Newcomers Orientation

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‘m the new person to my workgroup, so as the new person I’m required to take the ride around the compound and see where everything’s located. Figuring since I had been here about a month it would be one of those quick around the block things, see this, don’t go here, get out, and go back to work. Well was I ever wrong! About noon the groups minivan pulls up, there’s this attractive well rounded women driving. I’d seen her around when I was first introduced to everyone, and I thought I seen her checking me out, but I wasn’t sure. Getting in, she asks if I have my lunch with me seeing as how it’s a tradition to eat lunch at one spot in the tour. Going back to the shop I get my lunch box, climb in and the tour begins. She’s pointing out different areas of interest to the group. Along the way I keep looking over at her, her breasts are full, nice hips, a little plump, but just the way I like them. While were driving I keep seeing her check me out, driving off the main area to bakırköy escort a secured one, once inside waiting for the gate to close, she asks “married or gay? I laugh and tell her “No” to both. Driving further into the area she points out different areas.

Slowing down she takes a left onto one of the few gravel roads, driving for a short distance, the trees part for a perfect view of the lake which borders our area, stopping she points out a small picnic area and says its lunch time. Grabbing our lunches we head to the picnic table. We both sit on the same side of the table to look over the beautiful sights of the lake, the small cliffs on the other side, the fish breaking the surface; light ripples waves caused by the light breezes. Making small talk, she pulls a banana from her bag, opening it quite slowly and seductively. After it’s peeled she looks straight ahead and proceeds to deep throat the thing. After removing it from her mouth she beşiktaş escort turns, looks me straight in the eyes and says She would like to try that with my cock!

Needless to say, I’m just a little off guard. She reaches over and starts to unbuckle my pants. Me being the obliging person I am, I help her unbuckle and remove my pants, She pulls down my light blue drawers, exposing my 8 by 2 ½ inch cock. She smiles with delight saying this will be the best newcomers briefing I’ve ever had.

Guiding me to the table she has me sit on the table with my feet on the bench. Looking up she licks her lips then slowly starts to inhale my cock, painfully slow. She places her tongue on the bottom of my cock just enough to allow easier access to the back of her throat, finally I feel my cock in the soft portion of her throat and she didn’t even gag once. She starts to contract her throat muscles the feeling is one of the oddest yet fantastic feelings I’ve beylikdüzü escort ever experienced. Slowly she starts to pull back while she sucks and slurps. When there’s enough room she wraps her thumb and index finger around my saliva soaked dick. She starts to slide her fingers back and forth matching her strokes to the rhythm of her mouth. Sliding my hands around the back of her head, lightly running my hands through her hair she pulls my cock out of her mouth looks up and tells me to grab her head and force it down if I want. What an invitation! She puts it back in her mouth sliding all the way back down, I grab her head again forcing it down a little further, she mans with pleasure. Picking up the pace I can’t last much longer, and I sure she can sense it too taking her other hand she gently caresses my nuts, feeling this my body starts to tense, quickly she backs off my cock until just the tip is in her lips, I explode with the force of a rifle her eyes never even blink, slowly she strokes my cock getting every last drop from it. Releasing my cock from her mouth she looks up opening her mouth revealing the large deposit I just made. She closes her mouth, smiles and swallows it all!

She looks back up and asks how was my new cummers orientation?