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Clean shaven — the sweetest flesh a woman has, clean shaven. Your pussy bare and open to me, to my tongue and lips, to my fingers, my hands, and my cock. How wonderful a treat!

I can’t wait to see your naked sex, the lips swollen and pouting, the clit hiding coyly within, until my tongue coaxes it from hiding, so my lips can kiss and suck it until it swells and begins to glisten with your juices.

Your pussy, with the sweet mound above it, and the fleshy lips around it, lying so open and honestly at the top of your strong thighs, thighs that will soon close around my head as I dip my tongue into your honey again and again.

Thighs that will open as I bury my face in you, dragging my nose through your wetness, breathing your musk deep into my lungs and sucking your juices into my mouth, swirling them on my tongue.

As I plow my stiff tongue up and down between your lips, and across your clit, sucking it in and worrying it with my teeth, my hands will slide under you, closing on your sweet ass and lifting your pelvis from the bed, so I can drink from you like water from my cupped hands.

As you fill again with moisture my excitement grows, and the gentleness seems less necessary. illegal bahis I bite at your mound, not to hurt you, but to claim your pussy for my own, to seize it and hold it, as your smell rises to my nostrils. I bite your thighs for the same reason, then my tongue slips to your anus, teasing and probing.

I roll you over atop me so that I lie beneath your belly, that round, smooth belly. I bite it too, not hard, but firmly, slowly shaking my head like an animal claiming its prey. That’s what I feel like now. I grab your ass and pull your pussy closer to my face, my nose and chin and mouth buried in the wetness of your crotch.

You are naked above me, your nipples hard and your pussy falling open to my mouth, your beautiful bare sex so glorious to look on, as it falls open above me and juices run from it like a glistening tide. There is no hair between us now, nothing to stop my tongue and lips from wetting and tasting and feeling every fold of your flesh, every drop of your flow.

My cock is hard and throbbing as I slide two fingers into you, curling them and pulling more juice to the opening of your vagina, where my tongue dances about, gathering it into my mouth. My thumb stabs and illegal bahis siteleri dances around your clit, which swells and eases from its hood.

I can’t help it. I have to take it into my mouth, clamping my lips around it and sucking it until I feel your ass clench in my hands and your thighs flexing on the sides of my face. Taking your ass once again in my hands, I begin to rock your hips back and forth, literally scrubbing my face with your pussy.

The feel of your fleshy mound and your sopping labia drives me wild, and sends a drop of pre cum to the slit in my cock. I sense it but I don’t care. All I want is to make you come again and again with my hands and my face and my mouth. That is my pleasure, not some short lived climax, and emptying of my balls. That can come later, much later.

Your juice runs into my beard and my nose is soaked as it slides to and fro in your slit. My tongue drills up into your pussy, and I gently gnaw at your labia, pulling them away from your opening and letting my fingers drive back into your tunnel.

You begin to move above me forcefully and roughly, as if determined to come once more. My fingers dive and plunge into you and I can feel your canlı bahis siteleri juices thicken and froth in your pussy. As you near your climax, you seize me by the hair and grind my face into your naked pussy, as if I were nothing but a toy to make you come. It is a feeling that makes me hotter than ever, and harder still.

My cock is bobbing in excitement, with juices dribbling from it and running into my bush. But my climax doesn’t matter. My only desire is to taste your come once more. Your thighs tighten and your grip on my hair becomes painful — and terribly exciting.

My hands reach up your body and I clamp onto your nipples with all my strength, smashing them and twisting them as hard as I can. The pain sets loose a flood of juice and I drink deeply from you. Leaning back, you grab my hair and raise my head, forcing my face deep into your pussy where you thrust back and forth onto my tongue.

Suddenly you come, flooding my face with your liquid release. I drink as long as I can hold my breath, then you shove my head back to the bed.

“I’m done with you,” you say as you throw yourself off of me and collapse onto the bed, spent, your tight ass thrust up in the air just a bit, as you rub your swollen pussy against the sheet, as if to dry it. I lie there tasting you and catching my breath. Slowly my cock softens and my full balls ease a bit.

A short nap and we can start again.

Clean shaven. I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32