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Big Tits

I occasionally write stories for publishing on internet websites, and in response to one that I wrote that was actually true, I received an email from a guy named Dave, who had a wife named Sally. They said they enjoyed my true story so much, that Sally wanted Dave to suck my cock, and have sex with me, similar to what transpired in my story, and that she wanted to watch. They went on to say that my story turned them both on so much that Sally would blow Dave as he read my stories out loud. They asked if I was interested in meeting up with them. I rarely even respond to my emails, but one of my fantasies was to have an M-W-M threesome, so I thought I might take a chance and see where they lived.

It turns out that they lived about 45 minutes from me, just across the state line. The email address was Dave’s, but apparently, Sally did most of the responding to my emails back and forth with them. I told her that I expected them both to be DDF, HIV-, both were to be freshly bathed, and that Dave was to have an enema, before I arrived.

Sally promised that if I came to them, both would be clean, and Dave would be clean inside as well. I told her good, and that I might want to have sex with her, also. She seemed surprised, but agreeable, when I reminded her that I was married, not queer, but liked to suck cock, and that I preferred women, especially young girls, to men.

We agreed on a Saturday afternoon, and after prepping myself and showering, I set off for their residence. It took me just under an hour. Pulling into their driveway, I noticed a fairly new house, nicely manicured lawn, and an overall appearance of tidiness.

I got out, taking a small package with me, and walked to the door, and rang the bell. It only took a few seconds for the door to be opened. A quite attractive girl in her maybe late 20’s opened the door slowly, peering around it as it opened. “Sally?” I asked.

“Yes, please come in.” Stepping back a little bit, I entered as the door swung open. I noticed that the house was clean and neat. Sally was scantily dressed, and very nice looking. On his hands and knees, on the floor, was a nude male of about the same age as Sally, wearing only a leather collar. He looked very nervously at me.

Sally spoke “You’ll have to excuse him a bit, he is very nervous about all this. Seems he was full of excitement right up until you actually arrived, now he is a bit afraid maybe.”

“Well, too late, I’m here, he’s mine now.” I said, looking at her. “He will do as you and I tell him.” This brought a huge smile to her face.

“Oh that’s exactly what I wanted to hear” she said “This is going to work out well, I think.”

I walked over to Dave, looking him over. I noted he had his cock and balls smooth, no hair or stubble that I noticed. I bent down, and slid my hand across his ass. He flinched, I slapped his ass. “Don’t pull casino siteleri away from me, ever.” I said in a stern voice. I looked over at Sally, she looked at me and smiled.

I moved toward a chair, and took my clothes off, folding them neatly, placing them, and the package I brought, on the chair. Turning to Sally, I said “Shall we begin?”

“Yes” she said. Turning to Dave, she snapped her fingers, and said “Come.”

He followed on all fours, into the bedroom. It was nice, maybe a bit girly for my taste, but I was only visiting.

“Come here “I said to Dave. He approached slowly on his hands and knees, a bit fearfully. “Now, be a good boy, and take me into your mouth. No teeth either” I warned.

I thought he was going to cry. He kept looking between Sally and myself. “Do it now, bitch!” I hollered.

He cringed. I turned to Sally “This is not going to work.”

She took a few steps toward Dave, and squatted down next to him. ” Dave honey” she said stroking his head and neck “If you do not do what the nice man tells you, I am going to let him fuck me while you watch, then I am going to beat your ass, and throw you outdoors, without your clothes.”

He shook his head no, Sally slapped his ass with a loud crack. Tears came to his eyes. “Suck him now.” She said.

He moved toward me, opening his mouth. I grabbed his hair pulling him toward me. I took my hardening cock and placed it at his lips. Still he didn’t open.

I slapped him up side his head. As he opened his mouth in shock, I shoved my cock in all the way. As he gagged slightly, I told him “Do NOT let me feel your teeth.”

Dave closed his mouth, lips wrapped around my cock head. Looking at me, I told him “SUCK” I felt him sucking lightly “See, it doesn’t hurt, nothing to taste. Yet” I said with a smirk.

As Dave sucked on my cock, I asked Sally if there was anything in particular she wanted us to do.

“Well,” she responded “You can pretty much do whatever you want. I’d like to see you suck him, him suck you, I’d really enjoy watching you fuck his asshole” Dave began violently shaking his head “No”, but never let my cock out of his mouth.

“Sally, why don’t you take your clothes off, and lay on the bed” I told her.

Now it was her turn to be hesitant. “Sally, do it now, please” I said. She took off her clothes, throwing them in a corner of the room. I looked at her appreciatively. “On your back, please. I’d like to taste your pussy”

I pulled away from Dave, and he watched as I got between his wife’s legs, my ass in the air. Noticing Dave’s erection, I told him “Go get the bag I brought in. There is lube in it. Bring it here.”

While he went to get the lube, I put my mouth on Sally’s shaved pussy. It tasted nice. I began gently pulling on her pussy lips with my lips, running my tongue up and down between her lips. I had just canlı casino plunged my tongue into her pussy hole when Dave came back into the room. “Okay, put some lube in my ass. In the hole, and around it. Then lube your cock up.”

I began sucking Sally’s clit as Dave lubed my ass. I looked between my legs, Dave’s cock was hard. Pulling my mouth off Sally, I said “After you are done getting lubed, I want you to slide your cock in my ass. Remember, you’re next.” That made him pause.

I felt Dave fumbling around my ass hole. “Just stick it in. It ain’t rocket science.”

I felt him ay my hole, then he entered. It felt nice. I went back to eating Sally while Dave fucked my ass.

Sally had been wet when I first went down on her, she seemed ready to cum at any moment. “How you doing back there Dave?”

“Good. I like this” he said.

It felt nice to me also. If I let him do this long enough, I might cum too. I didn’t want that to happen. I began to make Sally writhe. She pumped her hips up at me. “Dave, I want you to cum in my ass.”

“Sally, cum for me honey.” Dave was speeding up. It felt nice. I sucked Sally’s clit harder.

Dave moaned “I am gonna cum”

He was beginning to shoot into my ass. Sally grabbed my head, let out a loud moan, and cum in my mouth, squirting a little as she did. I felt Dave’s hot load enter my ass.

I pulled off Sally, Dave pulled his softening cock out of my ass. His cum ran out my gaping ass hole, dripping down my balls.

I flopped down alongside Sally. “You okay? ” I asked

“Mmmmmm” was all I got back. Dave was still on his knees, his cock starting to get soft, one big drop of cum hanging off. I leaned over, took the end of his cock into my mouth, tasting his salty offering. He looked at me wide eyed. “What? You think that was dirty? My ass is clean. Get over it”

I turned to Sally. “His turn now?”

“Yes, I think it is time”

Dave backed away. “No, No, I changed my mind. I don’t want to…”

I stood up. “You just fucked my ass, now you won’t return the favor”

Before he could say anything, Sally said “Dave, if doesn’t take your ass cherry, you’ll NEVER get inside my ass again. It didn’t bother you to open me up, now I want to watch you take it in your ass.”

Dave was almost in tears. “But baby…”

“Baby my ass, or rather, YOUR ass.”

Sally turned to me. “Well, you up to wrecking my husband’s ass?”

Dave was looking like a scared deer looking into the headlights of a speeding car. “Yes I am.” I replied, gently tugging on my cock.

“Sally, why don’t you sit down, Dave, put your head between her legs, Sally, you hold his head while I grease him up”

It was easy to tell, Dave was very nervous. I was glad Sally cleaned his ass before I arrived, it looked like Dave was about to shit himself.

I moved behind Dave. Putting kaçak casino a good glob of lube on my fingers, I pushed into Dave’s ass hole. He let out a loud moan, and a squeal, but Sally held his head tightly so that he couldn’t get away. I put another glob on Dave’s ass, the wiped some on the head of my now rock hard cock.

I moved right up to his ass, touching the hole with the head of my cock. “Ready Sally?” I asked. “Here I go.” I drove my cock into his ass hole, burying about half my hard cock inside of him.

Dave was squealing like a piglet, but with Sally holding his head, and with my tight grip on his ass cheeks, he was going nowhere.

I looked Sally in the eyes. “Go ahead” she said, “Fuck his ass. I want to hear my husband scream like he made me scream when he ripped my asshole open. Wreck his faggot ass.”

I pulled out until just the head of my cock was still in his asshole. Then, still looking Sally in the eyes, I drove all the way into Dave’s no longer virgin shit chute, my balls slapping his balls as I buried my cock in his ass.

He let out a scream. He was shaking, shivering, and writhing, impaled on my cock. It felt wonderful. To me.

I held myself deep inside, to let him try to get used to me in his ass. When he calmed down, I pulled out so just my head was still lodged in his ass, then I slowly pushed in and then out. Setting up a slow in and out motion, Dave’s screaming and whining turned into a moan.

Not stopping, I looked down where my cock was pulling out of his ass. His hole was bright red, and stretched as I pulled back. No blood on my cock, that was good.

I continued to slowly fuck his ass, he continued moaning.

I must have fucked his formerly tight hole for 10 or more minutes, before I got the tingling in the base of my cock, signaling that I was close to coming. Sally was leaned close to his ear, muttering softly to Dave. I couldn’t hear what she said, but she was softly stroking his back, head, and neck.

As I got closer to cumming, I sped up until I was making a slapping sound as my belly hit his ass cheeks. Dave was only moaning once in a while now, he actually seemed to be pushing back at me as I plunged into his ass.

Sally looked under Dave towards where his cock was hanging. “His cock is hard as a rock, and his balls are pulled up tight, I think he’s going to cum.”

Dave moaned what sounded like an agreement to Sally’s assessment.

I tried to hold out a little while longer, to see if Dave might cum from the fucking he was getting. I slowed a bit.

“No!” moaned Dave. “Faster. Please.”

I sped up, my belly slapping his ass.

Dave was moaning continuously now.

“I have to cum!” I said, pounding Dave’s ass as fast as I could.

“Yes! Now!” cried Dave.

I felt his ass grab and squeeze my cock as he shot his load on the floor”

“Cumming!” as I filled his no longer virgin ass with my seed.

“My God he shot all over the rug.” stated Sally.

As I finished filling Dave’s ass, I lay down on his back. Sally was grinning ear to ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32