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I never thought it would be out of ordinary when I went and stayed with a friend for a couple of days as I was visiting her city for work. Happily married for many years I had known her, by the feel of it, my entire lifetime.

The day I reached I took her and her husband out for lunch and we had a great time. During the conversation the question about what kind of people do people get attracted to, we discussed many combinations and some were hilarious. I had mentioned I would rather go with someone on the plumper side rather than someone all bones because ‘I wouldn’t want to be poked all over each time we try to get intimate’.

When her husband went to the rest room, my friend who is very pretty and slightly plump asked me seriously, ‘Did you really mean you like plump women?’ and I said yes… Her next question was the least expected… ‘Do you think you would be happy to make love to someone like me?’…. and for a genuine response it took a few moments for me to gather my thoughts and words. I haltingly told her that as a man I would love to do it anytime ‘but you have a lucky guy for a husband’. She pinched me really painfully uttering and mocking me… ‘Y’re are dirty…’

It was a Friday and at night I could still see a faint light in their room at about 2 am when I woke up to go to the loo. The next day they both looked a bit ravaged and when I asked if they were okay she told me that she had a severe headache and couldn’t sleep.

Saturday day was a holiday but I had a client meeting and lunch and so I returned home at around 7. She welcomed me with a beautiful coffee and told me that her husband had to go interstate on a emergency and would be back only after three days. I was about to ask her something and she showed me the text message from her husband asking her to tell me that he will talk to me later and to ask me to feel at home until he returns.

She looked very pleased and I attributed her happiness to her headache having gone completely. We had dinner and I helped her with the dishes. She was humming a song and I felt good because she sounded and looked very happy. She once again asked me if I really meant I like slightly curvy women. I was a bit frustrated and said, ‘Yes yes… but I am not going to look for someone tonight…’ to which she retorted, ‘You don’t have to… go and get some good sleep’.

We flicked through the television and it was entirely political debates sports and some repeat movies and I told her that I better go to bed sooner. I usually have a shower before going to bed and the towel was missing in the bathroom so I got a fresh one from her. I normally take about 10 minutes but because it was slightly earlier than usual, and because it was a fairly cold night, I stood under the shower a bit longer. Occasionally I get a hard on in warm water and I got one this time. I jokingly told the little one… ‘better go back and continue to meditate because I don’t know when you will get the attention you need’… and as always, he hung half-heartedly once I focused again on enjoying the rain shower. I think I would have spent about 20 minutes or more before I got out of the shower with just the towel around my middle.

When I stepped out of the bathroom I was completely taken aback. The lights of my room were dimmed, there were a couple of scented candles spread out, the well made bed was untouched in the dim light, and there was a faint Chinese instrument playing a very sensuous tune somewhere. Because I had switched the light off in the shower, I felt as if I walked into a different world. By the time I could recover and think of calling out my friend, I saw her walking slowly into the room.

She came in as a second wave of shocking surprise.

She was in a semi-transparent night gown with her beautiful long hair open and spread out. She was holding a cup of warm something… she might have walked canlı bahis normally but I felt as if I was in a trance and she walked in slow motion towards me. The man in me saw the subtle curves delicately covered by the night gown and I think I could even hear the rustling of her fabric. I realised that she had had a shower and her hair was moist. I felt as if I am getting fazed out but all I could feel with a shock was the resurgence of my hardness.

I was spellbound, immobile and she walked close to me so that I could see the glimmer of wetness on her lips and I could see her controlled yet animated breathing heaving her beautiful breasts. Her eyes shined and dozens of candles flickered on her dark pupils. She smiled through the corner of her eyes and extended the cup in her hand. ‘Hot chocolate… ‘

I mumbled and blurted something and she giggled… while taking the cup from her, our fingers briefly touched and I asked what is all this? She took a while to respond and slowly said… this is whatever you can see…

By then I had had a sip of the hot chocolate and licked my upper lips of the froth… regretting the very moment because she caught me doing it. She came close enough to feel her breathing on my and whispered ‘Did you tell me the truth that you would love to make love to curvy women’…

It was that kind of a moment when you realise that nothing is in your control anymore, if you say or not say… you are doomed. Yet the male ego in me made me utter…. mumble… yes…. but…. and I could not finish it before her lips sealed mine. I was stunned with one had tightly holding onto the hot cup of hot chocolate…and the other hand involuntarily circling this hot woman… who was one of the best friends I have ever had… holding her… more so not to loose my balance. She bit my lips deliberately hurting and said, ‘If you were honest with your answer.. prove it now!

The next moment my left hand realised that there was nothing else under her gown and my manhood responded instantaneously…. I somehow left the cup on the table next to me… and before I could get control of myself, I was squeezed into a passionate hug by her and our lips became inseparable.. My hands knew their roles and they explored her over the gown and found the most remarkable woman separated only by a thin layer of beautiful silk. I felt her fingers grabbing my hair and moving over my neck and my back. I felt her firm hard breasts pressed against my bare chest. I could even feel her nipples crushed against me. I for a moment wanted to ask her something and I suppose I stood emotionless without realizing what I was doing…

She pulled away her lips and still holding me tight asked… in a sexy way… ‘Whaaatt…?’

‘Is it okay…?’ and she cut me down and said… ‘It is okay… everything is okay…’

I said… ‘I mean… is it okay if I enjoyed it?’

To which she heaved herself on to me and bit my right ear and whispered… ‘Absolutely fine… in fact I want you to do it to me… show me how to enjoy the way you love to enjoy… the whole night is ours…. take me…’

For the next few moments I stood there considering the sensuous soft music, the exotic aroma of candles, the chill of the air conditioner and most of all the tight squeezed on warmth of this very beautiful woman.

I knew I need to act because she wouldn’t do anything until she is reinforced the assurance that what she has done so far is okay. (I would a few days later recall that it must have taken her courage of a Mount Everest and a genuine need as deep as the Challenger Deep, to feel like a woman and it would only made me respect her and want her more!)

I felt the notes of the music touch my bare skin and induced by it my hands started moving first a bit clumsily but soon with purposefulness. Burying my face in her silky fragrant hair my warm palms caressed bahis siteleri her back enjoying both the thin layer of her negligee and her soft skin and curves. Closer to her hips my hands discovered, like a blind man reading erotica in braille, how hot and sexy she was over the slightly larger but shapely mounts. My involuntary act was to squeeze them and she responded thrusting hardest to my hard on.

My fingers were now on autopilot. They sought and found the rim of her half knee length negligee and eagerly conquered the back of her thighs. The first contact of her skin I though would make me explode… but thankfully it ended with a throbbing pain down there. My hands then went crazy, seeking and finding her butts hotter than the hottest and like a studious academic explored both of them and the hidden valleys while finger tips were sending real time data to my life’s memory book.

Soon my hands scooped up her negligee all the way up like the unveiling of a beautiful statue of a Greek Goddess. There was a moment when her face was yet to become free from her negligee and her sharp breasts with dark nipples trained their guns on me. Now I had to prove I am chivalrous enough as a man so my lips in a split second covered the imminent threat!

While my tongue was negotiating a deal with the left nipple I heard ‘bite me’ in a voice with determination of a commander and my teeth seemed to be in her control and bit her even before I realised what was happening. My instinctive care for her made the tongue to follow and balm and try to heal the first mark on her. The mark was discovered only next day morning and that’s another tale for another time…

I realised that her fingers were digging into my lower hip and I realised that I had lost the bath towel that was around me on the way. It is true that earth’s gravity can work appropriately knowing well the gravity of a situation!

Once the negligee flew off her head, she climbed onto me like a love vine, her deft thighs accommodating my hot hard on. The feel of her inner thighs around him was so cold that made me wonder how hot she might be finding my love pole.

Another squeeze of her butts made her declare the Battle of Lips and we duelled on for ever. Somehow we both realised that the music had played out the entire last score, so it must have been a few long minutes of kissing. I wondered if we would make it to the Guinness Book.

Next moment she was reaching out for me and my brave manhood became the captive of her beautiful fingers. I could feel that the control was shifting sides and she was merciless in taking over. Like a fall from the stars I fell through the dark but when you are with a woman like her, it will certainly be a happy landing. I landed on the bed and I saw her coming over me like a beautiful moor rising.

The next moment my entire body relaxed except my brave manhood. He stood broad chested ready to face any challenge. Her hands pinned me down and like a lightning her kiss landed on my lips and the waves it created went through my body and beyond and it was yet another moment when I realised that I have a soul as her kiss touched something rarely visited deep within.

For a change I was now at the receiving end. Once she could breathe again, she slid her lips to my ears and whispered… ‘Where were you all these days?’ My response was a question to her… ‘Where were you all these years beautiful?’

She became quite all of a sudden. With her entire body weight on me she lifted her face up. I could see her dark shining eyes, the familiar curvy eyebrows, the peaky nose and the quivering wet lips, and it was all surrounded by a thick curtain of her silky hair as if our face to face had to be kept private from even the sneaky candle light.

‘Did you just say beautiful?… Am I?… are you sure…?’ She had a series of questions.

Before responding bahis şirketleri I reached out and kissed her again and watching my wetness on her lips I said ‘You’ve always been beautiful… but the researcher in me is asking me to make sure it is contemporary’ . As soon as I finished uttering this I rolled her over and now I was on top. She had to wriggle my hard on into the dark soft and chasm to cradle it between her determined thighs.

I buried my face again into her silky dark hair and teasing bit her left ear and whispered.. “I am going to confirm that my statement is not only factual but also contemporary…’

Thereafter, supported by my left hand I started kissing her ears, curve of the neck, cheeks, chin, throat… and it was happening in slow motion. Each kiss whispered, ‘Oh this is beautiful… this is certainly beautiful… and I even mumbled things that was not clear to me…’ Yet she heard me and she responded in sometime small and sometime very noticeable tremors.

On this trip my tongue measured the diameter of the her mounts dark rings, it copied the texture of nipples before and after they were erect, my nose could distinguish the aroma of her sweat between her breasts from the mild perfume she was wearing, and internally I had to keep telling my little boy that his time is not that far away but wait he should.

I didn’t wait to hear his response because I was with a real woman. My lips continued to kiss and call out to her that she was beautiful wherever they went. When my tongue swirled in her belly button, she arched and I had a naughty thought and noted it for ‘another time’…

Lips were now entering the region they are most enticed about. Her soft belly made even my teeth dig slightly deeper to leave temporary marks like the office seal ‘Checked Okay’.

Then came the moment when my hands had to part her, and my head bowed in respect to her sacredness. The tongue pushed back the lips (very rarely they do this) and went ahead and stopped a micro millimetre away from her pulsating wetness. Now it was the turn of the nose to inhale every bit of her feminine fragrance. I was drawing her into my lungs where she will dissolve into my blood. Its a million times intoxicating than alcohol!

My mouth became an ocean of desire to taste her and the tongue slipped ahead like an eel, tasting her first drop. Then there was no stopping anyone, the tongue dived and the lips got just what they wanted and in a split second they became like the super tight valves used in oil pipelines to avoid even the tiniest leak. It took hardly a second or two to mop up her sweet pond of pleasure.

Gee… she is exceptionally generous. She let her honey keep coming. When I surfaced for some breath, I softly shouted to her… ‘You are not only beautiful… but you are the yummiest too…’ and her response was to push me back to my task.

I obliged, and soon there was hardly anything left to be devoured. I tired harder and harder but it was starting to get disappointed.

And then it happened… I heard a rumble I think. In a moment the thought of receding ocean flashed thorough my mind and then came the tsunami. Thankfully my lips were strong enough to contain the first gush of waves and then like a champion surfer, my tongue started riding her waves.

It lasted a few moments and then rhythmically she collapsed. My lips were not much thirsty anymore, but when you are fully satiated you get more creative.

Without seeking permission, my tongue started exploring the surrounds, first to clean up the residues of her tsunami and then to map her geography… and now I noticed her husky, sexy moaning and mumbling… ‘Oh… My…..God…’ I was so engrossed with what I was doing that I missed to record it simultaneously…

Close to her wetness my tongue discovered her curves and realised that her moaning was somehow tied to what my tongue was doing. Now the tongue tried modulating her moaning. My tongue could tune her up and down and it was the beginning of another ‘learning curve’ for my Tongue the Explorer. be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32