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ON DISPLAY PART 3On Display Part 3″You will go to the 15th floor and exit the elevator. Goimmediately to room 1501. When you arrive at the door, you willturn and face down the hallway towards the elevator. You willimmediately remove your dress regardless of who is in the hallwaywith you at the time. You will remain facing toward the elevatorwhile you do this, with your full frontal nakedness totally exposedto whoever may come down the hallway. You will leave the dress onthe floor. You will leave the shoes on. Only after the dress isoff may you look for the key in your purse. You will take the keyand open the door, turn with your back to the elevator, spread yourlegs, and bend over from the waist to pick up the dress. In doingthis, you will make your legs, pussy, and asshole visible to anyonein the hallway as well as the frontal view they will have alreadyhad. You will then enter the room, place the “do not disturb” signon the outside knob, and close the door. Regardless of thesituation you find yourself in, you must remain calm and give theappearance of self-assuredness throughout your self-exposure. Onceinside, you will not deadbolt the door, simply allow it to shut. You will notice the d****s closed. DO NOT open them! You will find additional instructions on the television in the room. FOLLOWTHEM EXACTLY! I WILL BE OBSERVING YOU!!”Kim nervously exited the elevator and turned the corner towardroom 1503. She gratefully realized that no one was in the hallwayin either direction to witness her pending self-exposure. Shearrived at 1503, faced down the hallway toward the elevator, andreached up to unbutton her halter. It fell away, exposing her pertbreasts. She glanced about nervously, and proceeded to startunbuttoning the rest of the dress. She heard the elevator “ding”and heard voices!! Two men came around the corner about 50 yardsdown the hallway. She was in full view! There was no way theycould miss the show now! She halted, then continued hastily. Sheremembered the instructions about self-assuredness, and slowed herfingers, her embarrassment heightening. With the men about 30 yards away, the dress fell to the floor,giving them a full view of her breasts, curves, and blond pussy. Her statuesque figure with the 3” heels was breath-taking. Shecould see the desire and astonishment on the ataşehir escort men’s faces, as theirpace quickened. She reached in the purse. She could notimmediately find the key! Finally, after what seemed to be hours,her fingers found the key and she inserted it into the lock. Itdid not unlock!! Terror mounting, she reinserted it again. Thistime, the green light came on! Kim slowly turned with her back tothe men, parted her legs with her knees about a good foot apart,and bent over from the waist to retrieve her dress. This gave thestill approaching men a full-length view of her pink pussy lips,protruding clit, open and now-glistening tunnel, and brown puckeredasshole before scooping up her dress and entering the room. Shemanaged to put out the “do not disturb” sign and close the doorjust as the men passed the door. She heard a single comment, “Magnificent show!!” Kim was dying inside of embarrassment andready to come with excitement. The room was dim. Kim noted that there seemed to be an alcoveabout 10 X 10 feet wide which extended out beyond the walls of theroom. The entire alcove, front, sides, and ceiling was coveredwith d****s. Although she was tempted to look, she remembered herinstructions and did not. She also noted that the bed was in thealcove, with the foot of the bed closest to the window, as if onewould lie in bed facing the d****s. The bed was magnificent. Ithad a brass head which extended at least 4′ above the mattress. The corner posts were large and all four extended about four feetabove the mattress. The horizontal bar between the head posts wasabout two feet above the mattress. There were six smaller postsbetween both the head and foot corner posts which ran from top tobottom, equally spaced between the corner posts. The foot was alsoof brass, of the same design, except the horizontal rail betweenthe corner posts did not extend above the mattress. She also notedsome other rather foreboding “instruments” on the bed. Aspromised, there were additional instructions on the television. She opened the envelope:”Put your dress back on, Kim, but leave the shoes off. Youwill then go to the bed and arrange yourself as follows: First,place the penis gag in your mouth and buckle it snugly behind yourhead. Next, place the large cuffs ümraniye escort around your ankles and attachthem with the metal clip which you will find next to them. Next,place the blindfold on your eyes and buckle it behind your head. You must not be able to shake it off or see around it. Beforeplacing the blindfold on, note the position of the two smallerwrist cuffs attached one on each side of the bed head by a shortchain. After putting on the blindfold, merely place each wrist inthe cuff and it will close automatically. Then you simply awaityour further lessons.”Kim was more that apprehensive and a bit disappointed. Afterthe humiliation and excitement of her exhibitionism with the wind,at the exhibit, and above all, in the hallway, she found it a bitof a letdown to put the dress back on. However, she wasdetermined, and did as she was told. Then she walked to the bed and placed the penis gag in hermouth and buckled it behind her head. It was surrounded by softfoam. In addition to making her speech unintelligible, theaddition of the surrounding foam changed her loudest cry into amuffled mewing sound. She then placed the large cuffs on herankles and connected them by the 2″ clip. Then she placed theblindfold over her eyes, buckled it in back, and tested it byshaking her head. She was surrounded by darkness. She lied outfull-length on the bed and carefully arranged her skirt so that herupper thighs and pussy were covered. Finally, she reached up andfelt for at the ever-menacing wrist cuffs. Her near-crucifixposition on the bed represented the finality of capture. She tookanother deep breath and slowly placed her left wrist in the leftcuff. She felt it tighten, then suddenly snap shut with a loud”snap.” She waited, then decided it was too late to back out now. She slowly felt for the right cuff with her right wrist, and againfelt the tug, and sudden closing “snap.” Now she was caught! Sudden panic and fear came over her. She started to struggle. She jerked at her wrist cuffs, twisted side-to-side, and heaved herlegs up over her head. As she did, her knees parted widely, andher skirt fell back above her waist totally exposing her now widelydisplayed ass and cunt. She suddenly realized what she was doing,and the total futility kadıköy escort of it, and calmed down. She twisted backand forth a bit in order to move the skirt down somewhat, but shewas never really sure if her pussy was totally covered as before. She was sure that one tit was still totally exposed. But she alsoknew that she had really no choice but to lie there quietly andawait an unknown fate.It seemed an eternity, but it was really no more than a fewminutes. In fact the whole episode from the arrival of the dressat her office to the present moment was no more than two hours! From behind her she heard a snap at the lock, an opening door, anda snap shut. A second snap told her that the door had beendeadbolted. She heard footsteps coming near the bed. Next shefelt hands smoothing down the skirt, making sure she was totallycovered, and replaced the exposed breast gently under the haltertop. “Perhaps this won’t be too bad after all,” she thought. Little did she know.”Welcome, Kim. You have done well. But your humiliation hasonly begun. You thought you could be an obedient slave under YOURconditions! NOT SO!! You have elected to do my bidding. Thatmust be unconditional! You have done well so far by doing mybidding in the office and in public without question. But that wasc***d’s play. Because the office is where you feel you must retaintotal control, that is where your greatest exhibition will takeplace.”As he talked, Kim felt fingers behind her head loosening theblindfold. In the dim light, she saw a man dressed in a businesssuit, apparently excellent physique, with his facial featureshidden behind a rather foreboding leather mask. He suddenly opened all the d****s to the fullest extent. Shewas suddenly surrounded in front, sides, and top with glass. Asher eyes slowly adjusted to the light, she realized what it wasabout the hotel that bothered her. Her office was across thestreet from the back side of the hotel, and the 15th floor of thehotel was one floor below her office! Now, she was on full displayto her entire office! Would they know it was her on the bed? Heron display? OF COURSE THEY WOULD! They were too close not torecognize her hair and face. And after the show she put on thismorning, they would CERTAINLY recognize the DRESS. This could notbe!! She started to struggle again, but quickly remembered heradded self-exposure before and did not want to expose herself tothe office. She feared what display her captor had in mind. Shewas no stranger to sex, but only on her terms with a carefullyselected secret clientele. She was used to dictating the terms ofsex, not having them dictated to her.Continued in Part IV