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NOTE: The following story is fictional, and it was written entirely by me (amateur author Steffan Stratos). All of the stories that are submitted by me to Literotica are my original creations. I enjoy writing stories which explore a few of the many different ways that normal 100% blood siblings might transition into siblings who share the thrill of experiencing taboo erotic romance with each other.

For all new stories that do not involve my own personal experience (such as this one), I prefer to utilize sequences that appear to be genuine e-mail threads or bulletin board postings for logic, readability, and believability. Thank you.


“Sister Apocalypse”


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Time Enough at Last

Chapter 2: Emily’s Question

Chapter 3: The Sinking Heart

Chapter 4: A Universe of Possibilities

Chapter 5: Discussion Time

Chapter 6: The Saga Begins

Chapter 7: The After-Glow

Chapter 8: Epilogue



Hi, my name is Steffan Stratos. I enjoy giving advice to consenting adults on internet bulletin board websites regarding romantic sibling incest. Sometimes, readers will contact me, and ask if I want to read their story. I always say yes.

Displayed below is an interesting story entitled “Sister Apocalypse” which was submitted in September 2017 to me via e-mail from a fellow named Tyler. The story details the relationship between Tyler and his twin sister Emily. Per the recommended guidelines for publishing on Literotica, I broke up the story into chapters for easy reading.

Many thanks to my editor: Zoomie69

Chapter 1: Time Enough at Last

To: Steffan Stratos

From: Tyler

Date: September 13, 2017

Hello Steffan, I’m Tyler. Your on-line support of consensual adult brother-sister incest and the explanations of the positive benefits of sibling romance is much appreciated. Would you like to read my story?

The summer of 2010 was a huge defining moment in the lives of my sister & me. That was the summer when we became intimate lovers. It was the best summer ever for both of us.

I was 18, and my twin sister Emily was also 18 (obviously). We were home alone during the summer on weekdays, because our parents both worked full time. We had just graduated from high school, and neither of us had a job. We had no other siblings.

One afternoon, Emily asked me to watch a DVD with her that she had borrowed from the family of her BFF. I agreed, so together we watched an episode of The Twilight Zone entitled “Time Enough at Last” which was about an apocalypse due to nuclear war. Only one man named Mr. Henry Bemis (a friendly bank cashier with thick glasses) survived the apocalypse, because he liked to eat his lunch and read while locked inside the vault at the bank where he worked.

Neither Emily or I had ever seen an episode of The Twilight Zone before. It was filmed in back-and-white.

The episode did not have a happy beginning, because Mr. Bemis was married to a miserable bitch who hated the fact that he enjoyed reading. At his job, Mr. Bemis was disciplined for reading during work hours instead of focusing on his assigned duties.

After the nuclear war apocalypse, things were much worse for Mr. Bemis as he wandered alone around the rubble looking for any other survivors. There were none.

Then there was a brief interlude of happiness when Mr. Bemis discovered a treasure trove of books in what was left of the local library, and he organized a multitude of books into stacks for reading in the months and years to come (as there was plenty of canned food from grocery stores for him to eat).

But the ending was an incredibly cruel twist of fate when Mr. Bemis dropped his glasses, and the lenses shattered into useless shards… rendering him essentially blind and unable to read anything whatsoever.

Pretty much the entire episode was disturbing to me. However, Emily didn’t seem to be bothered by the dark tone of the story or the cruel twist at the end.

Chapter 2: Emily’s Question

After the show concluded and the final credits were rolling, Emily turned to me and asked “Hey Tyler, if you & I were the only survivors of a nuclear apocalypse… would you have sex with me to keep our species alive and repopulate the Earth?”

Still bothered by the sadness and futility of the episode that I had just witnessed, my focus wasn’t on Emily’s words. My mind was dark and not tracking. Not wanting to attempt survival in a world that had been devastated, I simply muttered “I’d rather be dead…” and left it at that.

Later that evening during dinner, Jeopardy! was playing loudly on our big TV as usual. Mom had always insisted that we must eat dinner together as a family whenever possible.

I glanced over at Emily’s face and suddenly recalled her question about us having sex to repopulate the Earth. My mind was no longer bothered by the izmir escort bayan dark idea of having to survive an apocalypse… but the idea of having sex with Emily stirred something in the deep-down core of my being… and it stirred a feeling of happiness down between my legs, too.

Hmmm… it was Emily’s idea that we would need to have sex in order to repopulate an Earth that had been devastated.

My thoughts were no longer focused on a potentially devastated Earth. Nope.

My thoughts were now revolving around the idea of Emily & me doing things that a brother & sister are NEVER supposed to do with each other, but in the comfort of our current lives. Such as… we’d be naked together. Emily would spread her legs apart… she’d welcome my erect shaft into her pussy… and she’d allow me to actually squirt cum deep inside her pussy… no condom. She was thinking about ME getting HER preggo. And maybe we’d have an incest baby together. Wow.

The fantasy was kinda weird… but really hot, too.

I could feel my cock waking up down below, and beginning to swell a little bit.

Chapter 3: The Sinking Heart

That’s when my heart sank… because the memory of my spoken words flashed back into my mind.

“I’d rather be dead…” were the words that I’d spoken earlier to Emily. Only four words, but they effectively threw ice water on Emily’s question. Was her question really a subtle hint… perhaps an invitation?

Yeah, my heart sank. Emily probably assumed that I meant I’d rather be dead instead of have sex with her.

Emily didn’t know that I meant I’d rather be dead instead of being forced to live in a post-apocalyptic world littered with nothing but destruction, debris, and death.

Aw, man… did Emily ask me to watch that episode with her just so she could ask me about hypothetically having sex with her? Maybe Emily really was subtly flirting with me? Maybe she was fantasizing about me & my body? Maybe she wanted me? Maybe she wanted us to share some romantic intimacy?

I’d never had a girlfriend, and I’d never even had a first kiss. But suddenly, the idea of my own sister taking on the role of romantic lover flashed into my mind… and I liked that idea. A lot.

A commercial was playing on the TV, so the Jeopardy! questions to distract everyone else at the table had stopped.

“What’s matter, Tyler? I thought you liked tomato pork?” Mom’s question brought me back to reality. She continued “You’re sitting there like a wax dummy. Is there anything wrong?”

Dad chimed in “He’s probably in love… have we met the girl, Tyler?” and then took a mouthful of food.

“Holy shit, if you only knew…” was the first thought that went through my mind.

But I simply laughed and said “Oh, sorry! Everything’s fine, Mom. The dinner is fantastic, as usual!”

Thankfully, that’s when Jeopardy! started up again… and the focus on me was over. Whew!

Chapter 4: A Universe of Possibilities

Crawling into bed later that night, I laid in the darkness but wasn’t sleepy. Why not? Because my mind was whirring with excitement, anticipation, and intrigue.

Hot damn, Emily certainly did have an adorably cute petite little body. That fact had actually never registered with me prior to Emily’s question, because a sister is supposed to be off-limits to her 100% blood brother.

If Emily was willing to share her body with me… lips, tongue, body, boobs, pussy… wow.

Suddenly, the blinders seemed to fall from my eyes. In addition to a cute petite body… I realized that Emily also had a pretty face, nice hair, a happy personality, sparkling eyes, and a sweet smile.

If we hooked up, I wouldn’t want our relationship to just be limited to physical stuff. Hopefully, Emily would agree to doing all sorts of romantic activities with me.

My desire was that Emily and I would go way beyond the physical realm. The vision in my mind was that with the taboo combination of lust and romance being shared by siblings, our souls would actually fuse together. Would Emily and I truly become one entity? Call me insane, but yes… that’s what I truly believed would happen.

An entirely new and revolutionary universe of possibilities of romantic activities to share with Emily seemed to be unfolding like magic before me. Yeah.

– Actually kissing my sister on the lips for an extended period of time.

– Feeling and tasting the wetness of her saliva mixing with mine.

– Smelling her breath.

– Feeling her breath on my face, on my nose, and in my mouth as we’d French kiss each other.

– Sucking on each other’s tongues and rubbing them together.

– Whispering my affection into her ear.

– Gazing into her eyes.

– Holding her body close to mine.

– Hearing my sister whisper her affection into my ear.

– Petting and slowly disrobing each other to the point of total nudity.

– Snuggling naked in bed.

– Rubbing our noses together.

– Nibbling each other’s izmir escort ears.

– Rubbing each other’s butts in bed as we’d cuddle while laying side-by-side.

– Enjoying oral… both giving and receiving.

– Losing our virginities to each other… my rock-hard cock burying itself deep inside my sister’s hot teen pussy.

– Never using a condom… because I’d take Emily to a fertility clinic and pay for her birth control pills so we could enjoy the natural freedom of no-barrier sex.

– Taking showers together and washing each other’s bodies… all slippery with soap.

– Sneaking into each other’s beds after midnight for romantic cuddling, kissing, and sex.

– Fooling around and being naughty right under our parent’s noses.

– Spending time together and hanging out.

– Talking about “us” as a couple… agreeing to be taboo boyfriend & girlfriend.

– Every single day, the entire range of possible of scenarios would slowly unfold once again… assuming that we had a few hours of privacy.

– No privacy? No problem. A few minutes alone together in the bathroom or in the garage and we could French kiss, hug, and whisper romantic nonsense… fully clothed, but still a huge thrill.

This new and revolutionary universe of possibilities that was unfolding before me was that of consensual romantic sibling incest. It seemed like the ultimate taboo… and it made my heart pound. Taboo, yes… but gross and disgusting? No, not at all.

Thrilling? Yes, definitely.

Butterflies immediately took up residence in my chest as though they were being fed by a type of forbidden sweet nectar that I never realized could even possibly exist.

Well, then… I wasn’t about to let such an amazing opportunity pass me by. Nope. I wanted to feed those butterflies in my chest.

So I decided to have an intimate discussion with Emily, and explain what my spoken words “I’d rather be dead… ” actually meant.

Chapter 5: Discussion Time

The next morning during breakfast, I told Emily that there was an issue of vital importance which we needed to discuss. Could we please sit together on the couch in the family room after the dishes were done? Our parents had long since left for work.

Emily laughed and said “Of course!” She then scrunched up her nose at me, and then laughed again. My heart skipped a beat.

Anyway… a few minutes later we were sitting on the family room couch, and I whispered stuff to Emily while looking into her eyes. Emily was smiling and nodding the entire time that I was whispering… and she was looking into my eyes, which pleased me.

“Emily, I must sincerely apologize for that stupid answer yesterday when you asked if I’d have sex with you to repopulate the Earth after an apocalypse. That Twilight Zone show really bothered me, and when I said that I’d rather be dead… I meant that I’d rather be dead instead of trying to survive in a post -apocalyptic world. Your question about us having sex didn’t even register in my brain. Does that make sense?”

Emily nodded and whispered “I understand, Tyler. It’s not a problem. Yeah, I was a little hurt, so thank you for explaining what was going through your mind… “

There was a long pause as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I don’t think that we’d ever held gazes into each other’s eyes for such a long time before that moment.

Emily spoke first. “So, Tyler… is there anything else?”

Another pause… continuing to gaze into Emily’s eyes was giving me a huge case of butterflies. Somehow, I worked up the courage to lean over and slowly whisper the rest of the story into Emily’s waiting ear. Happily, I noticed that Emily didn’t move away as I leaned in closer to her. My mouth ended up right next to her little ear… she must have been able to feel the warmth of my breath. I took a quick sniff of her hair before starting to whisper my thoughts.

“Yeah, Emily… there is something else. Last night, I was lying in bed awake for hours in the darkness and I couldn’t sleep. I haven’t been able to think about anything else except what it would feel like for you with lots of erotic love and romance and kissing and commitment…”

My whisperings faded down to nothing as I leaned back once more, and locked my gaze on Emily’s beautiful eyes.

“Okaaaayyyy, Tyler… so are you saying that you wanna become my boyfriend? Not just a siblings-with-benefits thing, but like with REAL romance?”

“Yes, Emily… that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Then I proceeded to explain the universe of possibilities that had entered my mind the night before. Emily’s eyebrows both raised up as she listened to my whisperings.

When my words were finally exhausted… we were both giggling, smiling, and staring at each other.

“Seriously, Tyler? Is this a joke?”

“No joke, Emily… I’m 100% serious. I think that I’ve fallen romantically in love with you, and it’s the real deal.”

We talked for a long time. Emily admitted that she was horny and escort izmir that she wanted fool around with me, but the romance part surprised her. We discussed some ground rules (such as always being honest with each other, and not to tell any of our friends).

Finally, Emily said that she could feel the beginnings of a little crush on me, and we agreed to become intimate taboo lovers that morning.

“But if I change my mind or feel guilty, Tyler… then please promise me that we can stop and you won’t get mad or be mean. OK?”

“I promise, Emily.”

Chapter 6: The Saga Begins

For the next few hours, we enjoyed sharing the beauty of our new relationship. We whispered romantic nonsense, French kissed, rubbed noses, nibbled ears, gnawed lips, hugged, petted, slowly disrobed each other, cuddled naked, fingered, wet grinded on each other (during which we both experienced an orgasm), and then took a shower together. We did everything except the penetration of cock-in-pussy sex and oral.

Of course, sucking on Emily’s perky nipples was a super-special treat for me (and she enjoyed it, too). Despite all of the stuff that I’d seen on the internet about sexual activities, I never knew that the nipples of a female can actually get stiff (little erections?) when stimulated. Wow… live and learn!

I thanked Emily for agreeing to be my taboo sister girlfriend, told her that she was beautiful, proclaimed my eternal love for her, and stated that I’d never felt so happy before in my entire life.

Emily echoed similar comments into my ear, and added in a description of her feeling that she suddenly knew what the word “freedom” really meant. She explained that it felt as though she had been locked up inside a prison but didn’t even realize it… and now we had both discovered the keys to escape from the prison and experience real freedom.

“Hey Emily, that makes good sense. I understand completely. Being able to hold you, kiss you, and enjoy erotic romance with you is definitely an amazing sense of freedom. I never would have believed that the word freedom could be considered hot, but it is.”

Chapter 7: The After-Glow

The next day, we had a long pillow-talk session while cuddling naked in bed. Both Emily and I enjoyed probing each other’s thoughts while basking in the after-glow of sharing fantastic mutual orgasms brought on by wet grinding and French kissing.

“Tyler, are we really enjoying freedom together by being taboo lovers? I mean, we can’t even tell anyone that we’re sibling lovers. What’s up with that? And isn’t incest a crime? Doesn’t that make us unconvicted felons?”

“Unconvicted felons, Emily?” I had to laugh at that term, and Emily laughed with me.

“Those are all good points, Emily… let’s think about it for a little bit…”

A few minutes passed as we pondered Emily’s questions. I liked the feeling of pondering the confusing thrill of incest while spooning naked with Emily.

The silence ended when I started whispering my thoughts.

“Here’s my take on our relationship, Emily. We’re the ones who are truly free. Everyone else is still locked up, but they don’t even realize that they’re in chains. We can enjoy the amazing freedom of sharing romance with each other, but no one else can know. Otherwise, someone might try to put us back into chains again. Yeah, we’ll need to keep our relationship private, but so what?”

I asked Emily about her only previous BF from her sophomore year in high school.

“He was just a lying jerk, Tyler. I trusted him, and let him suck on my boobs. He seemed so nice at first, but I found out that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The next day, he blabbed to several of his buddies about what we did, said some rude things, and it got back to me. But I was happy to have discovered the truth so quickly. If he’d been a little more patient, I would’ve given him my virginity. I was really heartbroken over what happened, and the betrayal of my trust was the most painful. Plus, I felt helpless against smooth players. I didn’t wanna be a victim again. That’s why I haven’t dated since. So now, YOU get to take my virginity… maybe next month? I’ll get a prescription for birth control pills and it’ll take a month for my ovulations to stop. There’s NO WAY we’re ever gonna use condoms… those things are gross and insulting! It’d be like us Frenching and using a big sheet of plastic kitchen wrap between our mouths, lips, and tongues.”

No condom? No problem… that was music to my ears. I told Emily that the idea of squirting cum naturally into her pussy was a huge turn-on for me, because I’d always been baffled by the idea of a condom barrier.

Emily said that she’d be happy to take everything I had… but then she requested no oral.

No oral? Hmmm… at first I was a little disappointed, but then quickly decided that would be no problem. We enjoyed French kissing, our wet grinding on each other felt great, I was looking forward to fucking Emily’s pussy, she liked having me suck on her perky boobs, she enjoyed getting her pussy fingered, my cock felt good when she fondled it, our naked cuddling was lots of fun, we liked spending time together, showering together was a blast, and our discussions were interesting.

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