”

Alan sighed away the sexual tension as his sister peered down. He looked her dead in the eyes.

“You didn’t,” he said.

Sara’s hand slithered from his chest down to his covered erection. Squeezing it, she said,

“It’s good to see you, Bozo.”

Alan pulled her onto his lap and brought his mouth to hers. His hands ran through her damp hair as their tongues collided. They continued kissing through the sound of pounding footsteps coming up the stairs. Dave appeared in his full Adam West Batman costume. A wine stain blotted the yellow crest. Sara didn’t budge from her brother’s lap, her arms hanging over his shoulders. Alan, meanwhile, felt a bit more uneasy, but left his hand on Sara’s thigh.

“It didn’t take you two long, did it?” Dave said, slurring his words.

“Did you drink that whole fucking bottle?” Sara asked.

“I did,” he said. “What else is a man to do with the carry on in here. His wife…and her own…”

The siblings didn’t say anything as Dave started down the stairs.

“Oh, and you might want to fix that before your father picks us up for the party,” he said, pointing to his chin.

Alan and Sara looked in the mirror and saw the mess they had made to their painted-on smile.

“I told you. Shitty quality,” she said. “Ok, this won’t take long. No more playing, Bozo. I have to concentrate.”

Alan pulled her down onto his crotch. He buried his nose in her scented hair as his hands cupped her breasts.

“But I’m still hard, Harley.”

She pressed her palm onto the bulge and confirmed his statement.

“Later, Bozo. Later.”


Sure enough, Sara’s father picked them up and drove them to Sandra’s farm. Sara’s elbow brushed Alan’s chest as she tied up her pigtails. Inside the marquee, they were all checking their watches and waiting for the show to start. They were late, but the laughter and screams erupted as Alan and Sara danced across the room. Their second performance went down a storm. Jason wasn’t shy in complementing his mom and uncle on their act, before heading off with grandpa. Soon only a few adults were left for their own little soiree. Sandra brought a glass of Prosecco over to her friend.

“That was fantastic. You two definitely made up for the lateness!”

Sara laughed awkwardly and sipped her drink. Although Sandra had the chest for it, bigger than hers even, she didn’t think her friend’s Wonder Woman outfit suited her red hair.

“Your clown face just about lasted,” Sandra said as she wiped Sara’s chin, and showed her the white smudge on her thumb.

“Your brother is a great mover. Most athletic! Is he here alone?” Sandra asked as she studied him across the room.

“I guess so,” Sara said. “But what about Declan?…I mean…You’re a married woman, Sandra.”

“That’s the beauty of business trips. Besides, if he can’t be here for his own son’s birthday, then tough! C’mon. Introduce me.”

Sandra took Sara’s arm and pulled her to where Alan and Dave were drinking. A few other adults danced to the 00’s disco tunes that filled the marquee. Sandra clasped Alan’s bicep as she stood beside him.

“Great dancing, Alan,” she said. “You must be thirsty. Here, have a sip of this.”

“I’m OK,” Alan said, holding up his own bottle.

“I wouldn’t mind some,” Dave said, waving another empty bottle.

“You have your own wife for that,” Sandra said, scowling.

It wasn’t difficult for Alan to see Sara’s annoyance behind the vanishing paint. She looked right through him before heading off to get her husband a drink. Sandra hung her arm around each of the men.

“Looks like you two heroes have Wonder Woman all to yourself.”

“He’s a villain, not a hero,” Dave said, nudging closer to her. “But Batman is here little lady.”

“Ah, villains interest me more. They’re naughtier!” she said, pulling at Alan’s green curls.

Sandra giggled when Dave pinched her ass.

“Are you just gonna stand there and let Batman touch me like that, Bozo?”

“Harley fucking Quinn is the one he wants,” Dave said sourly.

Ignoring him, Sandra pulled Alan’s hand towards her ass.

“Don’t be shy, Bozo. You can touch as well as look. ankara eve gelen escort I’m not going to fucking MeToo you!”

Alan couldn’t deny that she looked and felt good. But he couldn’t go with her. He couldn’t cheat on Emma. That’s the excuse he told himself as he scanned the room for Sara.

“Wonder Woman, where is your bathroom?” Alan asked.

“Beside the bar, clown. Need some assistance?”

“Not quite yet.” Alan winked a ‘she’s all yours’ to Dave. “Back in a sec.”

“You’re no fun,” she said, turning back to Dave.

Sandra really did look good in that outfit, Alan reflected. But on leaving the bathroom, he had another woman to find. Thinking he’d bump into her at the bar, he surveyed the room for a well filled, yellow tank top. He didn’t spot it until he stepped outside onto the decking. There he saw Sara shivering as she slugged a beer.

“Sara, you OK?”

“I’m fine. Go back to Sandra. You looked like you were having a good time,” she said, bringing the bottle to her lips.

Alan pressed against her and whispered in her ear.

“I wish that bottle was my cock.”

She cracked a smile, causing cold beer to dribble down her chin and onto her breasts. He took Sara’s hand and brought her across the lawn until they reached a barn. The hinges creaked as they entered. The closing door cut off the light from the house and left them in darkness.

“Bozo?” Sara said, caressing his waist.

Alan’s fingers mapped the wall until he found a switch. A weak light cloaked him and his sister. He answered her touch by putting his arms around her. A few bales of hay, nonperishables, and stored bottles of water came into view as their eyes adjusted. He peered down into Sara’s eyes. He struggled to see Harley looking back. The cheap paint was itchy as fuck, too. Pulling her close, he resumed their earlier oral act.

“Bozo. It’s too risky. Someone will find us.”

“Nah, they’re all having a great time inside. I’m sure Dave is keeping Sandra occupied.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t stay with her,” she said between kisses.

“Not when I have better,” he said as he slid her braces down her bare arms.

Unusually, he wasn’t fully hard yet as he explored Sara’s body. That quickly changed as her hand groped his crotch.

“Oh, Sara,” he groaned as she opened his fly.

His seven thick inches slid along her palm. Their breaths became one as they kissed. Alan plunged his hand down her pants and felt smooth skin and trimmed hair. Pantyless again, he observed. She had obviously been readying herself; not for Dave, but for today. For him. Kneeling on the straw covered ground, Sara ran her tongue along his shaft before wrapping her lips around it. Her green-gold pigtails swayed as she sucked. On fully peeling away his pants and boots, she massaged his balls and filled her mouth with precum.

“Oh God, Sara,” he repeated.

“Don’t forget our characters, Bozo.”

Alan just groaned his pleasure-ridden response.

“Did you miss me Bozo?”

“Ff..Fuck yeah!”

“But you still haven’t learned your lesson, have you? First Emma, now Sandra. Your list of whores is nearly as long as your cock!”

Her hand cupped his scrotum.

“No! Please! Don’t crush my balls again!” Alan cried, remembering their last time together. “Ooph! And careful with those teeth!”

Sara couldn’t help but break into a laugh. Alan saw the funny side too, but his cock yearned for her mouth again. He guided her head back and sighed as the tip passed through her soft lips.

“Never stop, Sara!”

His sister sucked a while longer. She brought him to the edge before finally standing up. She then dislodged a bottle of water from the multi pack and opened it.

“You don’t call me Harley anymore, Bozo,” she said, twisting the cap. “That’s OK. You want Sara.”

She held the bottle up high.

“Well, here you are.”

She tilted her head as water ran down her face. Mixing with the paint, a milky fluid flowed between her breasts. Some blotches remained, but it was no longer Harley’s face that Alan gazed upon. Their eyes never averted as her pants dropped to the floor. Sara winced as Alan lifted her onto a bale, the sharp straw pricking her nakedness. He grabbed a water bottle of his own and went to pour on himself.

“No,” she said. “I’m not ready for that yet, Bozo.”

Fortunately, that was the last of her requests as she guided him inside her. She let out a shriek on receiving him, betraying her desire for his girth. His hips jolted as he eased into a steady fuck. Her arms swung over his shoulders as her head flung back. Alan was content with the view of her tits rocking in the tank top. On pulling it over her head, and removing the bra, he had removed the last of Harley. Now, it was only his naked sister before him. All concerns disappeared as his heart pumped more blood towards the cock inside her. What concerns? It was always Sara he wanted. She lifted his hands onto her clammy breasts. It occurred to Alan, that it was the first time he felt her soft, supple ankara escort tits. Having become intimate with the rest of her before, her chest was the one area that needed exploration. His tongue twirled around a standing nipple. Like the rest of her nubile body, they didn’t disappoint.

“I fucking missed you Bozo,” she said, pulling the wig off him.

Alan grunted as he neared ejaculation. His foreskin rolling back and forth inside her felt too good to pull out. Suddenly a cool breeze kissed his ass, as the barn door opened.

“Ah! Found you, wifey! I’m getting in on some of the action this time. Let’s make this a proper love triangle!” Dave said.

“The fuck?” eeked Sara, rocking to slowing thrusts.

A frustrated Alan pulled out of her and met a stumbling Batman as he was half way across the barn. The uppercut was so fast that he had already caught Dave, and laid him against the cool wooden wall of the barn. Still erect, he glanced back at Sara. Her smooth, creamy legs rising up to her bubble butt were all he saw as she lay over a bale.

“To the winner go the spoils,” she announced.

His sister and Harley Quinn had a lot in common, and Alan fucking loved it! Contemplating her tight ass, he went back to what he was familiar with and slid his throbbing cock into her drenched pussy. Like a vacuum, it seemed to suck him in. He tore off his shirt, and once again, claimed her with his powerful hands. Both her pigtails and butt cheeks jiggled, as he pounded without pause.

“Here,” she gasped, handing him a bottle of water. “Oh, fuck! Alan, I’m close!”

Without breaking stride, Alan tipped the bottle and felt the cool water splash his face. Milky white liquid flowed down his chest and around the dick working her. Sure that some of the watery paint was entering her as he fucked, ‘I guess Bozo is technically inside you now, Sara,’ he thought. Her whole body began to shudder. Squeezing the firm bum that his balls slapped against, he was resigned to emptying them in her from behind. But that wasn’t going to happen, as she wriggled free. She swiveled around, sat on the bale, and spread her legs. He entered her with a single thrust. For the first time, Sara looked into the true eyes of the man fucking her. Her sharp cheekbones, button nose, and supple tits were an even better view. The pigtails, oh god the pigtails! He was done. Alan exhaled four times; once for each thick load he pushed inside her. Their lips met on the third spurt, and they traded saliva until he was spent. They slumped together in a sweaty embrace. On falling out of her, Alan’s moist cock softened against her inner thigh. A blob of white liquid trickled out of her.

“Shit…Sara…” he said between breaths. “I didn’t mean to -“

“It’s OK. It’s a safe time of the month for me,” she said, panting hard.

She wasn’t lying. Any other month it would have been a safe time in her cycle. But she worried the damage had already been done.

“Your pull-out method isn’t worth shit anyway!” she added with a laugh.


Sara wrapped some clothes around her and lay down against the bales. Alan joined her, warming her with his body. Streaks of dawn filtered through the old wooden planks. The lingering silence, along with his own growing drowsiness, made him think she was asleep.

“Last time…it was Bozo. But this time it was you,” she said.

“You’re regretting it, aren’t you?” he said as he shifted uncomfortably. “I shouldn’t have washed Bozo away.”

“No,” she replied. “Just before, I thought it was a bit of fun. A fantasy. The characters and that. But it’s more than that, isn’t it?”

“At first it was Harley I was attracted to. But seeing your face, Sara, my feelings aren’t changing.”

Sara curled into her brother, her nipples poking his smooth chest.

“I love you, Alan.”

He planted a kiss on her forehead, “You too, Sara. We…I have to be more careful in the future.”

“Well, I can’t get doubly pregnant,” she said.


“A few days ago…I…I missed my period. Maybe it’s a false alarm. It’s happened before…but..”

Alan looked over at her husband. He was snoring.

“I guess congrats to you and Dave then.”

Sara just bit her lip.

“Sara, I pulled out last time. It can’t be me, right?”

“Alan, you were seeping out of me all night. Like I said, I think you overrate your pullout game. Look, it could be nothing. Let’s not worry yet.”

Sara’s fingers curled around his soft cock.

“We better get that guy home,” she said, nodding towards Dave.

Against all logic, with the information he had just received, or maybe because of it, Alan was getting hard again. Of course, he was.

“You’re insatiable, so you are,” Sara said, going down on him.

Dave mumbled something as he watched the familiar man finish in his wife’s mouth. They got dressed and carried Dave to the cab. From the back seat, they waved goodbye to a very confused Sandra. Dave tried to slur something to Alan.

“Don’t worry, Dave. We’ll get you home to bed,” he said, smiling at an amused Sara. “Then maybe I’ll take care of your wife again.”

The cab driver pretended not to hear. He also pretended not to see the man and woman groping each other. Lucky guy, he thought. He switched on the radio to distract himself. An old song played.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32