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The primary inspiration for this story is the author rlfj as this is based on his story “The Power” published in 1999. The author is a member of this site. I think his principal character is far less obnoxious than mine is. LOL

This is a complete fantasy. All participants in the sexual activity are over the age of 18. Since this is my world, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are not usually mentioned unless part of the sex.

Please read, enjoy, and vote. I respond to all comments.


There was a loud shriek. I spasmed and rope after rope of my hot cum flooded into Faye’s pussy. The shriek simply pushed me past the point of no return. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Faye’s shriek. My mother had achieved her first orgasm of the night.

Yup, I had ejaculated but wished it was me fucking my mother.

Morning came with the sunlight shining through the open drapes and directly into my eyes. Once again, I thought I was coming out of the whiteness that had previously surrounded me. It didn’t take long though before I realized this couldn’t be the whiteness. Through squinting eyes, I was able to determine this light was yellow and warm. Obviously sunlight. I could get accustomed to waking up this way.

Another something to get accustomed to waking up to was the hot number in my bed. The blonde with the man-made tits lying beside me had fucked me into oblivion the previous night. Still not having the stamina of your average eighteen year old male, her blowjob and subsequent riding of my cock had exhausted me. In this bit of maleness, I was like all others, with my sperm unloaded, I fell asleep.

At times during the night, I had been woken up by the noises of the ongoing sexual activities in the room. I heard moans. I heard groans. I hear yips and shrieks. I heard the sounds of two women enjoying the pleasures of each other as well as the only conscious male in the room. He must have made noises too but my mind heard only those emanating from female throats.

Faye was back in bed with me, draped over my chest, with one of my arms behind her. As I explored her ass with that hand, I glanced around the room to check out the other inhabitants. Mom, lying asleep on the couch, covered by a quilt, was the only other occupant. What happened to Faye’s husband? Not that I really cared, just curious.

I guess Faye woke up when my hand began to trail its way across her ass as she broke the silence in the room.

“My husband has gone home to get changed before heading into work. He left me to amuse you for the rest of the day.”

A sneer came to my face. I was surrounded by male chumps. First the doctor and now this business executive. Little did he know I didn’t really need his permission, nor did Faye, to stay and play with us all.

My attention was diverted by the door opening, allowing my favourite nurse, Becky the Beautiful, entrance. I reminded myself that I wanted to know more about this woman and her family. Enquiring minds and all that.

Becky looked around the room, seemingly noticing the naked woman and my less than naked mother in the room without any shock or surprise. She had grown accustomed to such sights. Her only response was to direct an arch look in my direction while grinning at me.

I didn’t interfere with her attending to her nursing duties as they applied to my health since that would be just plain stupid. Becky did her stuff and, when completed, announced I was still breathing. I was pleased to have that confirmed.

With nothing else to do except to take care of my hygiene, I told Becky that could wait until after my next torture session. I sent a relax message through to her and, to Faye for that matter. Bex locked the door, stripped down to her lingerie and climbed into bed with Faye and I.

Faye was absently toying with my cock. I thought Becky should similarly amuse herself with Faye’s tits. My nurse did seem to appreciate the thought that popped into her head about those mouthwatering melons.

Still feeling the fatigue of last night’s effects on my body, rather than allow the two to indulge in a lust driven encounter, I asked Becky to tell me about herself.

As it turned out, I was no judge of women’s ages. I had thought Bex was close to my age. Nope. I was off by ten years. Becky had been married to another nurse at this hospital, one that was about ten years older than Bex. Adriana was of Greek heritage and had two daughters my age. Becky wanted to show off her family photos to me. Since retrieving her phone meant her leaving my bed, I merely checked them out in her mind’s eye.

Not wanting to hurry the examination, I urged Faye, despite my earlier fatigue levels, to perform oral sex on the nurse. The trophy wife displayed no reluctance to comply with my unspoken desire. Faye slid her way down Becky’s body until her mouth rested in proximity to the beautiful nurse’s cunt.

As I examined her mental photo album, not escort bostancı needing Becky’s attention, I suggested she enjoy Faye and return any favours she wished. I had my best view of the proceedings, with my real eyes, from Becky’s perspective. I’m sure I enjoyed the tanned, clean shaven pussy descending on her face almost as much as she did.

Much to my surprise, Becky found Faye and Adriana’s pussies comparable. They were both gorgeous blondes that kept their gardens well trimmed, mostly clean shaven. In both cases, I was able to verify that both women had matching curtains and floors.

While enjoying tonguing the labia close to her tongue, I also discovered that Becky compared all women, especially the naked ones, to her wife. Adriana was tall, blonde hair tied in a ponytail, excellently applied makeup in general that increased her overall attractiveness, and the possessor of D cup natural breasts.

I found myself experiencing another new phenomenon. Naturally, most of what I was experiencing these days was new as my memory petered out a few days back. In this case, while watching Becky, one arm around Faye and cupping her ass cheeks, teasing her partner’s clit with the tip of her tongue, I was also able to see Bex doing the same to her life partner. Mind blowing.

I allowed Becky’s mind to wander afield and saw her wife’s daughters come into my view. My gawd, Adriana had twin daughters, my age, that were her in miniature size. They had matching long, blonde hair, brilliantly blue eyes, C cup boobs, and sexily formed ass cheeks posted above long, athletic legs. Put those three, stir in some Becky, and you have the sexiest combination of female pulchritude possible. I needed to meet all three asap. And fuck them, obviously.

Reaching out, I found Dr. Chump, informing him I needed a nursing change. I wanted to replace the ugly, old RN that delivered mediocre blowjobs. She wouldn’t be missed. Nope.

Moments later there came a knock at the door. Pushing it open was Adriana. And she was livid.

“Becky,” she cried out. “What the fuck!”

I took my time settling things down. This could be very entertaining, at a soap opera level. Bex was so taken unawares, she needed to fight her way out of the grasp of the sexy trophy wife eating her cunt. Her bright red face, so developed when she was caught red handed, red tongued?, with the other blonde.

“How could you do this to me?” demanded one extremely pissed off Adriana.

My attention was distracted by my naked mother pushing the quilt covering her body to the floor. As always, Mom, my nude Mom, could fully hold my attention no matter what was happening around me. She thrust herself into the lovers’ quarrel happening at my bedside.

“Both of you shut up,” commanded the woman clothed in motherhood and glowing, proud, naked beauty.

Adriana turned towards her. Becky seemed dazed. Faye, smart girl, lay watching in silence. Evidence of the scene before us turning her on was that the trophy wife was back to stroking my cock, smoothly and sensually.

“Who the hell are you?” demanded the older nurse.

“I’m your patient’s mother,” said Mom now with her hands on her hips.

“Who the fuck are you?” Mom wanted to know.

“Never mind who I am. What the hell is going on in here? Why are you all naked? Why are you and your son both naked?”

The potential humour in this situation was escaping the confines of the room. Escaping me, especially. I sent the urge to everyone that they needed to calm down. Mom needed an extra push as she was in full mother hen mode at the moment, ready to peck out the eyes of this intruder.

I suggested Mom and Faye call down for massages, for a team to help them engage in a spa day. The two women left the room, Mom glaring back at Adriana over her shoulder. As always, knowing I was watching, Mom gave her ass a couple of good wriggles before exiting the room.

Turning my attention back to Adriana, urging Becky to replace Faye and her languid stroking of my cock, I introduced myself as Rick, the coma kid.

“What is going on in here?” Adriana asked as she unzipped her uniform top. Bex smiled at her wife, giving my dick a squeeze in order to encourage me.

“I wasn’t expecting you to appear as quickly as you did,” I said. “Good chump,” I thought.

“That’s obvious,” replied the hot bodied and tempered greek goddess as she shimmied her way out of her uniform pants. “Becky, what are you doing to this patient?”

Although wearing simple and effective underwear, I wanted to see Adriana’s body from all angles. Lingerie could come later.

“Becky! Stop that!” she cried.

Becky smiled at her before removing her hand from my semi hard prick. Quickly, she replaced her hand with her mouth.

“Adriana, your wife is doing exactly what I want her to do. From now on, you are not to question anything that occurs between Becky and I. Or between you and I or, for that matter, any of my other women.”

“Your ümraniye escort other women?” she asked. “Am I one of your women too?” verging, I thought on tears.

“Of course you are, honey. You’re my Aphrodite, my Greek goddess of sexuality and allure.”

Adriana rushed to me crooning “Thank you,” over and over again.

Stopping her, I asked if she would mind stripping completely before joining her wife and I in bed. With no further ado, she pulled Becky’s mouth from my dick in order to give her a passionate kiss. No doubt she could taste Faye’s pussy on her wife’s mouth. Straddling me, she licked Becky’s lips while sliding my cock into her suddenly but extremely wet pussy.

Despite her age and giving birth to twins, Adriana’s pussy was tight, very tight and very wet. She and Becky took turns playing tonsil hockey with me. Gawd, I love talking like a kid!

I had Bex perch herself over my face, holding her pussy open for me to explore. Although surrounded by darkness and flesh, I had no issues in “seeing” what was going on outside my view.

The two wives were obviously no strangers to making out with one another. Each caressing the other’s tits, I saw them catching the other’s bottom lips between their teeth, sucking on them. I did similarly to Bex labia in my mouth. Adriana shared her excitement with me by shoving herself as far down on my cock as she could before clamping her vaginal muscles tightly around me.

I wanted to taste and play with Adriana’s tits but found it difficult to accomplish with Becky’s pussy between us. Instead I had Bex perform everything I wanted to do to those magnificent mammaries. Bex licked and kissed her wife’s tits for me. One at a time Bex teased a nipple with her tongue, sucking them deep into her mouth.

Still reliant on physical contact to some degree, I reached one arm out and up, taking one of those splendid boobs in hand. I bounced Adriana’s boob in an attempt to get an idea of its weight. No idea in poundage but they were heavy, firm, and well rounded.

I would lose my grip on her tit every time Adriana would raise herself up my cock only to grab it on the way down. I almost used my fingers like claws when Bex started to cum on my face. She drenched me with her fluids and her fabulous taste. I sucked as much of her pussy and her fluids into my face as possible. Once Bex started to climb off her orgasmic cloud, I wanted her off my face.

Complying, my favourite nurse assumed her position beside me. I imagine she knew her partner’s signals far more than I. Bex didn’t appear to be surprised when Adriana began to ride my cock harder and faster. Both of us latched onto one of Adriana’s tits, dragging them and her closer to us.

Adriana was a screamer! It’s a good thing I had the room surrounded with a sound barrier. Otherwise, I think firemen followed closely by police tactical forces would have broken into the room in order to rescue the woman being murdered.

With every scream, Adriana’s cunt would lock even tighter on my dick. I couldn’t move a single muscle in my groin, she had me totally in her pussy’s thrall. I had to laugh, I thought I held all of them in my thrall.

No matter how you look at it, Adriana rode me and rode me hard. I was fighting to contain myself. As always, I wanted this first experience we were sharing to be good for her. Her screams were getting to be so intense, her pussy clasping me even tighter, my cock threatening to erupt.

I knew somewhere within me was the ability to control my own ability to cum. With time to explore within me, I could find the mental switch required to withhold my own orgasms but I preferred to do it the old school way right now. I held my breath. I tightened my groin muscles. I thought of baseball statistics. Within a second, I recognized the futility of that. I couldn’t remember any baseball statistics since baseball predated my coming out of the coma.

Adriana squeezed my rod so tightly I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Fortunately, neither could Adriana. The loudest and longest scream came from her deepest core just as did her first orgasm with me. The woman pulled a half dozen ropes of cum out of my balls. She spilled fluids from her cunt all over my cock. I wanted to scream right along with her. Instead, I passed out.

Holy shit, I was back in the whiteness. I fucked myself back into a coma. Or, rather, Adriana fucked me into a comatose state. I could see light at the edge of the whiteness. I heard voices. I recognized them: Mom, Faye, Becky, a hoarse Adriana, they were all there. The non nursing females were fighting hysterics while the nurses quietly performed nursing stuff; checking my vitals etc. Mom and Faye were hysterically crying their worries to the world.

It was raining within the whiteness. Oh shit, I wasn’t in a coma! Someone had placed a cold, wet cloth over my eyes. What a fucking relief that was and how dare those bitches worry me like that.

I couldn’t move my hands or kartal escort bayan my arms as they were restrained by Mom and Faye holding onto them so tightly. I sent everyone a calm down thought. It was easier to do it mentally so I had myself released and the cloth removed from over my eyes.

I knew they all cared for me to one extent or another depending on how long they had been commanded by me but I just had to laugh. They all looked so funny standing around me thinking Adriana had fucked me to death. Aww, this was just so delicious. I imprinted the entire scene in my mind for future reference.

Speaking with some difficulty, I asked for water and four women almost came to blows over which one was going to deliver it. It was no contest. Mom, of course won. Holding my head to her now covered boobs, she gave me small sips until I took the glass from her and swallowed the rest.

I told the women I needed to rest before the physical torture team came for me. Sending Adriana and Becky home was a simple chore really, I just needed to think it at their direct reports. Becky reported to Dr. Chump, of course, so there was absolutely no resistance from that quarter.

There was no torture scheduled for tomorrow allowing me to direct Adriana and Becky to come back the following day. I told them I wanted them dressed very sluttily with sexy lingerie and stilettoes completing their outfits.

I also wanted them to bring their daughters back for me to meet. There would be no doubting what I had in mind for their family since the girls were to be dressed like chic but slutty schoolgirls. Every high school boy’s archetypical fantasy was to be fulfilled.

Calling Faye close to the bed, I forced myself to reach out and caress her body outside her clothing. There was no hiding this woman was hot, hot, hot. I felt her tits, her ass, her thighs, and her pussy. I informed her she could go home and await my next summons. As a sop to Mom’s feelings for Faye’s husband, I instructed the trophy wife to withhold all sex from her husband.

I lay back and closed my eyes. I needed to recharge my batteries before the torturers arrived to vent their sadistic terrors on my body.

I’m not going to bore you with details. It was a matter of veni, vidi, vici. Unlike Julius Caesar though, it was not quick. These people took their time abusing my body. It was some job they had. Torturing innocent children to their hearts’ content, taking their time, and being paid by the hour.

Later, having rested and eaten, we did the family thing. Me, my mother, and my sister lay together on my bed watching some mindless chick flick on the TV, enjoying each other’s company. Unlike most families though, we did this totally nude.

Melissa was the first to disrobe. Well, truth be told, Melissa was disrobed for my viewing pleasure. The disrobing was accomplished by our mutual mother. Mom accomplished her goal in a superlative manner.

Freshly awoken from a sound sleep, after the months of torture squeezed into an afternoon timeframe, I checked out my surroundings only to discover my drop dead gorgeous sister and mother sitting on the couch chattering away in a low volume.

Although my sister, Melissa, had been in and out of my room frequently, due to scheduling conflicts at her school, she had never been able to stay long. As a matter of fact, she was the only regular female visitor to my room that I had not fucked as yet.

Curiously enough, I was in no hurry to rush it either. Melissa was the difference between Old Guttersnipe wine and a fine champagne. Champagne had first been produced by accident; any appreciation of my sister would not be an accident.

Yes, just because I more than wanted to fuck my baby sister, I was not going to rush into it. Some judicious probing had proven to me that Melissa, only ten months younger than me, was still a virgin. That would eventually change, I would eventually fuck her, my sister would eventually surrender her virginity to her big brother.

In the meantime, there was much that we could accomplish without actually fucking. I wanted to experience my sister in her totality. With big helpings of Mom along the way.

It shouldn’t be thought of as me being considerate of my baby sister. That was hardly the case. I wanted to take my time with this little vixen for my own benefit. I wanted to tease myself with her body, her taste and her vigor. When the time came that I could hold back no longer, I would fuck my little sister with everything I had.

Realizing I was awake and smiling in their direction, my mother and my sister came to stand beside me laying in my bed. Both leaned in for kisses. Mom’s was deep and passionate, her tongue dueling with mine in my mouth. Our lips were plastered together allowing our tongues to travel further into the other’s mouth.

I pushed Mom away giving me access to my little sister. Melissa’s kiss was more…more…virginal might be the right word for it. Our lips were tight against one another but differently than Mom’s kiss. There seemed to be more innocence and less lust in my little sister’s kisses. I didn’t want to find out by searching her mind, I preferred to think of my sister as being relatively inexperienced in the art of making out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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