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Jodie and I celebrate our fifth anniversary of our first date this Friday. Here is part one of a two part story about how we began. Love you babe.

Five Years Ago

Thursday Evening

Allie turned up on my doorstep at seven in the evening wearing a dark, wrap around midi dress and pink, ankle bow tied heels.

I had been expecting her, so I’d prepared by making sure all I had on was my pale orange, very short, silk bathrobe.

She crossed the threshold and I closed the door behind her. Without uttering a single word she undid the tie at the side of her dress, opened it and let it fall to reveal that she was completely naked underneath.

As I always did, I drank in the sight of her long, straight black hair, so black it almost shone blue in the hall light. I adored her smooth olive skin, inherited from her Spanish parents, her beautifully pert breasts, her trimmed triangle of black hair, her shapely hips.

I grinned and opened my robe, similarly letting it drop to the floor and she returned the appreciative gaze, taking in my slightly bigger boobs and much paler skin. Being barefoot I was a little shorter than her.

“Fuck, Anna. I need you. I’ve been dying for this moment all day.”

I didn’t say anything, just stepped toward her and we fell into each other’s arms, our kisses passionate and deep, our hands pulling each other as close as possible, revelling in our bodies being pressed together. Exploring each other’s backs and bottoms with our hands. It was sensuous, erotic and filled with mutual desire.

We broke the kiss and I gave her a little cheeky grin, “So, Allie, cup of tea? Can I get you a…”

She stopped me with a kiss and pulled back, “Don’t you dare tease me any more. I’ve been getting your texts all day and I just want you. That last one…”

I giggled. I’d been sending her little salacious comments all day, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to reply from work. The last one was a selfie of my wet pussy with the message, ‘Hungry?’

“Yes, and how rude. You never replied. So, are you hungry?”

“Yes. And soaking wet. I had to resist playing with myself on the drive here.”

“Well, come on then. Can’t have my girl going hungry, can we?”

I grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to my bedroom. I bent down, undid and removed her shoes, placing them together at the end of the bed.

We fell on the bed and started exploring once more, our kisses more passionate, our touches more intimate.

We separated a little and I felt her fingers stroke down and over my bikini trimmed triangle of sparse, red hair. I willingly opened my legs to her and my body glowed and thrilled as I felt her touch on my clit. I likewise reached down through her thicker mound of curls and found her very swollen, wet lips and the very obvious tip of her hard clit. We both sighed into each other as we felt our urgency rise, and our needs grow out of the desire we had built during the day.

I was close when Allie had arrived, so now I felt it start in earnest. The warmth just inside my inner lips, and the tingles in my clit spreading out. Clearly she was in the same state and we moved our fingers more rapidly against each other.

Even if I’d wanted to, which I really didn’t, I couldn’t have stopped this first orgasm. I moaned, “Yes. Yes. I’m there. Yes,” and then it hit and my mind spun around as the beauty filled me, the release I had been craving and denying myself for several hours finally ran through me.

Allie rode the wave with me. I could feel her legs clamping me to her as she shook and cried out. Together, we let our strokes slow a little and then down to just holding each other, our breathing rapid but slowly calming.

When we had both managed to return to a slightly lower plane, I opened my eyes and looked at my lover. She eventually opened hers and smiled.

“Fuck me, Anna. I needed that. You really are a bitch at times, you know? Teasing me all day like that.”

Allie has a slightly husky voice with a tinge of an Essex accent.

I giggled. “Well, you nearly played with yourself on the drive over so, well done for not giving in to your desires. So did you go to the office dressed like that?” I asked, suddenly realising how wonderful that would have felt.

She smiled. “No, darling. Believe it or not, I went home and changed.”

“No Paul?”

“No. He’s out of town today and tomorrow, remember? That’s how I can come here.”

Paul was Allie’s husband. Yes. I’m The Other Woman. Deal with it.

“Shame. I’d have loved to have thought of you practically naked at the office all day.”

She laughed, “When you sent that ‘Hungry?’ text I nearly left the office there and then. I was going to claim period pain or something but, since that was last week, I didn’t think I could risk it.”

We lay and chatted about our days, mine spent working from home and texting her, hers spent in her office toiling as a Creative Consultant in advertising. All the time we were talking we were kissing and stroking.

We both started casino oyna to want more.

I pushed her back onto the bed and kissed down her body, down over her breasts, stopping to take one nipple in my mouth, gently pinching it between my teeth as I flicked my tongue over it while stroking the other one in soft circles. She moaned and slid her hands to my shoulders, massaging me gently, sending urgent little signals downstairs.

Letting my fingers now pinch softly, I slid my mouth down over her, trailing my tongue over her belly, through her bush, re-orienting myself so that I was between her legs, stroking my tongue slowly over her clit, my arm now stretched up to continue my nipple tease.

With her head on the pillow, there was still plenty of room for me to kneel on the bed and lick her. I love Allie’s taste, I always have, but particularly if she hasn’t washed recently. I don’t like the slightly antiseptic taste of soap, but rather prefer the juices of her lust. Yes, once in a while, there might be a very slight taste of pee, but that quickly goes when she is turned on, and she was very turned on.

As was I.

I flicked left and right with my tongue and I felt her fingers go into my hair and run through it, spreading over my scalp. Another delicious thrill ran through me and I couldn’t resist letting my free hand wander between my legs to stroke myself as I pleasured my lover. Her clit was hard and very large and I sucked it in, flicking slightly faster now.

Releasing her nipple, I brought my hand down between her legs and slowly slid two fingers into her. She was a little tight at first but soon opened to me. I stroked inside her, finding the little soft pad of her g-spot. The walls of her pussy immediately clamped down on my fingers as I kept up the flicking with my tongue and the pressure on her g-spot as I slid my fingers in and out.

I could tell she was going to cum very soon so I stopped everything and I heard her moan, “Bitch, bitch, fuck.”

A few seconds later I started again, my tongue slower, my fingers matching my flicks, building her up.

This time the squeeze on my fingers was even stronger, Allie has remarkably strong pelvic floor muscles, and she started shaking. I half thought about edging her again, but she’d been so teased by me all day I didn’t think it was fair, so I carried on, even speeding up slightly which pushed her over.

“Oh yes. Fuck. Yes. Oh god, oh god, oh god.”

As she went over the edge I pulled my fingers out slightly and then pushed them in deeply, which pushed her further. Meaningless cries and sobs came from her.

I loved giving her so much pleasure.

As I felt her relax I stopped and slid my fingers out and lifted myself up next to her. Her eyes were still closed and she was still shaking a little. I propped my head up on my hand and leaned in to kiss her. For a second she didn’t react but then slowly returned the kiss lazily, her hand eventually coming round behind my head and pulling me to her.

I eventually felt a little push so I rolled onto my back and, with lust in her beautiful eyes, Allie said, “Now, finally I get to eat…”

I shuddered. My earlier orgasm followed by my play while I was giving her her treat had me almost at boiling point.

She kissed down my body, briefly passing over my nipples with a kiss on each. They were very stiff and I wanted more, but there was another urgency between my legs that needed attention right there and then, so I wasn’t about to complain.

I opened my legs to her, placing my feet flat on the bed, knees up, and she slid between my legs. I was desperate for her attention and sighed when I felt her tongue on me. I felt her circling me, teasing me. It made no difference. I was so ready I felt I could cum just from her looking at my clit.

I felt fingers at my entrance and her mouth enclose me and pull my centre in. I felt her fingers slide in. She knew me well enough that I didn’t need to ask. She was filling me. Three fingers, possibly four, opening me up and stretching me. She pushed in and that was all I needed.

It came out of my core, out down by legs, through my body, my arms, through my head, like some ancient trigger of all my Chakra points. I got that delicious feeling of fullness as my cunt clamped down on her fingers, exciting every part inside me once again and I was on my second wave. Shaking, holding on to the bed, as my orgasm cleansed my soul.

Once I had calmed, she slowly slipped her fingers out of me, leaving me wonderfully empty, and slid up next to me. I turned so we were facing each other and we kissed, our tastes mingling. Exhausted and sated, we hugged on top of the covers and fell asleep.


I stirred as my alarm rang out. Ugh. It was seven in the morning. I reached over and switched it off. I felt Allie’s body stir next to me, and loved the feeling as her hand snaked around my waist. I turned over to look at her and saw her beautiful smile as she stared back at me with those gorgeous dark brown eyes.

“Morning love,” she canlı casino said, placing a brief peck on my lips, “God. Last night was wonderful.”

I smiled, recalling our passion and urgency, “Mmm. Yes. Delicious.”

I planted another kiss on her lips.

She finally pulled away and said, “Fuck, Anna, it’s been too long.”

I put a sad smile on my face, “Well, that’s not exactly my fault, is it?”

I saw a flash of that Latin anger in her eyes, something I was sadly quite used to. “You knew when we first got together…”

I hushed her with a quick kiss.

“I know babe. Just seems odd for you to complain. I’m the one who has to wait for you. I don’t mind, I really don’t. I told you that right at the beginning.”

Allie and I had been having our affair, for want of a better word, for about six months, although we’d known each other for over two years, so obviously when we both realised our mutual attraction I was fully aware she was married. I wasn’t looking for a long term relationship and so having someone who was attached actually had benefits. She made it clear she would never leave Paul, which suited me just fine, but it did mean that I was the one left waiting at her convenience.

She changed the subject, “So, you’re off to your villa this weekend?”

That’s what she called my newly acquired cottage on the south coast. I’d always wanted a little somewhere by the sea and so, when I had the money and the opportunity came up I had bought it. I had owned it for a couple of months by this point. So far I’d only managed to stay there a handful of times, but the weather was looking good so I thought a lovely long weekend down there would be perfect for me. Blow the cobwebs out, that sort of thing.

I giggled, “It’s not really a villa and you know it.”

“Wish I could come with you. Would be lovely, but I’d probably cramp your style. Stop you bringing your floozie back to your love nest.”

I sighed, “I don’t have anyone else babe, you know that. Even if I did…”

That fire flashed in her eyes again, “I know, I have no right to criticise you. I know Anna. I know.”

I didn’t want us to part on bad terms so I smiled and said, “I promise I have nobody else. If I did, I would tell you, okay?”

I saw her calm slightly, which relieved me, “Promise? If you did, I wouldn’t blame you. But I wouldn’t want to lose you either.”

“I promise.” I glanced at the clock, “We have to get moving. Do you want to shower here, we can…”

She cut me off, “No, sorry babe. Can’t. I have to get home, shower, dress in something respectable and be at my desk all in under an hour.”

My heart sank. Not even a goodbye shower. Oh well. I tried not to show my disappointment.

“I’d love if you could spend a weekend with me sometime. Maybe come with me to Sussex. Tell Paul you’re having a girlie weekend or something?”

I saw the reaction. Her face screwed up a little, but she managed a comfortable lie. “Yeah. Yeah. Sounds great. We should.”

I decided to leave it. We kissed and both got off the bed. She picked up her shoes and we walked naked down the stairs. I helped her on with her shoes and her dress. I put my silk gown back on.

“That really is a gorgeous dress, Allie. You look so good in it.”

She grinned, “I do, don’t I?”

That girl has a lot of self confidence.

I giggled, “You’re too modest.”

“I know. It’s one of my best features.”

We laughed a little and then she said, “I have to run.”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and I opened and held the door for her, watching her walk out to her car. She really is very beautiful, and I just wished that we could go out sometime without any pretence, but nobody around her knew she was bi, and her husband would have a fit, so we could only ever be romantic or loving in my house.

She climbed into the car, slid the window down and, with a wave to me said, “Thanks Anna. Catch you around soon, I hope.”

She backed out of the drive and with a final wave, drove off.

I closed the door and leaned back against it. A feeling of emptiness and having been used filling me. I shook myself. I was not going to wallow. I’d had too many years of that in my past and never wanted to go back there.

I went back upstairs and showered, making sure my bikini line was clean. I was hoping to get a couple of days on the beach and wanted to look as good as possible. I went to my room, got down my bag and packed clothes, shoes, my jewellery bag and a couple of swimsuits for the weekend, also adding a couple of my favourite toys for my nights alone in my cottage.

I dressed in a simple, white cotton dress, knee length with cap sleeves, and white bra and knickers underneath. I added flat shoes that are good for driving.

I carried my case downstairs, had a quick bowl of cornflakes, grabbed my laptop and handbag and headed out to the car.

Two hours later I was pulling up to my lovely little grey stone cottage. I parked in the space beside it, grabbed my case and laptop and went kaçak casino to the door. I fished the keys out, opened the door and went into the small entry hallway and through. I put my handbag and laptop on the kitchen table and walked through with the case to my bedroom.

There are actually three bedrooms, one is mine, one is set up as a guest room, and the other I’ve converted into a study so I can work from the cottage if I need to.

I unpacked and put everything away. Since the weather was so good I changed my shoes for open sandals and noticed my toe nails needed topping up. I put it on my ‘to do’ list.

By the time I was done it was time for lunch. I don’t leave a stocked fridge, because everything would go off, so I left the cottage and found a lovely little cafe on the High Street. I grabbed a cheese salad filled baguette and coffee. I spoiled myself with their homemade carrot cake. It was delicious and would become a fixture for all my visits from then on when I was staying at the cottage.

Having finished, I decided to explore the town a little more. This was the first long weekend I was going to spend here when I didn’t have decorating or furnishing to sort out.

On a small street off the High Street I found myself outside a beauty salon called, ‘Serenity.’ I saw they did nails and, remembering my note to myself, decided on a whim to see if they could fit me in.

There was a very beautiful young brunette woman behind the customer counter and she smiled as I walked in. She had very full, shoulder length hair. I approached the counter and she said, “Hi there. How can I help you?”

“Um, I don’t suppose you can fit me in for a manicure and pedicure, can you?”

She looked down at the reservation screen, “Uh… sure. Can you wait? Jodie will be free in about ten minutes.”

I was impressed. I’m so used to being asked to book and come back in a week’s time.

“Ten minutes is perfect.”

She smiled, “Can I take a name?”

“Yes. Anna.”

“Okay Anna. If you take a seat Jodie will come get you when she’s ready. Can I get you a tea? Coffee?”

I know salon tea and coffee of old so I declined, “No thanks. I just had one.”

I sat and did the traditional salon and doctor’s waiting room activity of leafing through a magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were all current. Not an old edition of Cosmo to be found. I was deciding I may have been too quick to turn down the drink option. Perhaps this place was different.

The next thing I knew I heard a voice say, “Anna?”

I looked up and my heart entered my throat. A vision was standing before me. She had beautiful light blue eyes, pale blond hair tied back in a long ponytail and a tailored white blouse, black trousers and matt grey silver flats. She looked to be about mid twenties. Her smile transfixed me.

I managed to stammer, “Yes. Yes. Anna. That’s me.”

She got a delightfully curious smile on her face and held out her hand. I stood, taking her hand in mine, sensing the soft skin and gentle touch. She was a few inches shorter than me.

“I’m Jodie. Lovely to meet you. Follow me.”

I gladly followed her into a private room off the left side of a hallway out the back of the main salon.

It all looked very professional. She had a massage bed, comfortable chairs, an adjustable stool for her to sit on, all sorts of things. I was impressed.

She got me to sit down and said, “So, Anna, what are we wanting done today?”

I thought I could detect a slight London accent in her voice.

“Oh, I just wanted a manicure, pedicure, paint my nails, you know?”

She smiled at me. I had to damp down my heart rate. This vision was clearly straight and even if she wasn’t, I wasn’t in her league.

We went through the usual ritual of picking a colour, I went for a mid-dark red and she started working on my feet first. I melt badly enough when someone holds my feet, but for this vision to be doing it was sending shivers through me.

As she worked, we talked. I usually find the, ‘Going somewhere nice for your holidays?’ conversation just too much to deal with without laughing at the cliché, but somehow the conversation felt natural, as if Jodie was genuinely interested in me.

Her opening line was, “I don’t think I’ve seen you in town before. Are you on holiday?”

“No. Well, sort of. Not really.”

I was genuinely tongue tied, not something I am often accused of.

She stopped for a moment, looked up and smiled, “Well, that’s going to be an interesting story in itself.”

I laughed. She was putting me at my ease. I tried to explain, “Well. I don’t live here. Yet. I bought a cottage down here a couple of months ago and have only come down on the odd weekend to decorate and get it furnished. This is the first time I’ve had time to myself.”

“So, do you have like, friends here? Someone you know who recommended it?”

I shrugged, “No. None. I just always wanted a cottage near the sea, and when this came up, I jumped at it.”

She paused for a moment, then continued, “Look, if you don’t know anyone, there’s a group of us who get together on Fridays after work at a pub called Brannigan’s. It’s on the High Street. You could join us, if you like?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32