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Upon returning home, I began spending as much time as possible with Shannon, laboring to get emotionally invested in her as fast as I could, which wasn’t difficult at all since Shannon was an amazing girl once I started getting to know her better. She was kind, smart, and funny, and she had huge jugs. All good things in my book.

I slowly found myself enjoying her company more and more, and even though my dick kept acting up, I felt it might actually perform better in the future, just as Shannon had been hoping. Brooke was dating like mad to my utter surprise since I expected her to do her bare minimum, and although she didn’t have a boyfriend yet, she was clearly committed to getting one as quickly as possible.

We agreed to reduce our shared time solely to poker nights, so we would stand a better chance at falling out of love; in addition, we ceased all contact via texts and calls and limited our conversations to specific topics. We didn’t talk about us at all, so that neither felt pressured by the other party.


Wednesday, and poker was on the menu. For two glorious hours, we talked and laughed, caught up on everything, and when the clock concluded our second game, I couldn’t be any more dejected. Not seeing my sister and not having her by my side seemed to have the opposite outcome. I was missing her terribly, and I was just as in love with her if not more. It didn’t help that for the first time since we had started our poker night hangouts, I lost both games, so not only I couldn’t fuck Shannon, I had to orally pleasure my sister and to submit my cock to her throat.

A few weeks later, and not only did I not win two games a night, I was in fact losing both games every week. I couldn’t grasp how I couldn’t win even once, but Brooke was now an exceptional poker player, and I was nowhere near beating her. Shannon was getting impatient since she wanted us to fuck on the rare occasions my cock was able to give her giant, black tits their proper respect, yet I couldn’t go through with it until I won two games a night. If Brooke had found out that I was fucking Shannon without her consent… well, it would have ended badly for me.

So I kept Shannon as happy as I could with the use of my fingers and mouth, but the girl started to deeply pine my cock inside her bald pussy, and her orgasms were weakening with every week she didn’t get it; by contrast, I was fairly content being sucked twice a week: once by Shannon and once by my little sister. Shannon was an excellent cocksucker, better than all of my ex-girlfriends, although nowhere near Brooke’s outrageous cocksucking master class. No one could suck a dick better than my sister. She was in a level of her own.


It was Saturday, and my mother just woke me up for lunch. I got dressed and was descending the stairs when my eyes were blinded by a heinous spectacle. Just at the bottom of the stairs my sister was standing. She had a guy standing next to her, raping her mouth while grabbing her tight little little ass over her pussy-length skirt. I felt like my heart might stop beating from the ache of watching the woman I loved, my pure, virgin baby sister being handled like a cheap piece of meat in my own house and in front of me nonetheless. The possible implications of it had also stricken me with fear.

Brooke might have fallen in love with that guy, and since I was still in love with her, it was ominous to me; then I started fearing that she might ask me soon for him to pop her cherry. Oh god… I just wanted to die right there and then. Although a blizzard was raging in my soul, I didn’t want to make a scene and was resolved to ignore them both.

I reached the bottom stair while gazing at them mouth-fucking each other just two feet away from me. I couldn’t say anything although I was more than eager to. Fortunately, I had always had a remarkable serenity about me and could contain myself even when despicable acts were taking place just under my nose.


“Honey, what happened?!” Mom cried, trotting out of the kitchen.

The happy couple was startled and separated tongues with the guy looking scared shitless and definitely more embarrassed than my sister.

“Josh, are you alright? Why did you yell like that?” my sister calmly asked, not even seeming half surprised by my reaction as she tried pretending to be.

Mom joined us, breathing heavily from her run. “Josh, what happened?! Are you okay?!”

“Am I okay?” I darted my eyes about in bewilderment. “Your daughter is being mouth-fucked by a complete stranger in your own house, and you ask if I’m okay?”

“Josh! I asked you not to use this language here. And he’s not a complete stranger; he’s your sister’s boyfriend.”

I goggled at Brooke. “Boyfriend?”

“Yes, Josh. You seem very troubled by it.”

“Have you no respect for our dear mother?! A woman at her age shouldn’t witness such atrocities taking place in her sanctuary!”

“Josh, I’m perfectly fine with it, so no need to speak on my behalf. And what do ankara escort you mean at my age?”

“Mom, do you fucking mind?! We’re talking here!”

“Um… sorry, man. We didn’t mean—”

“You shut your mouth! What’s your name?!”

“I’m Tom. Jeez, man, calm down.”

“Calm down?! Listen Tom, why don’t we take a ride to your house, and I’ll start mouth-fucking your baby sister in front of all your family while feeling up her fucking ass! How about that, Tom?!”

“Joshua! I’m very—”

“Yeah, I know, Mom! I’m just as appalled as you are. Don’t worry, I’m handling it. Tom is taking me to his house, so I can mouth-rape his sister.”


“Stop fucking yelling at me!”

“Tom, why don’t you wait for me outside? My brother has yet to take his ‘mood stabilizers’. I’ll be out in a few minutes, babe.”

“Okay, babe. Uh… sorry, man.”

“Fuck off!”

The fucker stepped outside and closed the door.

“Where are my fucking cigarettes, Mom?! Jesus fuck! What a retard…”

“Joshua, I’m shocked by your behavior! You go out right now and apologize to the poor fella. Just as your sister brought—”

“Mom, let me; I’ll handle it.”

“No, Brooke! I’ll handle it! He had no right—”

“Mom! I said I’d handle it.” My sister struck a hurting pose. “I’m used to his disgusting behavior by now. Let me talk to Josh for a moment in private.”

Our mother left us to the kitchen. “You should be ashamed, Josh!” and yelled right before disappearing out of sight.

My sister looked into my eyes but said nothing.

“You’re such a fucking whore!”

“So we can establish that you are indeed troubled.”

“Oh, really? How did you figure that out, Einstein? Where are my fucking cigarettes?!”

“How about trying looking for them in your room?! Filthy mouth!” my mom kindly replied from the kitchen.

I climbed up the stairs and entered my room. My sister followed and shut the door behind her.

I lit up a cigarette and desperately inhaled. “Next time, I would really appreciate it if you could whore out your ass and mouth in your own fucking room, Brooke.”

“I get the feeling you don’t like Tom very much.”

“Don’t fuck with me.” I strode to the window, suckling on my cigarette like a chain-smoking divorcé.

“You want him gone? Just say the words.”

I turned to face her, positive I misheard. “Huh?”

“You heard me, sweetie.”

I took a smoke and gaped at her. “Oh my god, you mean all of that was… for my benefit?”

Brooke approached me and started nibbling my neck before she whispered in my ear, “Since we don’t talk so much lately, I needed to reassure myself. You can’t accuse a girl for feeling a little insecure, can you, baby?”

“I’m… you’re… I…”

“Now baby, don’t get mad now. I hate it when you start stuttering.”


“I’m really torn between being scared of you and wanting to kiss you from seeing how upset you are… I think I’ll kiss you.”

She started kissing me.

I pushed her back. “What the fuck, Brooke?!”

“Sweetie, I was just testing the water! You think it’s easy for me?! When you go to your whore?! Now you see how I feel!”

“First of all, she’s not a whore. Second, you are mentally deranged! How the fuck did you even know I was going to come d—” I stopped and took a drag. “Of course… Mom.”

“She might have said something,” she giggled.

“Brooke, this is not okay. You can’t—”

“Josh, sweetie, wait a second.” Her phone was ringing. “I’ll be really quick.”

“Whatever!” I growled as I put out my cigarette.

She picked up her phone, “What, Tom?!… Well, I’m busy with my brother… Why?! Because you grabbed my ass like a fucking pervert and tongued me like a rapist!… Yeah, well now I need to calm my brother down, so sit the fuck tight… I don’t know how long! Be fucking patient!” She hung up on him.

I stared at her, baffled. “That’s it. You’ve completely lost it… that poor guy.”

I was genuinely feeling sorry for him now.

“Who? Douchebag?! Don’t start feeling for him. Remember how he tried fingering my asshole right now? And in front of you of all people?!”

“THAT MOTHERFUCKER!” I went back to loathing him. “I swear to god, Brooke, if he…”

She erupted in laughter and only calmed herself down half-minute later. “I love you so much!” She wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me.

I kissed her back like crazy for minutes. How I missed her mouth… I sucked on that sweet tongue as hard as I could while kissing every dot of her fat, soft lips. It had been awhile since we kissed due to our rules. Last I tasted her mouth was at the hotel weeks ago.

I broke our kiss and brushed her hair aside from her beautiful eyes. “Brooke, baby, you can’t date someone just to spite me. You need to date someone you like and be serious about it.”

“I know, baby. Don’t worry, I have another date tonight. I’m sure he’ll be a great guy.”

“And escort ankara stop pulling shit like that on me.”

“Because you’re in love with me, and it hurts you, right?”

“Just don’t do that anymore.”

“I asked a question.”

“Because… whatever! Just don’t do that again.”

“I swear to god, Josh, if you don’t answer my question, you’ll see many more surprises like the one you just saw.”

“Okay! Yes! Happy?!”

She grinned. “Yes, sweetie… you know, there isn’t plenty of time for us to escape our happy ending.”

“You mean our catastrophic, illegal ending, right?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said,” she giggled.

“Come here.”

She came closer to kiss me, but instead, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

She smiled playfully. “You’re mad again, aren’t ya?”

I sent her a fake smile back. “No… I’m not mad at all.”

I grabbed her hair and knelt her down.

“Josh! You animal!”

I shoved my cock in her mouth but kept holding her hair. I didn’t let her blow me. I fucked her mouth like I was fucking a pussy — in full flight. I drilled my hard prick all the way in and took it almost all the way out before thrusting again. My sister knew she deserved it and didn’t make a peep, and although I could see that she was very uncomfortable with the amount of thrust I applied as I rammed my cock down her throat, she took it all the way each and every time while squeezing my nut sack just the way I liked — fucking lightly.

My dick kept reentering her wet mouth, and with each thrust, it bumped against the bent of her throat before gliding down beyond it. I was rocketing it so brutally I feared I might break her throat into half. Brooke was determined to allow me to rape her throat though. Her objection never went beyond her troubled gaze and the inarticulate sounds that her throat was producing every time my cock squeezed its way down her gullet. Just as I was about to come, her phone rang, killing my orgasm in the process. I shoved my cock down her throat as hard as I could, getting her lips to kiss my groin, and kept it there.

“Take that call and know that it just cost you another five minutes at least.”

She hummed her acknowledgment, and I released her hair. She slid out my cock, and in labored breaths, and without even looking at me, she quickly tugged at my tip with one hand and answered her phone with the other.

“What the fuck do you want?!… I’m fucking busy, Tom!… What am I doing?! I’m blowing my brother because you made him mad!… Who said I was kidding?! He’s shoving his cock down my throat so hard that it fucking hurts! And it’s all because you’re on the cusp of being a fucking rapist!… Well, that’s my sense of humor… Wait there quietly and patiently and don’t call again.” She hung up and turned to look at me, more than concerned.

“Are you done?”

“Sweetie, I’m sorry! I told—”

I rammed my cock into her mouth before she could even finish. She seemed to have had enough and began pushing and punching my thighs while letting out stifled cries, trying to resist being throat-raped by her brother’s bloated member. I just pinned her into place with extra force until she realized that the only way it was going to end was with her gurgling my cum down her throat. She released a smothered moan and took her hands off my thighs, surrendering to my enthused thrusting. She looked up into my eyes as I kept raping her damp mouth in full throttle until I heard the unbelievable: my sister gagged.

I instantly pulled out while she was coughing up my cock. “Oh my god, Brooke, I’m so sorry! Are you okay, beautiful?”

Her eyes glistened as she achingly smiled at me, softly holding her throat. “You could have hurt me…”

I wanted to die at the thought I hurt her. “Brooke, baby, I’m so sorry. I don’t… I don’t know what happened to me. Please forgive me.”

She stood up and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me slowly and tenderly, and I kissed her back as lovingly as I could, caressing her delicate cheek with my thumb. She broke our kiss and softly stroked my cheek back.

“That really hurt, Josh, yet I do it because I love you, but I don’t feel you love me back.”

“Sweetheart, what are you talking about? I love you more than life… I am so sorry.”

She burst into laughter.

A puzzled frown furrowed my bro. “Brooke?”

“Baby! You’re amazing!”


“Josh, come on, you know I never gag. I just wanted to see if you were a complete asshole or just pretending to be.”

“So I didn’t hurt you?”

“No, sweetie, but I prefer sucking you my way.”

She knelt back down and took my cock into her mouth, and I didn’t fuck her throat this time. I let her make love to my penis the way she knew so well. She was sucking, and swirling, and licking, and working my cock with love and care. Three minutes later, she was swallowing my cum down her throat. We then lay on my bed and kissed for minutes before returning downstairs.

“Well, Brooke, ankara escort bayan I hope you gave it to him good.”

“I did, Mom, and he came just as good as I gave him.”

“Huh?” our mother quizzically said.

“Never mind,” Brooke giggled. “Although I just ate, I’m still hungry. Let’s sit for lunch.” She laughed.

“Knock it off, Brooke.”

“When did you eat?”

“I nibbled a hotdog at Josh’s just now.”

“Brooke!” I barked.

“You keep hotdogs in your room, Josh?”

“Ignore her, Mom; she’s insane.”

“Well, what about Tom? Does filthy mouth here allow him to join us?”

“Oh yeah, I completely forgot about numb nut,” my sister said. “I’ll be right back, and no, he’s not eating with us, Mom.”

“What did she call him?”

“Mom, she’s not feeling well. She’s kinda coo-coo.”

“Oh.” She started setting the table. “You two are acting really strange. What were you doing upstairs for so much time?”

My mother was getting suspicious and was wearing the matching face.

I panicked. “What the fuck do you think we did?! Of what are you accusing us, Mom?! Do you think Brooke sucked my cock and swallowed my cum?!”

“Josh! You disgusting pervert! Don’t talk about your sister like that!” She breathed a few times, staring shockingly at me. “Thank god she didn’t hear you.”

“Yeah”—I opened the fridge and got myself a beer—”thank god.”


A few weeks later, and Shannon gave me a talk regarding why I wasn’t fucking her in the rarities when my dick was getting some blood running. I convinced her that I was looking for us to make love on a special occasion, like she deserved. She didn’t seem too happy about it, yet it silenced her concerns. I knew I couldn’t escape it anymore. Either I fucked her or broke up with her. My mouth and fingers had gone as far as they could, yet sadly, for a woman with a healthy sex drive, there is no replacement for a good hard cock shoved deep in her wet pussy, fucking her night and day.

On the poker front, I was still losing both games a night every week ever since Brooke had set new ground rules. It baffled me that I couldn’t win at all for two months now. How was it possible? I had no idea. I guess Brooke was a natural, or I was a truly shitty player. Brooke was dating a different guy for more than a month now. Although I hadn’t seen him yet, I sensed this time it wasn’t just to spite me or to pass the time. She was out frequently, and my mom had said that she really seemed to like him.

Since she and I seldom spoke—as part of our agreement—and since we didn’t talk about Shannon or her dating when we did see each other, I had no way of telling how serious it was, which got me conflicted. On one hand, I was thrilled she might have moved on just as I had hoped, so she would have a normal life; on the other hand, it was breaking my heart to think she wouldn’t be mine. I was just so in love with her.


Wednesday 10 p.m., I just lost both games once again. My sister leaned back against her pillows after taking off her boxers, so I could start pleasuring her. She kept her top on. She always did. I hadn’t seen her sculptured breasts ever since that weekend at the hotel months ago.

I lay between her legs, licking her sexy little slit. “Brooke?”

“Yeah?” she softly panted.

“How is it that I can’t win anymore? It’s sort of weird, isn’t it?”

“Josh, not now. God, I’ve missed your mouth… do your thing, baby.”

I tilted my head and assaulted her labia from the side, sinking my lips into them, tugging and nibbling relentlessly. Brooke tensed up and was getting restless, crushing her sheets with her long fingers, pinching and wrinkling them. A minute later, I finally granted her piquant cleft a break from the abuse, much to Brooke’s disappointment as was supported by her bitter grunt.

“Josh, you’re the best I’ve ever had,” she panted, her trembling legs engulfing my neck. “No contest.”

I smeared her excitement around to moisten her lips some more before I dragged my tongue up her slit, reaching her button and vibrating my tongue just above it. As her clit wriggled out of its hood to my enthused oral ministrations, my sister fastened her legs around my neck and let out a satisfying whimper of pleasure.

“How many have you had?”

I knew it wasn’t very intelligent of me to ask since I really didn’t want to know. Any number would be wrong. That’s how it is when you love a woman. You want her to be as pure as possible, untainted, untouched, unviolated.

“Are you sure you wanna know?” She stroked my hair with one hand and parted her now bloated labia for me with the other. “Yes, right there… you know how I like it,” she moaned.

I gazed up at her, surprised by just how low was that low-pitched moan. “No.” I returned to her pussy and teased her nub some more. “I don’t know.”

“What’s the answer—oh god, lick me—you wanna hear?”

She tensed up again and was trembling in labored breaths.

“I’m not sure.”

I kept licking her clit while wiggling my finger just above it on the hood. I taunted it from all angles, harassing it until it swelled to just the right size and color — humongous and blood red. Satisfied, I began sucking on her jumbo clit with passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32