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As Rev. Bob drove to the church for the New Member’s Class he thought about the upcoming session. He really liked his new parishioners, Rich and Sheila and their teenage son Don. Then of course there was Don’s girlfriend, Penny. Thinking about Penny, for the second time today made Bob’s cock stir again. He knew it was wrong to think of her in such carnal terms but the girl was an extremely pretty and sensuous young lady. At 18 she was a slim, brown eyed beauty with chestnut hair that reached her shoulders, Penny was, without a doubt, a stunner. A natural athlete and a swimmer, Penny was the star on the high school swim team where early morning practices had toned her young body to perfection. Bob visualized her perky young breasts, usually tightly constrained within a sports bra, under the thin mini T shirts she habitually wore. He estimated that her boobs were probably a 34B maybe even a C cup. Her taut, flat belly was usually fully visible between where her short T shirts ended and the top of her Yoga pants began.

“Ah Yoga pants,” mused Bob for the second time that day, “Thank you God for Yoga pants!”

Thanks to Lulu Lemon and Associates there was little guess work needed to figure out what Penny’s lower body would look like naked! The form hugging pants she always wore emphasized the gorgeous round swell of her bubble butt. Bob had a tough time not staring at her gorgeous ass whenever she turned around. Keeping his eyes to himself was not easy. He often wondered what her lovely, toned thighs would feel like wrapped around his head or, better yet, his waist.

As Bob rounded the street corner and drove up the driveway of the church he noticed someone sitting on the front steps. He was intentionally half an hour early so he could set up the chairs, books and flip chart needed for his upcoming class so he was surprised that someone was here already. As he drew nearer to the steps he was able to recognize the familiar figure of Penny sitting on the front steps, dressed in her usual tight Lulu Lemon Yoga pants and a cute little mini T shirt that barely reached below her perky breasts.

Parking the car Bob got out and greeted Penny with a smile.

“Hey there Penny! What are you doing here so early and where’s the rest of the crew?”

Penny lit up with a huge smile, “Hey Bob, I was at swim practice really early so I just walked over from the pool, I told Don I’d meet him and his folks here at 10.”

Penny sprang up from her spot on the steps and gave Bob a big hug. While Bob always encouraged his flock to be demonstrative of their care and love for one another he found it a little too tempting to be hugged tightly by this extremely attractive teenager. Her firm, round boobs pressed against his chest and he found he had to encircle her waist with his arms in order to maintain his balance. She certainly was a lovely armful! Backing up quickly so the young woman would not discern the beginnings of his erection, Bob retreated toward the front door of the church. Unlocking the door he held it for Penny and admired the bounce of her fine young ass cheeks as she brushed by him on the way in the door.

“Are we in the Fireside Room as usual?” Penny asked.

“Yes,” said Bob “I really appreciate you coming to help out a little bit early, it’ll ease my load a little.”

Penny gave him a strange look at that comment and smiled at Bob sweetly, “Anything to relieve your load there Reverend!” she giggled.

Bob blushed deeply and stammered something incoherent as he struggled to maintain his composure. Penny was a tease and a bit of a rebel in her own right. She never called Bob, Reverend, much to the dismay of Don’s mother, Sheila. She believed that it was a sign of respect to address Bob by his title and constantly reminded Penny she should address him in such a manner. Penny on the other hand was consistently defiant of this directive and insisted on using his first name in every conversation. Her sudden use of his title told Bob that she was quietly teasing him and was intent on finding out just how far she might push the handsome minister in the future.

Bob was not sure if it was his imagination or if Penny was deliberately bending over further than she needed to while arranging the chairs. She was holding the pose a little bit longer than she really had to. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her beautiful butt as she leaned over to place the chairs and the fabric of her yoga pants did nothing to conceal the lovely round ass cheeks and firm thighs that were just below them. Her tits were bouncing under her flimsy T shirt in a most provocative way too and it was plain to Bob that she was not wearing the usual sport bra underneath her shirt. In fact the outline of her firm nipples told ataşehir escort bayan him that she wasn’t wearing a bra at all. Bob couldn’t help himself and had to watch her as she glided around the room, her firm young swimmer body barely concealed under her tight clothing. Suddenly she looked over and caught him watching her, a book clasped in his right hand, frozen in motion as he was about to place it on one of the chairs.

“See something you like there Pastor?” she smirked.

“Jeez I’m sorry Penny…um…well..I was just thinking about the lesson today, you know?” Bob stuttered.

Quick and fluid as a cat Penny slid into his personal space and stood inches away from him, “Really Bob? I don’t think so. I think you were just thinking about how you’d like to fuck me, weren’t you?”

Totally flummoxed Bob turned red as a beet and tried to make a response.

“Well?” she smiled at him mockingly. “Isn’t that the truth? You’re always telling us that the truth will set us free and how confession is good for the soul…what do you say Bob?”

Bob finally got ahold of his emotions and although his cock had grown and thickened in his pants during this incredible exchange he was astounded at the young woman’s audacity.

“Penny! I’m shocked you would say these things to me! I’ve never said or done anything to give you or any woman in my congregation that impression and I’m not about to start now!” Bob stated firmly.

She laughed and glanced at the front of Bob’s pants where his thick cock would have made a fine substitute for a tent pole, “Whatever you say, Reverend, but I think the rest of the class is arriving any minute so you’d better find a way to lower that pup tent!”

Bob was now really off balance and during the class, try as he might, he could not regain his sense of professional competency and pride. The class went well he thought, despite his distraction. Rich, Sheila and Don certainly participated fully with no hint that they thought things were awry. Penny kept on teasing him throughout the class by winking or licking her lips or making pointed answers which could be taken either innocently or in a highly sexual manner. Was it his imagination or was this young lady playing games with him and his emotions?

When the class was over Don and his parents prepared to leave and asked Penny if she wanted a ride home. She told them she had to slip back over to the pool for a while to talk to her coach and not to worry about her. They all walked out the front door together. Penny kissed Don chastely on the cheek and walked off toward the pool. The other three drove off down the driveway. Bob watched them leave through the large glass front door of the church, sighed and retired to his office to clear up his papers and file his course notes.

With his back to the door he stood in front of the large filing cabinet searching for the correct file in which to store his notes. Without warning two soft hands began to glide around his hips, a pair of firm breasts pressed into his back and he could feel hardened nipples through the thin fabric of his dress shirt. A soft familiar voice purred,

“You didn’t really think I was going to let it go at that did you?”

Bob froze in place, “Penny? wha…what are you doing? I thought you were going to the pool?”

Penny’s right hand glided across the bulge in the front of his pants. Her left hand rubbed across his belly, “Nah I just told them that…I want to know the truth about what you were really thinking before class and I think I found the answer.”

“But what about Don? He’s your boyfriend…this isn’t right.” said Bob

Penny’s hands continued to rub and fondle him through the thin fabric of his dress pants and he did nothing to stop her. “Donny’s ok but he and his Mom are church geeks and they think I’m a good little girl…well i’m not so much you know? Don is a nice guy and I give him BJs to keep him happy but he says he doesn’t want to fuck me till we get married. How fucked up is that? My last boyfriend and I used to fuck whenever and wherever we could…I’m going crazy here with Goody Two Shoes Donny!”

All the time she was speaking her right hand was caressing Bob through his pants. Slowly she unzipped his fly and slid her left hand into his pants. She encircled his large 8 inch penis with her soft hand and eased it through the zipper opening. She captured the fuck staff with her right hand and began to rub it up and down deliberately. Bob’s cock was also very thick and as she rubbed it, it began to swell to it’s full, awesome circumference. The knob swelled and turned red and then purple as the blood coursed into his turgid pole.

“Well, well what have we here Bob? Your cock is as stiff escort kadıköy as a tent peg. Don’t tell me you haven’t been thinking how nice it would be to fuck me! Your lovely big cock is telling me another story.”

Bob turned to face her. His face was beet red and his breath was coming in gasps. The young woman continued the contact with his cock, switching hands as he turned but continuing to rub and fondle his hard shaft. He was stunned at her sexual aggressiveness and insistence on having her way and although a large part of his brain was saying that this was just not right, a large part of his lower anatomy was arguing that this was “just fucking great!”

“Come on Bob…I know you’ve wanted to fuck me for a long time and now’s your chance. Donny is just not cutting the mustard and I have some needs that you can help me with.” she whispered, keeping up her hand action on his rigid tool, stroking him slowly and squeezing the bulbous head when she got to the top. With her left hand she fondled his nuts and gave them a soft squeeze at the same time as she gripped the knob.

Suddenly Penny stepped back and let go of his throbbing cock. She smiled provocatively at him, placed both thumbs in the waist band of her yoga pants and began to slide the tight pants down her hips. She turned around and faced away from him and slowly and sensuously slid the pants over her round ass cheeks. A pretty little black thong was under the pants but it was so tiny it did nothing to hide her gorgeous bum cheeks. Her firm globes were now in full view as the pants reached the bottom of her cheeks and carried on down to the floor. She was now standing, removing the pants from her feet, and was fully bent at the waist giving him a fantastic view of her 18 year old ass cheeks in all their splendour.

Bob was speechless. Had he not thought of her several times when he jerked off? He had even thought of her when he fucked his wife a couple of times, if he was going to be honest. And here she was teasing and stripping in front of him. And here he was with his thick cock sticking straight out of his zipper with a tiny drop of precum starting to form at his piss hole. It was too much for any man to resist, even a man of the cloth!

Penny slowly straightened up and turned toward him. Grasping the bottom of her mini T shirt she raised it gradually over her chest. Bob’s initial observation was correct; she was braless! Ever so slowly she raised the shirt and his eyes first saw the bottoms of her perfectly formed boobs and then gradually her nipples came into view. Her nipples were puffy and perfect. Her tits were round and perky and he now revised his estimate to a perfect C cup. His hands involuntarily reached out and cupped them. She let out a low moan and he leaned forward and engulfed her left nipple with his mouth. He sucked the nipple gently and softly squeezed her tits as he suckled, first on the left and then on the right. Penny’s hand went to his cock again as he sucked her lovely tits and she resumed stroking his rigid man pole. He was fascinated with her firm young tits and he took his time sucking her nipples until they hardened in his mouth. She was moaning and stroking him firmly all the while and he knew that soon he had to switch it up or risk losing his load in her hand.

She was now dressed only in her tiny black thong and Bob started his mouth on a downward journey toward her navel. She stood straight up and ran her fingers through his hair and over the back of his head as he descended toward her nether regions. He kissed her lightly across her belly, pausing at her navel to swirl his tongue lightly around that spot and then descended lower. He could smell her pussy now and the heady aroma of her arousal. He slipped her thong off her hips and quickly she stepped out of it as it hit the floor. She placed her hands behind his head as he knelt before her and guided him into the target. Her pussy was shaved smooth like most young women her age and like all the girls on the swim team were instructed to do.

Bob once again marvelled at her aggressiveness and how this young 18 year old knew exactly what she wanted and was bound and determined to get it. He touched her pussy lips gently with his tongue and she let out a low guttural moan and pushed her pelvis forward seeking firmer contact with his mouth. He stuck his tongue out to meet her juicy snatch, slid across her clit hood and into her slick tight little hole. He rolled the tip of his tongue back up and lightly flicked her clitoris. Then he swirled his tongue around the tiny button and sucked it fully into his mouth. Her juice tasted like nectar to him and he could feel his cock stiffening further as he licked her perfect little pussy and bostancı escort worked his tongue around her clit.

“Mmmm that’s right!” she murmured between clenched teeth, “keep licking my pussy like that!”

He reached both hands up behind her and cupped and squeezed her perfect round ass cheeks. He pulled her toward his tongue even as she urged his head with her hands. He rubbed his tongue and lips all over her tight little fuck hole and marvelled at how wet she was getting with the hot tongue action. He nuzzled her clit with his nose and licked deeper into her hole stretching his long tongue up and curving it around to try and stimulate the bottom of her g spot. She tilted her pelvis and ground her clam into his tongue to try and get it deeper into her love tunnel. His face was slick with her juice and he was having trouble trying to catch his breath as his face was forced in between her legs with more and more intensity. He squeezed her taut bum cheeks and used his tongue like a slippery penis; tongue fucking her with wild abandon.

Suddenly she stiffened and pressed her hands down on his shoulders, “Oh God I’m coming, I’m coming…I’m co…ming!”

Bob could tell by the different taste of her juice that she was having a deep and profound orgasm. Suddenly her sweet juice turned more gooey and sticky and it leaked profusely from her hole, bathing his tongue and lips with her sweet spending.

His cock was throbbing and he needed some relief. Standing up he lifted her ass cheeks and placed her on the edge of his desk. Pants now around his ankles he shuffled in between her widespread thighs and placed his throbbing cock at the entrance to her tight wet pussy. The sight of her pussy lips, engorged and spread like a pretty butterfly urged him forward and he slid his cock slowly into the entrance to her snatch. It felt like a little velvet glove was slowly surrounding his cock head and a little hand in the glove was squeezing tightly around his knob as he slowly eased it in. Inch by agonizing inch he slipped in… pausing every so often to let her catch her breath. She was moaning and making low noises in her throat that told him she was enjoying every thick inch as it slowly slid into her.

Eventually he was in to the hilt and he felt his balls snug up against her gorgeous taut ass cheeks. He gazed down between her legs and caught the most delightful view of her tight pussy stretched around his cock, her clit stuck out like a little pencil eraser and she reached down and began to rub it in small circles as he slowly withdrew his cock to the ridge of his knob and then squeezed it back in to her up to the hilt again. Her juice was easing the effort now and he began to pick up the pace as he withdrew and then plunged back into her again. He grabbed her hips and began to slide his cock in and out of her in long strong strokes. She was going bananas, squirming and whimpering and urging him on, “Oh yes! fuck me harder Bob! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck Yeah!,” she hissed between clenched teeth as he fucked her faster and harder with each stroke.

He could feel the pressure beginning low down in his sack and knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. “I’m going to come Penny, I’ve gotta pull out,” he said.

“It’s ok I’m on the pill,” she murmured, “fill me up…I wanna feel you cum in my pussy!”

Her naughty words sent him over the edge. He slammed his cock all the way in to her, grabbed her hips and forced her further onto his cock than she thought possible and he began to come deep inside her spasming pussy. She could feel the hot jizz squirting into her naturally lubed pussy and the flood gates opened for her too. She squirted girl come all over his cock and it dripped off his belly and balls and down into the crack of her ass. A large pool of girlie goo formed on the edge of his desk and a pungent aroma filled the air.

Bob had heard about girls who could squirt but he’d never experienced it before. He was awed by it and definitely thought it was one of the hottest things he’d ever experienced.

“Holy Shit! You squirted all over my dick and the desk!” he exclaimed.

“Well I’ve never done that before but that was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had!” she said, propping herself up on an elbow and looking at the mess on the desk.

Suddenly Bob was overcome with what had just happened and began to apologize,

“Uh look Penny, I’m sorry this should not have happened, I…”

“Relax Bob, it happened and we both enjoyed it.” she said. “I’m 18 and I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry about it, it’s cool.”

She quickly recovered her thong, yoga pants and T shirt and before he knew what was happening she scooted out the door. Bob stood with his pants around his ankles, his dick slowly deflating and dripping with a mixture of their fluids. He stared at the door in amazement. “Well doesn’t that beat all.” he thought. Then he scrambled to pull his pants up and headed to the bathroom to get something with which to clean up his desk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32