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My local restaurant has a little secret. It is well hidden behind the walls. The walls are one of those irregular outlines of an old building that has over time morphed together with the building next to and might have the foundation of a building that used to stand there. It’s more akin of an old European city, where the medieval inner city grew organically and alleys snaked around the building however they found place. It is rather atypical for the modern Santa Monica.

The restaurant is a little vegan home cooking place with friendly staff. Right next to it is a high brow French restaurant. And, in the second floor citing the buildings almost touch and meet each other. One could simply step outside of the window and into the building on the other side. The floors are all on different heights and displaced. A few yards along, there is a gap between the buildings for a narrow walkway to carry out the trash from the kitchen and take deliveries.

There is also a little building in between the two. The other buildings seem to have simply grown around it and literally over it, until it became part of the one building. Though, one can’t be sure, if it is not maybe part of a third building that tries to mingle in. That cozy little building is right opposite the bathroom window of the restaurant. In between there is only a tiny space, barely enough for a man to stand. Someone had placed there a pot with a plant. The plant has long wilted and the dirt started running outside the pot and on the floor.

In that cozy building, there is a prostitute. Whenever she wants to turn a trick, she opens her window and takes a naked shower. She’ll massage her boobs with soap. Inevitably, the guy trying to take a leak gets curious. The guy taking a dump gets embarrassed for having being caught with his private business in full view of a gorgeous naked woman.

When the family husband takes suspiciously long in the bathroom, the wait staff knows, what is going on. When the young and scrawny student comes in to sip only on a coffee, while he spends most of the time in the bathroom, the wait staff knows what is going on. Once in a while, when a lip stick lesbian gets lost in the restaurant and stays in the bathroom for too long to apply more lip stick, the wait staff knows, what is going on.

Actually, the wait staff, the chef, and the owner are very upset about the woman in the cozy little building. They tried to cover the window. They tried to remove the window. Though, time and again, the fire marshal would come, ask for some privacy to inspect the bathroom. Inevitably, he’d cite the restaurant for some long forgotten building ordinance from the last century. The window was needed as a firescape. The curtain was obscuring the window too much. And, heaven forbid a fire happened, the customer may panic and not find the window. The restaurant owner had time and time again lamented that the tiny court yard in front of the bathroom with the plant pot had nowhere to go and pendik escort thus was no firescape. The citation would stand.

The troubled restaurant owner had called the vice squad to shut down the woman’s business in the cozy little building. An undercover police officer caught her. There was a big court case. The woman was smart and had a good lawyer. The police officer was booked for rape for ten years in prison. There in prison, he got raped within the first month. It was not an inmate, as you may have expected. A warden raped him to pay for the warden’s frustration of having to deal with stinky prisoners, while the real officer had a plush life flirting with the touristas, models, and actresses in Santa Monica. And, no the warden wasn’t big and fat. He was a rather scrawny old bastard.

So, the woman still runs her business. Any time a hunk walks into the bathroom the waitresses sigh, because they are jealous of her.

The woman is maybe 23 years old and born in Serbia. The war displaced her. She finished her college here in Los Angeles. After she was done with college, her degree didn’t lend itself for a job. And, she thought that she wasn’t cut out for working anyway. So, one day, when she had a shower and left the window open, like she didn’t care. Should the other people look away! It happened to her that an old guy was lusting her like a Lolita, even she wasn’t petite, had no pig tails, or red hair. She’s a tall and slender woman. Her hair is this dirty blond, like that of smoker. At least, I believe parents smoking gives that floppy, dirty blond hair that look. And, from there she was a go.

Most of the time, she is drunk. More accurately, she imbibed, but she is not really drunk according to her standards. The rakija is like an elixir to her. The native Americans used to smoke Peyote and the like to get high and see visions. She’s Serbian. So, the Peyote is nice, but doesn’t work the magic. It’s the rakija that open her sixth sense. That’s the magic and secret of her business.

She turns the tricks fast, maybe five minutes or so. The secret to turning them fast is to make the guy come fast. To make the guy come fast, his kink has to be tapped into. Then, the guy is so horny that a talented touch to his mighty organ will instantly make him explode. As you and I know, once a guy has come, he’s ready to roll over and watch sports or whatever. So, she can take her payment, the Benjamin. She’ll roll up the Benjamin, put it behind her ears and strut out of her little bathroom, while her client is often sprawled on the floor and panting. The client will eventually gain composure and climb over to the restaurant bathroom. It’ll take days to process what had happened to him or her in those five minutes that he had stepped into the bathroom and into her mystical world. It just doesn’t happen in normal life to be seduced and stripped so fast.

The woman in the cozy little building has her sixth sense for finding the prospects kink very maltepe escort quickly. There was this one guy. He was a mostly bald guy with a big belly. Three children were waiting around the table. He had this big fetish about leather boots. He never dared tell his wife about it. And, there was the woman butt naked, spare for two shining black leather boots with high heels. She placed one of her feet on the ledge of the window to zip up the fat metal zipper. She looked innocently as the family father as he was standing there speechless. She told him to come over. He didn’t react. She grabbed him by an ear and pulled him to climb across the two windows. Then, she told him to rub his dick on her boots. He was nervous. Yet, he loved the leather boots and his dick so much that he silently slopped down on his knees. He wrapped his arms around her leg and held onto her butt, as he started humping her leg. Thick pearls of sweat formed on his head. He was shivering, quivering, and shirking. Then, to finish him off, she didn’t even have to touch his dick. She slapped his face, and big globs of cum fountained out of the family man. She likes to be creative that way, use unusual means to make a man come. She told him ‘wipe’ with a sharp voice. The man didn’t comply and started licking instead. Fair enough she figured. When he was done, she walked out of the bathroom with her Benjamin.

Some time later, a Persian man came to the bathroom. He was one of those elder guys with salt and pepper hair. The guy that is usually on TV displayed as the irrational and heated guy. She wanted to bid on E-Bay for some clothes. So, as she saw him, she knew, what would do it. She hurried to the kitchen to get some peanut butter and a table knife. As she returned, the Persian man was washing his hands. She was split naked again with a towel on top of her head to wrap the wet hair. She weight her boobs in her hand looking out of the window and at the Persian man. She told him to come over and touch. He thought that he got an opportunity and went for it. Once he was panting at them, she took the knife dipped it into the full peanut butter jar and got a big glob out of it and put it on the Persian man’s ear. The Persian man protested. Yet, she knew to trust her sixth sense. Eventually, the kink of the man won out. He had spent many lonely mornings masturbating into his pillow dreaming about peanut butter in his ear. He loved the heavy texture, being dirty in the ears, the scratching of he knife against the skin. His dick was hard like a brick. She zipped his zipper open and rammed her hand forward on the dick, while she bit him in the ear with the peanut butter. The Persian man exploded his load onto the bathroom ceramic tiles. She bit him hard and drew a little blood. She likes to mix pain with pleasure. It makes the pleasure more memorable. And, she has a little love affair with vampire novels. The Persian man was breathing hard and holding onto the wall to not topple over. She reached kartal escort for his wallet. She took a Benjamin out. She waved it in front of the Persian man’s face and walked out of the bathroom.

Earlier that day, a nerdy Asian kid with big glasses and sloppy clothes tried to clean some spilled food from his t-shirt in the bathroom. The woman in the cozy little building stepped out of the shower, butt naked, and told the Asian nerd to come over, she had something to show him. The Asian nerd was always shy and didn’t dare to say no or walk away. He shyly climbed across the two window ledges into his bathroom. There he stood in the corner of the bathroom, while he held onto his t-shirt with both hands in a tight and nervous creep. She told him to not worry and come over to where she was. She was leaning over a drawer in her cabinet. He saw that there were Chinese medicine supplies with Moxal, needles, rubbing alcohol, glass cups. She had taken a little Chinese medicine training and quickly dropped out. She snapped on latex gloves and grabbed a pile of needles. She told him to drop his pants. The Asian nerdy kid made a few steps back and looked to the floor. She said warmly, ‘c’mon, I’m already naked. And, I know you like it.’ The Asian nerdy kid didn’t step back any further, but didn’t drop the pants either. She asked, if she could lower his pants. He didn’t say anything, but he let go of his t-shirt and pants with his hands to give her access. She pulled down his pants. His white grand pa shorts had a brown spot. She wagged her finger in front of his face. His eyes were big and followed her finger left and right with an earnestness of a straight A student. Then, she started putting the needles in his dick. The nerdy Asian kids stuttered, ‘oh, you know. I love you.’ His dick grew hard. Who knows what happened in his childhood to make him love needles in his dick. Or, perhaps, some people are just wired differently. Or, I like to think that we all have our kinks. The boob and foot kinks are common and gentle. Yet, all of us have really, I mean, really deep kinks, that are so special, specific, and bizarre that most of us don’t even know about them. After a dozen needles in his dick, she knew that he was ready to pop. Because his dick was occupied with needles, she flicked his prostrate to make him step backwards and stammer. You know, the prostate is located two inches up the rectum. If you watch the movie ‘road trip’, you’ll find out.

That particular day, a little later, I ended up learning about the woman in the cozy, little building. That day was a day of flowers and roses. The flower shop next door was freshly cutting flowers and throwing old petals away. The breaking of flower skin emanated the scent into the air. I walked into that bathroom with the spring of spring in my feet and gazed at that gorgeous woman tending to her cleanliness in her shower with the window fogging up with steam.

When I saw her there, I knew exactly what her fetish was. And, I made her come within five minutes. She moaned that she had never had a quickie like that, nor thought that a woman could come so quickly. It was a wonderful day. And, that’s how we meet that fateful day, dear friends. Her special kink is my little secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32