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All characters are over 18.


When the “Fasten Seatbelts” indicator turned off, I jumped up immediately and pulled me backpack out of the overhead bin. The cute redhead I’d been seated next to looked up at me, the corners of her mouth curving up.

“You look like you’re in a hurry.”

I smiled back. “I haven’t been home in a year. I can’t wait to see everyone again.”

“Well,” she said, “Don’t let me hold you up.”

Part of me wished she would. Her porcelain skin and green eyes were magnetic, and the button down oxford she wore showed me just a hint of cleavage. I wanted to take her into the airplane’s little bathroom and ravish her, hard and fast. But I knew from our conversation during our flight that she was a decade older than me, engaged, and on her way to a connecting flight. I waved goodbye and sped down the aisle of the airplane and out the vestibule to my gate.

I had just finished my freshman year at college and I was excited to see my family, get back together with friends, and sleep in a room larger than my dorm (and without a roommate). Money had been tight, so I hadn’t been able to make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I worked all through spring break. I know my mom felt bad, but I didn’t blame her-or anyone. My father had died when I was a sophomore in high school, and though mom worked hard, she had to support herself and my younger sister (who had just graduated from high school herself), and so any extra money she had went to helping pay for my tuition and saving for my sister’s. I couldn’t expect her to fly me back and forth too. So though we had talked on the phone a lot, I was excited to see them in person, as well as reconnect with friends from high school.

When I walked out of the gate, I got the shock of my life. Not only were Mom and Laila (my younger sister) there waiting for me with a big sign that said “Welcome home Joel!” but my best friend all through high school was there too, holding one edge of the sign. And she looked so different I almost dropped my bag in surprise.

I’d met Amanda when I was in eighth grade and she was in seventh. She was my younger sister’s age, but at the time they couldn’t have been more different. Laila has always been a little bit of a princess-she loved Barbie dolls and boy bands and horses when she went to middle school, but Mandy was different. I met her in the school play, and she was already mature for her age. She had short black hair, thick black rimmed glasses, and braces, and she kept to herself until I laughed at something I’d heard her say under her breath and we started talking during the downtime of the play. Soon, hanging out with Mandy was why I looked forward to rehearsal. We talked music and movies and books and video games, and by the time the play was over we had sealed our friendship by spray painting our names in the rafters of the theater. It was a school tradition, so it wasn’t a big deal, and it definitely wasn’t romantic.

We hung out whenever we could through the rest of the year, and then the next year when I was in high school we still texted and played games online together. I told her about my crushes and she told me about hers, and when we were together again in high school it was like we had only gotten closer. I helped her through her parents’ divorce, and she helped me through my father’s death. We’d gone on choir trips together and been in more plays, and though some of the jocks had teased me about being best friends with a girl, I didn’t really care. Mandy was half sister/ half buddy, and I had fun with her. It had been hard to leave her, but we’d still FaceTimed most days of the week while I was in college.

But apparently FaceTime hadn’t prepared me for how Mandy had changed. I always thought of her in braces and baggy sweatshirts, and I have to admit I hadn’t thought about what was underneath them. In high school I’d had my sights set on Sarah McGuinness, one of the head cheerleaders (who was way out of my league, at least in her social opinion), and I hadn’t thought much about Mandy romantically.

Now I could barely see my friend through the gorgeous girl she had transformed into. The sweatshirt was gone. Mandy’s raven hair had grown long over the years, and it hung over her shoulders in loose, sensual curls, and her glasses had been traded in for contacts. She was wearing a grey skirt that came down mid-thigh, just a few inches below her ass, and a short sleeved flowy shirt that hung off one shoulder. The material looked thin, and my jaw almost hung open when I saw the twin mounds made by her breasts.

Hell, these weren’t just breasts, they were thick round tits, and they were enormous.

“Mandy?” I said. “Whoa, dude, you look good!”

She laughed and hugged me, and I tried not to pay attention to feeling those big jugs press against me. This was my best friend, after all. Even if it seemed like she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“We thought you’d be excited to see Mandy again too, so we invited her along,” my mom chirped.

Mom and Laila looked good kartal escort too, though they hadn’t changed as much as Mandy had. Blonde, thin Laila still looked like she should be the prom queen (she was), and Mom looked the same too, though she had a new haircut. She worked out a lot (when she wasn’t working at her job) and she looked good enough that she had occasionally been asked if she was Laila’s older sister, which she loved and Laila hated. She was curvy in all the right places-something I’d been embarrassed to notice in high school-and had even bigger boobs than Mandy, but she was a lot taller, so proportionally they didn’t seem quite so outsized.

Still, my eyes kept going back to Mandy. “Yeah,” I said. “It’s so awesome to see you guys!”

We talked all through the drive home, and when we pulled into the driveway I was caught up on the details of their lives I hadn’t heard about thanks to final exams. Mom and Laila helped me bring my suitcase in, and then they started to head back to the car.

“Where are you guys going?” I asked. “I just got back in town! Let’s order some pizza or something!”

Mom pressed a $20 into my hand. “Joel, didn’t we tell you? Laila’s got her cheerleading squad closing dinner tonight, and then there’s a little party after for the senior cheerleaders and their parents. We probably won’t be back until late!”

I smacked my forehead. “You did tell me when you called last week to confirm my arrival time! I totally forgot!”

Mom kissed me on the forehead. “Don’t worry. You and Mandy can catch up. I’m sure you have tons to tell each other that you don’t want your old mom around for.”

I smiled. “Right, all the true secrets of the wild college life. You know me.” We both laughed. Mom knew how much of an introvert I was. Though I did finally lose my virginity in college, it was only thanks to a kegger at a frat house my roommate convinced me to go to. Normally it wasn’t my scene, and though the girl was cute and the sex was fun, she hadn’t been interested in getting together again. That was the extent of my partying ways in college.

When Mom and Laila closed the door behind them, I turned around and looked at Mandy, who was leaning against the couch.

“Pepperoni or Mushroom?” I asked.

“Let’s walk on the wild side,” she said. “Both.”


Mandy sat against the wall at the head of my bed, her legs stretched out in front of her. I was leaning back in the rolling chair, my feet up on the desk next to the pizza box, its contents half eaten.

“No way,” I said. “Mark Burman mooned everyone at graduation?”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “Principal Wicker was so pissed off. There’s Mark, diploma in one hand, cap in the other, robe bunched up around his waist and his cratered white butt out for all to see. It was so wrong.”

I laughed with her. No matter how hot she may have gotten, some things hadn’t changed. Mandy was still my best friend. I could talk to her about anything.

“So,” I said in my best Austrian accent, “When you saw the buttocks, how did that make you feel?”

She laughed and tossed her napkin at me. I batted it away.

“Seriously though, Joel. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you. This town isn’t the same without you.”

I smiled back at her. “I know. School isn’t the same without you. I wish you were coming back with me in the fall! I’ve met some cool people, but nobody I can just be myself with like I am with you, you know?”

Her face got serious, her eyes intense. “That’s exactly how I feel. I feel…I don’t know, different when you’re not with me. You know how I went out with Luke Anderson a couple months back?”

I nodded. We’d talked about it on FaceTime.

“Luke is totally sweet, and I had an alright time, but honestly the whole time I was thinking it would be so much more to be hanging with you, you know? I feel off when you’re not around. Like I’m not quite myself. Not fully formed.”

I nodded. I knew exactly what she meant. Still, the sudden heaviness of the moment surprised me.

“I guess so, Mads,” I said, using my nickname for her. “I hadn’t realized how different it would be to not be around you. And coming back now, it’s like the pieces of my life are back where they should be. I mean, some things have changed. You look different, that’s for sure. With the braces and the glasses gone, I hardly recognized you. And, well…” I trailed off, feeling the blush moving up my neck.

“Yeah,” Mandy said, maintaining eye contact. “I had no one to hang with, so I spent a lot of time at the gym. I lost like twenty pounds this year. And somehow got bigger here.” She grabbed her breasts with her hands, squeezing them a little through the shirt. My cock stirred in my pants, and I tried to ignore it. This was Mandy, after all. “Believe me, between you being gone and my body suddenly deciding to go into porn star mode, it was a very weird school year.”

I tried to smile, suddenly imagining Mandy in all kinds of porn star positions. It was easy to do, even though it had never maltepe escort bayan really crossed my mind before. It felt weird, like thinking about Laila having sex or something. Wrong, but still hot. Really hot.

“Luke aside, I bet you were beating the boys off with a stick,” I said.

“A few asked me out,” she said. “But most of them were assholes who had never noticed me before. Luke was the only one I said yes to, and that only lasted two dates. And I had someone else on my mind.”

“Oh really?” I asked. “A mysterious crush? You’ve been holding out on me in our FaceTime sessions. And where did you meet this mystery man?”

“I’ve known him a while, actually,” she said, looking at me intently. “And I’ve wanted him for a while too. But I didn’t realize how much until I couldn’t have him.”

“What happened?” I asked, not sure I could trust what I thought she was saying. “Does this guy have a girlfriend or something?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so. And I don’t know if he ever thought about me like that before. I’m not sure he would want me.”

“If he didn’t before, he definitely would now. You look as incredible on the outside now as I always knew you were on the inside.”

She scooted forward to the edge of the bed, and I tried not to stare as her skirt slid further up her thighs. I could see something black and lacy peeking out at her crotch.

“Do you mean that?” she asked. “Or are you just trying to be nice?”

I shifted too, taking my feet down and turning my chair to face her. “I absolutely mean it,” I said. And I did. I don’t know when exactly the atmosphere in the room shifted, but suddenly it felt like there were electric currents running between us. “You’re the most incredible person I know. I feel so lucky to know you. You’ve made my life so much better in the years we’ve known each other. It’s like they say, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. It hasn’t been the same without you to share things with this year.”

And then Mandy was on me, her legs straddling me, kissing me, her tongue probing deep into my mouth. My hands slid down to her waist, sliding under her shirt, feeling the skin on her back under my fingers. Her skirt was hiked up further now, and my cock was quickly getting hard as she ran her fingers through my hair. I moved my hands up and into her thick black hair, pulling my mouth off of her to breathe, then back and kissing her neck.

“Joel, I’ve thought about you every day. You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? It’s true. First I just wanted you back, because I missed my friend. And then I realized it was more than that. I wanted you. To talk with me, to spend time with me, to hold me. To kiss me.”

I kissed her, hard, and now her hands were running up and down my sides, and she was pulling my shirt up out of the waistband, unbuttoning the buttons down my chest.

“Mandy,” I said. “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I’ll do whatever you want to do, but think about it first. Make sure you know what you want to do.”

She pulled back and looked at me hard in the eyes. “I hope you mean that,” she said. “Because I decided what I wanted at Christmas, and then you couldn’t come home. And I knew what I wanted at Spring Break, and you had to work. But now it’s the summer, and I’ve got you all to myself for a little while. So I know what I want.”

I kissed her on the lips, our tongues snaking around each other. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I was making out with my best friend.

“And what do you want?” I asked.

She kissed me again. “I want you,” she said simply. And then she reached her hands down and pulled her shirt up over her head.

My god, I had never seen a body like that in person. She was right when she said her body had gone into porn star mode. Her waist was tiny, but not so skinny that she looked bony. Her skin was smooth and creamy, and I wanted to lick every inch of it. But her tits were even more spectacular than I had even imagined. Round and full, like two perfect melons, her deep red areolas the size of a half dollar, the nipples sticking out, and hard. They were natural and perfect and so huge they spilled out the sides of my hands when I reached up to grab them.

“Holy shit,” I said. “Your breasts are perfect.”

She smiled wide and put her hands over mine, squeezing them with me. “You think so? God, I felt like such a freak when they just kept growing this year. Mr. Carter in history kept trying to look down my shirt. I saw boys staring at me all the time. And then, you know, I kind of got to like it. I’d never had boys notice me before, except for you, and even if they were only noticing me to jack off to later, it felt kind of powerful, you know?”

She pulled back a little and grabbed one of her tits, lifting it up towards her mouth, licking the nipple with her tongue. “And then I realized, well if I’ve got them, I’m going to enjoy them. Because it turns out they are kind of awesome escort pendik to play with. And I’m excited to do other stuff with them too, now that you’re here.”

She spit onto her nipple, and then rubbed it in with her thumb. I dived at it with my mouth, sucking the nipple in, teasing her between my teeth, licking around the red bud, sucking, my hand squeezing her other tit. She was grinding into my groin with her pussy, and I could feel her breathing getting heavier.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, and I sat back. Through all our years together, Mandy had never been much for swearing. She said “Oh my gosh” instead of “Oh my god.” “Dang” instead of “damn.” And now she was sitting on my lap, topless, moaning “fuck.”

She saw my face and laughed. “Oh, yeah, that’s another thing I discovered about myself while you were gone in all that alone time I had. Turns out I really like talking dirty when I get horny. At least when I masturbate. And it’s looking like when I make out too. Does that bother you?”

I grinned. “Mandy, the only way you could be more perfect right now is if you told me you had a secret twin and you wanted two of you here instead of one.”

She laughed again. “Sorry, Joel. No secret slutty twin. You’ll just have to deal with one horny virgin instead.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I said. “This is not at all what I expected on this trip home.”

“Hey,” she said. “You’re my best friend. I hope I make everything better than you expect. You do for me.”

Mandy kissed me again, and then she stood up, plugging her phone into my stereo and turning on some music.

“Don’t laugh, ok. I’ve never exactly done this before.” And she began to move her hips back and forth in a sultry way that instantly got me excited. Her dark hair whipped over her shoulders as she turned towards me, gyrating and squatting, her knees spread apart. Then she stood up again and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, as she danced in front of me in just her black lacy panties. And then soon those were on the floor too, and she was naked. Her pussy was shaven, the lips pink and puffy and already wet. She straddled me again, pulling my head down into her chest, and squeezing them around my face. They were big enough to surround me, and I wanted to die right there between her soft tits.

“Later, I want your cock right here,” she whispered into my ear. “Right here between these girls. They have so wanted a playmate.”

“They’re so big,” I groaned.

“38DD,” she said proudly.

“I can’t fucking believe it,” I said.

“Believe it, baby. Turns out my body knew what I wanted before I did. It opened my eyes to discover all kinds of new things about myself.”

And then she turned around so that her back was against my chest, her legs straddling mine on the floor. I ran my hands up her sides, and then up over her incredible tits, my left hand staying there, my right hand moving down to her pussy. She threw her head back against my shoulder as my fingers brushed her clit, then ground her pelvis against my hand in time to the music.

“Oh goddamn,” she moaned. I traced my fingers along the outer edges of her tight little snatch for a few moments, feeling her pussy lips start to spread, feeling her wetness leaking out onto her legs and onto my hands. And then I sucked on her neck at the same moment I plunged my middle finger and ring finger into her wet little snatch.

“Oh fuck yeah, Joel. Yeah. Right fucking there. Finger that little pussy, baby. I shaved for you before we left for the airport. Do you like how it feels?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“Fingerfuck me. Oh shit, that feels good. I knew you’d be good at this. I fucking knew it. I’ve wanted this all year long. I’ve masturbated so many times after we got off the phone, imagining your fingers inside my little fucking cunt just like this. Faster, baby. Faster! Fuck yes! Fuck!”

She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from her pussy, guiding it up to her mouth. She sucked my two fingers into her mouth, sucking them, licking them, and then pulling them out. She spit on my fingers and pushed it back down toward her wet little pussy. It was so sexy my cock felt like an iron rod.

“That’s it, you bastard. Get back in there. Fingerfuck that wet little cunt some more. Make me cum, you fucker. Oh god that feels so fucking good. Oh shit!”

I still couldn’t believe the filthy mouth on Mandy, but the wetter she got the dirtier her talk-and her actions-got. And I have to admit, that’s always been one of my favorite parts of porn is the dirty talk. But now there was an even better bonus. I never realized how much hotter it could be to know that she talked like this just for me. If her mother heard her, or those classmates who lusted after her, they’d never believe it. Sweet little Mandy, who loved reading and talking about Hitchcock movies and watching musicals, was writhing against me like a little nymphomaniac.

“Jesus,” she moaned. “Finger that cunt. Oh fuck. You’re making me so fucking wet. I haven’t ever felt like this. I feel like a little slut, but I can’t help it, I’m so goddamn horny and it feels so fucking good. Own that little pussy, Joel. Get deep inside me. Fuck me with those fingers, you bastard. I fucking love it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32