My German friends

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My German friendsOn a recent holiday I was approached at the very end of my short break by a German guy who followed me into the hotel toilets. At the urinal I was very shocked to hear him ask if I was Gay but managed to stutter that no but did consider my self Bi.I ask why he had ask that question to which he replied that he and a friend had noticed round the pool area that I had no hairs under my arms and that I had nice breasts, he then told me that where he came from most Gay men shaved under their arms as a sign to other Gay people, he then asked if he could see my breasts, we went into the stall area, closed the door and he unbuttoned my shirt and started to suckle my nipples, I was very turned on but said that I had to get back to the bar and get my wife a drink. I reluctantly parted and tried to hide my stiff cock as i approached the bar.Later that evening on another visit to the bar i was approached by the other man who asked if I would visit their room some time during the next week but I told him that I couldn’t as we were returning home in two days to which he asked, how about tomorrow, i said that i would try but couldn’t be sure because of my wife, he gave me their room number and said please try we so want to play with you.Needless to say I had a very broken nights sleep but by the morning I had decided to try to make the visit to the guys room. …my wife and I went for our usual walk in the morning before returning for a snack lunch which istanbul escort we normally followed by having an afternoon sleep however I told my wife that I didn’t feel tired and fancied going out for a final walk in the sunshine before our return home the next day.I left her to sleep and climbed the stairs to the guys room which was on the floor above. Reaching their door I was very nervous with anticipation but determined to carry through and knocked, the door was opened immediately by the older of the two who instantly said that he knew I would turn up. They told me their names and asked how long I could stay to which I said my wife was asleep so I thought about an hour.I will call them D and C for the purpose of this true story. D the older man said in that case we haven’t got time to waste so strip and let’s get to those breasts of yours, I removed my shirt and C immediately started to play with my nipples as D removed his clothing to reveal the most beautiful and long shaven cock I have ever seen, he later told me it was 23cm long, as C was devouring my breasts he also stripped to reveal another beautiful cock, also shaven, not so long but much bigger round.I was pushed down onto the bed and my final clothing removed to reveal that I was also shaven but much smaller in the cock and balls area. The two guys loved that I was shaven and I told them that I shaved most of my body at least once avcılar escort a week. Both guys were working hard on my tits which soon became covered in their teeth marks but I was now so turned on I didn’t care what they did. They also started on my little sissy cock which was leaking pre cum. C offered his beautiful cock up to my ever ready open mouth and started to fuck my throat hard and fast and soon said that he was ready to cum but D said I wasn’t to swallow as he wanted to snowball. It was the first time I have ever had another man French kiss me whilst my mouth was full of cum.I have to say that because I was enjoying myself so much I lost all track of time and when D said that he wished to fuck my boy pussy I was on the brink of allowing him but pointed out that I had never been fucked before and as he was so big I asked that he took it very slow. At this point they decided that although they both wanted my pussy they thought it would be too much for me and D said he would cum over my breasts instead. I took his cock as far as possible in my mouth and brought him to the point of no return, he withdrew and shot a massive load over my , by now, very red breasts and began to massage them with his delicious cream. Whilst this was going on C had recovered and was once again sucking and biting my cock and balls before announcing that he was going to cum over that area and promptly started to massage his cock before pumping another şirinevler escort load of cum over my battered, bruised and bitten little sissy cock. D who had been working his finger around and into my pussy now started to rub some of C’s cum into my hole and together they now massaged my pussy and cock until all the cream was absorbed into my body.D still hard and wanting to use my pussy decided that he would cum into my ,by now stretch hole, and with the help of C unloaded as much as he could direct into my pussy before starting to work his juice into me . The fingers in me were working hard on my prostrate and before long I felt that lovely feeling before unloading the biggest load of cum I think I have ever managed to release. The guys both lapped up my mess and gave me beautiful kisses with my cum in their mouths.I then realised that I had been out ‘walking’ for over 2 hours and told the guys that although they had given me the best afternoon of my sissy life, i had better get back to my wife who would be wondering where i was. When i started to dress i realised that my breasts and cock were covered in bruises and so I would have to make sure that my wife couldn’t see me undressed, which would not be easy to do however manage it I did and am now bruise free. After thanking the guys again I returned to our room and was surprised to find that my wife was only just waking from her afternoon sleep.However I did not dare shower before going to the restaurant for our last evening meal that night and so sat at our table with my bruised body covered in the delicious cum of two very satisfied and appreciative Gay guys who later that evening , at the bar told me that I was more Gay than BiJust a pity we had not met earlier in our stay, but a wonderful memory for me.