In Need

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I awoke with another morning alone with the need of sexual release. Is this going to ever end or is the real thing ever going to begin? Many of my girlfriends have their toys close by in their dresser drawers by their bed, but for me I only want the touch of a flesh; preferably hot, steamy, pulsating flesh and that is the only way I am going to have it.

I woke this with my body in need of soft touches, strokes upon my skin, and the feel of hot human flesh. Was he laying there beside me? No! Again, neither a man by my side, nor was I going to be desperate entice one to be there.

I turned in my bed with my breast exposed; beckoning themselves to me. Those soft brown full, supple, large dark areola and the nipples thick and wide wanted to be touched and pleasured. I gave them a slight touch and all of sudden I felt a tingling sensation between my legs. This happens every time, but this time I was not going to continue suffering in pain and anguish just because there was not a man by my side or one worthy to share such a intimate time or space. The feeling was becoming overwhelming stronger. I promised myself that I would not settle just because my sexually appetite was not quieting the hunger deep inside me; that I would just do without. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Before I knew my mind was set in a fantasy bursa escort whilst I laid there on my back, parted my legs and parted thick lips to find the softly stroking my clit and before I knew it it became a deeper and more aggressive stroking on my clit. My hips rose and lowered as my body got warmer.

My imagination took me to a place as if my lover was sitting in a nearby chair as other men were having their way with me. One would pinch my nipples hard, the other would slap my breast and hips about till I cried out in plesaurable pain, the other man would stroke my inner thighs, and the other man would lick and suck on my clit till I couldn’t take it anymore and my lover wanted to break the ropes that tied him down in the chair before me. Calling out that he wanted to fuck me hard as they did as well.

“Get off her. The game is over. I am the only one that can fuck her.”

A tall broad shoulder man that I didn’t know, but then again I didn’t know any of them, “Man you should have thought of that before you wanted to play this game. I don’t see her complaining Derek. Look at her body get redder and hot as we do what we do. Let’s face it man you haven’t been doing your duty good enough. Her moans prove it.”

I turned to Derek, STOP IT! You planned this and you wanted to happen; now it is deal with it. It is bursa escort bayan true; I do love it.”

One of the handsomest of the men kissed me on my forehead; like it was a complimentary kiss.

The tallest man smiled at Derek, “See man I know women. It is obvious that you have not been satisfying this Nubian Queen.”

Derek shouted back; as if he was going to break the ropes, “You don’t know what she needs or likes.”

“Obviously we do for she has pulled away. She has played the struggle game, but I know when it is a real struggle and this cat wanted and needed to be petted.”

Derek screamed with all he had, “she was for me to fuck only; you guys were just to come and get here all hot.”

The men chuckling out loud, “I think we have done that part, but this baby is too sweet and not to take more of her would be a shame.”

“Now dear baby let us see what you have to give us. It is time for the train. Line it up and drive it in.”

I could hear my own self moaning out loud.

The handsomest man whispered in my ear that he was going to have me last, for he was going to be the real man to get me off and that I was going to be his woman, for he wouldn’t do this to his woman. For a woman that is for a man is for him only and no one else….games or no game.

They drove into my hot escort bursa pussy without any mercy and by the time it was his turn he told me his name.

“My name is Daniel. I want this to be more personal, so the others are going to leave, but leave you and only you a little gratuity for all your sweetness.”

Daniel kissed me on my forehead, both cheeks of my face, then softly on my lips, down my neck, my moist shoulders, as he cup my breast as it was the first time and let his mouth find pleasure in them.

I was going to cum at any moment, but he continued.

“See Derek; this is how you make love to a woman she is not a hoe or a piece of meat…this is all woman…one to be placed on a pedestal and she is most definitely in need of a champion.

Daniel looked deep into my eyes as he entered me and whispered, “it is going to be alright and if you want me to stop I will stop.”

I couldn’t help but plead with him not to.

He proceeded to open up the gate to my garden in such a way I couldn’t help but want him over and over again. He was gentle but with a forceful without being overbearing. He felt like a real man. As he stroked in and out, raising my hips, kissing my neck, whispering how beautiful I was; we both came at the same time. I had never come so hard in my life to where the sheets were drenched and I was a limp as butter leaf lettuce. I was shivering, but not cold just a very powerful orgasm.

I opened my eyes and found that it was just me and my middle finger again in a morning of need. I wanted a Daniel in my life.