I is for Independence Day

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Honey has survived the wait, and her partner is determined to make their first time special. So, when Jacob quacks like a duck, Honey is down to… roll around with him in bed.

Until they both cum.


“50/50? 60/40?”


“Does that mean you’re attracted to one out of every ten guys you see?” I asked Jacob as I waited patiently on my couch.

“90 percent of the time, I’m attracted to women,” he yelled from inside my bedroom. “The rest of the time, it’s usually men. Every time, it depends on the person.”

I heard him moving stuff around. I wanted to take a peek, but I stayed in my place. “So more pansexual than bisexual?”

“Omnisexual? Is that a word?”

Wearing the pajamas I had woke up in earlier that morning, I slinked towards the bedroom door.

“I’ve never actively scouted,” Jacob carried on, “but I’ve fancied a bloke or two, and I slept with one for a fashion. Lasted a month, then we went our separate ways. Think he’s dating a duke or a baron from some Eastern European country. Hey!” He rushed to keep me from entering.

“I’ve been waiting for an hour,” I told him, trying to see past him.

“I’ve waited over 90 days,” Jacob said.

“Check and mate.” I backed up.

“Though, I could wait 900 days for you, Honey. How long is 900 days?” He opened the door. “Happy three-and-a-half month anniversary.”

I stepped inside to find every elevated surface in the room covered with battery-operated tea lights, including an arrangement in the shape of a heart on top of my bed.

“It would have created a better effect at night,” Jacob said, looking at the sun shining through the blinds, “or if I hung up blackout curtains.”

I threw my arms around him. “It’s perfect.”

“What about you?” he asked, accompanying me to the bed. “Straight, bi, pan, other?”

“Mostly straight.” I pushed some lights aside to make room for us on the mattress. “I’ve only been in relationships with guys, but I get aroused watching some lesbian porn.”

“We’ll have to watch some together.” He took off his t-shirt and sat next to me. “What else turns you on?”

I climbed on top of Jacob, pressing him down on the bed so I could straddle his hips. “You.”

Between our sloppy kisses and our yenişehir escort hands surveying every square centimeter of each other’s sizzling bodies, we managed to strip off all our clothes and roll a condom on Jacob.

He was nibbling his way from my collarbone to my ribs to my navel when he queried, “Where should we start?”

“Right here is good. Did you want to christen each of the rooms in my apartment? We could move to the kitchen next.”

His tongue hovered on the faint trail above my slippery bush. “Which position?”


I flipped over with my flushed face on a pillow, thick nipples brushing the blanket, and bum in the air.

Jacob took the hint. He scrambled into place. “Let’s rut like animals.” Kneeling behind me, he wiggled two of his fingers against my sopping slit.

“Wet enough for you?” I held his growing cock, urging it to enter me.

He kneaded my jiggling cheeks. “Are you ready?”

“Yes. Enter me.”

He slid inside and shuddered. “Amazing.”

Balancing on my knees and elbows, I gave him a thoughtful nod.

“Not amazing?” he worried.

“It’s alright.”

“But this is our first time coming together as one. Our Jenga pieces should achieve a magical melding, intoxicating one another with their presence.”

“Jacob, you put your penis in my vagina. This isn’t nuclear physics.”

“It doesn’t feel good?”

“It feels fine.”

He lowered his voice. “Am I not big enough?”

Oh my gosh.

I lumbered out of doggy style to sit on the bed and face him.

He mirrored my cross-legged position.

“According to scientific research, your size is markedly above average,” I told him. “More than enough for me to enjoy.”

“Then what am I doing wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. We haven’t done anything. It takes more than inserting a girthy object up my canal to get me excited.”

He cogitated on this. “So, more movement.”

“Yes, but–” I looked at his puppy dog pout, his sensitive lips quivering below his black mustache. I pulled him on top of me, resting his head between my warm breasts, his torso sandwiched between my thighs. “What are you thinking?”

He let out a long sigh. “I want to live up to your expectations.”

“I toroslar escort don’t have any. In a good way.”

“I still see you as that unattainable goddess who hangs out with my friend’s big sister.”

I ran my fingers through his mop of dark hair. “I’m lying naked in bed with you. Target attained. And I’m not a goddess.”

“Sorry. ‘Good witch,'” he air quoted.

“How about ‘regular woman who works in IT and likes eating a jar of pear baby food before bed’?”

“How about ‘Jacob’s girlfriend, whom he has fallen in love with’?”

My fingers froze. “Love?”

He looked up at me. “I love you, Honey Amberson.”

“If we’re doling out labels, does this mean you’re my boyfriend?”

“What’s that phrase you Americans say? If it walks like a duck?”

“I love you, Jacob Lighterstone.”

“Quack.” He nuzzled my neck. “Quack quack.” Then came the tickles. “Quack quack quack!”

We rolled around on the bed, me giggling, him furthering his bird imitations, and both us falling harder for each other with every shared laugh.

Eventually his shaft landed on my vulva again. Jacob shifted into a reclined position on the bed. He skillfully hoisted me over his prone body, which surprised me, as I was not light.

“You’re strong,” I gushed, grinding on him gently.

“I work out,” he replied, gyrating his hips, melting as his swollen head entered me.

From this angle, he triggered different nerve endings inside me. “This is good.” I rotated my hips. “Dare I say, amazing?”

“Say it, Honey,” he moaned.

As we rocked back and forth, I realized he was self-correcting his motions according to my reactions. He was developing his groin to listen and communicate based on my needs.

“You’re amazing, Jacob.” I pumped that piston, the cock head swelling as it hit my G-spot.

He kept the rhythm, grinding, thrusting, urging the orgasm out of me. “Say it,” he grunted.

It was coming fast. “Jacob.”


Here it came. “Amazing!” I screamed, followed by wordless, guttural sounds.

The force cajoled the cum out of Jacob less than a minute later.

When we both stopped quaking, I collapsed next to him.

Spent, we did nothing but breathe for a few moments.

Eyes rolled mersinescort back in his head, Jacob muttered, “I need a drink.”


“Water.” He started to roll out of bed, but I stopped him.

“H2O.” I put on my pajama shirt, dashed across the bedroom to the kitchen, and returned to the bedroom with two chilled water bottles. “Hydrogen and oxygen.” I loosened each of the tops and set both bottles on the dresser in front of the bed.

“Two elements, one molecule,” he noted.

I bounced onto the mattress, settled next to Jacob, and focused on the liquid. “We’ll see if my practice has paid off. Open your mouth.”

Jacob complied.

I concentrated on the left bottle. The water dribbled down the plastic onto the dresser. After a moment, the top popped off the bottle and fell to the floor.

“It’s boiling,” Jacob voiced with his mouth wide open.

A spiral of steam rose to the ceiling.

I tried to cool the beverage before the bottle melted, but I changed the temperature too quickly.

“Great, now it’s frozen.”

“Can I close my mouth?”

“Go ahead,” I grumbled. “This might take awhile.”

“I’m still thirsty.”

“I can do this.” I fixated on my mark. The water returned to room temperature. Hands on my knees, I coaxed the liquid out in a single stream that arched towards Jacob.

“It’s coming! Shoot it down my throat.” He caught the stream on his tongue and swallowed as fast as he could.

But I couldn’t control the temperature and the pressure at the same time.

“Ack,” he sputtered, after the deluge burst on his face. His thick black hair was drenched.

I retrieved his towel from the bathroom and wiped him off. “I’m improving. Still thirsty?”

He shook off the droplets like a wet Saint Bernard. Then he slipped a finger into my pussy while he teased my clit with his thumb. “Still wet?”

I lifted the hem of my shirt and spread my muscular thighs. “You tell me.”

He dove in, nose first, inhaling my scent. He swirled his tongue in my hot snatch. His nostrils brushed my curly hairs, which intermingled with his beard and mustache.

“Suck my pussy, Jacob,” I commanded. “Suck it all.”

He did.

I came.

“Jacob, yesss,” I hissed. My thighs convulsed around his head.

I came again.

But I wasn’t sated.

And after I squirted in his face twice, he was rock hard.

My butt went in the air.

His cock went in my slit.

“I love you.”

We rutted like infatuated animals for the rest of the morning.