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It’s Friday evening and it’s been a long week, you and I have been running around like mad as always and just need some time together. We drop the kids off at a friend’s house for a sleep over and head out to dinner. I hold your hand as we drive and we catch up on all the silly things through the week. The interesting individuals that you met, the knuckle heads that I had dealt with all week. Just normal stuff. I hold your hand as it rests on your thigh; it thrills me so just to hold your hand.

We get to Lone Star and we both order steaks, medium rare. You sit across from me wearing a stunning white peasant blouse, pulled just so, so that as you lean forward, I get a lovely peek at your soft cleavage. You catch where my eyes are looking and say, “Hey! My eyes are up here!” but under the table you are sliding your bare toes up the side of my leg as you grin wickedly.

You tease me all through dinner as I try to maintain a “normal” conversation. Every so often your toes knead across my stiff cock, and all I really want to do is rip your clothes off right then and there. You know what you are doing to me and LOVING it!

Mercifully, finally, the bill comes and we head out. As we walk back to the car my hand slips down to your cute ass and I ask you where you want to go now.

You look up at me with the most devilish smile and tell me, “It’s a surprise, just drive.”

We hop in the car and I follow your directions. Left here, right there, just a little further. Suddenly you tell me to turn and we are in front of the Bunny ranch strip club.

“Surprised?” you say.

“Not too much, I know you’ve wanted to be the first to take me to one.”

I lean over and kiss you deeply, then whisper in your ear, “No matter what I see in there, I love you, and YOU are the woman I want to sleep with tonight.”

You grin and tell me, “I know that, and count on it. I just want to see you all stirred up before I rock your night!”

We jump out of the car and head cross the lot. I’ve always loved following your cute ass.

Inside we find a quiet table off to the side, it’s dimly lit and no one pays much attention to us. We get a few drinks and watch the show.

With each dancer you ask me, “What do you think of her?”

“Not near as hot as you baby,” is what I tell you.

Finally, a stunning redhead takes the stage and you sense my attention shift. She is gorgeous just like you, and she has incredible moves. The way she shakes her hips is like Shakira, very hypnotizing.

She finishes her set and leaves the stage. You excuse yourself to tecavüz porno go to the ladies’ room after giving me a deep tongue intertwining kiss.

Not long after you are gone, the dancer that just left the stage comes over.

“Hi, I’m Angelica, did you like my show?”

I swallow hard and shift around trying to rearrange my stiff cock without being too obvious.

“Yes, I really did. The way your hips move is incredible!”

Angelica proceeds to push my chair back and straddle my lap, facing me.

“How would you like a lap dance so that you can FEEL my hips?”

I’m hesitant until she whispers in my ear, “Your lover Faith sent me over, she saw how much you liked it and she paid for your lap dance. She also told me that I should let you suck on my tits, she said that your skills are incredible!” As she straddles my legs she pulls off the thin blouse barely covering her ample bosom.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I start. First, I circle Angelica’s left breast, dragging my tongue slowly around, drawing nearer and nearer to her hard, pink nipple, all the while she is shimmying and shaking on my lap. Luckily, I’m concentrating on pleasuring her, or my cock would’ve exploded long ago.

I take her hard bud between my teeth and tug gently as my tongue probes the tip, this is driving her wild as she grinds harder and harder on my rigid pole. I release her left nip with a “pop” and attack the other. This time I try to suck her whole ample breast into my mouth at once as my tongue lashes against her puffy areola.

I hear Angelica groan in ecstasy as she starts to shake. I know what is happening and redouble my efforts to send her over the edge. She’s squeals as the juices flow from her lithe body, soaking the front of my jeans. Collapsing against my chest, her breast glistening from my saliva and her sweat, she gasps in my ear, “That was incredible!” Finally she is able to stand up to walk away.

You pass Angelica as you come back to the table. She pulls you close and whispers something in your ear.

“What was that all about?” I ask as you sit back down.

Instead of answering your hand goes to my crotch, feeling the wetness there, you bring your fingers to your face and smell her musk.

“Mmmmm, she wasn’t lying. She said that no man had ever made her cum so hard just by sucking on her tits! She also told me that the lap dance was on the house.”

You grin at me and ask, “Are you ready to go?”

“Show me the way home baby!” I whisper as I stand and pull you close.

On the ride home teen porno you tell me that you were sitting at the bar the whole time watching, knowing what Angelica was feeling, knowing that you would get to feel all that and more later. Your hand is resting on my twitching cock now as I drive, squeezing every so often. I’ve been hard for so long that I almost can’t stand it. You tell me that I have to wait until we get home, that you have one more surprise waiting for me.

We finally make it home and I was barely able to keep my hands off you. I rush around to your side of the car, open the door, and pull you out, pushing you against the side. My hardness pins you there, my hands race up and down your body. Our mouths lock, tongues intertwined in a passionate dance. Your hands roam over my back, grasping my ass, pulling me closer. I want what waits for me inside, yet this is so wonderful.

You break our kiss and pull away. I follow your swaying ass up the steps and into the house. I grab you again in the living room, wanting you, needing you, NOW!!

You push me away and sternly say, “Don’t touch!”

I’m shocked at your tone, but turned on when I see the wicked grin on your face. I do as I’m told and stand there, watching as you sway over to the stereo. You put on some music and I recognize it as “stripper music”.

Walking back, you tell me again, “Don’t do anything until I tell you to.”

I just nod, mesmerized and excited.

You start to dance to the music. Swaying around and starting to unbutton my shirt, one at a time. As each button opens you lean in to kiss or lick or bite each inch of exposed flesh. Reaching the bottom, you pull my shirt down off my shoulders, trapping my arms beside me. You lean in and take my nipple between your teeth, humming and sending thrills all through my body. Next you bite, harder, I moan in ecstasy. You drop to your knees and start to open my jeans. Pulling them down and dragging your tongue back up my leg, you FINALLY release my throbbing cock.

Drops of pearly pre-cum glisten on the tip. You gently wrap your lips around the end, sucking them off. I want to tangle my fingers in your hair, pull you closer, but my hands are still trapped at my sides. You go all the way down, once, slowly engulfing my cock, vibrating your throat. It’s almost too much to bear.

You release my slick cock and push me back on to the couch, my hands still trapped. All can do is watch.

“So, you liked how Angelica moved tonight?” you ask me with a grin.

All I can do is nod and my cock bobs up and down with travesti porno it.

“Well, she taught me a few things to share with you too,” you say sexily.

And I watch, as you start to do the most sensuous strip tease I’ve ever seen, mostly because I love you so much, and I know how wonderful we feel when we are together.

You pull your blouse down over your shoulders, inch by inch, exposing your beautiful globes. Finally, a hard, pink nipple pokes out, you reach down and pull it to your mouth. Sucking, you watch me as I lick my lips, desiring a taste. You lean forward and just barely let my lips caress your nip before pulling away. You turn away from me and remove your shirt. Turning back, you are cupping your breasts, rolling your nipples between your fingers and moaning.

My only hope is that you can’t last any longer than I can. I am so horny right now, but I wait, obeying your command to not touch until you say so.

You reach down and unzip, pulling your pants open to reveal red lace panties then turn from me as you pull them down over your ass, giving me a wonderful show. Another turn toward me and you continue to strut around, shaking your hips, your gorgeous breasts swaying.

You are killing me. I want to take you here, now, right on the floor.

You stop dancing and slowly pull your panties down. Picking them up and you hold them to my nose. I inhale deeply, your musk driving me wild. You turn away and shake your ass right in my face. Slowly you straddle my lap, inch by inch you settle onto my rigid cock. Inch by inch your soft, wet folds engulf me. Fully buried, you sit there, your muscles stroke my raging member. You tell me to get my hands loose so that I can cup your breasts.

I quickly do and you start to ride me, up and down, the smell of your desire fills the room as my hands roam all over your breasts. You squeal and squeeze my cock as I pinch your nipples.

“Oh God Mike! Fuck me, fuck me now!” you moan.

I start to thrust my hips up as you plunge down on my cock, faster and faster. My hands on your hips now, driving you down. You moan and purr, louder and louder. A growl builds deep in my chest, vibrating through you, pushing you over that final edge.

“Yes baby! Do it, cum with me, fill my pussy!”

That’s all I need to hear, with one final thrust my cock starts to jerk and twitch. Load after load fills you as your pussy quivers with your own explosion. I keep thrusting and you keep riding. Making sure that we get every last drop…

Our breathing ragged, I collapse back onto the couch with you on my chest. I hold you close, tenderly, never wanting to let you go. I kiss the nape of your neck as I caress your body with light fingertips, you purr softly.

Content, knowing that no matter what else I see, I will always come home to your loving arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32