Golden Years

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Golden YearsI had retired from Civil Service, and was bored to death at staying home. Nothing to do, and no purpose for anything, so I went job hunting, and found a place with a company guarding a construction site.I worked there for almost a year, and when it opened, was chosen to stay on as a guard, and to log trucks in and out. I was, by choice, given an evening (3-11 pm) post. I was having a good time, as I got to know the truckers better, and became friends with the vast majority of them.I was at a corner of the site, and the nearest building in the facility was over 200 yards from me, so I had ample privacy, if I wanted it. It became evident, after a short time, that it was to my advantage.First because my wife would often come by to visit on her way home from her job. This often involved her getting on the edge of my desk, with her pants down or her dress up, so she could give me some pussy before she went home. She would, sometimes, depending on her mood, finish with me, and having her car parked only a few feet from my door, would remove any that remained, IF she wasn’t already naked, and walking naked to her car, taking her time, especially if she thought she was being observed. I, long ago, stated that she was an exhibitionist, and loved for people to see her naked. She also was aware, having posed for it, that I had a picture sarıyer escort of her, naked, front view, on my desk while I was working. I never heard complaints from men OR women about it in the 4 years I was there. Surprising to me was that most of the women who looked at it wanted to know her age at the time it was taken. Many of them, simply remarked that they hoped THEYwould look that good when THEY reached that age. She had been 62 in the photo.I had been on the job for almost a year and a truck came to pick up a load for Las Vegas. The driver came in and paid more than the usual attention to the photo. After a bit, and MANY questions, he pulled a photo from HIS wallet, and showed it to me. It was a nude picture of my wife, when she was MUCH younger. He went to get loaded, leaving the picture with me until her returned.I called my wife, who was already at home, and in the bed. She always retired for the night at around 9 PM. I told her about the driver, and the picture, describing where it looked like it was taken. I gave her his name from the sign in sheet, but she didn’t recognize it. He came in and spoke over the phone to her, and told her, “Don’t ever change!” That was the key. He left with the promise that he would return as soon as possible. I used my esenyurt escort copier to make an enlarged copy of the photo he had, and made a copy of my photo for him to take with him.It was almost a month later before he was able to return, but, he came just a short time before she would come to visit me. She had already called to tell me that she was on the way. He sat in the “shack” and we talked until she arrived. She took her time coming in, so she could look her best. To her that meant she would lose her bra, unfasten top buttons on her blouse, or pull her pants to show a “camel toe.” Tonight, she was wearing a skirt, no panties, and a knit top, with no bra. She opened the door and was confronted by the man who, they revealed, that had “Picked Her Cherry.” He was her VERY FIRST LOVER. THE MAN SHE HAD GIVEN HER VIRGINITY TO. She had, he thought been 16 y.o. She revealed, for the first time, that her father had had her ID altered, and it showed her age as 3 years OLDER than it really was. He thought he was fucking a 16 y.o. girl, when he had really been fucking a 13 y.o. girl. He made her happy when he told her that it had been the sweetest pussy he had EVER had in his life. They had lived together for another 4 months, when he rotated back to the States. He was well ahead of schedule, avrupa yakası escort so instead of loading, and heading for his next destination, he went and loaded, and pulled into the lot to park for the night. She joined him in his sleeper for a few hours.When my quitting time came, I knocked on the door of his truck to tell her I was leaving. BOTH of them climbed out, and walked to her car, NAKED. She with cum running down her legs. He had already fucked her 3 times. He and her went in her car, and me in my pickup, to our house.They were on an adrenaline high, and gave no indication of slowing down. They sat in my den, on a love seat and fucked another time, while I took many of the pictures in my galleries, then went to the bed and fucked some more, where I took several MORE pictures of them. Altogether that night, he fucked her 7 times. It was the first time they had been face to face, (cock in pussy) for 38 years, and they were making the most of it. He and her used every position in the book, and wrote a couple of NEW chapters. He stayed the remainder of the night. (He fucked her for the last time at around 5 in the morning) She called in absent to work, and slept until almost noon. SHE woke HIM by sucking his dick, and swallowing for him. This inspired him to fuck her once again. I went to work, as usual.I was working, and, at around 8 that evening, she drove up and let him out at his truck, watching as he checked his tires. He went and leaned in the window, where she gave him another VERY hot kiss, and a stroke on his crotch. She had parked alongside his truck, and got out of her car, STILL NAKED, and saw him off.He returned 2 wekks later and they were off and FUCKING. 2 DAYS STRAIGHT.