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I was horny the moment I woke up. My cock was hard as I showered and got ready for work. I slipped into a pair of blue nylon panties, something I usually only did on the weekend, and finished dressing for work. The drive in was crappy, traffic sucked, but it wasn’t so bad while in my panties. Wearing them may have been a mistake though, I was semi hard when I got out of my car, I needed a bit of adjustment to keep my pants from tenting while walking into the office.

I couldn’t really concentrate at work, the smooth feel of the nylon and my need for cock was too distracting. The morning was dragging, and watching the clock was not helping at all. After three hours my mind was made up, I’m gonna boogie out of here, get an early start on my weekend. It was a light day at work anyway, I was mostly done with what needed to get done and what wasn’t, that could wait until Monday. I called the boss and told him I was taking off early. After a couple minutes of laying out what I had turned in this morning he gave me the go ahead and I raced home. Thankfully it was well past rush hour and traffic was light. Twenty five minutes later I pulled into my driveway.

As soon as I was in the door, I turned and locked it. I stripped down to my panties, headed straight to my bedroom and put on a garter belt and slipped into a pair of royal blue stockings to match my panties. I checked in the mirror to adjust the seams, when satisfied with how they looked I walked into the den.

A couple key strokes and my pc was awake, I opened my browser and went right to my preferred hook up site. I logged in, turned on my webcam, adjusted it to my liking, a good shot looking down to get my face, upper body and, if I turned just right, a good view of my ass and thighs. With the cam on I hopped into the group chat.

“Horny and hosting, local guys have face pic or be on cam. Let’s get this going I have holes that need filling!! Pm me for details…”

It was still relatively early, just after 10 am. A few profile view notifications rang out, no one local though. To pass the time I made idle chat with the guys in the room, entertained the chats from guys admiring the view, I loved showing off for them on cam. My thin frame and smooth body really got some guys going. I loved reading the typed out cat calls. The, “I wish I was closer,” IM’s came flooding in. About 20 minutes later I got a video chat.

I opened the chat to see the guy, his cam showed off most of his naked body, he had a slight belly, but was in overall good shape, his cock hung limp between his thighs, it looked to be about 6 inches. He looked to be in the mid 50’s and moderately attractive. Nice smooth jaw line, neatly trimmed salt and pepper hair, the closest comparison would be George Hamilton, minus the obnoxious tan.

“Hi. Bill here, 58 yo, mwm and I’m looking to play,” popped up in the text window.

“Hi Bill. Terri here, what are you looking for?” I replied.

“I want to get off in one of your holes sissy, you think you can handle it?” He grabbed his semi hard casino oyna cock and shook it for the cam. It filled his hand nicely, definitely over 6 inches now.

My cock jumped as I typed back an emphatic “YES!” I typed out my address, adding, “The back door will be open, come in and I’ll be in the room to your right.”

“I can be there in 20 minutes or so,” was his reply and his screen went black.

I stayed in the chat while I waited for Bill to show up, hoping to line up some more guys for the day. I wanted to keep this going for as long as I could.

“If you’re hosting I’d love to get inside you…,” popped into my message block, followed by a face pic. An older guy, bald with a white goatee and glasses. That was quickly followed by a full body shot, he was definitely a bigger guy, stocky with a rounded belly, his cock though, was what caught my eye. Thick and looked about 8 inches, my mouth watered.

“I am hosting and you are more than welcome to come get whatever you want. I do have a guest on the way now, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you joined us.” As I was about to hit send, the back door opened. Bill stepped into the den, he was already starting to take his clothes off.

“Bill, cam is still on if you’re worried about showing your face,” I warned him before he was fully in the room, “and I have guy who would like to join us.”

“As long as he don’t mind sloppy seconds, sure.” He finished pulling off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants, stepping out of them as he walked over to me.

I added my address to the message and hit send. Bill stood naked next to me and pulled me in for a kiss. Our lips met and my cock bounced with excitement. His tongue pushed into my mouth and met mine. Our tongues worked furiously in a deep passionate kiss, mouths opened and plenty of heavy breathing. His hands working their way all over my back and ass, I followed his lead and did the same to him.

I glanced at the screen and saw the reply from the other guy, he would be here as soon as he could. I went back to giving Bill my full attention. His ass was smooth and firm in my hands, I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on it. I broke from Bill’s lips and kissed my way down his neck and chest, his pecs were firm for his age, his nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. I stopped to spend a little time on each of them, flicking and nibbling them. I was rewarded with moans of approval.

I worked my down his belly towards his now fully erect cock, a full 7 inches. My lips kissed the fat spongy head and all over his shaft. I sucked his round balls into my mouth, soaking them with saliva. I reached up to stroke them as I ran my tongue up the length of his rod. With a quick lick at his piss slit and a long slow swirl of my tongue I took him inside my mouth. I slowly took him all the way down, savoring the feel of his shaft sliding toward the back of my throat. After a few bobs up and down I pulled away.

I pulled him over and had him sit on the couch. I had him sit forward on it, he leaned back. I took his legs and canlı casino pushed them back to his chest, giving me a great view of his ass. With his asshole exposed I went to work. Licking around his ring, pushing my tongue inside it, while my hand stroked his cock. Overcome with lust I worked between licking his ass and sucking his cock and balls.

“I want your ass Terri, you ready for this cock to breed you?” Bill said as he stood up.

I gave one last deep throat of his cock and stood with him, “Yes please,” I answered.

I reached over to my desk and pulled out my lube. I squeezed some over his cock and stroked him. He sat me on the couch, putting me in the same position he was just in. With my legs to my chest he pulled my panties up to my knees, put the lube on his finger and started working his digit inside me. One finger worked it’s way in, followed by a second, slowly pushing in and out. My asshole stretched to accommodate them as I moaned with pleasure. A third finger made it’s way in and he started to finger fuck me, his fingers rapidly pushing in and out.

He pulled his fingers from inside me, stood me up and bent me over the couch. Bill held my head down, my ass pushed up in the air over the rail of the couch.

“You want my cock don’t you Terri?”

“Oh God yes Bill… please fuck me,” I replied, breathing heavily.

With that, he pushed his cock inside me in one brutal thrust. I gasped, the pain didn’t bother me too much, just the sudden shock of him entering me so quickly. He buried his cock deep inside and started a nice steady rhythm. My asshole stretched around his girth, the feeling of the stretch making my cock leak precum. He picked up his pace, grunting as he pounded into me. I grunted and moaned with each thrust, his cock pushing me deeper into ecstasy.

“OH BILLL Yessssssss… fuck me hard Bill, Fuck me with that cock!!” I screamed out and my cock let loose. My body tensed with each jet of cum that shot out all over the cushions of the couch’s back rest. My cock smeared it into my skin and the material as Bill pushed into me.

“Yeah Terri… your asshole is so tight, I’m gonna fill you with cum. Take this cock you little slut! Aaaahhhh yesssss,” he bellowed as he started bucking, dumping his seed inside me.

He collapsed on top me, his hands held firm to my waist, his hot, heavy breath on my back. His cum started leaking out of my asshole around his deflating cock, I felt it’s warm, sticky wetness dribble down my leg. Bill withdrew his spent cock from my stretched hole. He pushed himself upright, still using my back for support.

“Good show guys. Now it’s my turn.”

I shot upright when I heard the other guy speak. With my face over the other side of the couch and Bill and I moaning, I never even heard him come in. It was the fat guy from the message earlier. He was stark naked, his rock hard cock sticking straight out.

“You can just bend right back over baby, I’m almost there just watching you two.” the man said. He shook his thick 8 inch cock in his kaçak casino hand as he walked past Bill, over to me.

Bill quietly dressed and left without a word, as the fat man got up on the couch and proceeded to feed his cock inside me. His fat cock slid easily into my loosened asshole.

“Mmmmm… a nice sloppy cunt for me. Feels great slut. Nice and loose, I’m going to fuck you good babe.”

The fat man went to town on me, pounding away from the first thrust. He grunted and groaned as he leaned in, resting his gut on me. I felt his breath on my neck, the hair from his goatee tickling my neck.

“Yeah baby, you like this cock,” he whispered, “you love it don’t you. You love this fat cock sliding in your asshole, your sissy cunt!”

“Yes, fill my pussy, my sissy cunt. Fill it with your cock and cum!”

“I’m gonna drop a big load in you baby, haven’t cum for weeks… can’t wait to cream inside your sloppy cunt,” he said. His cock began to pound away at me harder.

His weight belied his stamina, I thought he would have been over and done quickly, he fucked me for almost 45 minutes, changing positions half way through. I was on my back, my legs over his shoulders as he plowed into me, when I came again. My cum erupted all over me, coating my chest and hitting my chin. His cock was sloppy with Bill’s come and my juices, easily sliding in and out.

“Ohhhh here it comes baby… you ready for it?”

Before I could even answer, in one quick motion he was standing over me, jerking his cock.

“Open up sissy, time to feed you,” he said, and pushed his cock in my face as I leaned up and opened my mouth.

With that he unloaded, his hot cum shooting out. The first thick shot caught the tip of my nose, the next shot near my right eye, before finally finding my mouth. His bitter seed flooded my mouth as he pushed closer. I wrapped my lips around his cum covered cock and started sucking. He held my head as he pumped into my mouth, filling my mouth. I tried my best to swallow it all, but some leaked from my lips. He pulled his cock from my mouth and used it to smear his spilled seed all over my face. I reached out for his member with my tongue, trying to get a few last licks in.

“Mmmmm… good job babe, clean off my cock like a good slut,” he said as he fed his cock back into my mouth.

I happily accepted. My mouth swallowed his softening cock, draining what was left of his cum, not caring about all the remnants left on it from the mixture of Bill’s cum and my asshole. Once he was satisfied I had done my job, he pulled out. The fat man put his clothes back on and made to leave.

“Good to know you’re around slut, be nice to use you again.”

“Anytime you want… what was your name again?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t want to know yours. I just want to fuck that ass of your again. See you in the chats,” and he was gone.

I backed up onto the couch, trying to sit normally. My stockings had fallen from my thighs and hung loose by my ankles, my panties were stretched out laying around my feet, I must have looked a complete mess. With the house quiet again I could here the chimes coming from the chat window. There was still plenty of time left, so I went back to check the messages…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32