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There are things from your youth that you just never seem to be able to forget, some of them good some not so good. This is a story about a young man that just graduated from high school and was attending his senior party.

Graduation ceremonies had just ended for the Class of ’63 and we were grouping to go on our senior party. To control what could potentially get out of control, the school and parents had decided to take the graduating seniors by bus to the Port of Seattle, put us on a boat and ship us off to a sort of resort island in Puget Sound. Didn’t know the name of the island then and still don’t. The island resort was owned by one of the Pacific Northwest Indian tribes and was rented out for occasions such as this. We were searched when we got on the bus and again when we got on the boat. Any and all alcohol was confiscated and those found with it were not allowed to continue on the trip. We were told the Island recreation facilities included a large ballroom in which there would be a live Rock and Roll band. There was a bowling alley, a swimming pool, and a game room where there were card tables and Las Vegas style gambling, (no real money, just script we could turn in for prizes) and pinball machines.

Remember this was 1963. Drugs were virtually unheard of, except for rumors of pot smoking. HIV, Aids, Herpes, Cancer and many other diseases we accept as commonplace today were unheard of at that time. There were about two hundred graduating seniors on the trip.

Joe, my best friend and I were looking forward to getting drunk and having a good time. Yea, I know how did we get the alcohol? There were several chaperones on the trip to look after things. These included parents, teachers, and others. Joe’s girlfriend’s mother was one of the chaperones and she had promised to bring our libation with her. It seems as though plenty of liquor found its way on to the island, as no one seemed to be going without.

Joe and I wondered around for a while till we found Karen, his girlfriend’s mother. She gave us the bottle of Jack Daniels that she had brought for us. Joe’s girlfriend was unable to attend the senior class graduation party, as she was only a junior. We wondered off too proceed to get totally drunk. A funny thing happened; I decided to stay sober. After thinking it over, I had decided that there would be more opportunities if I were not drunk and was more aware of what was happening. I didn’t mention my decision to Joe.

We wondered around for a while just checking things out and seeing who was hooking up with who. There were some interesting parings that surprised us. For example there was Becky, one of the social elite had hooked with Tony, one of the biggest hoods in our class. This guy was a big time greaser and gear head, really below Becky’s social status. He was also a very good friend of Joe’s and mine. Guess that tells you where we were coming from.

After about an hour things were beginning to happen. The dance hall and the Los Vegas gambling were the two main attractions. Joe and I decided to go into the dance. Our chances of hooking up might be better there. In the dance it was not well lit, you know mood setting. I lost track of Joe.

I danced with several girls, but wasn’t able to get to close to them. There was one, Lynn, a cute small blonde that I had dated once during the last year. Nothing had really happened on our date and we hadn’t gone out again. We danced fast a couple of times and then some slow numbers were played. I held her tight as we barely moved on the dance floor. She had had a few drinks and was feeling a little loose. I planned to take advantage of this if possible.

I know, not an honorable thing to do, but what can you expect from a teenager with a bad case of raging hormones. As we danced, or should I be more descriptive swayed to the music, I let my hands slide down to caress the cheeks of her ass, while I kissed her neck. She didn’t object and seemed to like this. We danced another number like this and I raised one hand up to her side and let the edge of my thumb brush against the side of her breast. I could feel her bra and for me this was exciting. With my other hand I continued to caress her ass. I could tell she was wearing a panty girdle. This was a common garment in those days and I hated them. They were damned near impossible to get inside of and removing them was a bitch. I thought of them as the chastity belt of the 1960’s. I kissed her on the lips a few times and she returned my adorations. Yea, this might work out. It was getting warm in the dance hall and she said that she wanted to go outside and get some air and cool off. This was fine with me.

We went outside to a park like area and sat on the grass. A nice moonlit view of Puget Sound, the warm night air and the smell of lush grass all added to the moment. She laid back and was looking up at the stars; I decided it was time to attack. I leaned over and kissed her. She returned my kiss with a slightly open mouth and the tip of her tongue. We kissed and played fake hospital porno tongue tag for a few moments. I moved my hand and held her waist. She turned slightly toward me and put her hand on my chest.

This was going pretty well. I moved my hand up and cupped her breast. They were small, just a hand full and it was difficult to feel them through her blouse and bra. I slipped and few buttons loose on the blouse and slipped my hand inside her bra. I cupped her small pert breast and felt the pencil eraser sized nipples with my fingers. She responded by kissing me more passionately. I continued to do this for a little while.

I could feel her nipple becoming more stimulated, not larger, but harder. I removed my hand from her breast and moved it down to her stomach and massaged down her abdomen to her pubis, she spread her legs slightly and I rubbed her sex through her skirt, panty griddle and underwear. I don’t know what she felt, but I didn’t feel a fucking thing. There were just too many layers of thick material. I decided to enhance the feeling by sliding my hand under her skirt and up her thigh to the bottom of the leg of her panty girdle. As I tried to slip my finger under the leg of the girdle she abruptly sat up, closed he legs and asked, “What do you think you’re doing, I’m not that kind of girl. What are you some kind of pervert!”

With that she quickly got up, rearranged her skirt, buttoned up her blouse and ran back in to the dance. Left me setting on the grass by my self with a raging hard on. Well so much for that action. I got up and went off in search of another girl. There were plenty there and I wasn’t going to give up.

In the gambling room I ran into Joe and he was trying to hook up with Gloria, a cute little brunette that was a good friend of his girlfriend. I didn’t think that that was a good idea, but didn’t tell Joe that. I left them and continued looking around. I saw Tina standing off by her self and decided to go and talk to her. Tina Maria was a passionate Italian girl with raven black hair and a beautiful olive complexion. She had a very slim figure and over sized breasts for her body. I said hi and she returned my greeting with a smile. We talked for a few minutes and I asked her if she would like to go into the dance room and dance. She said yes, that would be fun. We went in to where the band was paying and began dancing. A couple of fast ones then a couple of slow ones. I held her close and felt those large breasts of her pressed against my chest and thought that she had pressed her pubs against my thigh a couple of times. She seemed to be enjoying my company.

We danced three more fast numbers and were getting quite warm. She suggested going outside to cool off. This was great. We walked outside and down to the pier where the boat was tied up that had brought us to the island. We leaned on the dock rail and watched the phosphoresce of the water in the moonlight. I put my arm around her and held her tight. She responded by turning toward me a giving me a big kiss. This was cool, very cool. We held each other in a tight embrace as we continued to kiss. I felt her large breasts and nipples pressing into my chest and my hard on was firmly lodged against her abdomen. She wasn’t pulling back. I slid my hand up between us and was caressing her breast when Ralph, her ex-boyfriend hit me in the side of the head. I went down dazed. Ralph grabbed Tina by the arm and forced her behind him. I got up slowly trying to regain my senses when Ralph swung at me again. I ducked and the blow glanced harmlessly off my shoulder. I took my shot as he finished his unconnected swing and landed a good hard left hand straight punch to his nose. I felt the gristle of his nose crunch as I connected. I hit him a second time with my right in the jaw and he was definitely in pain and dazed. I hit him three more time before he went down. I was just getting ready to put the leather to him when Tina jumped on me yelling for me to stop.

“You’re hurting him, stop. Please stop!” she yelled at me.

Ok, that’s what I intended to do, hurt the fucker. I relaxed and she turned to minister concern and care to Ralph. I guess he wasn’t as much an ex as I thought he was. I just walked off back up the dance hall with out saying a work. I found a restroom and wet a hand towel to put on my cheekbone to prevent some swelling. I went back outside to sit and hold the cold hand towel on my cheekbone for a while. It hurt, but not to badly. I had been hit harder than that in the past.

I wasn’t giving up. I went back into the dance to scout around and see what else I could find. There was Alice standing with a group of her girl friends. She had been in two of my classes this last year and had always seemed friendly. I asked her to dance and she accepted. We danced a couple of fast dances and then a slow one came on. I held her tight as we swayed to the music. I slid my hand up to feel the side of her breast. I no more than touched it when she backed up and fake taxi porno slapped me hard across the face and backed a way. She turned and stomped off back to her girlfriends. Damn that stung. She could really swing. Well, I guess that ended that attempt.

This wasn’t turning out at all liked I hoped it would. I decided to go over to the bowling alley to see what was going on over there. I grabbed a soda on my way in and took a seat to drink my Pepsi and watch. The alley was pretty full and I had a good view of a number of girls as they were bowling. I love tight asses and there were a number of girls showing off theirs as they attempted to roll that heavy bowling ball down the lanes. About the time I had finished my Pepsi, John, another friend of mine called to me to join the group he was with. Sounded like a good idea and so I went to get some shoes and a ball. We bowled two sets and I was doing pretty good for an amateur, breaking 200 on my second game. There was one girl in the group that seemed to take an interest in me. I didn’t know her well, just knew who she was. Her name was Lisa. She was an average sized girl with a pretty face and a nice figure, nothing outstanding just nice. We talked as we bowled and she seemed very friendly. Laughing at my lame jokes and giving me smiles and winks. When we had finished our second game she suggested that we get something to drink and sit and watch for a while. I grabbed us a couple of cokes and we took seats behind the bowlers.

We made small talk and laughed at the antics of our friends trying to bowl. I noticed that while we talked she had placed her hand on my thigh. I didn’t mind at all, in fact I looked at it as a good sign. When we had finished our sodas I suggested that we go for a walk outside. She seemed delighted with the idea, jumping up, grabbing my hand and pulling me outside.

We held hands as we walked along a path next to the bowling alley toward a wooded area. As we entered the woods we came to a widened portion of the path we were walking on the contained a picnic table. We stopped her and I took her in my arms and kissed her. She returned my kiss and we were immediately in the throws of lust. We were hugging, kissing, and running our hands all over each other’s bodies. I soon got her blouse unbuttoned and was feeling her bare breast under her bra. She had her hands inside my shirt and was rubbing my chest. She moved one hand down to my hard cock in my jeans and was rubbing it through the material. This was progressing well.

I moved her back against the picnic table and laid her down on it. I raised her skirt, spread her legs apart and buried my face in her hot wet pussy. Her underwear were soaked and the aroma aroused me even more. I pulled her underwear aside and began to lick and kiss her bare pussy lips. She climaxed almost immediately. I straightened up and undid my belt buckle and zipper and dropped my pants and shorts. As I approached her with my erect dick ready to plunge it into her she yelped and sat up and pulled her skirt down.

“I can’t do this, I thought I could, but I can’t. I have to go!” and with that she jumped up and ran back down the path toward the dance hall.

Damn did I feel like a fool? Standing there with a raging hard on, my jeans around my ankles, all by my self. Oh well what the fuck. I pulled up my clothes tucked in my shirt and went back to the bowling alley.

At the far end of the lounge area of the bowling alley there were two pool tables. There were a couple of people playing on one table, but the other was open. I selected a cue, racked the balls and started shooting. I was about half way through my second rack when I heard a voice behind me.

” Would you like some company?” It was Karen. I got her a cue and reracked the balls. We began to play some eight ball. She asked if I had seen Joe lately. I told her no, I didn’t know where he was. I had never really notice Karen before, but she was a good-looking woman, about 35, shapely and firm. Nice sized breasts, a very good figure and an ass to kill for. She wore a white cotton scoop necked blouse and a full blue cotton skirt. Whenever she leaned over the shoot I could see down her blouse to her bra encased breasts. A very enticing sight indeed. When she would bend over to shoot and I was behind her I noticed her near perfectly shaped ass. I was enjoying the game of pool with her. She asked me how thing were going for me tonight. I told her not for shit and left it at that. She approached me and took hold of my chin. First turning my face one way to see where I had been slapped and then the other where the swelling of a bruise were beginning to show from where Ralph had hit me.

“I heard there was fight down on the dock where the boat is, do you know anything about it? She asked.

I didn’t say anything.

“It seems as though Ralph Anastone got his ass kick pretty good. Somebody broke his nose. What do you know about that? She asked again.

Karen had always been nice to family stroke porno me and I trusted her so I told her what happened. She just shook her head.

“What about the slap mark on the other side of you face?” she inquired.

So I told her about how that happened. She smiled at that one. I was on a roll so I told her about every thing that had happened to me so far that night. By the time I had finished telling her she was laughing so hard that she could hardly stand.

I didn’t think that it was all that funny, not at all. But if you looked at from her perspective I guess there was some humor in it.

Once she regained her composure she took me by the arm and lead me out of the bowling alley. She led me around behind the bowling alley to a concrete covered patio area that had tables, chairs and lounge chairs set up. I had no idea what she was going to do. When we were well inside this area full, enshrouded in the dark, she turned to me, put her arms around me and kissed me soundly on the lips. Was I surprised?

“How would you like a real woman to take care of you rather than a silly girl?” She whispered in my ear.

“I’d like that a lot,” I answered, “Are you volunteering?”

Her answer was to hold me tight and kiss me passionately. We stood there kissing, hugging and touching each other for a while. Was she hot! I never imagined Karen like this, especially with me. She had my shirt off with out my even being aware of it. I slipped out of my shoes and she did also. I pulled her blouse over her head and dropped on top of my shirt. Next she removed my jeans and shorts. I was standing there naked before he with my raging hard on at attention for her. She undid her skirt and let it fall and stepped out of it. We embraced and kissed some more exploring each other with our tongues. She pushed me back on to one of chase lounges. She removed her bra and panties before she straddled me. It was rather dark and I could not visually make out her body that well, She straddled me on the lounge chair and my hands found her body to be magnificent.

Her breasts were firm and ample, with nipples the size of raspberries. I mouthed and suckled them. I felt her nipples get even more erect. I ran my hand down her taught body to her small waist. Her abdomen felt smooth and hard to my touch. I ran my hands further down onto her thighs. This woman had a fantastic body. I moved my hand around the front of her and caressed the whole of the pubic are. It was covered with a downy soft hair that was silky to the touch. Further down I felt her wet labia and commenced to feel those sweet lips. I slid one and then two finger inside of her and began to stroke. She responded by moving her hips to and fro to enhance the feeling. She put her hand down and began rubbing her clit. She was becoming very aroused, as was I.

She moved away and went down on me. As I felt her hand grip my hard cock and then her lips touch the head and then take it in I almost lost control. She sucked on my dick while tonguing the under side of it. I didn’t want to come yet; I wanted this to last forever. After a brief period of this I pulled her up and exchanged positions with her. I went down on her. As I approached her hot wet vagina the aroma of her sex stimulated me even more. I put my mouth on her hot sex and began sucking and tonguing her for all I was worth. She really liked this and thrust her hips into me as I put my tongue deep into her and tongued the inside of her vagina.

I moved up to uncover her clit and stroke it with my tongue before sucking on it hard. Her response was to hold my head tighter in with her hands and thighs. Her climax came so hard and fast that it surprised me. Her body tensed and quivered, her thighs clamped my head in place ands I could feel her vaginal juices literally squirting out on to my chin. It was magnificent. I had never experienced anything like this before.

As her orgasm subsided she pulled me up so that she could kiss me and taste her fluids on my face. She licked my face clean and held me tight. She reached down to my still hard cock and rubbed the head along her labia lips. Slowly she inserted the head and little by little took all of it inside her. I began to move in and out of her trying to keep the rhythm slow. She began to move to me. I put my mouth on one of her breasts and began sucking on her nipple, biting it occasionally tenderly. She began to move her hips faster. I matched her stroke for stroke. I had been hard for what seemed like all evening and I was ready to cum. I could feel the pressure building and my cock growing extremely stiff.

When I finally erupted inside of her she came again just after I had started to shoot my load inside of her. It was the hardest, best orgasm I ever experienced. As it subsided I collapsed on to her chest. I could hear and feel her heavy breathing and her heart racing. We lay like this while we regained our composure. I felt my softening dick slip out of her.

She embraced me and we kissed deeply. No words were spoken. what was there to say that we hadn’t already expressed physically. We got up and dressed. Once we were dressed she gave me another hug and asked if it was ok. I assured her that everything was perfect. She smiled and said “Happy Graduation,” as she stuffed her panties into my pocket. I felt so very lucky!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32