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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 17CCHAPTER 17C: MOM AND THE WEEKEND, CONTINUEDSunday morning, unlike the previous morning, Mom is up before us. When I open my eyes to the new day, Mom isn’t in bed with us. I try to remember exactly how we were arranged when we went to bed and I feel like she had to have been between Tim and me. But that had to have been only because that has typically been the arrangement when Mom sleeps with us. But she couldn’t have been. How could she have gotten out of bed without waking both of us if that was the case? Not that it was really that important. It’s just how your mind works at silly details as it and the rest of you is trying to come back to life. I look at Tim who is sleeping on his back, the covers thrown away. His flaccid cock is lying there between his legs, soft and quiet, giving no indication of the pleasure it has given Mom and me so far this weekend. This has been quite a weekend, for Mom and us. I have a feeling our lives will not be the same. Especially hers.I gently get out of bed, trying not to wake Tim. Sunday is usually our quiet morning. Trying to allow us this one morning we can sleep or be lazy without guilt. I pad down the hallway barefoot and naked to the kitchen. There I find a note by the coffee maker from Mom. She gives her love first and thanks us, yet again, for everything we are doing “for her and to her” this weekend. She goes on that she decided it was so nice outside that she would just enjoy the early morning in the garden. I smile at that. She has enjoyed flowers but their yard is small and they have always been so busy with social and business commitments that she really didn’t have much time to spend in them. And, they were city people. Out here in the country the mornings are completely different. I know she has discovered how beautiful the world is when it wakes up in the morning as the birds, a****ls and seemingly the very air come to life.I take a mug of coffee out onto the back patio and set it on the wrought iron table. I then look back into the kitchen and not seeing the newspaper, go out the front door, down the driveway to the county road. There is little traffic on it ever and virtually none on Sunday morning. But it still causes a little stir in my pussy as I near the county road. I see the rolled up paper at the end. The paper delivery guy didn’t have much energy in that throw. I fight the impulse to stop and look for on-coming cars and walk directly to the edge of the road, stoop at the paper and pick it up. I stand there, purposely pushing my confidence limits, and open the paper and flip to the sports section to see that Tim’s college has again lost a close game. We kept him busy enough yesterday that I know he didn’t get the chance to see much of the game. I turn and casually walk back to the house. As I do, the sense of exhibitionism eases the closer I get to the house. In the front yard it is secluded enough to be private unless someone comes up the drive.I put the paper on the wrought iron table and finish my coffee. I go back inside to refill my mug and wander out to find Mom. I find her at the flower bed in front of the kennel. She is naked, of course. That was our agreement for the weekend. And she is on her hands and knees, but she is not weeding or planting. Cody is on her back. And it would seem they have just started as Cody is pounding into her frantically with strong, firm strokes. Cody clearly has a firm grip of her around her waist and his hips are nearly a blur as he humps her. She has her head down, her back arched and her knees and hands firmly planted on the grass, bracing herself to the assault Cody is inflicting on her. And even from a distance I can hear Mom’s moans. I walk up to her side and she apparently notices my bare feet next to her and she turns to me. I kneel down next to her and take one of her swinging breasts in my hand and squeeze. She just turns her head to me, looks me in the eyes and smiles. My Mom who has become a dog addict.I go from kneeling to sitting cross-legged next to her. Then it occurs to me that this might be disconcerting to her to have me comfortably sitting there watching her. “Mom, is this okay or is it going to make you feel uncomfortable to have me here watching you?”“Oh, dear. Your Cody is such a good … lover. He feels so good. Ooooooooo, no, I don’t mind you being here, but could … you move here so we … can kiss while I enjoy Cody? That would be so nice. What a wonderful way to start the day.I move and lay on my back so my head is under hers. She bends down further and we kiss. I smile to myself though. The words Mom used, she still has trouble using the word ‘fuck’. It really does just simplify the description so much. But we are now face-to-face and she lowers hers to mine and kisses my lips, then again. She is interrupted by the action occurring at her ass end as Cody is furiously pumping into. For my part I reach up and behind me, taking each swinging breast in a hand. I squeeze them as we kiss. She uses a hand to hold the side of my face, stroking it as she is now sticking her tongue out and into my lips and mouth. Soon she too switches her hand to my breast. Mom is almost constantly moaning and sighing as Cody continues his assault on her. I reach further back and find her pussy and feel Cody’s cock driving in and out of her pussy. I put my fingers at their union and feel him sliding between my fingers into her. I move my fingers slightly finding her clit and I rub it, pinch it and pull on it before moving my hands to her breast again, taking her nipples and pulling them, twisting them.Mom raises her head from me and groans deeply and I see her arching her back and holding her ass steady against Cody. I know that she is now focused on taking his knot. That his knot must be driven against her pussy by the concentration of her body. I move a hand back to her clit and rub it just a little and then more vigorously which increases her moaning but also her pushing back into Cody. She is trying to help get the knot into her and when I see her body shake and she sighs long and hard, I know she finally has it inside. Then the fucking resumes and our kissing does as well. I take hold of Mom’s face with hands on either side of her face and we kiss deeply and I hold her there as she begins to shake and quiver and she is sighing and moaning into my mouth as her orgasm takes hold over her.I stroke her breasts and sides as she goes through her orgasm and when I see her calming, I hold her face and kiss her, then looking deeply into her eyes, I just smile at her. She rolls her eyes, “My god! That was wonderful. It was so nice the way you help me. Thank you, Michele. I you so much. The sharing you have given me, especially lately. Thank you.”“You don’t have to keep thanking us, Mom. We love that we are in a position to be able to help you. Ummm … especially like this.” We both chuckled. But Mom is still tied to Cody and that is very plain to Mom and she again blushes that she is having a conversation with her daughter and she is over her with a dog’s knot securely inside her pussy, her breasts swaying above her daughters head.Just then I hear Tim, “I was wondering where you two could have gotten off to. Now I see what has you so occupied.”I peek out from under Mom and say, “I have an idea if you wouldn’t mind. Why don’t you come down her and love up Mom while she is ‘tied up’ and I will get some eggs and sausage cooking and a fresh pot of coffee?”Tim said, “Works for me. Nothing like making out with a woman knotted to a dog. How’s that for you, Mom?”“You guys are terrible but you know I love kissing both of you. You guys just love to embarrass me with the repeated reminder of the activities and compromising positions I find myself in.”I wiggle out from under Mom and Tim takes my place. As I walked off, I looked back to see Tim indeed making out with her including using his hands on her breasts and nipples. As the cooking was finishing up, the new pot of coffee was ready and Mom and Tim walked onto the patio and I heard the wrought iron chairs moved as they took seats. I got everything ready and onto a tray and carried it out to the patio table. Mom definitely had ‘that’ look. Morning sex … and from a dog. As we were dishing up, Mom looked over at me and asked, “Michele, what is that smile for?”“Mom, you just look so good after being fucked. So vibrant, so healthy.”“Stop it. You two are always trying to make me blush. And, I know … it works.”Tim offered, “You are right and we should stop. We don’t mean to pick on you, really. It just is so endearing to see someone so enjoying the sex and still blushing at that enjoyment. You know we love you, right? We are not being mean.”“Oh, Tim, I know all that. And I love you guys so much. It is just everything, but especially the events of late, the divorce. Bothering you guys in your quiet life you have built for yourselves here.”I react to that, “Oh, stop it. We love having you here.”Tim adds, “In fact we need to have a serious discussion about your options. Michele and I have not talked about it specifically but we have in general terms. It would have been miserable to go through this week and the upcoming weeks at your house alone. I think we need to talk about you possibly moving in here for a little longer time period.”Ignoring how Mom might be reacting I look at Tim and say, “Tim, are you serious? That would be okay with you? For real you would want that?”“I am not just serious, I think it might be important. Mom’s not through this by a long shot and the emotional issues are still highly raw.”“You do realized it could still be awhile.”“Not just could, will be. Think about it there is, still the legal actions and jockeying, then the courts and separation of property and assets and then settling into what that life is going to be. This will go on for quite a while, possibly still a month, and I think Mom will be best off right here with us. You don’t agree?”Mom tried to interrupt us but I ignored her, “Tim, no, I totally agree. I just marvel at you. Really. I have been thinking the same way but was wondering how to bring it up but instead you do and you state it so perfectly.” I step over to him and hug him, me crouched over and him sitting. “I love you so much.”This time Mom got to talk, “Do I have anything to say about this?”I look at her and then at Tim, “Mom, I’m sorry. I just thought that this would be perfect for you. You mean you want to go back to your house?”“No, I am not saying that. I may never want to go back to that house. I love being with you guys, but I really don’t want to be a burden or to be in the way. It has to be a major disruption to your life to have me here.”I now step over to her and stoop down to give her a hug. “Mom you are not a burden. Heck half the cooking is done for me. There is really only one bad part of this arrangement.” I smiled at Tim.Mom responded, “One bad part? What’s that? Or dare I ask?”I reach down and slide a hand over her breast and squeeze it. “This house used to have two cocks for my one pussy. Now those two cocks have two pussies. That’s half as much cock for me. Something has to change.”“What do you mean? So you don’t want me here?”Tim said, “No, Mom, I think what she means is we need at least another cock. I think we should seriously consider two additions to our household: you, Mom, and another dog.”Mom looked at us both back and forth, perhaps expecting to see another joke or tease on our faces but she saw nothing but seriousness. Then she looks at each of us deeper and more intently. Her face has softened and her eyes are filling with tears. “You guys are serious, aren’t you? You’d really do that?”Tim just can’t be too serious for too long. “What? About the dog? Absolutely.”Mom looks at him with her mouth dropped open, then she recovers seeing the sparkle in his eyes. “Timothy! I fall for your teases every time, don’t I?”Now it is Tim who get up and steps to Mom. He takes her hands and pulls her to her feet and into his arms. He hugs her and kisses her on the lips. Then he opens one arm and takes me into their hug. “Sorry, Mom. I should resist at moments like that but I don’t. Yes, I am, we are, absolutely serious about that. Maybe even the dog. But definitely about you. You are our biggest concern right now. And not a burden concern. We love you. We will do anything we can for you. And you are not a disruption to our household.” I noticed him sliding his hand down her esenyurt escort back to her ass as he was doing the same to me. He is stroking and squeezing my ass and I presume he is doing the same to her. “I mean, how much disruption can it be to have another naked ass around the house?” He got slapped on the shoulders by two women. But the compliment was recognized and appreciated by us both.Although there were no definite plans made, the implication of how we were going forward was established. And it came from my husband’s mouth on his own initiative. Is it any wonder I love him so? Is it any wonder I have given myself so completely over to him?After we finish our breakfast, Mom clears the dishes and plates from the patio table and cleans up inside. While she is busy doing that, Tim and I seriously consider the option that was thrown out earlier about Mom living with us as more of an arrangement rather than a temporary situation. We try to unemotionally recognize and state positives and negatives about such an arrangement. We come up with a lot of positives, especially in regards to her but also for us. The negatives are much more difficult to come up with and none that look very significant. There is a little bit of disruption because even as easy and pleasant as it has been to have her in the house, there are times for a couple to just be quiet and alone with each other. But then Tim mentions that she has already started disappearing for times and we find ourselves alone, quiet, and comfortable. At the times we didn’t think much of it but now we see Mom’s sensitivity to us and making time for us to be just a couple. So we would need to have her setup with private space here so she can retreat. Also, in reality the situation would likely not be a permanent arrangement but a longer temporary one. She is too vibrant still to be happy not having her own life and after the dust and smoke settle from this turmoil, she will move on in some form. Most likely in finding another man to love and care for. She is just that kind of woman and now blossoming into an even more vibrant, sexual partner.When she comes back out to the patio she brings another pot of coffee. She stops where Tim is sitting, bends over to kiss the top of his head and I watch as her breasts swing beneath her. Late morning, already an interesting morning, and we are all still naked. She then comes to me and repeats the actions. I move my hand up to take one of her breasts as she does and she playfully swats it but her face is beaming at the playfulness. She steps around me and stops, turns to us and just looks at each of us, back and forth. I look at Tim and back to Mom. “What?”“You guys … I don’t know. I just feel so … so positive. Being here with you, your help with this problem, the love and support I have … I just feel so certain that everything will be so much better going forward. I don’t think I can explain it.”Tim replied, “Mom, it seems to me you explained it pretty well. It could sound wrong coming from me but I have felt the same way. It seems to me, as perhaps something of an outsider, that you are more positive and upbeat, vibrant than I have ever seen you despite the implications of the legal issue coming up. But you seem to believe in the process we have established for even that. There is something else … don’t laugh … but … I couldn’t be prouder of you if you were my own mother. There, I said it.”I turn to him, “Honey, that’s so sweet. And you’re blushing.”Mom says, “Tim, honey, you will never be an ‘outsider’ in my life. Not just because of your relationship with my daughter. But because of what you mean to me. I trust you, Tim. Fully. Yes, maybe fully, like Michele does. I do, yes. And it means so much to me that you can tell me something so deeply personal and emotional, without the cover of teasing. Something so intimate that you blush. For a change it is you who blushed. Thank you, Tim.” Tim and I busy ourselves in our own reading of the Sunday paper as Mom chooses instead one of the lounge chairs, leans the back down, moves it into the sun and gets comfortable. Tim notices and goes inside and immediately back out with sunscreen and a beach towel. He puts his hand out to her and helps her up, spreads the towel out for her and she gets herself comfortable, once more. She sees the sunscreen in Tim’s hand and smiles. “Is it your intention to apply that for me, Timothy?”“Yes, Mom, it is.” He looks over at me and I return his look with a large, knowing smile. “Just being a caring son-in-law. We certainly don’t want you developing a sunburn.” She smiled herself, knowing what was likely to happen. I knew Tim’s motivation was truly for her own sun safety, but I also knew he would see no reason to let an opportunity like this pass by.He sat next to her on the lounge and started applying the lotion to her arms, her face, neck and upper chest. I put the paper down so I could watch all this. The reactions of both were of interest to me. I watched as he squirted lotion on each of her breasts and he rubbed it into her breast skin, playing with her nipples as he did. He leaned into her and whispered that the nipples were especially sensitive. She chuckled. Then down onto her stomach and lower abdomen. When he reached the top of her crotch, he shifted and turned to work her legs. He worked up each leg, spending more time on the inside of the thighs and stroking up to the ‘v’. He applied more lotion directly onto her mound and rubbed it into her, covering her pussy lips liberally. At this point Mom had her legs spread for him. She has accepted him as her intimate lover and completely allowing him access to her body as he wishes. That was what I was looking for. I also wanted to see the reaction that might be showing on my naked husband. And when he stood and bent over to kiss her on the forehead, I saw my answer. And so did Mom. He was hard and standing out. She took hold of it and raised her head and kissed the head, took it into her mouth, sucked briefly, and kissed it again. Complete acceptance of our new situation.When he returned to the table, I smiled at him and put my hand out to graze his hard cock as he passed me. When he was seated, he didn’t look at the paper or his coffee. He put his hand out to me and softly said, “I need you.”I got up from my chair and knelt in front of him, looking into his eyes with my head slightly downcast. “Yes, Sir.” I moved to his cock and without using my hands took his cock head into my mouth. I slid his cock into my mouth and slid up and down it. I release his cock and kissed the head, like Mom had just done. Then I licked it, licked down the length of it, licked his balls, and back up to the head. He was already hard, very erect, and twitched and jerked as I licked it. I stood up in front of him. My legs slightly spread. He reached out between my legs and felt me, slipped a finger into me. I just responded to what he was already discerning, “Yes, Sir. I am ready for you.”“As I also discovered. First, please check on your Mother.” She was already asleep. I slipped her sunglasses over her eyes for some added protection and returned to Tim and reported that fact. “Good. We have some things to discuss regarding her and us.” He indicated that he wanted me to sit on him, impaling myself on him, while facing him. I did and it felt so good to have him inside me, again. After a few times of rising and lowering my body onto his, we were comfortably joined. I started a slow, gentle, unhurried fucking stroke, knowing this would likely take some time if there was a discussion to be had in the meantime.“What is it, Sir?” It somehow felt right to have slipped into the submissive role despite the coming discussion.“Michele, you know I love you with every fiber of my soul?”“Of course, Sir. It is that knowledge and belief that allows my complete submission to you. You know this, Sir.” He kissed my lips and then each nipple and held me tightly. There was a lot of emotion reflected in this hug. “What is it, Sir? I am about to get scared.” I had stopped rising and falling on his cock and was intently looking at him.“I am sorry, Michele. I had no intention of projecting anything to be nervous or afraid of. I find myself extremely emotionally charged lately and want to get it out into the open with you and then, if appropriate, with your mother.”Relieved, I resumed my slow fucking. “Please don’t keep me wondering, Sir.”“Michele, you know I love your Mom.”“Of course. You always have. I have never felt like she was just a ‘mother-in-law’ joke to you. But has this gotten to be too much, her around all the time?”“No. On the contrary and that is what I want out in the open. This week we have been through a lot since finding out about what was happening to her … and you dad, of course. But we’ve been focused on your Mom and rightly so. She was being abandoned, she was lost, alone, and she had lost her way. This week has been a big change. Your Mom seems to be so alive. Would you agree with that? Have you seen her like this? This content, comfortable, open and sharing?”“I am trying to be patient with this line of thought, but, no, I don’t know that I have ever seen her quite this happy and enthusiastic and vibrant.”“I will get to the point. Just a little more. And we have not been hurt in the process, have we? Our relationship, that is? Even this part of it? Your submissiveness? Your mother’s presence has not interfered in any way?”“No, Sir. I think I see where this is going. No, Sir, our relationship, our home has not been negatively affected. In fact I would say a new energy has joined us, not that we lacked energy in our relationship by any means, but Mom’s presence has added a new twist that has been exciting for all three of us. Is that what you are getting to, Sir?”“Yes, it is. Michele, your Mom will soon be legally divorced, their former assets divided and she will be even more separated from her old self, her previous identity, her connection to home and relational stability. She will need to replace it to move on, to grow out of this to something better.”“And you have an idea, Sir.”“Yes. There have been plenty of references to ‘home’ by all of us as it relates to the three of us. We’ve all done it, u*********sly. Michele, look at her.” And I did. While still slowly rising and falling on his cock, I semi-turned and looked at my Mom lying in the sun not fifteen feet from us, sleeping comfortably, peacefully, safe in her surroundings. I looked back at Tim and smiled down at him. There was a question on his face that he wasn’t yet asked. I tilted my head seeking more hints of his full intention, his full unasked question, not wanting to blurt out something that might be off the mark. He looked at Mom, then me and my rising and falling on him, my gently bouncing breasts at the bottom of each drop. He was working the words out in his head and finally I saw him shrug and smile up at me. “I think she should move in with us. The details can be worked out with her, but this is big for us. We have to be more than just good with it, we have to really want it.”I started pumping up and down faster and a wide smile on my face. I stopped, “I knew that is what you were getting to! Tim, Sir, I love you so much! I think it will be good for her, but I fully agree with everything you have said. What I have said. Our home has somehow become even more perfect than it already was. I would love it. Are you sure about this?” u*********sly, my fucking was at a faster, more energetic effort as our discussion continued.“I am very sure. I have been thinking about this for the past couple days and unsure how or if to even admit it. I never want to create a problem for you. You have given me so much. I just want to do the right thing … for all of us. She naturally has fit right into our home and life. I have not felt intruded on, disrupted or hindered. I didn’t think you had, but somehow needed to know. I just had to bring it up to find out.” He pulled me to him and kissed me and hugged me tightly and in the hug he nearly slipped out of me.I broke the hug and sat up a bit, smiling down at him and resuming my fucking. “I do not want you out of me. We need to consummate this at the end.” But I kiss him again and then look back at Mom who is still very quiet. “Sir, you had the courage to reveal your out-of-the-box thoughts. It is only fair that I share mine.”“You, too? What have you avrupa yakası escort been keeping to yourself?”“This is a bit wild maybe, but … have you ever thought about … a polygamy like arrangement?”He stopped everything and held me to look into my face. He was clearly searching my face, eyes, mouth, anything for any indication of a joke. Finding none, he asked, “No. For one thing it is not legal. But this is my turn to be cautious in my response. What are you talking about?”“I don’t even know, Tim. Honestly, it has come to me during the same periods as yours. The way we interact, the open acceptance of all three of us. We naturally, and comfortably move between each other without jealousy, fear of offense, intimidation of relationship status. It felt to me like we were or might already be like … like we were all married to each other. It is not as simple as polygamy. It is not two women to a man. That two women can openly and comfortably love the same man and each other without conflict, distraction, or jealousy. Does any of this make sense, yet?”“Wow, I never saw that one coming. You are serious? Of course you are. Serious enough to put words to it.” He was quiet, thinking it through the way he does with a new problem.Meanwhile, I resumed my slow fucking motion on him. I was so horny right now with this talk and his cock inside me and I could feel his cock twitching despite his attempts at diverting his mind from his cock inside me and on this new problem to work out. But it wasn’t working and we both knew it. We both looked at each other at the same moment with the same realization that we could not avoid our building climaxes any longer. I raised almost all the way off him and looked down into his eyes and rotated my hips with just the head of his cock inside me. “I want you to cum with me, Sir. And I am about to cum right now. I need your seed inside me. This talk has me hotter than I have been for some time. Please, Sir!” And I dropped fully onto him and he tensed under me and pushed his hips up into me, tight, tense, lifting me higher. And we both did cum, beautifully, tightly wrapped in each other’s arms. It was minutes before we could think or breath normally again.When I opened my eyes to look into Tim’s, he was weakly smiling at me and indicated to his right. Mom was kneeling at the side and was smiling broadly. She kissed each of us and said, “My god, you two. That was amazing. I heard some talking and when I came to enough I found this happening. I don’t know what you were talking about but it must have been hot. Care to share?”I look at Tim and he pulled her into another three-way hug. “We will but give us a little time. Right now … the three of us like this …” he smiles at me with a nod “… this just feels like how we should be. Together. Wouldn’t you agree?”“I don’t know what you are talking about, but I agree that this feels perfect.”Tim and I share a knowing smile and love her in our hug, each kissing a side of her face. I am still impaled on Tim’s cock which is slowly softening. But slowly and I know, because I am having the same thoughts, it’s the thoughts about Mom.Later in the day, midafternoon, I come into the kitchen from working outside in one of the gardens for a drink. Mom has been inside getting a light dinner together for us later and is at a counter working and singing some song to herself. As I walk in and get my water I see Tim standing quietly in the doorway. He is now wearing shorts. He smiles at me and he has clearly been just enjoying Mom’s song as she works in the kitchen naked. I return the smile and nod as I sit at the kitchen table. Tim walks in, stops at the table and looks at me and asks, “We’re right, aren’t we?”“Yes, I am convinced.”Mom turns at the counter, “Right about what? Convinced about what?”Tim says, “That you are the most beautiful mother ever. Are you at a breaking point there? Can I bother you for a little bit?”“What is it, honey? Sure, this is all cold. What do you need?”“You, Mom. Come over here on this side of the table, bend over and look into your daughter’s eyes.”She looks tentative but does as he asks. And bent over the table Tim is taking his shorts off. I smile at Mom, lean forward and kiss her lips. “Mom, we love you. You know I love you. And you know that Tim loves you.”She is about to reply when she feels Tim take her hips in his hands and his cock press to her ass cheeks. He uses his feet to indicate her to open her legs and she does immediately. He dips his hips slightly and brings his cock to her pussy and slips the head inside. I see her mouth open and she sighs as he penetrates her. She opens her eyes to me and she searches my face. I smile at her and kiss her again. I sit again and take her hands in mine and watch her. I repeat what I said before, “You know all that, right Mom?”“Ooooooo … yes, of course, I do. I love you both, too. Oh, Tim … in front of Michele like this?”Tim doesn’t reply. He just continues to pump into her and moves a hand in front and takes one of her breasts. I watch this all, still smiling, still focused mostly on Mom’s face and eyes. “Mom, we also love you as a couple. We love you as a couple and as individuals. And we hope you feel the same about us.”“I don’t … ugh, hmmmmmm … I don’t understand … the difference. I said I loved you.”“Mom, Tim loves me as a lover as I love him as a lover. He loves you as a lover, not just a mother-in-law. I love you as a lover, not just as a mother. We hope you love us that way. The difference is that we know you like the sex. We hope you like the sex because it is us, because of a relationship we have created. A very intimate, comfortable, and safe relationship that we all have with each other whether it is the three of us or separately as individuals. Mom, we hope you feel a part of our relationship, a real part of our relationship.”“This is decadent … my daughter is talking seriously to me and her husband is fucking me. Oh, Tim … and wonderfully.” She hangs her head and pushes back to Tim and sighs. Raising her head, she looks at me, “Michele, I love this. I’m sorry that I am, but I do. I love that we have had this time like this, your husband taking me as he wants, you and I together, the three of us together. The time we are just quiet together, just talking together, just spending time with a movie, all of it.” She hangs her head and moans deeply. “Ohhhh, yesssssss, Tim! Guys, I will be so sorry when this ends.” She pauses and then, “Michele, is this what it is like around here? Tim and Cody … multiple times a day?”“Yes, Mom. It is. And then there are the ‘events’ and Mr. R and the trips.”“I never … ooooooooooo, Tim … never knew what that was for you … but, now I think I do. Now … OOOOHHHHH, god, I am close … now I think I do. I wish …”“What, Mom? What do you wish?”“Silly. Impossible at my age.”Tim leaned into her and took both of her nipples and twisted them and said, “You are not someone that ‘at my age’ applies to, woman. You are an exciting, thrilling lover.”“Okay … I’m going to … cum … soon …”I take her face in my hands and demand, “Mom, say it. You wish what?”“I wish I could find someone like Tim.” She almost screamed it as her coming orgasm rose higher inside her. Tim pulled all the way out of her and she cried out in frustration, “No! Not now, I need to cum, Tim. Please, please, fuck me like the lover you said you were for me!”Tim turned her around and pushed her back on the table so she was on her back. I stood and bent over and kissed her fully, passionately on the mouth, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Tim opened her legs and asked her, “Yes, I will fuck you like the lover I said I was for you. Are you the same kind of lover for me, Barb? For Michele? For the two of us together?”“Yes, Tim. Yes, Michele. I feel the same way. I love you two as lovers together and individually. Sexually and quietly in life. I’ve loved this week.”Tim pushed his cock into her pussy and her legs wrapped around his waist and she held herself to him, greedily taking his thrusts. “God, yes, Tim! Fuck me, Tim. I am yours! And yours, Michele. I love you two so much. God, if this week could never end.”And Tim thrust into her with everything he had left in him. Mom screamed. She screamed so loudly that Cody came running and barking. Not slowing until he saw we were okay. Tim groaned and leaned heavily onto her and he thrust his hips with jerks and spasming twitches. Mom’s eyes rolled back into her head as her whole body quaked and shook. I held her head and kissed her forehead, finally leaving my lips there, quietly talking to her, sharing my love for her in words, welcoming her to our home. Even though I knew she would not have comprehended any of it. It soothed her through her shattering orgasm.Mom is gone. That shattered her consciousness. What she will remember of the talk we will have to wait to find out. Tim picks her up and takes her to our king-size bed and covers her with the top sheet. I quickly complete the cold pasta salad, cover everything and put it away in the refrigerator. As I finish that, Tim walks back in. I tell him I will meet him on the patio. I fix us a couple bourbons and join him. He chose the loveseat. I hand him his drink and join him and cuddle into him, our naked bodies pressed together. We are quiet. Finally, I just say, “Wow.”“Really. That was amazing. Are you still sure you want to do this? Invite her into our relationship?”“Yes, Tim. I am. Completely sure. You?”“Yes, Michele, I am, too. This just feels so right. And I know it seems like a bizarre thing to say, wanting to bring your wife’s mother into the relationship, but she isn’t a mother-in-law anymore, is she? At least for the most part.”“I love you, Tim. Thank you for this.”“So, when do we talk to her about being in our home? When she will remember the conversation, that is.”Just then, Mom steps out and stands in front of us. “Talk to me about what? Have I overstayed my welcome, k**s?” She is still naked, her pussy lips are hanging open with her legs slightly parted, clearly still open from her recent fucking by Tim.I said, “Mom, we expected you to be out for a while longer.”Tim got up and sat her on the seat he had, put his drink down and went into the kitchen and made one for her and handed it to her with a kiss to the cheek. “Thank you, Tim. You are so good to me. Now, out with it. There is something going on. That was a strange conversation we had as I was … getting … the fucking of my life. Have I overstayed my welcome? Be honest, please.”I asked her, “You don’t want to go back to that house do you, Mom?”“No, I don’t. I will probably find and apartment or townhouse. Something simple and easy that won’t cost much. I don’t know how much I will be able to afford, yet.”Tim knelt in front of us. He put his drink on the table, had her take a drink of hers and took it from her and put it with his. “Mom, listen … Michele and I have been talking. Oh, right, first, NO, you are not overstaying your welcome. Very much the opposite in fact.” He was uncomfortable but it would be best to have this come from him, it would erase any concern from Mom about his feelings. “Like I started to say, Michele and I have been talking. We know this is all your life and decision, but … regardless how all this ends with the legal wrangling, you will be divorced and alone for the first time in … well, in Michele’s life time, at least.” This was so strange. My husband was kneeling naked in front of both me and my mother and we are naked. And he is addressing a very serious element of her future. “Do you remember the conversation we were having just a little while ago? About you and us?”Mom looked at each of us and tears came into her eyes, “About being lovers, not just loving each other as mother, daughter or in-law, but as lovers? About being lovers both sexually and quietly in life?”Tim said, “Exactly. That was exactly it. I was afraid you might not remember.”“I remember vividly! I was afraid it was a dream or something was hearing wrong.”“Sitting here now, in the harsh light of the late afternoon, do you feel the same way? About all that?”“Yes!” Tears were now rolling down her cheeks. “But … what does it mean? I don’t understand what that has to do with anything …”Tim put his finger to her lips to stop her. He leaned forward and kiss her lips. He smile at her and turned her face to me. I leaned to the side to her anadolu yakası escort and we kissed. We both smiled. I then leaned to Tim and he and I kissed. We both turned to Mom. Tim then pulled both of us to him and we performed an awkward three-way kiss. Tim put his hands to each side of her face and her eyes flooded with tears, her breath came in ragged gasps as she struggled with her emotions of what might be coming. As Tim held her face, he looked to me and I nodded to him, he said, “Mom, Michele and I feel like the three of us are like a circle. Since you’ve been here with us, sharing our life, our most intimate and also our most normal life, that you belonged. We meant it when we said you were not a disruption, an interference, a hindrance to us living our lives. Thinking about how to say this to you, I considered that maybe we were a triangle, each joined together. But that wasn’t right. A triangle has endings and changes. A circle came to me. We are … a circle. There is no starting, no ending, no changes or diverging. There is no change from one to the other.”He pauses and I put my hands out to him and pull him into me. “My god, Tim, that’s beautiful. It’s perfect for us.”He blushes at the compliment but turns again to Mom, “Do you see it, Mom? In a circle we are all one. There is individual. There is no place that it changes to being me, or Michele, or … you. We want you to be a part of our family, our home, to be an equal part of our relationship.”Her mouth drops open but the tear come again. “You mean as if both of us were married to you?”He smiled at her and even chuckled, “Sorry for the chuckle, but we had to get past that, too. No, not like polygamy of one man and two wives. No. We think it is more like each of us to each of us, individually and together. That’s when the circle made sense to me. It would be me and you, you and Michele, Michele and me. Never-ending, continuous.”“Are you guys serious? Michele?”I hug her, “Yes, Mom. Very serious. We feel strongly that you have enhanced our relationship. And you have to consider that Tim and I already have an amazing relationship. What do you say?”Tim interrupts and says, “Wait. Hold that thought.” He gets up and runs through the house and returns with something behind his back. He kneels down in front of us, on one knee, and my eyes fill with tears. Mom see me and she puts her hand to her mouth and her eyes fill up again. Tim pulls out two open ring boxes, they are simple gold rings, perfect circles. My hands shoot to my mouth and Mom and I look at each other and embrace. Tim waits patiently.Finally, we get ourselves together for him to continue. “Michele, Mom, will you accept these rings” … and as he hands them to us I see he is wearing one on his ring finger next to our wedding ring … “as a symbol of our love and devotion to each other, to care for and love, to cherish and honor, each to each other from this day and forever?”We both grabbed the boxes and take our rings and slide them on our own ring fingers. Mom putting hers where her wedding ring had been before she took it off for good earlier this week. Both fit perfectly. I looked at him, “How?”“That’s where I was earlier this afternoon. I was just sure. And I traced your rings earlier.”If Tim hadn’t just cum, we would have been at it again right there. Tim decided we needed to go out for a celebration. We showered and dressed in record time for two women. The dinner was wonderful, made more wonderful by the quick glances we had of our new rings and the commitment they held for us. There was much to still work out but we were in no hurry tonight. As Mom said shyly as if it might not really be true, “We’ll work out the details as we go.”My life keeps renewing itself. From a wife and dog lover to a submissive to my husband to adding being a submissive to a man on a tropical island who happen to also be my husband’s boss, now to being ‘married’ to my mother. And each step has added wonderful newness and excitement. I find I can’t keep my hands or eyes off my mother. She will probably always remain my mother but now she is my spouse (?), certainly my lover. That more certainly now. And, hence, my hands on her. And she is accepting it, leaning into it.This time Tim is the driver, Mom and I are in the backseat. And we are not passive. Both of us have our dresses up to our waist and the tops down to our waist. We are loving each other without regard to the traffic outside. But it is cramped and unsatisfying. But we both revel in the situation, the implication, the significance of our actions. Tim is not the motive, Cody is not the motive, and there is no cock involved. It is just us, sharing our love.At home both we and Mom have messages on our phones. We had them turned silent for the dinner. It is the investigator. He wants to talk to us tonight, “Please call”. We all looked at each other and Mom took in a deep breath. Tim reassured her that he previously indicated he hoped to have news sooner than later. Tim opened his arms and she walked right into them putting her face flat against his shoulder. She put her arm out for me and I joined them. She kissed each of us and said, “Thank you for your strength, both of you. I would be curled up on the floor without that. Can we make this call together?”Tim held her out at arm’s length to look her intently in the eyes. “There was never any question but that we would do all of this together. We’re a unit now, right? What affects you, affects us and vice versa. The final decision will be yours, but we will fully support you in that decision.” We filed into Tim’s home office and he setup his smartphone for speaker use and he recalled the number.“Hi Mr. Thurmond, we are returning your call as requested. I have you on speaker with Barb and Michele joining me.”“Excellent. I know what a close relationship you have so it is good you can all hear this first.” We all look at each other and share smiles despite our anxious feelings. “Let me start off by easing your minds that we were successful in finding information that will be extremely pertinent to your case, Barb.” I looked to Mom and she audibly sighed out the breath she had been holding. She took a hand of each of us and squeezed but didn’t let go. She was waiting for more. “Are you still there?”Tim replied, “Yes, sorry. I hit ‘mute’. That news generated a lot of relief here. Please go on.”“I understand. And just to be fully open with you, Mr. Rodriguez is aware of this effort because he is aware of everything I do as his investigator. Despite that he is not, I repeat not, involved in the case but he has made it clear that the outcome will be important to him. You should know that when his wife died he realized how much he was married to his business and he is comfortable with that. I am told by his associate, Anthony, that you guys are a rare diversion for him away from his business. I tell you that only to indicate the importance of this case for us. In fact, as a result of this information, your case has had the exclusive attention of my entire staff, Barb. That’s what brought it together so quickly. We covered personal surveillance of multiple parties, cyber, financial and social investigations. He was pretty clever but was still an amateur. What we found will bring him into a very favorable negotiations. In fact I believe it totally flips the tables on him.”Tim replies what is on all of our lips, “That is good news. Thank you. What would you suggest for the next steps?”“My suggestion is that you let your lawyer and I have a meeting with his lawyer to lay out what we have and begin developing the ‘understanding’ of the course the true legal action will take.”Mom asked, “What did you find? It sounds bad.”Tim interrupted, “Will you hold for just a moment, please? We’re going to have a discussion quick on this end.” Tim pressed ‘mute’ and look at Mom and took one of her and my hands into his, “Mom, I think you are right. It must be if the whole negotiations could flip based on this information. But, the woman I know you are doesn’t need that. You had a good life for so long with this man until everything inexplicably fell apart at the end. Do you really want all those memories tainted by something that won’t really involve you any longer anyway?”“You mean just let it go? Forget it all? Like it didn’t happen?”I put my arm around Mom had held her tightly. She was hurting and she didn’t know what to make of this new unknown information. Tim responded, “No, not forget it. It happened. Your marriage ended. But do you define your life by that outcome? Or do you move forward positively and hold onto what is good and leave what is bad? Michele and lots of memories that shaped you in becoming the woman you are today came from that time. Keep those in front of you. Whatever this is, let it go. Don’t let it sour you to that experience, that’s all I am saying.”“It sounds right, Tim. But he hurt me so. He is the one throwing me away for something new. I … I want …”“Do you really? Do you really want revenge? Or, are you hurting and you have a natural reaction like that?” Mom had hung her head and was quietly crying. Tim released my hand and took both of Mom’s. “Barb, look at me. Please, just look at me.” I squeezed her shoulders and she looked up at me and then at Tim as he asked. “Mom, Barb, lover … you are so many parts of us now. We, all three of us, want to start a new relationship. Yes, a very unconventional relationship. But one that feels right to all of us. We will have enough challenges going forward developing this relationship, we don’t need to start with negativity, anger and blackness in our hearts. If you truly can trust me in this relationship, trust me in this moment. If we can go through this with honesty and fairness, we will come out stronger on the other side.”With tears still rolling down her cheeks, she weakly smiled to us, “Okay, you’re right. Thank you, both of you, for being rocks for me to hold onto. I feel like you are bring so much more to this relationship than I am.”Tim smiled and kissed her two hands, “Not true. But we’ll convince you of that later when you can be more open to it. Ready?”“Ready.”He unmuted the phone, “Sorry for the delay, this is very traumatic for us.”“No apology, please. I understand. What did you decide?”“We agree with your recommendation. Now, with the understanding that the meeting not provide a final outcome before Barb has consented. Personally, I would suggest hitting them hard to make the impression if it is warranted, suggesting a very damaging settlement but conditioning it on Barb’s final approval. I suspect based on the woman I have come to know that she will be fairer to him than he deserves.”“Excellent suggestion. I think if we show a strong hand and a damaging demand and then come back more fairly it will generate a quick resolution. Are you a negotiator, Tim? It shows. I will meet with your attorney, Barb. We get a meeting setup, demand one, for early in the week to reflect our position. I will let your attorney handle communication from here on.”Mom leaned towards the phone, “Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. When all this is done, maybe we could have you out for a relaxing dinner to thank you?”He chuckled, “You know, I don’t normally socialize with clients but that sounds very nice. I think I would like that very much. Thank you.”We hung up and just sat for a moment. Mom sighed heavily. Tim came around the desk and Mom and I stood with him. He took our hands in his, “I suggest we go to bed. This has been a full day of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ and you have to be emotionally drained.”Mom took her hand from his and held his face and kissed him on the lips. A love kiss, not a passion kiss. She said, “Only one ‘down’, dear. Amongst all the ‘ups’ today, only one little ‘down’ in comparison.” She held her hand in front of her and looked at the ring on her finger. Her face changed to a glow of happiness. She took our left hands and held them up in front of her, looking at the three hands with the simple gold rings. And she smiled, “Yes, I would like that. Yes, ‘WE’ should go to bed.” I took Mom out of the office and down the hall to the bedroom while Tim took care of Cody, locked doors and turned out lights. When he returned to the bedroom, I was in bed and Mom was just coming out of the bathroom. And Tim soon joined us in bed. Although we were all naked, we only cuddled. In the darkness Mom said, “Would you guys mind just holding me? I need your strength tonight.” And we did. My arm across her shoulders, Tim held a breast. We awkwardly kissed in the dark. And that was apparently all she needed because a moment later I realized Mom was asleep … and whatever this relationship was going to be, it was starting out nicely.* * * CHAPTER 18A: THE NEXT DAYS TOGETHER will follow * * * Thanks for reading.