Moonlight at the Pool

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On one of our summer trips back to Rascal’s house, she provided me with one of the most erotic and sensual experiences that begged to be recorded for the art that it was. Unfortunately, I did not have a camcorder, but images still are fresh in my mind as if it just occurred even though it happened over 15 years ago.

So let me start the story. The day was a hot August day in the south. The air was so thick with moisture that we spent most of time indoors. Of course we did not have much choice as relatives stopped by for visits from breakfast to late afternoon. Chatting with family is fun but can be stressful. Luckily, the stress affected her parents, who quickly retired to bed soon after the dinner dishes were cleaned and put away. Rascal and I took the opportunity to open a bottle of wine and enjoy the full moon in the starry night sky. The country nighttime provides an awesome view of the infinite number of stars that the city just does not afford.

The temperature had cooled somewhat and the humidity was not nearly as oppressive. With our first glass, we set by the pool and realized that we had not got in all day. Usually, Rascal does not like to swim at night because she quickly gets cold (it’s no fun trying to make out with a shivering person), but we sat down at the pool’s edge and put our feet in the water. It was surprising how warm the water felt. It truly had been a hot scorching day. Rascal quickly suggested that we put on our swim suits and enjoy a nice swim after we finish our glass of wine.

When we went in to change, we noticed that her parents were definitely out as her dad snores disturbed the quietness of the house. Once back by pool side I poured us another glass of wine as Rascal eased into the pool. Rascal had turned off all of the outdoor lights off, so the moon was providing all of our lighting which cast a wonderful effect on Rascal as she swam. As Rascal was swimming her laps, I sat down at the pool stairs staring at the stars and wondering how long it would be before I could convince marmaris escort Rascal to get a blanket after our swim and have some fun under the stars in the fields behind the house.

However, as I returned my eyes back to Rascal, I clearly saw that she was well ahead of me in the fun department. Rascal had removed her bikini as she swam. When I first noticed, she was swimming away from me and her nice ass and legs were shimmering in the moonlit water. I sat back and enjoyed the view as she returned back to me with an erotic breathe stroke. This direction provided another erotic view of her naked body.

She smiled at me and said that the water was very warm indeed but so was she. I quickly entered the water to swim to her, but she protested since I was improperly dressed (I still had on my trunks). I slid them off as she swam away again. The view from inside the pool was nice as well and needless to say, I was aching with a tremendous hard on.

Rascal swam over to me and kissed me passionately as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Our kiss lasted awhile and I moved my hands down her back to her hips and ass. She moaned while increasing the passion of her kiss. This was driving me wild as we stood up in the pool and embraced our naked wet bodies. I moved one hand to her pussy to find it dripping with her juices even as she had been in the water for several minutes.

The remembrance of that touch and feeling still makes me rock hard today (Rascal has provided similar degrees of wetness on many occasions, so I have plenty of those memories to keep me hard a lot of times.)

Rascal finally stopped our kiss and swam away from me. When I started to swam after her, she said I should just relax and watch her for a while. I returned to the steps and grabbed my glass of wine and followed orders. We are now at the part of Rascal’s erotic art. She swam several more laps with different strokes that exposed and accentuated different parts of her body in the moonlit waters. It was when she did her slow floating marmaris escort bayan back stroke away from me just cause my heart and penis to ache even more. As she kicked her legs, she fully exposed her pink pussy and then a small river of water flowed over her mound. With each stroke she got further away, but her heat increased.

She noticed that I was about to explode from her show and decided to push me even further. She swam back to the shallow end and took a sip of wine and lightly kissed me. Then Rascal stated that she wanted to be fucked now, so I quickly moved to her, but she pushed me away saying it was not my turn. When Rascal said this, I knew what was coming (pun intended). She moved to one of her favorite sex toys – the underwater pool jet. I could only watch as she positioned the jet just so its stream provided steady thrusting water penis into her pussy. Rascal started to slowly move her hips from side to side as the stream massaged her outer lips and clit. At this point, Rascal was about an arm’s length from the pool’s edge. With the moonlight, her naked body, and her show, I was beyond mesmerized. Rascal slowly moved herself closer to the jet, but took her time as she enjoyed the thrusting water on her pussy. It took awhile for her to reach the pool’s edge with her pussy inches from the jet nozzle. But I was not complaining. I had moved to the other side of the pool to get the best angle of her show in the moonlight. At this point the water surface only had lite ripples as Rascal was slowly grinding on the jet. I could tell that she was moving herself so that all parts of her pussy were enjoying the water jet.

Rascal was increasing her moaning and her grinding speed. I was well past a throbbing penis, but my focus was on her. After grinding for a couple of minutes (it could have been shorter or longer but who cares), I could tell when Rascal “inserted” the jet fully in her pussy. Rascal arched her back, raised her head, and “hugged” the pool side and the small ripples from the jet disappeared escort marmaris from the surface behind her. Her motion switched from a grind to a full out fucking to and fro. As Rascal found her pace, the pool surface was filled with waves emitting from her motion. The surface of the pool came alive as the moonlight was reflected in all directions. I enjoyed the view and noticed that Rascal was getting close because she increased the length of her fucking strokes and press hard against the jet nozzle when her pussy at the jet. When Rascal came it was awesome, sexy, and beautiful. She finished her last stroke with her pussy on the jet. Her body started to shake and a passionate moan escaped her lips. The surface of the pool changed again as she was no longer fucking, but the shaking of her body from her orgasm had the surface with shorter waves and seem to focus the moonlight on her. Maybe the moon was just moving his light in appreciation of her show. As her orgasm overtook control of her body, she could not keep the jet in her pussy and it hit her clit which caused her to whimper. The additional effect was for her orgasm to convulse her body as she lost control of her body to her orgasm. Words can not fully describe the erotic and sensual view of a woman being lost in her orgasm under the moonlight. As Rascal regained slight control of her body she finished her orgasm with a couple of quick strokes on the jet and floated away from the jet. I swam over to her and gave her a big hug and kiss. As I embraced her, she slowly returned my hug and I could tell that she was wonderfully exhausted from her show.

I sat her down on the pool steps and handed her her glass of wine. Although I wanted to ravage her body, I knew better than to go any where near her pussy as she could not handle any more stimulation. I did not worry, because I knew once she regained her energy, she would be ready to please me. Besides I was busy thanking Rascal for the show and making sure the details were fully ingrained in my brain. Of course, Rascal did not disappoint when she turn her focus on me and my desperate penis. Let’s just say that I was able to stimulate her water-jet-fucked pussy to more orgasms that night.

O what a wonderful moonlit night by the pool.