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EscapeEscapeI was bored. There’s no other way to describe it. Life was boring.My girlfriend and I had been together for several years, and we had just reached that point in the relationship where I think we both knew that it wasn’t going to go much further.Our sex life had always been good, but lately it seemed that neither one of us really put any effort into it. She always welcomed our lovemaking, but was the passive partner.That’s when I started looking at the Personal ads online.Most of the ads were the same…. “Divorced female 30’s, seeks knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet and live happily ever after”, or “Single female seeks financially secure older male for good times.” I wasn’t seeing anything different.One day, I came across an ad that intrigued me.“Hi. I’m a brown eyed, red haired Aries who is unbelievably unfulfilled. I am involved with a guy who is very caring and loving, but who has no idea or imagination when it comes to sex. Help me escape. I am hoping that someone out there can email me with their fantasies to touch me in places that are not being reached. Erotic chat a possibility. To be honest, I’m looking for someone to talk dirty with.”It seemed harmless enough, maybe she and I could exchange fantasies and in turn, spice up our various relationships. I decided to answer “Red Hott” with what I considered a witty response.“Red Hott, I want to be the man for your fantasies. Let’s play doctor in our minds: tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.” I signed it with my new anonymous screen name: Hard Rider.A few days later, I received her reply: “A ‘Hard’ man is good to find. I will contact you soon on Instant Messenger.”The next time I signed on, I received the notice that “Red Hott” had added me to her friends list. A thrill went up my spine and I began to fantasize what we would say, and the things we would talk about doing to each other: two lovers across cyberspace, touching each other only with our minds. I couldn’t wait.Unfortunately, the waiting continued. Several days passed. One night, my girlfriend and I had one of our more frequent fights and she went home, pissed. I sat down in front of my computer, looking for some mindless surfing to take my mind off our crumbling relationship.As soon as I signed on, I heard the tinkle of electronic chimes: Red Hott was online. I sat there in front of the screen, nervous like a teenager on his first date or a man cheating on his wife for the first time, not knowing if I should initiate contact or let her.Suddenly, a chat window popped up with a message.Red Hott: Hi!Hard Rider: Hi!Red Hott: How are you?Hard Rider: I’m ok…. how are you?Red Hott: Fine. i’m a little nervous.Hard Rider: Me too… I’ve never really done anything like this beforeRed Hott: Me either. When I wrote the ad, I never really expected anyone to reply.Hard Rider: Did you get a lot of email?Red Hott: Yes. Most were EXTREMELY explicit. More like a porno movie than a message. Some even sent me pictures of their… of themselves. Kinda creepy.Hard Rider: Really?Red Hott: Yeah. Yours was the only one that caught my imagination.Hard Rider: Thanks…Red Hott: It was that ‘lets play mind doctor’ thing. really got me to thinking.Hard Rider: me too… after I got your email in return…. It’s all I could think about.Red Hott: Good. I’m already in your fantasies! =)Hard Rider: yeah… ha haRed Hott: I hope you don’t turn out to be some kind of psycho. You seem really nice so far.Hard Rider: I’m not, really…. You know you could be some kind of Fatal Attraction chick yourself you know.Red Hott: =) That’s a good one! So where do we go from here?Hard Rider: Well, I guess we get to know each other… just talk… or do you want to dive right in to the nasty talk?Red Hott: No, I guess you’re right. Tell you what; I’ll contact you tomorrow night, I really have to go.Hard Rider: Ok. About the same time?Red Hott: Yes. See ya later.The chat window indicated that she was gone, and I closed it wondering where this was going to lead, but excited about getting the chance to talk to her again.I disconnected and reached for the phone to call my girlfriend and cancel our date for the next night. As I touched the phone, it rang. SHE was calling to cancel.Over the next several weeks, my contact with Red Hott increased. We were chatting every night. As I grew closer to her, the distance between my girlfriend and me widened. Soon, it seemed I was spending all of my spare time chatting with Red.We grew very close. We shared things with each other that we could not share with our partners. We discussed how distant they seem to have become and how our sex lives were effectively dead. We began talking about what we liked in sex partners, favorite positions, etc. The ability to hide behind our screen names made it easy.I looked forward to chatting with her. The more I came to know about her, the more I became attracted to her. I was ready to kocaeli escort take the next step in our cyber-relationship, but didn’t know how. Fortunately, she did.One night when I signed on, the chat window immediately popped up.Red Hott: Hiya stud. You wanna mind fuck?Hard Rider: hi… damn are you horny or what?Red Hott: Yes, and I’m horny for you. I’ve been waiting for you to ‘come up’ tonight. ;-)Red Hott: It’s about time we started talking dirty.Hard Rider: Ok… looks like you’ve already started… =)Hard Rider: no complaints hereRed Hott: What are you wearing?Hard Rider: Jeans and a t-shirt, socks…Red Hott: button fly? I love button fly.Hard Rider: YesRed Hott: Underwear?Hard Rider: No, I don’t really care for them… not in my jeans anywayRed Hott: Are you circumcised?Hard Rider: Yes.Red Hott: Ooh, good. I like the way cut cocks look, and taste. I can almost see the outline of your cock in your jeans, pressing against the tight fabric. It wants to be touched.I felt a little twitch in my cock and shifted in my seat. Her words were touching me. I had not expected that. The screen blinked again.Red Hott: If I were there, I would rub your cock through your jeans with the palm of my hand, feeling it harden and stretch under the fabric. With the other hand, I would lift your shirt and find your nipple with my mouth, sucking it until it was hard before switching to the other.Red Hott: Your cock is hard under my hand and your nipples are screwed up so tight they are like little pebbles hidden in the hair of your chest. I take my hands and pull your shirt over your head, kissing you chest, slowly lowering my head towards your lap.By now, my cock was beginning to really grow, so that it was beginning to be uncomfortable in my jeans. I shifted again in my seat to try to take the pressure off.Red Hott: When I reach the waist of your jeans, you lean back in your chair so I can reach the buttons. As I loose each button, I kiss the skin that I reveal. I can feel your cock throbbing as I brush it with my cheek.Red Hott: When I get to the third button, the head is visible, and I flick my tongue at it, exploring your blind eye with the tip. It swells at my touch and I quickly undo the last two buttons, pulling your jeans down around your ankles.(Are you touching yourself yet, I am.)Hard Rider: My God… this seems so real!Red Hott: It’s as real as you believe it to be.Red Hott: Your cock is swollen, standing up away from your body. The head is red and angry looking. I make an ‘O’ with my lips and slide them over the head stopping when the little mushroom is inside my mouth. You groan quietly as I work my tongue over it.Red Hott: I love teasing the little cleft in your cock head (Take your cock out, touch it, feel my mouth on you)I followed her instructions and took my cock out of my jeans, grasping the tip with a circle of fingers, imagining it was her lips.Hard Rider: That feels good.Red Hott: I knew you liked that. Pursing my lips tightly, I begin to slide my head down lower on your cock. It’s SO big! I push and push, but I can’t get it all in my mouth. I almost gag as the head pushes against the back of my throat. I suck down hard, swallowing as much of your length as I can. (Stroke your cock baby, feel my mouth bobbing up and down.)Red Hott: I begin to move my mouth up and down your cock, quickly stroking the length with my lips, lashing it constantly with my tongue. I slide a hand down and cup your balls, feeling their weight in my hands.Hard Rider: unngh…Red Hott: Releasing your balls, I massage the space above your asshole, teasing the little pucker with my long fingernail as my mouth continues to work on your cock, licking, sucking. I want your juice and I’m gonna get it!My hand was pumping my cock for all it was worth. I could see and feel it all. Her head, not my hand was pumping in my lap. I could see her long red hair bouncing as she shoved my cock deep into her mouth.Red Hott: I want you to come now baby. I grab you cock. It looks so big in my tiny hand. I begin to jack you quickly while licking the head. Come on my face! Spray me with your juice! I can feel you spurting! I feel the hot jism splashing across my lips and cheeks.It was unreal. Reading her words drove my fist up and down my cock faster and faster. Soon I was coming, spraying sticky cum all over my chest and stomach.Red Hott: Was that good, baby? Did you come?Hard Rider: Oh God yes. It was outstanding! I can’t believe that it was all from reading your words.Red Hott: It’s called cyber-sex, baby, and it’s my turn next!Several days passed after our encounter and I didn’t hear from her. I was still overwhelmed at the physical and emotional impact her words had on me. It was as if she were actually with me. To say the least, my preoccupation with my cyber-friend-now-lover effectively put the nail in the coffin of my relationship.I met my girlfriend at lunch and she broke it off. kocaeli escort bayan Honestly, it didn’t really bother me all that much. I had Red Hott now, and even if our relationship was only on the computer and in our minds, it was more fulfilling than the one that just ended.I began to think about what I would say the next time Red Hott and I talked. It was her turn, and I wanted to ‘do’ her as well as she had done me. I sent her a quick email outlining my intentions.“I want you. Be online tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. I want you to take a nice bath with oils and sweet soaps. Get relaxed and in the mood. If you don’t already, shave your pussy. I like them slick and sweet. Hard Rider”I began to think about the things I was going to say. How I wanted to describe eating her pussy, sucking her baby bare lips into my mouth. It was something I love; giving oral sex, but my girlfriend never seemed very interested in it. Besides, shaving her pussy was completely out of the question.I was online at seven, anticipating her arrival, hoping she would come online early. Precisely at 8:00 p.m., she signed on; the little electronic chimes sent a thrill right down to the tip of my dick. I contacted her.Hard Rider: Are you naked?Red Hott: Of course, still a little wet from the bath. It was hard not to touch myself in there. I was thinking about you and the things you want to do to me.Hard Rider: Good. Did you shave?Red Hott: Yes. I’ve never done that before. It seems so sensual and yet makes me feel vulnerable. Like a little girl.Hard Rider: Good. I ring the doorbell, and, still naked from your bath, you answer the door, wrapped only in a soft towel.Hard Rider: You know what I’m there for. You were hoping that I would come. We have desired each other for all time, even before we knew each other.Hard Rider: I sweep you up in my arms, and the towel falls to the floor. You are gloriously naked and I drink you in with my eyes; consuming you with my gaze. I place my lips on yours in a passionate kiss, my tongue parting your lips and seeking the heat of your mouth. Our tongues tangle, two swordsmen, their rapiers sharp, seeking their opponent. I draw your tongue into my mouth and suck gently on it.Red Hott: Oh yes!Hard Rider: Out mouths never parting, I carry you gently to the bedroom to the bed. Placing you on the soft coverlet, I stand back, my look touching your still wet, naked body as assuredly as my hands soon will. Bending over you, I use my fingers and softly trace lines across your face, neck and breasts; delicate paths left by butterflies floating across your skin. I hear you moan softly, and I see your nipples hardening. I want them in my mouth.Hard Rider: I capture a breast in the curve of my palm, catching the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing it while my tongue seeks out its hardness. Releasing the nub, I encircle it with my lips, sucking it into my mouth, drawing in as much of your breast as I can, my tongue lavishing its praise on every inch.Hard Rider: My hand, freed by my mouth for other work, seeks the other breast and soon is caressing it with tender touches. I suck gently on your breast and nipple, as a kitten suckles its mother. It swells and hardens more in my mouth and I hear your breathing become deeper. I look up at you and your eyes are closed, your head tilted back on the pillow.Hard Rider: I bite softly on the hard point of your breast, and you gasp quietly. Releasing it, I softly kiss the redness. My kisses trail across your breast and continue downwards along your belly. You know where I’m going, and you place a hand on my head, ruffling my hair, urging me onwards.I paused for a few moments, both to collect my thoughts and to tease her.Red Hott: My god! Don’t stop now!Hard Rider: My lips work their way slowly, agonizingly down you until they reach the newly denuded mound. I kiss the shaven flesh, tasting it with my mouth, licking across the invisible stubble left behind by the razor. Mmmm, you taste good.Hard Rider: I can feel your heat on my face as it rises from between your legs. Your musky smell tells me that you are wet and excited. Shifting down the bed, I part your legs and again I stop to wonder at your beauty and the sensuality of your body. Your pussy lips are bright pink, full of passion and glistening with anticipation.Hard Rider: (Are you touching yourself. Are you using your fingers or a vibrator?)Red Hott: Of course, my god, both! Stop asking me questions, I can’t type with one hand!Hard Rider: I slowly lower my face to you, my tongue extending from my mouth as I near. Your sweet smell envelops me, driving my lust and making my mouth water. I find the entry to your pussy with my tongue and feed on it; licking and sucking, sticking my tongue inside and drawing out more of your moisture, fucking you with my tongue.Hard Rider: Your juices are flowing quickly and soon my face is covered izmit escort with them. I seek out your clit, the focus of your pleasure, and tease at it with the tip of my tongue. Your hips rise off the bed, pushing your pussy closer to my face, mashing your clit against my lips.Hard Rider: You clit is swollen and sticking up, a little penis hiding in folds of feminine flesh. I suck it into my mouth, tonguing it as I did your nipples, maintaining suction against your pussy. I slide it back and forth between my lips, sucking and licking. I can feel your body begin to tense. You are close. You want to come. (Don’t you?)Red Hott: ,.4 9touiqty wasdrq, tHard Rider: I begin to lash at your clit with my tongue, faster and faster, around and around the nub, licking it, sucking it, and pursing it between my lips. I hear your breathing become ragged and feel your legs tense around my head. I can almost imagine your toes curling up. I know you are on the edge. Sucking down hard on your clit, I insert my middle finger inside you, curling it up to find your sensitive inner spot, sliding it across, and pressing upwards against the walls of your cunt.Hard Rider: Your body begins to thrash beneath me, your hips thrusting, your legs splaying further apart. I look at your face and your eyes are closed tightly, your head turning back and forth on the pillow. I do not slow down, working my finger and tongue. I want you to come forever.Hard Rider: Soon, too soon, I feel your orgasm begin to diminish. I remove my mouth and look at your soaking slit. Your clit is still throbbing as you come down, slowly receding into its hiding place. I flick my finger against your inner spot, making you jump and moan once more, before removing it.Hard Rider: I crawl up on the bed beside you and rolling you over on one side, I spoon with you, holding you tight in my arms as you rejoin reality, kissing the back of your neck softly and watching the shivers run down your spine.Hard Rider: So, how was that?Red Hott: I came so hard. My hand is wet and the chair has a big spot on it. Your words were so real; I could almost feel it, see you.Hard Rider: Well, I’ve always believed that if you can’t visualize it, you can’t do it. You might say I have a gifted tongue. =)Red Hott: Yes, you certainly are a cunning linguist. ;-pAlmost a week passed without hearing from her. She was constantly on my mind. Each night I would be online for hours hoping that she would sign on.The thought of how uninhibited this woman had been and had allowed me to be wouldn’t go away. I was thoroughly infatuated with her and I didn’t know what to do about it. Would she want to meet me? Would she worry that I was still some kind of psycho?On the fifth day after I received an email: one line.“Where do you live? Red Hott”I replied with the city and state. I worried that sending her my street address might seem overeager.The next day, I received another email.“O’Malley’s: 9:00 p.m. Saturday. Your Red Hott will be the one in red, head to foot. My Hard Rider should be in black, with a black cowboy hat. Red Hott”Saturday! Jesus! How did she know about O’Malley’s? I was scared shitless, but excited like a k** on Christmas Eve. What presents would I receive on Saturday?The three days until Saturday dragged. I went out and found a black hat. Not being something I normally wear, it was a chore to find one that I thought didn’t look stupid. New black jeans, boots, and shirt: her Hard Rider would be ready to ride.Finally, Saturday arrived. I was at O’Malley’s at about eight, always early. I felt a little silly, dressed like a cowboy in an Irish Pub, but no one seemed to mind too much. I nursed a beer and watched the door from the back of the bar.Promptly at nine, a woman in red entered. Her hair was bright, strawberry, and the very short sleeveless dress she wore was the color of blood. I could tell that her stockings and shoes were red also. The one thing I couldn’t make out was her face, except for the bright red lipstick that she wore.I saw her speaking to the bartender, obviously asking if a dark cowboy was in the bar. I saw him point in my direction. She looked over, saw me in the shadows, and started walking my direction, a swing in her hips that drew looks from the other patrons.I slid my hat down a little over my eyes and slouched in the best Marlboro Man impersonation I could and waited for her. I heard her heels click across the floor and stop near me. I heard a sexy voice say: “Hi, Hard Rider”My eyes flew wide open and my head snapped back, causing my hat to fall off. I knew that voice!I looked up and saw the surprise in her eyes. “You?” she said, staring unbelievably down at me.“You’re Red Hott?” I gaped.For standing in front of me was my girlfriend. We just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.Suddenly, she broke out laughing, falling into my arms, and kissing my face.“If I had only known what a little dirty talk could do to you, I’d have done it a long time ago”So, we’re back together. We are a lot freer with our fantasies and our sex life is better than ever.And sometimes, Red Hott and Hard Rider ride again…