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It was a warm summer evening as Rob & Mel wandered through the woodland, holding hands, mulling over the week’s events, giggling at life & all that it throws up. Mel was dressed in a light summer dress, cut just above the knee & Rob in baggy shorts & tee. Rob thought Mel looked really sexy, the thin straps of her dress just able to carry the weight of her large full breasts. He loved those tits, loved to suck on her big nipples & she loved him doing that too!

The deeper into the woods they went, the less of the drone of the traffic on the nearby motorway could be heard, replaced by birdsong. Their conversation had slowed as they both took in the tranquillity of their surroundings. As they continued, another sound found their ears, one which, to start with, was hard to make out. They looked at each other with quizzical expressions, both had stopped talking, almost holding their breath as they tried to make sense of the sound.

Mel was the first to realise what it was, a grin spreading across her face, raising her right forefinger to her lips & making a ‘Shhh’ noise to Rob. Then it dawned on Rob too, that was the sound of people making love, the moans & groans of a woman, the grunts of a man. They both stood still, listening intently, whoever it was sounded like they were really into it. Rob & Mel both sniggered under their breath, like a couple of naughty school kids.

After a few moments, Rob leaned forward, whispering into Mel’s ear ‘Come on, let’s leave them too it.’ Mel shock her head ‘No, I want to find out more! Anyway, it’s making me feel horny!’ She winked at him & turning towards where the noises where coming from, began to make her way carefully further into the woods. Rob followed her, with equal care, after all he didn’t want to get caught & perhaps get a black eye for being a peeping Tom. He took Mel’s hand & they both moved closer to the source of the noise, picking their way through the undergrowth, avoiding the fallen branches, until they caught sight of the couple enjoying their moment.

They were really into what they were doing. Rob guessed they were both in their twenties, the guy of muscular build, around six feet, the woman petite, perhaps five two, thin but with good sized breasts. Rob & Mel found a position roughly 20 feet from the couple, that gave them a great view, behind a fallen tree, with enough cover from other planets for them to remain hidden. Mel giggled & turning to Rob whispered ‘Is this exciting or what?’ Rob nodded his agreement. He had never watched another couple fuck in the flesh so to speak. Of course he’d watched porn, but this was a whole different level of voyeurism! He was hard before he could see them & now he could, he was even harder!

Mel knealt down behind the fallen tree & leaning forward, placed most of her weight on it as she focused fully on what was going on. The woman was naked, the guy had just a tee shirt on, his shorts around czech amateurs porno his ankles. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, he supporting her weight with his muscular arms around her torso as he drove his cock into her shaved pussy. Even at this distance, Mel could tell that he was well endowed & could see she was very wet! The mews & sighs escaping the woman’s lips were constant, as she pushed down to meet her lover’s trusts, his grunts confirming the effort he was putting into fucking her!

Mel could feel the dampness in her own pussy as she viewed them, she was excited by everything about this situation. Being outside, watching them, her arousal & the fact the Rob was close at hand! She bit her bottom lip, turning towards Rob, she motioned him closer. With his ear close to her lips, she whispered ‘Are you as turned on by this as me?’ Rob looked into her lust filled eyes & nodded enthusiastically.

Rob was very turned on, his cock straining against the front of his shorts. He also knew Mel was very excited by the flushed look on her face. He admired the strength & stamina of the guy, he was really giving this girl a good seeing too & he could understand why she was responding in such an abandoned way. Her squeals seemed to gather pace & got louder as she lost control, obviously as an orgasm swept through her body, she throwing her arms around the head of her lover & hugging his face into her ample bosom.

This tipped Rob over the edge, reaching up under the hem of Mel’s dress, he began to caress her left leg just above the knee, his fingers moving to & fro, moving upwards to her inner thigh. She responded by parting her legs slightly, allowing him better access & encouraging him to explore further. With both of them watching events in front of them avidly, his fingers continued their movement upwards, he could feel the moist warmth of her excitement, until he felt the full wetness of her pussy. He pulled the flimsy material of her thong to one side & began to rub her dripping pussy, God, she was wet, as wet as he had ever known.

Mel let out a quiet gasp as she felt his fingers begin to rub up & down her lips, she rotated her hips in response to his stimulation. She could hardly breathe, not wishing to be discovered, but desperately wanting some of what the girl she was spying on was getting. She felt Rob’s fingers begin to manipulate her clit & a shock wave shot through her body. She turned her head round to face him quickly & smiled a ‘thank you’ smile. He grinned back, continuing his manipulation, encouraged by her response.

The couple had now changed position, the guy fucking the girl doggy style, his cock sliding in & out of her slick pussy, an almost mesmerising sight plain to both of them. Deliberate, deep strokes, in & out, she trusting back to meet each one, a grunt forced out of her, at the deepest point of penetration.

Rob czech bitch porno slipped two fingers into Mel’s pussy, replicating the speed of the fucking taking place in front of their eyes. He felt Mel’s hand tugging at the button on his shorts, then the zipper, then releasing his raging hard on from the confines of his boxers, her small fingers immediately wrapping themselves around his cock. He was continuing to finger fuck her, his hand totally coated with her juices, but now she was wanking him too. Heaven he thought!

Still looking at the couple fucking, Mel’s own excitement was building fast she needed Rob’s hard cock inside her, fucking her like the one in front of her was doing to the girl’s pussy. She didn’t want to make love; she wanted to be fucked, like an animal, outside, in the open, watching two other animals fuck.

Releasing Rob’s cock from her grasp, she turned he had never seen Mel like this. She was wanton, just a sexual being, her only focus was on being pleasured. He was as caught up in this as she was & wasn’t going to argue. He pulled up her dress, so that her butt was visible, yanked her thong down to her knees & grabbing his cock, rubbed it up & down her swollen pussy lips a couple of times before with one thrust, he buried it deep into her soaking pussy!

Mel steadied herself as Rob began to screw her, matching the timing of the other couple, which by this time had gathered momentum. The girl was once again crying out as if in the throes of climax & Mel thought that by the expression on the guy’s face & the grunts coming from him, that he was getting close too. She just hoped that their fucking didn’t get too loud, she didn’t want to get caught & that anxiety added to her excitement. Rob was really going for it, slamming his cock deep into her dripping pussy. She shook as another wave rippled through her body.

With his eyes focused of the fucking couple, Rob continued to screw her; he was now into this almost animalistic rutting. Mel was trusting back to meet his thrusts & looking down for a moment, he watched his cock fucking her pussy. He was getting close, but was determined not to come before the other guy. The sensations were unreal, all he could think about was giving & receiving pleasure & moving his right hand he began to rub his index finger around Mel’s puckered arsehole. Her head shot round in surprise as she felt this new sensation, Rob had never touched her there before. But as he continued, it only added to her experience.

She watched him as he fucked her, enjoying the expression on his face, the effort he was putting in. She watched as he raised his right index finger to his mouth & licked it, making sure it was coated with saliva. It suddenly dawned on her what he had planned, this was uncharted territory, but she liked it. She felt him resume his stimulation of her arsehole, whilst still fucking her strongly. czech casting porno Then she felt the pressure as his finger began to push against her back hole, resistance at first then the tip slipped inside. She gasped with surprise & pleasure as a whole new raft of sensation hit her.

A loud grunt from the guy, made them both switch attention back to the couple. He was about to cum & she was now on her knees in front of him as he vigorously jerked himself off. Mel was straining her eyes to make sure she saw him cum, struggling to stay focused as Rob fucked her two holes. God, this felt good, she was close to cumming, big time! Then with an even louder groan, she saw the guy shoot his load high into the air. Two, three, four spurts erupted & she watched them arc through the air, before landing across the girls face & in her hair. This sight triggered Mel’s own climax & she surrendered herself to it,physically shaking, desperately trying to stifle her cries of pleasure.

Rob felt Mel’s climax break, her pussy spasming around his cock & her arsehole flexing around his finger as he continued to rim her. These sensations being transferred though his cock & seeing the guy’s spunk running down the girl’s face, meant he could hold back no longer! Plunging his cock deep into pussy & vigorously fingering her arsehole, he began to spurt his cum, adding his own juices to hers, his cock twitching un-controllably, he gasping for air as he fought to keep quiet! He watched as the girl scooped up the cum from her face & greedily sucked it off her fingers, swallowing down with relish.

As the sensations began to subside, they both began to regain their senses & awareness of other things around them. They were hanging onto each other in the afterglow of events, cuddling each other with affection, the affection that had been missing from their lust fuelled fucking. They were snapped out of their almost dream state, by the voices of the couple that brought them here. Peering over the fallen tree, they saw that the guy & girl were fully clothed & about to leave the scene of their abandoned lovemaking.

They watched as they began moving away, through the trees & undergrowth, until they were just visible. Then suddenly they saw the girl turn around, looking directly in their direction. She smiled & laughing, gave them a wave, calling out ‘Next time why don’t you join us!’ Rob & Mel looked at each other in shocked astonishment & simultaneously said ‘They knew we were here!’ After a couple of seconds they burst out laughing.

After several minutes they began adjusting their clothing & making themselves relatively tidy, before heading home. As they strolled back along the woodland path, they chatted excitedly about events, giggling as the realisation of what had happened sunk into both their brains. On reaching the woodland’s entrance, Rob stopped & turning to face Mel, grasped her by the elbows. ‘Is there going to be next time? He asked. Mel thought momentarily before giving her reply, the events flashing through her mind, ‘Well I’ve witnessed things & experienced sensations I didn’t know were open to me’ she paused, then continued ‘ And I want lots more!’ Rob grinned, nodding his agreement ‘Me too!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32