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my submission listDate completed:Name: submale52Age: 57Where you live: Netherlands near Den HelderGeneral overview and InformationA. How many years of experience do you have? 5 year.B. How long have you known of your interest in BDSM?2 years.C. What is your sexual orientation?1. Heterosexual exclusively2. Bisexual3. Homosexual4. Bi Curious5. Open to training controlled by my Master?YesD. What kind of relationship are you presently able to provide to a Master?1. Long term, live in2. Offline, meeting often3. Offline, meeting occasionally4. Online and offline, meeting often5. Online and offline, meeting occasionally6. Online only7. Not sure yetE. Main interest1. Sensual and physical2. Psychosexual and mental3. Both equally4. serving your MasterF. Are you… (rate each from 1=lowest to 10=highest) if explanation is necessary do so.Sadistic 3Masochistic 7Dominant 3Submissive 8Switch 4G. Your level of interest in bondage:1. Total helplessness2. Light bondage3. Not my favorite thing4. Outside my limits5. Never tried itH. pendik escort Pain (what you are, or what you’re looking for)1. Pain slut2. Whipping, caning, paddling3. Light paddling, sensual whipping, no marks4. not interestedDetailsNo one (1) word answers are to be given. All answers shall be a minimum of one full sentence.1. i seek and require the guidance of a Master to….?To serv him or her fullfill his or hers wishes.2. i seek and require the guidance of a Master because….?Like to be dominated, like to do what they want, i want to be there for there pleasure.3. How important is the fulfillment of these needs to you?Important but not that i will give up my life.5. my favorite sexual fantasy is….?Being his or hers, they do what they want, it is for their pleasure.6. Describe the following areas that you have endured and how you would like your limits expanded within each situation.a. Tit tortureclamps and estim on nipples. Into pain but not the extreme pain, maybe put some weight on kartal escort nippels.b. Ass playNot much, vingered, small plug maybe some ass training.c. Bondage scenesinto it, tied hands, and legs, on a bed , table.d. Whipping scenesOke by me but no body damage.7. Describe one area not mentioned you have endured and how you would like your limits of such expanded.CBT, how much can i ggo, how much weight, stretching, estim clamps, sound….8. In what area(s) do you require concentrated training?Assplay and CBT.9. Are you willing to accept the idea of being trained as the property of your Master?Yes I am.The following two questions deal with your current and initial preferences. These two questions may be answered with either a “Yes, Sir!” or a “No, Sir!” as long as you elaborate upon them with a minimum of one full sentence:10. Do you prefer your Master to be:Rough, tough, and stubborn?No Sir maybe rough, i like the humiliation and some pain.Firm, stern, yet considerate?Yes Sir maltepe escort humiliate me, like the pleasure and some pain, not extreme yet.Something else? What?11. Do you prefer to:· be commanded and ordered about?Yes Sir, i like they he or she command me, tell me what to do…· be given a set rules to obey?Yes Sir, like to obey, like to do what they want.· know the reason for some commands/orders?Yes Sir, maybe they can explain why i have to do it.· have no say in your training and use?No Sir, maybe never done it.· have input in your training and use?Yes Sr, the limits!12. Tell me of your sexual energy ?a) I like sex anytime I can get it with multi-partners.b) I like sex, but there are other things that are just as important to me.Yes, it i not alone sex, i have my own life.c) I like it about three times a week.d) Once a week .e) I can live without Sex. It is a low priority in my life. Serving is more important.f) I like sex, however I like it in my relationship, outside of a relationship I can live without it.16. Comments. (on any area(s) not covered by the questionnaire that you feel are relevant in your case that have not been addressed.)17. What are your known Hard limits that you would like to maintain?c***dren, a****ls, Blood, s**t, marks, extreme pain, tattoo, or other body modifications.