Daniel Takes Me and

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Daniel Takes Me andI was at a gay club with two friends, girls, we were all maybe 21. They went off to dance and Daniel, this young blond DJ I’d talked to a few times approached me. He was a bit taller than me at 6′, 6’1, and kind of effeminate looking. He would occasionally tease me that if I “wasn’t straight I’d be his boyfriend”, but he never pushed beyond that. He came straight up to me and gave me a smile like he knew something I didn’t.Curious what that look was all about – I assumed he had another wry, funny story about one of his sexual conquests or failures – I asked, “Hey, what’s up with you?”But he cocked his head and spoke into my ear, “I’m just deciding which straight boy I’m gonna’ take home and turn gay tonight”. Then he calmly scanned the room as if he anadolu yakası escort was really pondering the choice.I just stood there, dumbstruck by his filthy declaration. My mouth opened to speak but I was unable to form a sentence. What the hell did he just say? Did he really say that?!? My mind flooded with images of naive young boys unable to resist Daniel’s seduction, and before they knew it he’d turned them into gay sluts for his cock.Daniel finished looking around the club and turned his gaze upon me. He didn’t say a word, he just watched my reaction. I tried to clear my head of the pornographic thoughts he’d instilled but they wouldn’t stop… one k** moaning into Daniel’s unexpected kiss, another kneeling before him, eyes pendik escort bulging in shock as Daniel’s huge throbbing cock invades his mouth, yet another one naked on his back helplessly squealing as Daniel fucks him into submission… (woah… huge? throbbing? Why would I think that?).And then it slowly dawned on me; he already knew which straight boy he was going to take home and fuck. Oh shit!! I realized I was that boy! The realization he’d just blatantly told me he was going to take me home and take me against my straight will – made something in my brain snap. Suddenly the visions were of me powerless to refuse Daniel’s advances. Me returning his kiss, choking on his stiff manhood, spreading my legs like a girl as he claims my pussy as his property…Jesus, tuzla escort my dick is rock hard I realized! A gay man just told me he was going to turn me gay me and it turned me on?!? “Ohhh my fucking God..” I groaned involuntarily, the comprehension of his words rendering me almost helpless to resist him.15 minutes later I was on my knees gagging on his 8 inches of manhood. Before I knew it I was on my back, legs splayed wide open as he made me his girl. It hurt a tiny bit, but I was immediately bucking and thrashing and panting and moaning in ecstasy.I still can’t believe how incredible his huge cock felt assaulting my virgin ass. I moaned and squealed and yelped, my head lolling side to side as he completely dominated me. I bucked and thrashed on the bed beneath him. I had no control of myself or the sensations tearing through my body…And then it happened: untouched I had the biggest, longest, greatest orgasm of my life. I came all over us both, causing him to spew his seed into my convulsing ass and prolonging my orgasm even longer.