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Steph and I (my name is Luther, but she calls me “Luce,” for “Lucifer”-she always says I have the devil in me ) have always been close, closer than a lot of brothers and sisters. She’s two years, almost to the day, older than I-Mother died giving birth to me, I don’t quite know why, ’cause I wasn’t a big baby, but then, Dad never explained.

He certainly did his best to raise us right, taking good care that we were buddies, did our share of work around the house, earned our allowances, and also made as certain as possible, on his fairly decent salary, that he put enough by to send us both to college if we wanted to go, and knew what we wanted when we got there. That’s hard for a youngster, let alone a teenager, to decide, you know?

Well, when Sis and I got to be about fifteen and thirteen, she got an awful illness which put her back in school a year before she could recover. I had, meanwhile, been put ahead a grade in elementary school, so I had only been a year behind her in grade; now I was in her class I kidded her just a little bit about that, until I found that doing it made us both uncomfortable.

We each had various friends, not all the same by any means, and I had a few girl-friends, while she was mobbed with boy-friends. Steph had a hard time deciding who to go with and where, sometimes. She played it pretty smart, though, when she returned to school after her long illness. (Now, she’d been tutored- Dad saw to that -and she was nearly up to speed with our grade), and did not go with any “steady.”

Neither did I, but we both had nice, companionable dates (good dancers, too) for Homecoming, the “Harvest Ball,” it was called at our school. The rest of our senior year seemed to scoot by, what with SATs and ACTs, the Regency Exams-real bitches, those were-and getting all our applications and FAFSAs lined up. We both had decent SAT scores (1300s).

When it came time for the Junior-Senior Prom, we each pretty much had to get “last minute” dates, and neither of us did too badly. By that time, though, we were both looking more towards who we’d be with in college and no longer feeling much of anything for our classmates. Snobby, nasty, call it what you want, but that’s honestly how we-and a lot of others-had begun to feel.

Except toward each other I don’t know what it was, but as our graduation day got closer, and the prospect of going off to different colleges after the Summer drew closer, so did we. All through our high school years, and while Sis was convalescing at home, we’d done a lot of talking, about this, that and the other, but towards graduation-which ataşehir escort bayan was a month after the Prom-we began talking about how much we would miss each other after the all too short Summer. We had always been a bit demonstrative toward each other in private, so while we talked, sometimes, we would sit side by side and hold each other by the shoulder or the waist. We kissed each other goodnight, too, after we’d said goodnight to Dad-Stephanie kissed him, naturally-and went to bed usually feeling all the better for it.

Back before we began growing hair on our pubes-Steph naturally before I-we’d taken baths and showers together, too, and Dad never told us not to, he just said it would not be a good idea. He was right, ’cause at that time of our lives, we’d pinch and hit more than we’d do anything else, and Steph had a habit of grabbing my little weenie and twisting it so it hurt like hell Anyhow, after all that background, toward the end of Summer, what happened was this:

“Steph, you know I don’t have a photo of you to take to college, don’t you?”

“You don’t? Judas, you’re right, we’ve hardly ever taken pictures of each other since we were small and Dad took ’em all Have you a camera?”

“Yeah, but it’s a digital. I’d kinda like to get a pin-up of you-maybe I’ll brag about the good looking girlfriend I have with my roomies ” I was kidding, but somehow the idea took root in Stephanie’s mind and she gave me a real witchy smile.

“O K, brud I’ll give you a couple a real good poses, how about?”

“Sure, when?”

“We-ell. Dad’ll be pissed if we take pictures of each other and not of him, you know…”

“Yeah, but I’ve taken some of him already. I just need to take a couple…if that’s O K…of you.”

“Sure. You want me to take a couple of you?-I wouldn’t mind having something to remember you by, either, Luce “

“S’all right by me, Sis. When’ll you want me to take ’em?”

“Well, now wouldn’t be the worst time. Dad’s off on a trip, it’s a week-end, we neither have dates or homework…you don’t, do you?”

“No. All right, I’ll get the camera, make certain it’s charged, and we’ll go from there.”

“We’ll take ’em in my room, the light’s better.”

“Huh?” Her room had always struck me as being dark and a bit dreary, but she liked it that way, and I wasn’t going to fight with her-even about her saying it had more light than anywhere else in the house. I had thought of outside, but if these were really going to be pin-ups, maybe Sis didn’t want to go outside to have me take ’em. She wasn’t a Playboy model-well, escort kadıköy she was in looks, certainly, but not in temperament.

I got the camera and Steph made me wait outside her closed door for awhile while she got ready.



“Will you do me a really big favor?”

“Sure, what?”

“Don’t say ‘sure’ unless you’ll do it, Luce ” She’d always corrected me that way, and I should have known….

“All right. What is this favor, Steph?”

“I want you to take my picture in your shorts, nothing else.”

“You what?” I was not sure I’d heard her right.

“Luce, I want you to be wearing your shorts, and that’s all ” she was right peremptory about that.

“O K, Steph, don’t get your….” no, I couldn’t say that, either. I said “O K” again and went to my room to take off all but my skivvy shorts. This struck me as one of her really weird ideas, but I was good-humored (mostly) about Steph’s fancies, and (mostly) went along with them.

I hurried back, wondering what she would wear. I could not remember the color of her bikini, which was dumb of me, she’d worn it to the pool only a day before. She really looked good (and very, very sexy) in that particular bikini, as she had bought a set with a minimal bra and a really low cut bottom part that came down across her hips in a V. She had a pretty navel, even if her brother is the one to say it. Not only her navel, but the rest of her body was spectacular-I mentioned that I thought she looked like a Playboy model, and maybe she did.

So-o. I rapped on her still closed door, and she made me wait a couple seconds before she opened it.

My God She was standing there in all her blonde beauty, not a stitch on, even her pubes were shaved bare, except for a sweater draped across her shoulders. She had her arms in the sleeves, and that just made her naked beauty all the more striking.

I could not help myself. My prick rose at once and I staggered over to her bed so I could sit down and conceal the woodie from her. I knew I was in love with her right then, and Steph must have felt the same way, ’cause she said, very softly,

“Luce, take my picture like this. You can say I’m your girl friend, right?”

“Steph, I hoped I’d never say it, but you are my girl friend, and my love, too Stephanie “

I was down on my knees, crawling on them across the floor to her, wanting no more just then but to hug her hips and lay my face against her belly. The camera lay forgotten on the bed, where I’d dropped it.

She opened her arms to me, and whispered maltepe escort urgently as I placed my cheek against her hot, hot belly,

“Oh, Luce Kiss me.”

I started to rise so as to place my lips on hers, but she pressed me into her pubes and I turned my head to place my mouth against those open lips. From them there was already moisture oozing. I had not known Steph was so hot.

“Luce, Luce, I love you so,” she murmured, as I began to lick at the lower part of her slit. The slippery ooze already there tasted slightly salty, then, as I licked more deeply, the taste became somehow sweeter, more enticing, until I was licking into Steph as deeply as my tongue would reach. She moved slowly above me, her belly swaying into my forehead in a stronger and stronger rhythm as I excited her.

“O-o-h, Luce, oh, oh, I’m…I’m…I’m gonna fall down, Luce, I’m gonna faint, don’t stop, Luce, love, don’t stop, lick my clit, Luce, lick higher. Oh Gaw-d ” as I did so and touched her engorged clitoris with the tip of my tongue.

Her knees buckled and she began to slip to the floor, but I was able to catch her and ease her fall a little bit. I strained a shoulder-never noticed it ’til later-but we were on the floor together-thank God for a soft, thick rug-and I had my face buried in her sopping wet crotch, slobbering inside her as far as my tongue would go. Every third or fourth lick I’d touch her clit and she’d jump a little bit, her constant moans punctuated, as I did so, with a gasp and a little yelp of pleasure.

Her breathing was all gasps and moans until she managed, in a breathy voice, “I’m gonna cum, big time, Luce. Here. I. Come “

Her vagina contracted and she gushed thick fluid into my waiting mouth. That tasted wonderful, it was the very essence of Stephanie made real in my mouth. I groaned as my aching penis oozed pre-cum copiously, all by itself. I couldn’t help myself, I slid rapidly up along Steph’s belly until my still stiff, throbbing and leaking prick was pushing at her labia and then thrust into her with all my might.

Steph yelped and then her arms were wrapped tightly around me, so tightly that I was having a bit of trouble breathing.

“Push, Luce, push, I want to cum again ” she moaned in my ear. Then her tongue licked into it and I came again, much to my surprise. I did not know that I could cum twice that quickly, but Sis certainly made me. I lay on her for several minutes, exhausted, and I think she was a bit, too, for she let her arms flop down to her sides, and breathed deeply a couple of times.

“For God’s sake, Luce, get your weight the hell off me, you’re heavy ” she growled, but then she started giggling. As I pulled out of her still twitching vagina, I began laughing, too.

“Those were some of the damndest pictures I ever took, Steph,” I managed between belly-laughs, and she began laughing, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32