Filling in for Gina Part 2

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Filling in for Gina Part 2As I got ready to leave, Jay gave me a kiss and opened the door. As I stepped outside he gave my ass a light smack, “See you at work babe… remember the panties.” And he closed the door.Once outside, my mind started racing. What if he changed his mind. As I stepped off his porch and moved towards my car, I remembered I was dressed as a woman, in very tall heels. The cool air rushed under my skirt as I moved. Finally in the safety of my car, I learned how hard it can be to drive in heels. Then as I pulled into my apartment parking garage, I realized I’d have to walk to my apartment dressed like this.I walked across the garage and into the elevator. The feeling was so incredible, but I was a little happy no one saw me. Then the elevator door opened and Tom, my neighbor, was standing there. I froze and he said, “Going down?”I realized what he meant and quickly stepped out. Looking back, he was checking me out as I walked away. Finally in my apartment, I thought I was going to burst. I had done it. I was really a girl.I spent the rest of the night watching instructional videos on you-tube on how to apply make-up. Then, after hours, I decided to shower before bed. I carefully undressed, laying Gina’s clothes neatly on my bed before jumping into the shower. As I washed, I realized my ass was a little sore. Being a girl wasn’t as easy as I thought.Back in my bedroom, I picked up Gina’s panties and put them back on. They felt wonderful, and I fell asleep…In the morning, I get ready for work. Trying to relax, what if Jay changed his mind. What if he never talked to me again. I was being such a girl.Finally I go out the door and to the elevator. As always, Tom was their. “Dude, I saw the hottest babe get off the elevator last night.”Looking at him, “Really? Where did she go?”“I don’t know, I was getting on the elevator and she got off. She went your direction, she had a great ass on her!”I could feel my boi clit getting hard.In my car I drive to work and walk in. Still so nervous. I sat down at my desk wondering where Jay was. I start to work and shortly Jay comes in. He walks over and leans down like he’s looking at my computer screen.“Wearing your panties…” and after a short pause, “Babe.”I instantly turn bright red.“Well? Babe…”“Yes.” I answer very meekly.“Show me.”Looking around, I unbuckle my pants and pull them out so he can see.“That’s a good girl. Remember my place after work. I’ll give you 30 minutes before I come home.” As he places a key to his house on my desk.The day seemed to drag on. I spent most of the day looking at the clock and figuring out how much longer I had to wait.Finally it was time. I hadn’t seen Jay all day. I picked up the key and hurried out. I couldn’t drive fast enough and soon kadıköy escort I was in his drive. Hurrying up to the door, I let myself in. Once inside I rush to their bedroom and strip. I Gina’s drawers, I find an incredibly sexy lace thong and slip it on. Then a garter belt and stockings. I make sure to slip the garters under the panties so I can take off the panties easier… if needed. Then I step into a par of platform heels. I’m instantly 6” taller. I find a camisole and finally slip on a hot pink mini dress. In front of the mirror, I see just long short it is…I then sit at her make-up table and try to remember everything I saw in the videos last night. Soon I can’t believe what I see, I see and attractive woman looking at me in the mirror.Finally the wig and I spend a few minutes styling it.Satisfied, I walk downstairs, carefully, and start to make dinner. I usually cook for myself, but cooking for some one has seemed to have a different feel. Maybe because I was cooking for a guy I really wanted to like it.Just as I was finishing up, I heard the door open and Jay come in, “I’m home babe.”“Hi Honey, dinner is almost ready.”I look up to see him walk into the kitchen. He stops with his mouth open.“Is everything okay… Honey?”“Ah… yeah Babe… damn you look good…. real good.”His compliment makes me blush a little, “Thanks Honey, now sit down, dinner is ready.”As he sits, I busy myself setting his plate and food on the table I stop beside him, “Would you like a beer Honey?”With his hand caressing my ass, “Sure… thanks Babe.”Dinner goes smoothly, I ask him about his day as we play house. After dinner he heads in to watch TV and I busy myself cleaning up the kitchen.When I finish I join him in the living room.“Is there any laundry you need me to do for you?”“Sure Babe, just my gym stuff in the hamper upstairs.”I eagerly stand and go up the stairs, glancing back to see him watching my ass as I ascend the steps. I come back down with a laundry basket and see him on his ipad. He looks up and smiles. I go down to the basement and put his clothes in the washer. While I’m there I see Gina had left some stuff unfolded, so I fold it up and take it upstairs. He glances up again and smiles again. I’m starting to wonder what he’s doing.I put away Gina’s clothes… since they are going to be mine for the next week. Then I switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer and rejoin Jay in the living room.“What ja watching?” I ask.“Re-runs… nothing really on.” As he stares at me. “Did I tell you that you looked really nice tonight Babe.”Looking at him and smiling, “No… but thank you Honey.”“Come here.” As he pulls me over to him, kissing me. Light and tender at first, then a little more passion as üsküdar escort his tongue invades my mouth. I know what he wants and I drop my hand to his lap and caress his thigh as his hands find my chest, squeezing my very small breasts. Then his lips find my neck as he more closer to my ear, “I’m going to fuck you hard tonight.”I thought he did that last night…“Why don’t you go up and change into one of your sexy nighties and come back down so we can play.”I stay there, kissing him a few more time before standing to go up stairs. As soon as I stand, I feel his hand smack my ass. I hurry up the stairs and change. While I up there I hear him yell up, “Keep those heels on Babe.”I come back down the stairs wearing a dark purple nightie with matching panties… and the black heels. They seem to be his favorite. In my hand I’m carrying a bottle of Astroglide. I sit down beside him and place the lube on the stand. Then I straddle his thighs and sit down, wrapping my arms around his neck as we kiss like to horny teenagers.I feel his hands on my ass as I moan into his ear, “Mmmmmm yes… feels so good…”It seems like an eternity, I feel like my body is floating as we kiss. The he moves me onto my back. Sitting up, he pulls my panties off my legs, then he drags me to my feet and bends my over the coffee table. He strips of his pants and grabbing the lube squirts it on his cock and my boi pussy. He then fingers my boi pussy before dragging me over to the window. It’s dark outside, but anyone looking in could see me. He leans me over and gives each of my asscheeks a firm swat.“Fuck you’ve got a sexy ass Babe.” As his hands caress the back of my thighs and my ass.Then he drags me back to the couch, I’m amazed at how strong he feels and how weak I feel. Tossing me on the couch, he moves between my legs, “I want to see your face when I fuck you.”I smiled up at him, but didn’t speak, I only wiggle my hips to get more comfortable. As I did, he grabbed a pillow and picking up my hips, stuffed it under my ass. Then, smiling as he looked down at me, he position his raging hard cock… then pushed. I willing accepted him into my body as I moaned.“You like that bitch?”“Oh yes…”“Then tell me.”“I love your cock inside me…”“What do you want bitch?”“Fucked… I need fucked…”“Yes you do bitch!” As he slammed his cock into me. Then he pulled back and slammed into me again. The feeling was amazing and totally embarrassing at the same time. I’m a guy… and I begged him to fuck me… my best friend…I was confused until he start to fuck me with more of a pace… in and out… in and out… this is what it must feel like to be a woman. Helpless to resist my man… willingly submitting to him…“Yes… please fuck tuzla escort me…”“Don’t worry bitch… I’ll fuck you good.”After a few minutes, he is kissing me and pumping his cock into me. My legs wrap around him as I meet his every thrust. His mouth close to my eye, “That’s it bitch… fuck me back…” his lips on my neck, my moans fill the air.Then he rolls me onto my side and holding up one legs straddles the other. This way his cock is further in my boi pussy. I can only moan with every thrust.“You like that bitch… being fucked by a real man…”“Yes… oh yes…”“Tell me you’re my bitch…”“Yes… I’m your bitch…”“Whose? Same my name!” He commands.“I’m Jay’s bitch.”“Who owns you and fucks you anytime he wants?”“You do… Jay owns me… I’m Jays to use…”With that he grunts and buries his cock in me, pumping his hot sperm into me… making me his woman. Again, I orgasm with him, shooting my cum onto the nightie. When he sees that he made me cum again, he smiles, then pulls his cock out of my boi pussy.“I see you enjoy that.” As he motions to my cum.“Yes… I did enjoy it so much…” I smile at him.“Well get cleaned up, your spending the night…”I start to protest, “But I didn’t…”His looks says all I need to know, “I didn’t ask you bitch. Now do as you’re told.”I go upstairs and shower. When I get out, I start to fix my hair and make-up again. Looking in the mirror again, he gave me a hickie. No he gave me two hickies. What the fuck. I finish and put on a clean nightie. I go downstairs and throw the other stuff in the washer before sitting back down my him.“Look at my neck.”He looks at my neck and smiles.“What the hell am I going to say tomorrow at work?”He can tell I’m upset, but just laughs, “Tell them your new lover got carried away. They don’t need to know who it is.”I just stare at him. He grabs me and kisses me, “You’re fucking cute when you’re mad Babe.”We watch some TV and as I’m laying against him, I feel him shifting around, “Hey Babe, do me a favor.”Looking up at him, knowing I’d do anything for him, “What?”“I could use a blowjob.”Without protesting, I move to the floor on my knees and unbuckle his pants. In no time I have his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking him like a well practiced whore.“Damn babe, you’re good at this.”“Mmmmmm…” I hum my agreement.I’ve dreamed of this… I’ve practiced on dildos… and now I was doing it. His cock felt wonderful in my mouth. I worked, forcing his cock into my throat and then coming up to swirl my tongue around the tip. I could hear his moans and his hands pumped my head up and down, until it happened, he came, shooting his hot cum into my mouth. Like a good girl, I swallowed, not wasting a drop.As we both recovered, “Tomorrow there is some stuff coming UPS. It’s for you, so open it.” Same thing, dinner ready when I get home. Then we are going shopping.”I sit up and look at him. He wants me dressed for dinner… then go out.He knows what I’m thinking, “Has to happen sometime, so tomorrow night.”XXX,JillianPlease comment and let me know if you like my stories