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It was the start of my second year at Uni and I felt something was missing. As soon as the three girls got back we were so happy to see each other and had missed the fun of being together that we had a monster girl on girl fest, that took some matching. A few days later Mike returned and we dropped into the “friends with partial benefits” routine, but I was wanting more. I had a need, an itch if you like, and it needed scratching.

Friday night, Charlie and Kerry are out a doing their own different things, Charlie out with a new guy and Kerry out looking from new students to seduce and corrupt so Mike is round at the flat enjoying a quiet time with me. Probably looking forward to a nice long slow blowjob.

“Mike,” I said, “I don’t want us to be friends with “partial benefits” anymore.”

Mikes faced dropped with dismay, “Why, what have I done wrong, what’s changed, have you met somebody?” he asked.

“Mike don’t get this wrong, I don’t want us to have partial benefits, I want to go all the way with you, I want to give you my virginity, in every way. Now please take me to bed and make love to me. Make love to me, be gentle and slow, take your time, you’ve got all night. You can stay over.”

“Are you sure? Wait, I’ve no protection with me.”

“Yes. I’m very sure and don’t worry about protection I’ve been on the pill for a while now, I knew something would happen sooner or later so I’m prepared. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and certainly all through summer vacation.

“Mike, I want you. Please make love to me. I can’t wait any longer,” I said as I stood up and taking his hand led him to my bedroom. Legs and body shaking in apprehension, and desire at what was going to happen, what I was going to do at last, but wanting it, needing it.

We walked hand in hand into my bedroom, pausing at the foot of the bed, I turned to Mike, folded myself into his open and welcoming arms and kissed him, just a brush of the lips together at first, then morphing into a passionate kiss, tongues lashing together, attacking, demanding, each wanting more and more now.

Our hands were flying everywhere, caressing and stimulating, due to the time we had spent together, almost making love, but not going that final step we knew each other’s bodies, needs, and stimulation points so well. This probably made things so much better and easier for us. Well at least for me.

Quite naturally we fell on the bed as we each ripped the clothes from the other’s body, we couldn’t get naked fast enough. There was no surprise or suspense as we did, we knew each other that well, now we were going to take that final step, one I had been delaying for so long, but now seemed the right time.

Our foreplay was swift and simple, Mike sucking on my boobs, taking them as deep into his hot mouth as he could, whilst at the same time pushing a finger into me, playing with my pussy and just flicking my clit, teasing it, then pinching my nipples lightly, in the way he knows I like so well. For my part I took his cock lightly between my thumb and forefinger and for want of a better description gave him a nice slow wank, just enough so that he reached full length and hardness.

Rolling onto my back I said, “Mike, now, don’t wait any longer, put it into me, make love to me.” Then more desperately, “Mike make love to me NOW.”

Mike moved his body on top of me and looking into my wide, apprehensive, eyes, positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy, just gaining entrance; at the slightest nod of my head, he slipped fully into me. Oh what a glorious feeling, at long last, I had a proper cock inside me. I was a virgin no longer.

I loved the look in his eyes as he slid into me, he had kept eye contact with all the time, and I was glad he did. He looked grateful and happy as his cock slid easily into me, settling nicely in my thankful pussy.

Mike had slid into me so simply and easily and it seemed such a natural fit, there wasn’t any pain or tearing, that had happened when Kerry had fucked me with a massive dildo last year, and how glad I was she had, glad on two counts.

Mike seemed surprised at the lack of pain until I told him about the dido.

Mike was the most gentle of lovers at that moment, soft and slow as I’d asked. On his initial penetration and after getting his cock deep into my pussy he had stayed still, feeling me stretch to accommodate him, both of us getting used to the glorious feel of him in me, his cock throbbing and pulsing. This feeling of being in a pussy was nothing strange to Mike, but a cock in me was new to me.

I pushed up against him letting him know I was ready for more, so Mike pulled back and then pushed into me again, in a long, slow, firm, but still, gentle way rocking in and out of me.

Oh God this was sensational, the feel like nothing I had ever experienced before, every-time Mike pulled out my pussy clenched on him, trying to hold him deep in me, almost begging of it’s own accord, then on his in stoke stretching and expanding to allow him access, latin sex tapes porno welcoming him into me, surrendering to him. My pussy was leading me, the demand of it wanting Mikes cock taking control of me.

We were in the missionary position and it seemed right and natural that we were for this first time, Mike was taking his weight on his arms but still managed to tease my boobs. As my excitement grew I drew my legs up and back then wrapped them around him, crossing my ankles on his arse, pinning him in me.

That lovely feeling of a growing orgasm started to fill my body, a warm glow, no, a hot fire burning inside me, coming from some deep inner core, my hands had formed into claws as I started to run them down Mikes back, scratching him, marking him as mine, my possession.

As my orgasm grew to its explosion I started to fuck Mike hard, I had changed from making love to fucking him, Mike responded instantly, slamming harder and faster into me, not caring about his own pleasure or release.

“FUCK MIKE, I’M CUMMMING,” I screamed as my orgasm hit, at last, a wave washing over me in torrents, breaking and flooding my body with endorphins of pleasure.

My eyes shot wide in pleasure as I stared into Mike’s, his face locked in passion, then as his eyes started to roll back I pulled Mikes head down and bit into his neck, pure instinct and pleasure for me.

My orgasm was just subsiding when Mike arched back and shot his cum into me, the first cum to enter my pussy, splashing as deep as it could, coating the back and sides.

Oh God, what a first time of making love. Mike was perfect, lying close to me afterwards, cuddling me, gently caressing my body, my body on top of his, our combined juices slowly leaking from me, his cock gradually softening lying against my leg, all hot and sticky. I knew one thing I wanted more of it.

After some time recovering we changed from making love to fucking, we tried every position either of us could think of, me on top facing Mike, then away from him, then doggy, and one last time missionary, just for the fun of it, just because we could. Neither of us came every-time, but we were both ok, we were so connected, it was the sheer act of being together that was enough for us then, of finally making love.

Early morning and I shocked Mike like never before, “Mike, last night I told you I wanted to give my virginity to you in every way.” I said nervously.

“Yes,” he replied a look of confusion on his face.

“Mike, I want you to fuck my arse, I need to get everything over in one go.”

Shock spread over Mikes’ face, then that changed to a look of curiosity and wanting, “Jenny, are you sure, I’ve never done that. I’m not sure, I’m not sure I even want to do that.”

“Yes, I’m sure and no I’m not, but I want to and I want to do it with you.” As I said this I got a tube of lube from my bedside table flicked onto my hands and knees on the bed and told Mike to get started quickly as the girls would be home soon. I didn’t know that Charlie already was.

It seemed somewhat reluctantly Mike got behind me and opening the cheeks of my arse, squirted lube onto my opening, then began to work it around and then in, pushing his finger into my virgin arsehole. I spasmed and clenched on him, but eventually relaxed. Mike kept preparing me as best he could, using more and more lube until I felt as though my arse was full of a sticky gel.

“Mike, stop delaying, just get your dick in my arse, before I change my mind.”

“Are you sure, I don’t want to hurt you.”


Mike’s cock at the entrance to my arse, then a pushing feeling and my anus is forced open and Mike is just in, I scream in pain, my natural instincts pushing back against his dick trying to push it out of me.

Unlike earlier Mike didn’t pause to let me get used to the feel, he pushed deep into my arse, then immediately began pounding in and out of me, hard and fast. Shit this hurt like hell, I wasn’t sure I could take it for long, if at all.

Mike had hold of my hips keeping me in position as he pounded in and out of me, all his previous concerns about hurting me lost in his lust. Pounding, thrusting, slamming into me, hard and then harder still, my arse was on fire.

Gradually ever so gradually the pain eased, as I began to stretch and get used to the friction and as I reached between my legs and played with my clit a nice feeling grew in me, I was liking it now. I pushed back on Mike, meeting his thrusts with ones of my own, mine growing equally lust filled.

Mike’s cock deep in my arse stopped moving, spasmed and then came, filling it with his cum, just like he had my pussy earlier that night. I pulled off him as soon as he started to soften but kept my attention on my clit and in a few seconds orgasmed.

Both seemingly shocked and surprised at what we had done we collapsed together each comforting the other as we came down from that lust filled moment, Mike trying to apologise for lezbiyen porno his brutality, but I told him he didn’t need to, I was fine. And surprisingly I was.

Later that morning Mike and I are in the kitchen, my pussy and arse sore and battered from the nights fun when Kerry arrived home. Mike jumped up grabbed her in a big hug and kissed her saying “Thank you, thank you.”

Kerry pushed him away and said, “Thank you for what you male perv?” her pet name for him, to anyone else it was an insult but both she and Mike knew this was her pet name for him. Mike was a friend to all three girls. Almost an honorary member of our group.

“For preparing Jenny for me.” He said.

“What do you mea… no! Have you two, you have haven’t you, I can see from the look on her face, fuck now she’s totally ruined.”

“Yes we have, and a big thank you is in order as “our” time together made last night easier for me and Mike,” I replied as I gave her a thank you kiss as well.

Just then Charlie appeared saying, “Fucking hell Mike, you must have been really great eating Jenny’s pussy last night. I could hear her screaming in my room.”

“Mike was not eating my pussy last night,” I stated firmly, but with a sly grin on my face.

“Yes he was, you were making so much noise and you only make that much noise when your cumming hard, having your pussy eaten. I should know I’ve done it so often and so has Kerry,” again from Charlie.

“Well, I was cumming, but Mike was NOT eating my pussy, I’ve upgraded him to “friend with FULL benefits,” I said as I burst out laughing.

“What… Did you two get it on at last night?”

“Yep, sorry if I made her make so much noise,” said Mike, “but you know what she’s like, always has been noisy.”

At that, all four of us got together in a group hug, even Kerry who said to Mike, “I’ll let you off for kissing me earlier.” A big concession for her.

Charlie said, “Now you two have finally got it on, can I borrow him sometime?”

“What?” I asked.

“Well I’ve always fancied jumping him, but while you two were doing your thing as it was I didn’t want to make a move. Now you’ve broken him in can I borrow him?”

“No way, I’m not loaning him out to you, you’ll spoil him for me, but I might consider sharing him at some time.”

“Hey, what’s all this talk, I’m here you know and I’m not a piece of meat to be shared or borrowed,” from Mike.

“You are now where these two are concerned,” came from Kerry.

So I dropped into a new social routine, sometimes with the girls and sometimes with Mike, but the times with Mike were different sometimes we made love and sometimes it was just oral. I’ve found that I now love oral and didn’t want that to change with Mike and he seemed happy enough with the arrangement. Lucky bugger.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all sex and games we all were working very hard on our degrees, but we seemed to have a good balance going between study and fun. Just what University should be like.

Saturday night and Mike and I have the flat to ourselves, Kerry’s away on a rugby trip and Charlie is out on the hunt for somebody to love, male or female, she wasn’t bothered, she just wanted a hot body to love.

We are in one of our favourite positions, sixty-nine with me on top, head bobbing up and down on Mikes cock, his face buried in my pussy, hands holding the lips apart, when I heard the front door of the flat open and then slam closed.

Charlie was home early and obviously had had no luck in getting laid. A dirty thought went through my mind so without breaking off from sucking Mike I managed to send a text.

A couple of minutes later the bedroom door quietly opens and Charlie, naked as the day she was born slinks into the room. Coming over to the bed, she looks at me inquisitively, wanting assurance. I look up at her, nod my head, still sucking Mike deep into my throat.

Still sucking on Mikes cock I smile at her as she drops to her knees at end of the bed, as I come up off Mike I let his cock slip out of my mouth with a loud plop and push Charlies head down and onto Mike, she takes him deep throat at once.

Mike stiffened at the contact not knowing what was going on but knowing that it was another woman’s mouth on his cock.

“Charlies’ always been good at deep throat, hope you like it, and hope your feeling strong and randy ’cause your being shared tonight,” I said.

“And if you’re no good, I’ll let every girl on campus know you’re a terrible lay,” came from Charlie as she took a quick break from swallowing Mikes cock. “Now back to work, enjoy your night Mike.” With that, her head was back down Mikes cock going deep again.

By now Mike had really started to attack my pussy, licking and forcing his tongue deep and then sucking my clit into his mouth, he held it in his teeth, gently playing with it, teasing and tormenting me, just the way I like.

I forced Charlie’s head up from Mike and then the two of us took turns to suck him deep into our hot liseli porno eager mouths, then both licking up and down his shaft at the same time, taking turns to lick around his mushroom head. Mike was in heaven and I could sense he was ready to cum, so pushed Charlie’s mouth on to him, holding her in place as with a shout of, “Oh God.” Mike shot his load into Charlie’s mouth. Charlie was looking deep into my eyes as his load hit the back of her throat and her eyes widened in lust and desire.

That look and Mikes teeth on my clit sent me over the top and I howled like a banshee as an orgasm coursed through my body, in wave after wave of hot shuddering emotion.

Charlie pulled off Mike and kissed me hard and passionately, sharing the cum she hadn’t swallowed with me. Yummy!!

“Mike, who do you want to fuck first?” I asked him as all three of us lay on the bed bodies touching.

Taking his time, Mike eventually replied, “Charlie. Jenny, we’ve fucked now, Charlie would be new for me, sorry but you did ask me.”

Not the answer I wanted, but he was right and I had asked him, damn.

I rolled off the bed and went to get a beer as the two of them began to get close. When I got back they were already at it, foreplay must have been none existent. Charlie was riding Mike’s cock reverse cowgirl fashion so I could see her pussy as it rode up and down on Mikes strong shaft, which seemed to be pulsing and throbbing. Mike had one hand helping Charlie to balance but the other was holding onto her bouncing boobs, pawing and kneading them. I stood and watched the two of them fucking in such a natural coming together, despite my slight jealousy I was enjoying the sight of them together. Two of my best friends together fucking, fucking like rabbits. Charlie was frantically playing with her clit.

I made my way over to the bed and got behind Mike, straddling his head and sank my pussy down onto his face, Mike responded as I wanted and began to lick me out, I wasn’t worried about how good he was or what he was doing I just needed some action. My hands reached over Charlie’s shoulders cupped her breasts playing with them teasing her nipples, pulling and twisting them. Mike moved his hand from Charlie’s boobs and onto my clit, rubbing it with his thumb.

Charlie was getting more and more excited now, increasing her pace bouncing up and down on Mike, rocking the bed with her energetic fucking, shouts of delight and encouragement coming from her. As I ground my pussy ever harder into Mikes face my playing with Charlie’s boobs increased in intensity, knowing what she liked I alternated between softly teasing her nipples, then pinching and pulling them hard, but never doing the same thing twice, always surprising her.

Mike was trying to slam harder into Charlie than he was doing already but was hampered by the fact he had two girls on top of him. His tongue was creating havoc with my pussy, licking deep in me, then pushing in and fucking it. Charlie was near now, her pace frantic, breathing erratic pants as she gasped for breath.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK,” she screamed as she came, body at first stiffening and then shaking as her orgasm flooded over her.

“Mike, cum in her, quick cum in her,” I shouted to him, “Cum in her before she finishes.” Fortunately, Mike was already on the point of his own orgasm and reacted at once shooting his seed deep into Charlie. As Charlie fell off Mike I could see his cum leaking out of her pussy, running in a little river of thick white juice out of her crack and down to her belly. Her pussy was twitching in the aftershock of her orgasm, glistening, as more of Mikes cum oozed out.

Somehow Mike was still semi-rigid so flipped me onto my back and pushed his cock still wet with his and Charlies secretions into me and fucked me slowly at first then building the pace as his cock stiffened inside me. That was a feeling never to forget, I’ve had his cock harden in my mouth before but never my pussy.

Charlie plonked herself onto me, facing me, her pussy inches from my face, still wet and gleaming with Mikes cum, I pushed my tongue forward but couldn’t reach my goal, Charlie smiled as she teased me, then moved forward now she was sure on my intention and acceptance. Now I could get to licking her, the taste was different a combination of her lubrication and Mikes cum, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I loved the taste of both of those things, but somehow not combined. It didn’t stop me licking her deep and slowly, letting her delight in the feeling.

Mike was fucking me harder now, not pounding into me but hard and fast, he knows I like a quick pace and was judging it just right as my own orgasm at last built and then washed over me. I couldn’t shout or scream so much as my mouth was buried in Charlie’s pussy, but they both knew I had climaxed and hard.

Mike fell off me spent and exhausted, Charlie let me lick her out for a few minutes more as my orgasm gradually ebbed and finished.

As I looked over at Mike I couldn’t believe the look on his face, it was as though he was the cat that got the cream. All his Christmases and Birthdays rolled into one. I pulled him over to me and gave him a big slobbery kiss on his lips, coating them in Charlie’s love juices, coating his face with slimy female sex juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32