Night Encounters

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Sometime in the middle of the night he woke up to her hand caressing his dick. He was already hard, and it amazed him that he hadn’t woken up before now. He must’ve been tired.

“What are you doing?” he asked, teasingly.

“Making you hard,” she said.

“Why, yes you are.”

He rolled over and faced her, took her head between his hands and kissed her deeply. He felt himself get even harder, if that were possible. It amazed him sometimes, her affect on him. But he didn’t question it. Just accepted it.

As he continued to kiss her, he heard her breath quicken in her excitement. He roamed his hand down her body. Starting at her neck, he wended his way to her breasts. He lifted one to his mouth, taking the nipple and sucking, making her arch her back to bring him closer. He moved his mouth to the other one, receiving the same reaction. As he moved his hands down her body, his mouth followed in its wake. Between her breasts, down her chest, to her flat belly. As her approached her pussy, he parted her legs.

“May I?” he asked.

“I’ve never minded before, why should I start now?”

He ran his middle finger down her slit, feeling her wetness. istanbul escort He leaned in and licked her lightly, tasting her sweetness. He gently parted her lips and sucked hard on her clit, making her moan. He loved her reactions. They were completely honest and abandoned. She enjoyed their encounters every bit as much as he did. As he continued to work her clit with his tongue, he slipped his middle finger deep inside to reach her G-spot. He quickly made her cum. When she had calmed down a bit, he started all over again, making her cum again.

She grabbed his hair and shoved his face deeper into her pussy. She loved the way his tongued flicked over her clit. And the feel of his finger deep inside her while he was doing it was amazing. When she couldn’t take anymore, she pulled his up and kissed him hard, tasting herself on his mouth. She loved how she tasted just as much as he did.

She shoved him back on the bed and ran her hands down the front of him, gripped his dick in her hand, and started stroking. He loved a very firm grip so she grabbed as tight as she could and stroked him up and avcılar escort down. She leaned in and took him deep in her mouth. He was long. At least 8 inches. But she had no problem taking him deep. As she sucked his long length, she gripped his shaft and moved her hand in a circular motion, up and down. Pretty soon he was moaning.

“Damn, baby.”

She knew it wouldn’t be long if kept it up and so she climbed up him and sat on his hard dick.

She was slick. As she always was when she blew him. She loved it. As she slid down, he gripped her hips and lifted her again, then slammed her back down. After a few minutes of this, she started to grind down on him, rubbing her clit on his pelvis. This position also had him very deep inside her, rubbing her G-spot. It took less than a minute and she was cumming all over his dick, but he wouldn’t let her ease up. Made her cum again and again. One on top of another. She finally had to stop because she couldn’t take any more.

He grabbed her behind the back and pulled her down so she was laying top of him, lifted her hips and pounded her from underneath, making her cum yet again.

“Oh, şirinevler escort my God. Fuck me. Yes. I love it. Make me cum again.”

“Love it, don’t you? My little nympho.”

“You know I do.” And she leaned up and kissed him, slipping her tongue inside to duel with his.

All in one fluid motion he rolled them over so she was on her knees and he was behind her. He started to slowly move. Sliding his dick in and out. He reached up and grabbed her tits from behind. More than a handful, her tits were very sensitive to his touch, and it made her cum.

He pulled out, and she pouted.

“Be patient my dear.”

As he said this, he rammed three fingers deep into her pussy, teasing her G-spot from behind. As he was doing this, without her knowing, with his other hand he had got some lotion from the pump-bottle next to the bed and rubbed some on his dick. When she was cumming really hard, he rammed deep in her puckered asshole.


“You love that cock deep in your ass, don’t you? You love it. Tell me you love it.”

“God yes, I love it. You know I do.” And in that instant she came again. He felt her clenching his dick and couldn’t hold back any more and let loose deep in her ass.

She could feel him throbbing as he came and it made her cum again.

After they were both spent, they collapsed in a heap on the bed and he pulled her close to spoon.

“Damn, baby, it never gets old with you.”

“I know, right? Hopefully it never does.”