Mistis’ Adventures Part 193

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 193Bob and Mel went up the hallway behind the two youngsters. They were anticipating what was coming next. Susan had asked to watch while her boyfriend fucked his own Mother. She was almost giddy from anticipating what she might see. She knew the effect it had on her, Althea, and her Mom, Maria, but was anxious to see how his own Mom would react. She was also remembering what she had been told only moments before. That she might get turned on enough to want some of her own, and that Bob, as old as he was, was VERY good, too. She turned her eyes to him, and gave him a nervous smile. HE WAS SO OLD!!! she thought. How could HE make her feel the same as Albert did. He was even older than her Dad, but then, HE had given her a real workout. IT had been SUPER!!!Mel and Al were already naked, as were they. Bob had been watching the gentle sway of her hips, as she walked, and the bounce of her young, as yet, not fully grown breasts. Her nipples were extended, form the excitement. What would it be like, he wondered. It would be like him fucking one of his own nieces. One brother had three k**s, a boy and two girls, and his sister had two girls AND two boys. The other brother, had only been married for a few years, and didn’t have any k**s. Shame, too. HIS wife was the best of the lot. He had been the only one of his siblings NOT to marry. He had, only once, fucked his sister-in-law, but THAT had been before. They had been at an anniversary party for the folks, and, at the time, he had been driving a van that was big enough to have a bed, and a few other things in it. They had gone together to a fancy restaurant, and treated the folks to a lavish dinner, and, in the course of the celebration, had taken them to a private club, and went dancing.The champagne had been everywhere, and he, in spite of being a little tipsy, had driven them to and from the party. He HADN’T been drinking, until they were at the club, but the atmosphere, and the alcohol mixed and did him a job. He really didn’t want to risk the drive home, in his condition, but the others were far more smashed than HE was. Luck, or the Angels, were with him, though. He made it to their house, and went inside to use the bathroom. THAT was something he DIDN’T have in the van.Dad, who rarely got drunk, broke out his recipe book, and started mixing drinks. He had always been curious about the drinks they used in the movies. A few days earlier, he had watched an old Elvis movie, and heard them talk about a “Mai Tai.” He found the recipe in the book, and Mom had gone and brought him the fruit juices he needed. She ALWAYS had 7 or 8 different kinds in the icebox. He mixed one for each of them, and they tried them. It was good, if you liked pineapple juice, which he didn’t particularly care for. He mixed “Harvey Wall Bangers”, then “Manhattans”, and finally vodka martinis. He used his best impression of an English accent to tell them what it was. All it did to Bob was to confirm that he liked his “Grandad”, and his Coors beer. He had gone out on the back porch, and was sitting there, it was summer, and enjoying the cool breeze. His sister-in-law had come out, trying to get him back inside, so they could talk, some more. SHE was a nice looking woman, but, he didn’t want to get started with women, again. He had had enough of the bossing around that the nurses had given him in therapy. He had promised himself to stay away from American women. When the urge came on him, he knew where to find several women from the Orient. One was from Thailand, two more from the Philippines, one Chinese, and a girl from Vietnam. She had come over with the boat people, and had gone to work, as she had in Vung Tau. When he wanted some pussy, he had gone to one or the other of THEM. It didn’t happen THAT often, but it DID HAPPEN!He had finally gone inside with her, more to shut up her yapping at him, than from seeking company. Mom and Dad had given up, and been helped to bed. THEY were OUT of it. His sister had gone to take a bath, and her husband was going with her, to prove that men had trouble after drinking too much. He would slobber all over her, and pass out in a few minutes. SHE would take her “boyfriend” out of the suitcase, and use HIM to satisfy herself. HE was 14 inches of semi soft rubber, black, and ready to go at ANY time she desired. He had walked into the bathroom, one time before, and she had had it ALL THE WAY INSIDE OF HER!!! She had begged him NOT to give her away, and he had told her that that was HER business, and left. The sight of that monster sliding out of his sister’s cunt had been sickening to him, and had confirmed everything he believed. She wasn’t, to him, even pretty. She was also a nag.When he saw that everyone except the two of them were gone, he headed out the door, to go and sleep in his van. He had staggered a bit, and his sister-in-law had insisted that she help him out. She took his elbow, and guided him down the steps, and out to the side of his van, reaching in his pants pocket, to get his keys It SHOULDN’T have been HARD! It was all he had n his pocket. She unlocked the already unlocked door, and slid it open, helping him inside.He told her, SEVERAL TIMES, that he didn’t NEED her help, but she persisted. She undid his tie, and took it and his jacket, hanging them on the back if the passenger seat. She pulled his shoes and socks off, and put them right where he would trip over them, if he had to get up, then unfastened his pants. That was when she saw that he NEVER wore underwear. He had stopped early in his first tour in the bush. They were a pain, and made newbie’s sick, until they learned to get rid of them.He had cocked his head at her, and asked, “Satisfied? Is THAT what you wanted to see? Take a good look! All you want, and get the fuck out of here. You’re not only a pain in the ass, but a prick teaser. She had stared at him for a long while, and, as if in a trance, had reached out to grasp it. “It’s so BIG!!! It’s MUCH bigger than Fred’s. His isn’t even half the size of yours. HERE!!! Now I’ve seen yours, you might as well see mine.”She was wearing a “little black dress” that had a low bodice, and only came to about 3 or 4 inches above her knees. She had to be careful when she sat down, to keep from revealing too much. Sitting down, you could still see her ass. Without an invitation, she unzipped it, and it was in the floor, between them. She hadn’t worn a bra, and had the smallest G-string thong he had ever seen outside of a strip club. He had to, grudgingly admit, she wasn’t THAT bad looking. He couldn’t, in fact, remember seeing a woman that looked as GOOD as she did. Nice tits, and a slender waist, with a nice flat tummy, and some great hips on her. Ass wasn’t half bad, either. Her legs were almost as nice as the girls he had fucked overseas. THEY were FANTASTIC!!! She hooked her thumbs in the elastic at her hips, and as quick as any hooker, they were around her ankles, and OFF! She was sitting there, showing him EVERYTHING she possessed. Nice little landing strip on her pussy, that was auburn colored. He made up his mind, that, since she was here in the van with him, and completely naked, he might as well see if she REALLY wanted to fuck. Her pussy looked VERY tight, and he caught the slight twinkle of her juice seeping out of her. She was already getting wet.He reached over and put his hand behind her, and laid her back, easing on top of her. She put her arms around him and pulled him down for a long, hot kiss. She finally pulled her lips from his, and told him, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this. I tried to get you alone, several times, but backed out at the last minute. Cold feet, I guess. This time I swore to myself, that I was going to let you have me,unless you chased me away. When you started, before, I almost gave up. Then I told myself, You’ll NEVER have another chance THIS GOOD! Take the abuse, and let him have you. Now, I’m not leaving until you take me, and use me like the girls I heard about over there. Fred is okay, I guess, but then I’ve never had anybody else. Now I will find out what another man does to me. I want you to do me like you did the girls over there. I have several friends that are married to guys that were in Vietnam, and talk, when they think we’re not listening, about the girls they made love to. Treat me like one of the “sucky-fucky” girls. You can even, if you want, stick in my bottom. I have lubricant in my purse if you need it. I want you to do to me, everything kadıköy escort you did to them. PLEASE!!!”Her words and pleas had cut through the alcoholic fog in his brain. His head cleared, and he understood the wanting in her voice. She was pleading to be loved. His brother was as much an alcoholic as he was, but wouldn’t admit it. “What if I make you pregnant?” he asked her. She replied, “If I was afraid of that happening, I would be in the house. I WANT you to make me pregnant. I WANT a baby. He will NEVER know. I know now, that he isn’t the man that I fell in love with. I need something, ANYTHING, to remind me that I am a young woman, and am more than a housekeeper that allows the Master to sleep with me. I try NOT to talk dirty, but, I want you to fuck the hell out of me, cum in my cunt, and knock me up. I want you to fuck me like a cheap whore. My pussy hasn’t been used, the right way, in my life. On our wedding night, he took my virginity, and left me as cold as a frozen fish. Then HE went to sleep. He didn’t even ejaculate in me. NOW do you see how miserable I am?” The last admission had left her in tears. He put his arms around her. “I would be honored to give you what you want. I feel terrible about the way I’ve treated you. You get more than enough of that at home. I never guessed that it was THIS bad, for you. If you want, we can make arrangements for you to stay near me. You ARE quite a woman, and a beautiful, young lady.”She gave him one more, unexpected, surprise. “Does your phone take pictures?”she asked. He told her that the company had bought the new i Phones for all the salesmen, and it did take VERY good pictures. She smiled and told him, I want you to fill your memory with pictures of me. Naked, in any pose you can think of, and of us, making love. I want YOU to have it all. I even want you to take pictures of me, with YOUR semen running out of my vagina.” She reached up and took the phone from his jacket pocket. She fiddled with it for a second or two, and handed it back to him. “It’s ready to go. Take all the pictures of your little whore that you want. NOTHING is too dirty. We can start with some of me sucking your penis, if you want. Then I can take some of you kissing my vagina. I saw some pictures like that, when me and some girlfriends went out. The boys all went hunting. They got drunk the whole time, and never left their camp. I ALMOST let a guy pick me up, but he wasn’t that nice. He talked terrible. Cursing and swearing. He was as bad as some of the new music. Hip Hop they call it.”He laughed at her description of the guy. She would faint if she heard the way him, and his buds, talked. “Okay, Baby. Here we go. He guided her through at least a hundred different poses, each of them as revealing as the most erotic to be found in ANY magazine. She chuckled and giggled the whole time. “If Fred or my parents could see me, now. They’d ALL have heart attacks, and strokes. Promise you won’t delete them. I may, someday, want to see some of them, or maybe even show them to somebody else. I have your E-mail address at work, so I’ll sent you mine. We can PM each other, sometimes, and talk about them. I want some glam shots, too, I think. She reached over and took the phone from his hand. She pushed another app, and the light changed. “LOOK at THIS, HONEY!!! I’m sitting naked in your brothers van. HE is naked too. He just took a whole bunch of pictures of ME, NAKED. THEY SHOW EVERYTHING!!! I AM GOING TO GIVE HIM EVERYTHING YOU DON’T USE. He’s teaching me the names of everything as he shows me what it is. HE is even going to make me pregnant, like you seem to not care about. Aren’t you sorry you didn’t ejaculate in me on our wedding night? HE WILL!!! MANY TIMES, TONIGHT!!! YOU JUST LAY THERE, DRUNK, WHILE I GET THE ASS FUCKED OFF OF ME!!! SWEET DREAMS, MY LOVE. I’M GETTING SOME LOVING!!!” She hit the send key. “I sent that to my computer at work. The pictures went with it. Now I have them, when I want them. They ARE still here in your phone, though. NOW!!! Let’s get started on the GOOD ONES! Where do we start?”He asked her if she knew about “giving head” and got a shake of her head, that she didn’t. He place the phone in a good spot, and began to kiss her. She, even if a little clumsy, was a fast learner, and more than willing to try new things. His tongue opened her lips, and searched the inside of her mouth. It was so fresh and sweet, that he was almost amazed. She had eaten the same dishes that the rest of them had been served, but it hadn’t effected her breath. THEN he remembered seeing her pop breath mints into her mouth, afterwards. His hand was cupping her breast, as they kissed, and she began breathing a little faster. They lay on their sides facing each other to kiss and stare into each others eyes. He, for the first time, saw that her eyes were hazel. They had the prettiest lashes, too, and they WEREN’T false. They were natural.He eased her over on her back, and started kissing at her hair line, moving as the notion took him, to kiss everything near his face. He longed to take a tiny bit of her slender neck between his lips, and give her a hickey, but THAT would be a dead giveaway to what they had been doing. He kissed it, instead, and soon had her squirming under him. He heard her saying something, but he was so wrapped up in getting her ready, and giving her pleasure, that he almost didn’t hear the whisper from her.”When will it be MY turn to do things to YOU? You are giving me the best I have EVER had, and now I want to give you the same. I want to try, and do it ALL, TO and FOR you. I have always liked, and maybe even, in some small way LOVED you, since the first time I saw you. Let me take care of you, like a REAL woman in love.” He looked into her eyes. “Are you SURE you want that? It can be sickening to someone that hasn’t done it before.” She smiled a weak smile at him. “Yes, my darling. I have heard about men ejaculating in their partner’s mouth, and the woman swallowing his semen. Some of my friends said it is quite delicious, others, still, say it is okay, but slimy, and others, still, say it is terrible. All but a few say it was fun to see the looks they got when they swallowed. They said the men looked genuinely surprised to see them doing it. I MUST try for myself, though.”He rolled to a sitting position, and reached out to get a can of Handi Wipes, to clean himself. She saw him get the plastic “can” and put her hand on his arm, shaking her head. “I want to taste YOU! Everything. Even the sweat. It’s part of what I want to know about giving myself to a REAL man.” He sat the can down and guided her on top of his legs, sitting astraddle of them, her pussy suspended between his knees. He admired the small pink lips that were hanging down, so delicately. They were fascinating.He gently guided her, by her shoulders, to a spot just above his groin. “Kiss the end of it. The stuff on the end is called pre cum. It makes the woman, or girl, lubricate inside. I will make more, in time, to use for us. Most ladies say it is a bit salty, and slimy, but most seem to like the taste. Then put as much of my penis, my DICK, in your mouth, as far as you can. DON’T USE YOUR TEETH!!! JUST YOUR LIPS AND TONGUE!!! Go up and down it for a little bit, and you will feel it getting even harder. Some, but not all, women take their partner’s testicles, BALLS, into their mouths to make them work better, they think. I don’t know if it does, but, it feels fantastic. Then use your lips like a vagina, until you feel me pushing your face down to put it deeper in your mouth, and suck like you had a straw. Soon you will feel it jump inside your mouth, and the semen, CUM will go into your mouth. Take time to taste it, and if you LIKE it, you can swallow it. It’s almost pure protein, and will be good for you. Otherwise, you can spit it out. I have paper towels if you want to go that way.”She had been sitting like a good student, listening to an interesting teacher, the whole time. She reached and grasped the base and guided it to her lips. Her tongue came out and licked the slit in the end, capturing the drop of pre cum at the tip. She tasted it like a chef, with a delicate broth. She smiled at him, and said, “IT IS GOOD!!! I LIKE THIS!!!” She bent down to recapture his dick in her lips. He knew he was, perhaps, a bit larger than many men, but she lowered her face MUCH farther than he had expected. She was only leaving out the last inch or so. üsküdar escort Her mouth had been open to take him in, but her lips pursed to withdraw him from her. IT FELT LIKE HEAVEN!!! She kissed the tip, smiling at him and drove it deep inside her mouth, this time with her lips dragging along, and just as deeply. She repeated several times, and smiled, again. “I WONDER?” This time she went down until he was put of sight in her mouth. He felt the tip touching somethin ib her throat. She withdrew, and told him,” I had to know if I could get it all in, and I DID!”She switched to his balls and it felt like he was going to explode. He felt her rolling one then the other in her mouth, and then she took both, at the same time. Her eyes smiled at him as she looked at his reaction. She acted as if she was REALLY enjoying what she was doing.She continued to lave his jewels for longer that he had expected. ESPECIALLY a first-timer. He could feel the moisture dripping from her, and hitting his knees and thighs. He reached down and put his hands around her soft, round ass, and pushed a finger in to make contact with her pussy. MY GOD, she was wet. She slid back and was straddling his shins, to get a more agreeable hold on his dick, as she continued to show IT her love. She watched the expression on HIS face, to gauge his reactions. HER eyes held their smiles. He felt the slight tickle, and knew that he would soon be putting a load, their FIRST, in her mouth. He told her he was about to cum, and her eyes actually TWINKLED, as she nodded. He barely heard her say, “GIVE IT TO ME!!!”He exploded, filling her mouth, and seeing it seep from oround her lips, to drip into her full breasts. Her mouth filled,and he hadn’t, yet, finished. He felt himself pulse, several more times, and saw her swallowing as fast as she could. He felt himself stop, and she drew his dick from her lips. Her mouth was STILL full. She spat a bit into the palm f her hand and swished the remainder around her mouth, like a wine taster. She swallowed, again, then licked her hand, and used a finger to clean what had dripped on her chest and put it in her mouth with the rest. She reached over anf got the container of wipes, and pulled one out and wiped her mouth, chin, hand, and breasts, clean. She put her arms around his necl and kissed him as hard as he could imagine. She held the kiss for a long while, this time with HER tongue exploring HIS mouth. She raise to a sitting position, smiling like a Cheshire cat. “WELL? Did I do that RIGHT?” He smiled at her, answering, “Honey, if you did it any better, I would have had a heart attack. YOU were SUPERB!!! NOW!!! It’s MY turn.”He kissed her some more, much as he had done at the start, but, this time he didn’t stop at her neck. He scooted down and lissed the tiny notch in her collar bone, as his hands stroked her breast, his thumbs teasing her nipples. He replaced his thumbs with his lips, glorying in their softness, and sucking the nipples until he heard her breath catching. His hands, as he moved his body downward, trailed along her ribs, and flanks, If he had taken the time, he would have seen her skin sprouting goose bumps where he was touching her. She was wriggling from his caresses, and her breath was coming faster and faster. She moaned a few times and whimpered. She had NEVER believed it could be so good, as this was. He reached the flat plain of her stomach, and kissed his way across to dip his tingue into her navel, making her squirm, and cry out. It was the cry of a woman in love.He trekked even further, going across her hip joints and licking the folds that joined with her legs. She was almost beside herself from wanting to feel him inside of her, but also wanted it to last forever. THIS WAS LOVING!!! THIS WAS MAKING LOVE!!!She felt him raising her legs, and relaxed to let him do as he wished with her body. She wanted the whole shebang. It might, possibly be the only time she felt like this, and she wanted to milk it dry. She was almost certain that her husband would never do her like this, and she would have to make a GOOD excuse to go visit Bob. He lived almost 60 miles from them, and HE never visited ANYBODY. She was a respected member of the community, a Sunday School teacher, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Her only transgressions were that her dress was sometimes a little revealing, and she was known to take a drink, now and again, but nothing serious. She never flirted, and always spoke like she was teaching the c***dren in Sunday School. She never raised her voice, and NEVER used any bad language.She went to the beauty shop, every two weeks, to get her hair fixed, and a pedicure, and manicure. Her make up, what she wore of it, was always impeccable, and tasteful. She never offered her hand to ANY man, until, at least, the second or third time they met.She felt his lips touching her butt, and it sent shocks through her, as he kissed both cheeks, several times, and felt his tongue touching her anus. Her asshole! She felt her legs spreading under his hands, and her knees bending from him pushing them upwards. She felt something that she had never felt before. He was kissing the portion of skin between her anus and her vagina. It felt so good that she whimpered, again. SUDDENLY, it was like electricity was passing through her body, making her hump and cry out. His tongue was going INSIDE of her. She felt the rough wet object penetrate to her very soul. She couldn’t help herself. She gasped and cried out. She DID manage NOT to be too loud. She grabbed one of the pillows and buried her face in it, to muffle herself if she lost control, again. She felt his tongue, slip upwards to the top of her slit, and burrow its way deeper. It was as if he had put his tongue inside of her, again. Only a thousand times better. His tongue was licking at the top of her slit, and he was hitting her clitoris EVERY time. She screamed out into the pillow, surprising herself with the wantonness of her display. CAREFUL, GIRL!!! YOU’LL DRAW THE ATTENTION OF SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE, AND IT WILL BE CURTAINS FOR YOU.!!! THEY’LL KNOW ABOUT THE SLUT HIDDEN INSIDE OF YOU!!! Another part of her brain told her, Shut up, and enjoy yourself! You may not get it like this, again.Bob was enjoying watching her as she gave herself to him. From what she had told him, she was all but a virgin. He took his time pulling her lips out and licking them, and hearing her squeal, and tongue fucking her as she bounced around so much he had, at times, had to put his hand on her tummy to hold her down. He started the return journey, paying as much attention to all he had kissed and caressed the first time, and MORE to some places. Her breasts most of all. She put her arms and hands under his arms, and was trying to pull him higher. HIS DICK was more than ready, but he wanted to be sure that SHE was ready for his final plunge.He was , at last, fully on top of her, and kissing her with every bit of the feeling that she deserved. She met his lips, and from this one encounter, was no longer a novice. She was kissing with the best of them. He felt her soft thighs rubbing along his ribs, and knew that she would soon have them around him, encouraging him to perform the final act of their dance of love. DAMN IT!!! WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE FOUND HER FIRST!!! SHE DESERVED MUCH BETTER THAN THOMAS WOULD, OR COULD, GIVE HER!!! HE WOULD TREAT HER LIKE A QUEEN, IF SHE WAS HIS WIFE!!!She was kissing him and crying at the same time. “Please do me, now. I want to feel your seed going inside of me. I have NEVER had a man ejaculate inside of me. MY friends say it feels wonderful. So warm and wet. They tell me it feels like life itself going into them. Show me, please. I want to feel it for myself.”He raised up and took her hand, which instantly took hold of him, and automatically guided it to the right place between her legs. He began to push slowly. Even the cherry girls hadn’t got it from him THIS slow. He almost swore he felt a block at the entrance of her vagina, but, it must have been his imagination. He eased further and further, as she pushed her pelvis up, and used her legs to draw him deeper within her. He felt their stomachs touch, and she was almost silent, as if waiting for something spectacular to happen. He began to withdraw, and stopped just short of the point of coming out of her. He pushed into her for the second time, and she moaned. She, if possible, was wetter than he had seen before. He had tuzla escort loved the taste of her, as he had eaten her pussy, but the smell emanating from her was a sweet, musky smell. It almost drove him mad. He rested his weight on his elbows, so as not to crush, or smother, her, and used his hands around her shoulders, and his toes to push himself in and out of her. Her elbows were at his ribs, with her arms next to him, and her hands on his shoulders from below. He took his time, and watched her face. He had never seen such a loving expression on a woman’s face. It was as if she recognized someone that REALLY cared for her.Her breath was catching, over and over, but, except for that and her eyes closing,and her deep breathing afterwards, she gave no sign that she had cum. She sighed, and whispered, “I love you, My dearest. Say the word and I will leave your brother and go with you, forever. He’s not only a drunk! He’s a MEAN drunk. He hits me, and curses at me. He calls me all kinds of mean and nasty names. I have come to hate him. I am going to file for a divorce this week. I will need someone to take care of me, though. Would YOU take care of me. I will be all for you, if you will,” The speech had sunk in just as he was getting ready to blow his load into her. He pushed deep inside of her, and it was as if a volcano had erupted in his loins. She actually screamed this time, and it was loud!!! He hoped the insulation was sufficient to deaden the sound outside. He looked at the clock on the dash of the van. It said it was just after 3 in the morning. He raised up enough to see the front of the house. No lights were coming on. Maybe no one heard anything. They could only hope. They HAD all been drunk as skunks.He watched for a few minutes, as she tried to pull him back down with her. She was smiling. “SORRY!!! I couldn’t help myself. It was better than I could imagine it being. I feel like my insides are shaking. Thank You for showing me how it SHOULD be.” They cuddled together, and he lit and smoked what was to be one of the last cigarettes he smoked. She leaned over and took him in her mouth, again and sucked him clean. He spread her thighs to do the same for her, and, WONDER OF WONDERS!!! THERE WAS BLOOD ON HER THIGHS!!! SHE WAS STILL A VIRGIN!!!He wiped a spot and showed it to her. She looked at him, surprised. “He didn’t put it all the way inside of me, before he passed out. The next time he tried was almost the same as the rest of the time. His penis would touch my vagina, and he would pass out. The next day he would slap me on my butt, where no one would see, and yell at me. Even when he got hard, it was smaller than my pinky.All Bob could do, was shake his head at his brother, and his stupidity. It was to be the last time they saw each other. His wife drove them home, and a few days later he had wrecked a truck, and was killed. His wife was spared the need for a divorce. She had invited him to come and visit her, but he had passed up the invitations, wary that he might end up the same as his brother.He quit smoking cigarettes, but smoked the cigars, but, even less than before.NOW he had met this wonderful lady, that was beautiful, sexy, smart as all get out, and unless he was mistaken, EXTREMELY well off. Her son had seemingly accepted him into their family, as, at least, a welcome guest. Now he had a chance to spend a night, or a portion of it, with this younger girl, who showed the promise to be one of the very best anywhere. He was also told that her sister, older by 2 years was even prettier than SHE was. He would have to see it to believe it.Al and Melody went in, and lay on the bed next to each other, embracing not as a Mother and c***d, but as lovers, They kissed and assumed the 69 position, eliciting grunts and groans from each other. It was a very sweet sound. It was the sound of true love. They watched as they made each other respond to the other, until they had surpassed understanding. She had purposefully NOT made him cum, but he had made her cum so many times as to boggle the mind. She pushed him onto his back and switched, MANY TIMES, from cowgirl, to reverse cowgirl, displaying her penetrated vagina each time. Finally, though, he had put her on her back, and held her legs captive behind his elbows, and had fucked her for a LONG time. Making her orgasm many MORE times, until he reached his peak, and they had cum for the final time, together. The only thing that wasn’t perfect, was that as they were changing positions, the girl, Susan, had become as turned on as HE was, and had knelt in front of him and began sucking him off. She was a good egg, and took his first load in her mouth, and swallowed, but continued until he was as hard as she wanted him to be.She raised up, smiling at him, still grasping his stiff dick. “You know that LITTLE girls need, and want, to be loved too.” She straddled his lap, and leaning in to kiss his lips, lowered herself until he was all the way inside of her. She was so tight, and small, that it took HER at least 5 tries to get him all the way inside of her tiny pussy. She sighed and kissed him again, then raised up high enough to offer one of her breasts to his lips. He sucked her nipple in, and circled it with the tip of his tongue, as she raised and lowered herself on his rigid pole. Her head went back, and her hands went from his shoulders to behind his neck. “OH MY!!! I COULD GET USED TO THIS!!! I LOVE HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE OF ME. JUST PROMISE TO CUM INSIDE OF ME. I’M ON THE PILL, SO I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT!!! OH GOD!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD IN ME!!!”She had hooked her legs under his, and was pulling herself down to have her first orgasm. It tickled as her pussy nibbled and contracted around him. He had to resist the urge to join her. Something this nice deserved a whole LOT more than he had given her, at this point. His hand, holding the other breast, felt her heart racing, and slow as she came down from her orgasm. She smiled at him. “Daddy says I have a nice little cunt. DO I?” All Bob could do, was nod. Finally he regained his voice. “YEAH, SWEETIE!!! YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC PUSSY.” I could stand getting used to THIS, too!” She leaned forward and kissed him, again. “I’M GLAD. I think we’ll both be here more often, and will have a lot of chances to fuck each other. You might enjoy my sister, too. She’s almost as good to fuck as I am.”Bob flexed his hips to push deeper within her, as she started to cum for the second time. “OH, GOD!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!! I’M COMING, AGAIN!!!” She scrunched down, driving him even deeper than before. This time her internal muscles squeezed him so tight he couldn’t even move within her. She sat there, in his lap, her body quivering. “PLEASE LAY ME IN THE FLOOR, AND DRIVE IT DEEP!!! I WANT TO BE FUCKED AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!”Bob put one arm around her tiny waist, and the other under her hips and slid out of the chair, to his knees, then laying her on her back, her legs wide open, and began to thrust into her. “OH, YES, YES, YES!!! SHE CRIED. FUCK ME HARD!!! PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!!! DRIVE IT IN ME!!! MAKE ME SQUEAL!!! OH, GOD!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” He never had an idea that a girl, this young, could be this good. He had thought the only girls of this age, that were that good, were in the Orient, where it wasn’t unusual to see girls as young as 12 selling their charms. He had seen girls of 11 and 12 that were married, and hadn’t even grown breasts, yet.She had wrapped her arms and her legs around him and was working her hips like she was riding a mechanical bull. He went with it, surrendering to her, and was rewarded with several more orgasms from her, BEFORE he unleashed his own seed. He barely managed to ease off of her, and felt hands turning him, and a wet cloth washing his face.He opened his eyes to see an Angel appear before his eyes. He focused better. It was Melody. She wiped his face, again, and whispered, “See what you’ve gotten yourself into. There’s much more where THAT came from. All you have to do is come visit with us, or, if you like, live with us. We will leave the choice up to you. We will make your stay, a Heaven on Earth. Good food, comfortable lodgings, VERY nice accommodations, and all the hot running pussy you could ever imagine. We ask nothing but your friendship. Anything else will be considered. Think on it, and tell me when you feel the time is right. For now, though, let’s all go take a shower together. Her lips came down to his, and conveyed all the feeling he had EVER imagined, and another set of lips were kissing his face. melody lifted, and giggled. Susan took her place, kissing him as he hadn’t been kissed in a long time. She raised up and frowned. “YOU sure fucked me good, but WHAT is your NAME? I didn’t hear it, before.”