Recording a video with her Black Master

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Recording a video with her Black MasterMy sensual wife was looking hot that night and I knew she was also very horny and in the mood for sex.But Ana told me we could watch a movie after dinner; so we sat there on the couch and she turned on the video.A while later, I noticed on the corner of my eye that she was rubbing her pussy lips with her fingers hidden between her thighs.I asked then what she was thinking about; since she was touching herself. Anita just giggled and kept rubbing her clit…My sensual wife then began telling me about one time that her Black Master had called her when I was at work…Jerome was alone at his home; with his sexy black wife gone out.He wanted my sweet wife to come to his house and fuck. Anita giggled and looked at me; my cock started to ache inside of my trousers. So I encouraged her to continue the story…She explained that she had got a warm shower and had shaved her mound nice and smooth, since her Black Master loved it that way…My wife described she had put on a sexy black garter belt and black stockings. She decided to wear just a raincoat and high heels to cover her toned naked body…I then asked if she had driven over to his house with nothing on but a garter belt and stockings… And a raincoat, Ana giggled…But when she arrived to Jerome’s house, she had left her coat in the car and walked almost fully naked to the door…Some people walking by saw her nudity, but she did not mind.Jerome opened the door and he let her in. I asked what else had happened… She said they had fucked.I wanted a full description of the fuck session; so Ana described to me Jerome’s king size bed with red satin sheets. My wife got onto her elbows and kadıköy escort knees and the Black Master just fucked her with no mercy at all. I asked how many times…Ana giggled, saying she had lost count. She was sure she had been on this huge bed for about five hours…When was that day; I asked. Anita looked at me with an evil grin in her eyes and she said it had been the same day I had fucked her slutty girlfriend Miriam. I asked how did he know I had fucked her girlfriend and Anita laughed, saying Miriam herself had described her every detail…This time Ana laughed even louder, as she watched the surprise in my face. She then said she had thought about me while she was being pounded by Jerome’s huge black cock.She had recorded a video for me…I told her that I wanted to see this video; so Ana woke up and ordered me to wait there, while she looked for it at a hiding place.A minute later, Ana came back fully naked, just wearing stilettos.She tossed a video to me and then sat down on the couch, starting to rub her sweet soaking wet cunt again… I put the piece on the VCR and joined her. I felt totally aroused.The first scene showed Jerome’s bedroom and the infamous king size bed. My sensual wife was standing at the edge in just what she said, a black garter belt and matching black stockings. I saw her exposed nipples were hard as rocks. She was smiling at the camera, but her first word was a NO…Jerome’s deep voice said she looked as a perfect slutty married white bitch and then Ana fell across the bed; her beautiful face just a few inches from the camera.Then Jerome üsküdar escort walked around from behind the camera; his black dick was already pointing to the ceiling.My wife crawled onto the bed and she took his cockhead up her wet mouth; she began sucking it with all her arousal …A while later, Jerome sat on the bed’s edge and my little sexy wife straddled his lap. Very slowly, she sat on this huge black cock.Anita lifted her hips just a second and then she went down until Jerome’s balls were slapping against her shaven mound. As I watched the scene, I asked Ana if she was a bit wet there.She answered that she had left a wet spot on the car driver’s seat.So she was fully lubricated and ready when she went to the door.I watched as my sensual babe rocked her hips back and forth onto this tremendous black cock, while she was moaning loud.She suddenly leaned and put her hands on Jerome’s shoulders and started fucking him as hard and fast as she could. They went at it for about ten minutes and then she stopped moving…Ana rolled on her back and Jerome mounted her, shoving his hard on again into her slippery wet cunt. The black guy began fucking my sensual wife like a mad man…I even could hear the bed headboard hitting the wall. I noticed Ana was smiling and moaning, while she looked directly into the camera, showing her full pleasure to me.Her Black Master beat her sweet cunt for over twenty minutes before he stopped. He pulled out and I could see Ana’s cunt was a wide gaping hole like I had never seen before. I then saw it… the Then I saw it, the cream pie running out from Anita’s gaped cunt. She grabbed her mound tuzla escort with her hand and said she need a towel…Jerome laughed, asking if she was going to save that for me…But Ana answered she was not wearing any panties; so, she would not save that salty cream pie for me…She looked into the camera and then the screen went blue again.My sensual wife asked if I had enjoyed the show. I just stood up and pulled my trousers down, showing her that my dick was hard.Ana licked her red lips and said she would wait for me upstairs…When I went there, my wife was talking with Jerome on the phone.She hung up the phone and began dressing again. She put under her dress some sexy culottes panties and said I should wait for her.She kissed me goodbye and just disappeared out the front door.Two hours later she came back home. Her make-up had been smeared over her face; her hair was a real mess. She stripped off and sat on the edge of our bed. I noticed she had some bite marks and red scratches all over her toned body.Ana spread her legs wide, saying Jerome had sent me something.Her culottes panties were soaking wet; I could see the dark spot in her crotch. I knelt down between her thighs and pulled her panties aside. I then started licking the salty semen…Ana grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in so tight I could barely breathe. I pushed back to take some air and I then dove right back in. After I cleaned her, I pulled my boxers down and slid my hard dick up her warm soaking wet swollen cunt.I fucked my sensual wife until she made me quit, saying she was sore now, after been fucked so hard by her Black Master.…Anita went to the shower and I finished that hard on off by watching the video one more time. A while later, I slipped inside the fresh bed sheets close to the naked body of my sensual wife.Ana opened her eyes, asking if I finally was done.I said of course I was not done yet and she had still one tight orifice in her body that her Black Master had not used tonight. Anita laughed in the darkness, as she assumed the position…