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Every once in a while we have corporate meetings and they usually last a couple of days. These meetings are made to drive us to new levels of excitement and determination for sales and management. This year the boss sent most of the staff. This included me and my staff of 6 along with Mel and her staff of 4 and a couple of other staffs and their staff leads. Our company has teams with a team leader and the team leader has a larger staff the then rest. So all in all, there were about 20 of us going to this conference.

We would be flying from Phoenix to Chicago for the meeting and staying at the conference hotel. There would be groups from all parts of our company and maybe even get to see Sandy. But she wasn’t anything anymore to me since we have parted. Mel has been my sole conquest since I have been in Phoenix.

As we arrived I made sure that we all had our rooms. As team leader I was the one to lead our staff and also make the arrangements. As team leader and all staff leaders we had our own personal rooms. Then the staffs would share rooms as applicable. I made sure that my room was a suite which had a conference room attached and then also Mels room was attached to mine. Whether she wanted to or liked it or not, we were going to the bed tango a few times.

We all went to our rooms and I immediately went to the adjoining door and tapped on it. Mel opened the door and smirked at me…..and sarcastically said….”figures!!”

“What’s that about?” I said….

“It’s about this…..our adjoining rooms. I should have known!!!” Mel replied.

“Ok Mel…yes my motives were that way, but we have these great rooms and I think it is necessary for us to spend some quality work time together….” I laughed.

“Yeah…I bet quality work time it is….right…..” she smirked.

She closed the door and I closed mine and then locked it. Our plan was to get together for a prep meeting at 4pm prior to opening dinner so promptly at 4pm most of the staff started to knock on the door and all the staff leaders came in. We reviewed the whole conference and then headed down to the opening dinner. This çiğli escort would be dinner and entertainment. They had a comedian and then a band. Between dinner and the entertainment, I went to the hotel desk clerk and got a key to Mels room and then called for room service. Bottle of champagne, lots of flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. I waited and laid everything out when it arrived. I made quick work and went back to the ballroom for our events. Mel asked where I was and I said I had to take a call.

The night proceeded quickly and as the evening ended roughly 9pm. I asked if all of the staff leaders would stay behind and meet with me in the bar.

We had a quick meeting. I bought a deal of alcohol for a purpose and as we concluded our business I continued to buy until the staff leaders were done in and eventually left. Mel is a Mojito woman. She likes the flavors so after three of them she was quite buzzed. Mel and I continued to talk on in the bar and mostly business. Mel had one more Mojito and sipped it slowly to not allow the effects of the alcohol take effect. I knew that this had to be my moment.

So we talked for a while and a song came on from the DJ and Mel said, “I may regret this, but you want to dance?”

I jumped up and we went to the dance floor. Dancing was fun and then as the music continued on, Mel was getting very touchy and this was good. It eventually led to us to kiss and hang on tightly together on the floor. As a song would be fast and fun to dance, she would get freaky and rub up on me and this would rile me up.

I told Mel it was time for me to hit the bed….and so I started to walk back to the table to settle the bill. She followed and I walked her to her room. She opened the door and it was dark and she kissed me quick and said goodnight. She closed the door and went quickly to my door and went inside. Then I went over to our connecting door and opened it quickly and waited there.

I heard the lock on the door turn slowly and click and then the door handle turned and the door opened.

“A call you had to take huh!” foça escort She giggled. I walked in and grabbed Mel quickly and passionately kissed her and she tried to fight the urge a little, but just couldn’t.

I closed the connecting door and locked it quickly and grabbed Mel and pushed her front first into the door. I knew at the very least we were going to be dog tired tomorrow.

I moved her hair away and kissed her neck and her shoulders as I moved about. She exhaled deeply with my kisses on the nape of her neck. I unbuckled my belt and since I wore larger pants they easily fell to the floor. Mel didn’t notice this at all as I was kissing her neck and she was occupied with her emotions. My cock was quite erect at this time and I knew that it wouldn’t take much to slip it into Mels pussy when I got her pants down.

I took Mels hands and placed them up on the door and like she was going to be arrested. I slide down her arms and down her front and grabbing lightly onto her breasts and massaging them through her blouse. As I proceeded down her torso, I made it to her very loose pants and gabbed onto them. Kissing at her neck again and exhaling deeply I fell down to my knees and as I did came down her pants and frilly black panties. She then really resisted and begged me to stop and I stood up and choose not to listen to her. I forced her back into her position and slid my boxers down and they fell down to the floor. I grabbed onto Mels hips and her tight white ass stood there and I pulled her a little closer to me making her stance a little bent over at this time.

I rammed my 8 inch cock deep into her pussy and she yelped out….

“Jay, no please, stop, we can’t……” she grunted out

I continued to pummel her pussy with each thrust and since I have been denied for so long with her pussy I knew it wouldn’t be long. Thrust after thrust I slammed my meat into her pussy. Mel was getting extremely wet as she always does when I fuck her.

As I continued to fuck her, I slid my hands up her belly and then to her chest and pulled out her little tits and izmir escort really massaged them I then reach out and pulled her top off over her head and undid the bra so that she was free for the most part.

I could see that each time my cock pounded into her backside it would make the ass cheeks shutter and her tits bounce a bit. With each pounding also of my cock Mel would grunt out and exhale.

I slowed my punishing of her pussy and slid my cock in and out her slowly. I reached around and found her clit and massaged that. She then started to grind against my cock as I played with her clit. Pushing hard against my cock wanting more of it.

I knew I was getting close and she had to be with the pounding I was giving her and now playing with her clit.

Then it happened. We virtually came together. I felt her body tense up and her pussy clenching down on my cock and the flow of her juices made my cock begin to throb inside of her and then I exploded my load of cum deep inside of her.

We soon stopped and my cock slid out of her pussy.

Kicking off her pants she walked quickly into her bathroom. I followed and found a rag and cleaned off my cock. I walked over to the toilet and sorta straddled her on the toilet and my cock was quite hard still. My dick was right in front of her lips and then, she started to say,…”Well…Whaaaaa……mmmmmph!!!!”.

I shoved my cock into her mouth and grabbed onto her blond locks and face fucked Mel for a bit. She didn’t like it at first but she started to go with it. My cock started to pulse again and some more cum came out into her mouth and down her throat.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and walked out of the bath. I heard the shower come on. Mel was in there for about 20 minutes so I prepped our bed. She came out only in a towel…..and I was naked in the bed.

“What are you doing in there?” she asked…. “Don’t play this game, this is our bed for the conference.” I replied.

She huffed a little…..and I said…. “Get that ass over here into bed.”

She shuffled over and tried to climb into bed with the towel and I ripped it off of Mel and threw it across the room. There Mel sat on the bed naked and wet, in more ways then one. I fucked her three more times that night, finally falling asleep about 4am. Wake up was at 7am. It was going to be a great long day with another night of rewards in Mel’s room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32