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It had been a few weeks since John had seen Jane. Work had been hectic and the demands on his time had been constant. At times it had seemed like he couldn’t even remember the last time he’d had an opportunity to relax. But today, he was feeling more than a little elated. The job that had been consuming every waking minute of his life was finally finished and he was taking advantage of a long awaited opportunity to get some enjoyment out of life.

It was a bitterly cold day and as he made his way across the Lake highway, gusts of icy wind came screaming in from the lake and whipped up little whirling funnels of snow that danced back and forth across the icy surface of the highway.

There were only a few other cars on the highway as it was only about 7.30 in the morning and it was a Saturday in the midst of one of the coldest Winters that most folks could remember. His car was almost new, but when he’d turned on the ignition a half an hour earlier, the engine had turned over laboriously and coughed three or four times before finally starting. It had warmed up fairly quickly, but, even with the heat on maximum, John still felt chilled to the bone. He’d placed his new video camera in the back seat and hoped that the extreme cold wouldn’t affect the battery and render it inoperable as he planned to use it today when he and Jane got together for one of the sensual rendezvous that they both enjoyed so much.

He sat at the traffic lights at the intersection of the Lake highway and Jane’s street and impatiently drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. The last few minutes of any drive to Jane’s apartment were nearly always unbearable. His body was always sexually revved up, the result of the salacious thoughts that raced through his head enroute. By the time he reached Jane’s apartment, his penis was often erect in anticipation of the fantastic sex that awaited him and that usually necessitated staying in his car for a few minutes until the erection subsided.

After what seemed hours, the light turned green and John made the turn up Jane’s street. In less than a minute he was rolling to a stop in front of her apartment building. He hopped out of his car, quickly opened the rear door and eagerly grabbed the video camera and tripod from the rear seat. Movie making gear in hand, he made his way to the front entrance of Jane’s apartment building.

He opened the outside door, and without putting down his burden, pressed the buzzer for Jane’s apartment using his elbow. Jane was a late sleeper and when a quick reply to her buzzer was not forthcoming, he suspected that she was still in bed, even though he’d phoned her an hour earlier to let her know that he was on his way. He waited for a minute or so and, getting no reply, put his camera and tripod down and pressed the buzzer again, this time a little more insistently. Another half minute or so passed and just as he was about to press the buzzer again, the inner door opened. It was one of the tenants exiting and John took advantage of the opportunity. He hastily grabbed the door before it slammed shut and then, holding it open with his foot, he reached over and grasped his camera and tripod.

As he walked into the foyer, his nose was assailed by the usual array of food odors, something that always seemed to be present in Jane’s building. It was Saturday morning and the smell of fried sausages, bacon, eggs, home fried potatoes and burnt toast made perfect sense. Just as he was reaching for the elevator button, he heard the loud ding that always accompanied it’s arrival at the ground floor. The old metal doors creaked slowly open and a short fat man with an annoyed look on his face and cursing under his breath, scrambled out carrying a broom and an ice scraper.

John chuckled to himself. “Does anybody like this weather?” he wondered.

He stepped onto the elevator, pushed the button for the sixth floor and, knowing that the old lift went up even slower than it came down, he leaned back against the wall and waited patiently for it’s eventual arrival at Jane’s floor.

After what seemed an eternity, the groaning old Otis, came to an abrupt, clunking stop, rattling John’s teeth. The doors opened with painstaking sluggishness, but as they slowly parted, they revealed Jane’s smiling face.

“Hi there!” she exclaimed happily. “Fancy meeting you here!”

John smiled broadly. Finally, after several weeks of seeing Jane only in his erotic dreams, she now stood before him. He quickly hoisted the camera and tripod to his shoulder and before the door had the opportunity to close, scrambled into the hallway.

Jane put her arms around him as he stood there and, ignoring the camera and tripod on his shoulders, kissed him hungrily on the mouth. That seemed a little odd to John as she normally was very reserved in the public areas of the building, fearing he supposed, being branded a loose woman by the older residents. After kissing her back, they began walking slowly down the hallway to her apartment. As always, they chatted casually about the weather. Jane hooked her arm into the crook of his and assumed a sisterly teach that-bitch porno role in a too late attempt to keep the true nature of their relationship a secret.

She’d left the door of her apartment unlocked and now pushed it open wide to allow John in with his video equipment. Once he was in, he set the hardware on the floor and turned to Jane who had quickly shut the door behind him. Their arms were around each other instantly. Their mouths came together hungrily as their hands moved up and down each others bodies in search of the long denied sensual pleasure that they both coveted so much.

John’s penis once again began to harden and he pushed it insistently against Jane’s pubic mound. He’d been thinking of her non stop since calling earlier to let her know that he was on his way. Now the smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the warm feel of her body as he moved his hands over her, brought his long neglected need back to life.

Jane responded eagerly, pressing her body tightly to his and hungrily pulling his lips down to hers. She was more than a little excited, which surprised John as it normally took quite a bit longer for her to attain such a level of arousal. She was dressed in a loose top with no bra and he moved his hands over her breasts, squeezing them gently and feeling the nipples respond vigorously beneath his touch. His hand moved further down, over her hips and tummy. Her pants were made of some sort of light material with only a thin elasticized tie holding them up. He slipped his hand beneath the hem and felt the thick, dense bush of her pubic hair. He loved Jane’s pubic hair. He loved running his fingers through it. The erotic feelings that her thick, luxurious bush evoked, always drove his libido through the roof

His practiced middle finger slid deftly down to the top of her labial slit and parted it. He was amazed at how wet she was. He found her growing clitoris and began to make little circles around it. She moaned quietly and pressed insistently against his hand.

Suddenly, John realized that he was not going to be able to videotape Jane in the throes of passion if he didn’t stop now and explain what he wanted to do. He stammered slightly as he whispered, “I brought a video camera and tripod with me. Do you want to know why?”

Jane immediately froze and, with a quizzical look on her face and a noticeable edginess in her voice asked, “Why? What are you planning on doing John?”

John became a little concerned at this point as her voice had a sharpness to it that sounded less enthusiastic than he’d hoped.

“I thought I could make a video of you naked.” he replied in a voice that sounded more pitiful than confident. “I have virtually nothing to remind me of how sexy and beautiful you are when we’re not together.”

Jane stepped back and looked directly into his eyes. “Why would I allow you to make a video of me naked?” she asked with an annoyed edge in her voice. “Why would I want you to be in possession of a video of me with no clothes on? What if you lost it or it was stolen? What would happen to my reputation if someone who knows me saw it?”

John understood exactly what Jane was worried about and immediately tried to set her mind at ease. “Why don’t we just make a video that we can look at here in your apartment.” he suggested. “I’ll leave the CD here and you can watch it anytime you want to. We could both watch it when I come over. It could turn out to be a wonderful and titillating piece of erotica.”

John knew that Jane loved erotic videos. He’d brought them over in the past and they’d masturbated together as they watched them. There were two or three in her apartment that he’d left with her over the years and they occasionally took them out and slowly masturbated together as they watched. Both were fascinated by the sight of the other masturbating all the way to an orgasm.

Jane’s face softened somewhat when she realized that the video was going to remain in her control. She was a cautious career woman and didn’t want to worry about a sexually compromising video, starring her, winding up in the hands of strangers.

“I don’t know John.” she replied sceptically. “I don’t really like the idea of being naked in front of a video camera.”

John put his arms around her and whispered, “But think of how much fun we could have making it. And when I’m not around, you’d have a great reminder of the fantastic sex we enjoy.”

Jane walked over to the sofa and sat down. “I don’t know John. I’m going to have to think about it.”

John went over and sat beside her. “Well, it’s not all that important baby. I don’t have to make a video of you. It was just a thought.” he whispered apologetically.

He leaned back on the sofa and put his arm around Jane’s shoulder. By now his penis was sending a loud message to his brain. His need for sexual gratification was growing exponentially. He ran his hand over Jane’s breast and whispered hoarsely, “I’m really horny. I need to go off.”

Jane libido was also fired up and John’s obvious need for her, increased her drive teamskeet porno for sexual contact. “I’m horny too John. It’s just that your suggestion that we make a video took me by surprise. I’ll think about it, but for now, I just want us to enjoy ourselves.”

John knew what Jane meant. She was no prude sexually and loved the fact that the two of them were always very good together. There was something about him that reached deep into her wild side and released a torrent of sexual need. She was ready for some physical release as well.

John stood up and took off his shirt. He cast a furtive glance at Jane as he removed his shoes and pants. She sat there and watched as was often her habit. She enjoyed seeing him get excited and watching him urgently undressing made her much more responsive. He slid off his underpants and sat back down beside her. “Why don’t you get undressed too baby?” he asked. “I’d just love to see that beautiful hairy cunt of yours again.”

His fully erect penis arched stiffly up from between his thighs and Jane could see it twitching with anticipation as his excitement grew. She had never used birth control pills or any form of contraceptive, so on those rare occasions when they decided to have sexual intercourse, John would have to pull his cock out of Jane’s cunt just as he was about to cum and instead ejaculate onto her breasts and tummy.

John had missed Jane dreadfully and today he wanted to fuck her hard and furiously and finish by emptying his swollen balls deep inside of her vagina. There were times when he felt that full, uninterrupted intercourse was absolutely necessary, but in view of the anxiety she’d displayed at his request to videotape her naked, he held out little hope that it would happen today.

Jane stood up and looked at him provocatively. She slid the light top over her head and dropped it on the floor. The sight of her ripe delicious breasts with their delightful pink nipples made his breath catch in his throat. He said nothing because once their sexual exchange started, they preferred to let events unfold spontaneously.

She had a slight smile on her face as she reached for the tie string on her pants. It was fastened with a loose knot. With a single tug, she released the knot and the pants fell to the floor. She kicked them aside and turned directly to John, confidently displaying her shapely naked figure.

John’s pulse was beginning to spike. Jane’s nakedness never failed to elicit intense sexual need in him. His penis began to jerk excitedly as he visually drank in her beauty. He decided to simply remain in a reclined position and wait to see what his sexually charged temptress had on her mind.

Jane stepped closer and put a foot on either side of John’s outstretched legs. She always revelled in the rush of power that she experienced when John became sexually excited by her nakedness. When she was just a few feet away from his face, she spread her legs just a little more to accommodate his legs between hers.

John looked up hungrily at the jet black bush of thickly curled hair that covered her pubic mound. To him, her cunt hair was stunningly sensual. It was long and untrimmed and completely masked her cunt lips and clit. He wanted to reach out and touch it, but he knew that Jane was preparing to lavish some special sexual attention on him and he didn’t want to become too aggressive, too soon, lest she become distracted.

Now before him, with one leg on either side of his outstretched legs, Jane reached down and, with one hand, slowly parted the dense, exotic growth of pubic hair between her shapely white thighs. Her fingers slid into the tangle and pushed the hair on either side of her cunt lips apart, revealing ripe, plump outer labia that were beginning to take on a red hue as her excitement grew. With her other hand, she reached down and using two fingers, spread the labia to allow John an unobstructed view of her clitoris and the inner lips that hid her vaginal opening. She slowly spread the smaller inner lips to reveal the tight slit of her vaginal opening. The sight was absolutely mind blowing and John’s cock now stood as hard and stiff as a steel spike and jerked in rhythmic anticipation of what was about to happen.

He reached down and instinctively began to stroke his straining dick. It felt fantastic and the head, which was normally a pinkish/coral colour, was now fully engorged with blood and had turned a reddish purple colour. The hole at the tip was now elongated, the result of his rock hard erection and his balls were swollen with an ever increasing glut of semen. They were beginning to pull upwards against the base of his cock, the position they always assumed when an ejaculation was about to occur.

Jane smiled with satisfaction as she saw John’s cock standing stiff and ready. She knew what excited him and just as it excited him it never failed to excite her. She reached down when she saw him stroking his cock and touched the swollen tip with her finger. It was hot and rubbery and a small droplet of pre cum had formed at the opening. She slid her finger tecavuz porno over the droplet and it clung, thick and sticky, to the tip. She took John’s hand and removed it from his cock, inviting him to touch her cunt instead. He eagerly complied, sliding his finger between the soft wet lips and deep into the warm cavity of her vagina. She was wet and slippery and moved her hips gently to and fro as his finger explored the hot, accommodating orifice.

Jane was in the mood to take charge today and she slowly backed away from John, causing his eagerly searching finger to slide out of her cunt as she retreated. She quickly scooped up the bottle of baby oil that she kept beside the sofa and sat down beside him. She snapped the cap on the bottle and gently anointed the head of John’s cock with the slippery aromatic oil. Then she began to slowly and erotically stroke it along its entire length. With each stroke it lurched up into her palm and contracted with pleasure. Her touch was soft and angelic and his hard straining cock now became the center of his being.

Moments later, she reached boldly down to the base of his penis and began to lovingly caress his testicles. They were now quite swollen with jism and the muscular tendons from which they were suspended had contracted to allow easier transfer of sperm from his testicles to his penis. As the tendons shortened, they pulled John’s balls tighter and tighter against the shaft of his penis. Jane’s fingers gently touched and manipulated each testicle, instinctively coaxing it to produce a larger volume of semen for his impending ejaculation.

Once she’d bestowed on his swollen testicles, all of the attention for which they yearned, Jane’s hands moved back to his cock. She continued stroking it, slowly and lovingly, but each time she moved her hand down over the head, she tightened her grip slightly so that John involuntarily pushed up to force the head between her fingers. The sensation was fantastic and had him close to ejaculation.

Jane could sense the urgency as he thrust his cock between her fingers and knew that it was time to move to the next level.

“We should really fuck this time John.” she whispered in an amorous voice, thick with lust, “I want us to go all the way. I want you to fuck me hard and shoot your jism inside of my cunt.” Then, in a slightly coquettish voice she added, “Do you want to fuck me and go off inside of me John?”

John was confused. Jane constantly worried about becoming pregnant and that was one of the reasons that the two of them had come up with so many interesting way of enjoying intensely satisfying orgasms without John ejaculating into her.

“Are you serious?” he asked in a voice hoarse with passion.

Jane smiled. “Yes I’m serious. I’ve been on the pill for a while now and there’s no reason why we can’t have full and complete vaginal intercourse. You don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant anymore.”

“How come you started taking the pill?” john asked, bewilderment written across his face.

Jane had always wanted to avoid getting into the nuisance of a birth control regimen. She’d hated the prospect of taking birth control pills, but on a recent visit to her doctor, she’d mentioned how erratic her period had become. The regularity that she’d enjoyed since puberty had abandoned her for some reason and her anxiety was apparent. She was career woman and didn’t like the prospect of menstruation beginning at an unpredictable time each month.

The doctor examined Jane and reassured her that she was perfectly alright. All of the stories she’d heard about the evils of birth control pills were nonsense. After a long discussion about the benefits, she was sold on the idea and began taking the pill immediately. The sense of sexual freedom that she subsequently felt was, in itself, an aphrodisiac.

She explained the reasons for going on birth control pills to John and he found himself nodding understandingly. He managed to listen with a serious look on his face, but all the while he was choking back exultant shouts of joy.

Jane looked directly into her lover’s eyes. “I’m glad that I’m finally on birth control John. I’ve always wanted to have unfettered sex with you. I care too much for you to continually deny your natural need to cum inside of me when we fuck.”

John needed no further encouragement. His hormones were raging and all he wanted to do was enter into this lovely creature and finally, after so many years of denial, ejaculate inside of her. Jane was ready. She leaned back against the armrest of the sofa and spread her legs wide, revealing the long delicious slit of her cunt which was now invitingly open and ready. She smiled and held her arms out to him alluringly.

John quickly slid between her open thighs and with a degree of passion that he’d seldom experienced before, eagerly drove his cock deep inside of her hot, wet cunt. The warm, slippery interior allowed his surging cock to slide in and out effortlessly. The heavy matt of pubic hair between her legs brushed provocatively against his balls with each vigorous thrust. Her tits pressed against his chest as he rammed deeply into her, again and again. With each hungry thrust, he drove his rock hard dick as deeply into her as he could. Both of them were overcome with a compelling need to empty his swollen balls deep inside of her eagerly waiting vagina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32