Fun in the sun part 2

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Fun in the sun part 2The elderly gentleman was getting his cock nice and erect by this point furiously beating his meat and staring at me with lust…. this in turn was making my little hairless caged cock swell and twitch the feeling of this was making me sooo horny but i kept myself composed!I gave him a cheeky little smile as i speead my legs one either side of the bench giving the gent a full on view of my crothless panties my cock was sat in its metal cage swelling out of anywhere it could the man looked at my crotch with interest i spoke out for the first time….”Have you seen one of these before?”He just nodded his head left to right….. with that i thought im going to show this horny man what a real slut is about…. i stood up in bakırköy escort front of him still at the other side of the hide and let him look me up aand down as he kept wanking his now throbbing cock…. i loved feeling his eyes on me, i turned around and slowly bent over to grab my ankles revealing my smooth round bubble butt!,The man let out a little groan at the sight what was in front of him i let out a little giggle and wiggled my ass at him reaching round with both my hands and running them over my butt cheeks and parting them revealing my black thong sat nicely covering my ass hole…… i let him have a sneky peak at it by pulling them to one side…. my god this was driving me wild i could feel beşiktaş escort my hole twitching.I stood up turned around and spoke out….” may i approach you sir”He nodded up and down so i slowly approached him seductively he was so hard at this point this gent obviously didnt have any issues with fetting hard despite his age….”Feel me if you like”I said to him hoping that he would take up my offer…… he gulped and looked a little nervous has his hand reached round the back and cupped my cheek this made me moan a little….. he was still stroking himself with the other…..” can i help you with that”I asked the man he took off his hand leaving his hard cock stood up and all alone…. i took this beylikdüzü escort as a yes and slowly reched down to it grabbing it with intent and slowly gave him a stroke up and down his other hand was still gropping my ass…. my little cock stood proud in front all caged still it was aching as it tryed to exscape its cage!I put one of my legs on the bench leaving me exposed to his touch”Please feel free to explore my body”He didnt need telling twice his hand started to explore my caged cock….. it was so sensitive it made me jump a little has he touched it….”Oh please dont stop sir”I said over my short breath i kept stroking him….. i lent over and spat on his cock…. working my spit up and down his throbbing shaft he was groaning as i payed special attention to his bell end and around the banjo his cock was throbbing and felt as though he was going to explode right there and then…”Dont you be cuming yet sir”I was soooo horny by now i was struggling to keep my self together so i went with my feelings and i dropped down to my knees…..